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Cricket World Cup 03:14 - Feb 20 with 4055 viewsKiwi76

Bloody hell Southee on fire in Wgtn!
Not counting chickens as England has some good bowling to come but we've made a pretty good start...
Cricket World Cup on 04:40 - Feb 20 with 4037 viewsisawqpratwcity

Spectacular innings for McCullum, too! 77 off 25 balls: eight 4s and seven 6s.

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Cricket World Cup on 05:13 - Feb 20 with 4019 viewsKiwi76

Never seen anything like it!
Bloody great though...
Cricket World Cup on 06:24 - Feb 20 with 3992 viewsozexile

Send em home disgrace. 4 years to prepare and then perform like that.
Cricket World Cup on 08:01 - Feb 20 with 3947 viewsRecoilboss

Forced myself up in the middle of the night - thought I'd catch most of the game at least. Virtually over as B. Mac launched 4 consecutive sixes with 6 overs gone in NZ innings!

Had to pinch myself at the score. How much lower can England go?
Cricket World Cup on 08:08 - Feb 20 with 3937 viewsdaveB

moving the ashes last year to prepare for this and we turn up with a batting order we've never tried before, only England could do that, shambles
Cricket World Cup on 08:13 - Feb 20 with 3930 viewsSydneyRs

Utterly pathetic, no fight at all. I bet the jocks can't wait to have a crack at these losers.
Cricket World Cup on 14:33 - Feb 20 with 3850 viewsCamberleyR


McCullum's innings NOT an international dialing code.

We have fallen so far behind the rest of the world's test playing nations in one day cricket (bar the Windies probably) in the last 20 years it's not true.

Our record in the first five World Cups: 3 finals and 2 semi-finals
Our record in the next five: QF, Didn't qualify from group, Didn't qualify from group, 2nd Round, QF

Send them home now before they embarrass themselves even further against one of the 'minnows'.

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Cricket World Cup on 14:41 - Feb 20 with 3838 viewsTheChef

Get your money on Scotland next Monday.

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Cricket World Cup on 15:41 - Feb 20 with 3795 viewsCanadaRanger

Where's KP when you need him?
Cricket World Cup on 21:09 - Feb 20 with 3715 viewsKiwi76

Not ready for this to drop from front page!
Just watched highlights again - pretty much the full game.
Never seen us play that well even back in Hadlee days.
Going to be a beaut vs Aussie if can keep form going.
Cricket World Cup on 00:16 - Feb 21 with 3672 viewseastside_r

Just watching the highlights now on ITV+1. I don't think I've ever seen a white ball move that much. That was some spell from Southee.

It seemed to be a sunny day i.e. not overcast which is the normal for swing in England.

(On a separate but related note - is the weather normally that good in a NZ summer, I thought they got a lot of rain. I have heard that NZ is beautiful but if they can combine that with good weather then there's definitely some tourist pounds heading their way from this neck of the woods.?)
Cricket World Cup on 01:24 - Feb 21 with 3647 viewssilky

We do get our fair share of rain but it never rains for long. Plus once the sun is back out it all dries within minutes.

Summer is like 2-3 weeks of awesome sunshine, then a day or 2 of overcast and the odd shower. Then back to 2-3 weeks of sun again. Like this for at least 4+ months of the summer season.

We don't really get a Spring/Autumn (Auckland based) The south island however is more seasonal.

Moved from the UK 3 years ago. Would never go back. Very privileged to live here. Just this morning at 5.30am took the boat out at sea and caught dinner for this eve.

Love it. It was like a mill pond out there. Awesome sunrise as well.

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Cricket World Cup on 11:51 - Feb 21 with 3584 viewsTGRRRSSS

Fantastic result for NZ, I still cannot get over the total mess they've become still cannot understand why they re appointed Moores, if it was about KP then you question the the ECB to do whats right for a squad and team future over point scoring against an individual.

Someone mentioned Ben Stokes... Kiwi right???
Cricket World Cup on 17:55 - Feb 21 with 3545 viewsCamberleyR

Ben Stokes should be in the one day team all day long. Moores and the rest of the England setup haven't got a fcking clue.

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