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Lowlights - certificate PG 17:53 - Dec 5 with 1865 viewsNov77

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Lowlights - certificate PG on 19:20 - Dec 5 with 1770 viewsBrianMcCarthy

Hard to imagine a more one-sided highlights package. And it's an accurate reflection too.

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Lowlights - certificate PG on 19:45 - Dec 5 with 1751 viewsWegerles_Stairs

I can't recall seeing anyone do what Kane does for the first goal - it's extraordinary.
Lowlights - certificate PG on 19:56 - Dec 5 with 1721 viewsqpr_1968

one half hearted attempt on goal.......brilliant.

it can only get better

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Lowlights - certificate PG on 20:46 - Dec 5 with 1680 viewsjohnhoop

Lowlights - certificate PG on 19:45 - Dec 5 by Wegerles_Stairs

I can't recall seeing anyone do what Kane does for the first goal - it's extraordinary.

He actually seems to run away from their goalscorer when he cuts inside him.
Lowlights - certificate PG on 22:13 - Dec 5 with 1591 viewsbosh67

Problem is that Kane hands off the player (first goal) to Dickie and Dickie is tracking the player overlapping so when he hands him over Dickie doesn't have time to close the space. Kane needs to keep on that player and not worry about Dickie. Training ground stuff but in real life you have to be aware if the player you are handing onto is able to adjust. That said Dickie is trotting rather than running.

Second goal again Dickie is caught trotting and the ball goes inside him. Barbet tries to make up the space but he can't in time.

Facing play Dickie seems very comfortable but running back towards his own goal I am really concerned because his lack of pace is really alarming. I keep hearing 'after back breaking hours of carrying far too heavier a load this donkey is close to collapse' charity advert narration.

I'm not trying to put this player down. He's taking a step up and he's raw at this level but every time he's in a foot race he's absolutely lost and he's getting done by average forwards in average teams. That has to be a concern because managers will target him and keep playing the ball behind him.

However, overall a very limp effort by the team and always up against it when gifting early goals.
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