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Coming full squared circle - Report 14:27 - May 8 with 2712 viewsNorthernr

Coming full squared circle - Report on 15:26 - May 8 with 2499 viewsDannytheR

As you say, a really depressing and self-defeating stance to take with Barbet. Treats the fans as idiots into the bargain.

Coming full squared circle - Report on 16:24 - May 8 with 2308 viewsBrianMcCarthy

Didn't get a chance to stream yesterday's game so very grateful for such a detailed report.

Thanks Clive.

"The opposite of love, after all, is not hate, but indifference."
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Coming full squared circle - Report on 17:27 - May 8 with 2146 viewsNoelmc

Thanks Clive for another season of excellent reports.

Good to finish with 3 points, but overall I'm left with a flat feeling of what might have been, as the best 'feel good' factor at this club in over 10 years evaporated in 3 miserable months.

Interesting summer ahead.

Coming full squared circle - Report on 18:24 - May 8 with 2001 viewscolinallcars

Thanks Clive. One of the lads down the pub used to say QPR's motto should be “if it's broke don't fix it”
I used to upbraid him but sometimes, sadly, I think it's so.

Coming full squared circle - Report on 19:00 - May 8 with 1920 viewsPlanetHonneywood

Steve Martin (Beverly Hills)…worth the admission fee on its own!

'Always In Motion' by John Honney available on Nous sommes L’occitane Rs!


Coming full squared circle - Report on 20:20 - May 8 with 1776 viewsMungoJezza

Great report, Clive, as ever! If Warbs' decision to field just five subs was indeed a petty gesture aimed at the board and academy coaches, it does seem very out of character and perhaps indicates how badly certain relationships have deteriorated behind the scenes. Still feel the board has made the wrong call, but only time will tell.Time to switch my attentions to cricket! Have a great summer everyone!

Coming full squared circle - Report on 20:54 - May 8 with 1721 viewsdmm

As many others have so rightly done, I must thank you, Clive, for this and all the reports this season - not to mention previews, interviews and the rest - that you bang out every week. Your output is truly remarkable.

You keep us entertained, informed, engaged and enriched by all things QPR.

Coming full squared circle - Report on 21:07 - May 8 with 1686 viewsParkRoyalR

Les Miserables, We Had a Dream, what a fitting curtain closer to a fantastic 3 years with Mark Warburton.

Superb report and for someone who underscores their football knowledge that Dieng 50 yard observation was just one of three or four parts of a finely calibrated machine that unfortunately failed at the same time.

Like any R's fan who didn't getting carried away at the end of January, I fear for next season. Hope to be proved wrong.
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Coming full squared circle - Repo on 05:04 - May 9 with 1269 viewsnix

How we missed Dieng over the last few months was deffo clear to see. I can't see us having a goalie of his quality for a long time.

Despite the tippy tappiness of Swansea, they do have a distasteful but clear policy of targeting players they fear: Willock and Odubajo, at Loftus Road, McCallum here. The poor guy spent most of the match hobbling along after 'late' tackles. No bookings though. Thanks ref.

Even though Warbs has stated his policy of moving the ball quickly, it's one message he clearly hasn't got across to his players. While it was us that broke the deadlock, it was Swansea who broke clear more often than us with us stretched at the back. Not sure if it's just down to lack of pace, as Swansea didn't seem to be a team of Usain Bolts.

Anyhow that's all irrelevant and for once I'm pleased to see the season end. Partly, the disappointment, but also tired of the strange glee with which the Twitterati have greeted our recent demise. And the usual complaints about sacking everyone, and not having ambition, despite having it patiently explained to them ad nauseum that a) we haven't got any money and b) Financial Fair Play. Like the guy the other day on the radio who was complaining most about his fears for struggling families under the current regime, while in the next breath saying he'd vote Tory in the next election. Sigh. I'm hard to push down, with my happy clappiness, as both Clive's two readers will no doubt attest, but it's broken me this season.

Clive's reports have been a beacon of restraint and realism amongst all this dross. Thanks so much. I don't know how you manage to achieve it, but well done for keeping going. It's one of the brightest and shiniest parts of being a QPR fan and we're so lucky to have you.

Enjoy your break. You, more than anyone else, deserve it.

As for next season, I think we'll have to sell some of our brightest stars and start again. I can't see us anywhere near the play offs next season. And I think we've probably overspent this season, despite all the claims of those who say we've no ambition/not backed the manager etc. But to use the irritating but ubiquitous phrase of the cheery types. I hope I'm wrong.

What will be interesting will be who we'll sell and for how much and who we'll end up with as manager. I'd quite like to see a younger guy in who might have the recklessness and drive to get through a season with our backs against the wall. Seeing Wild Thing's verve after reaching the play off final, made me realise that we haven't seen that kind of energy for a long time - maybe since Olly mark 1. Not saying him particularly, if he gets promoted he's likely to stay there, plus there may well be other suitors, plus not wanting to destroy another club legend, after Olly and, I'm afraid for me this season, CA, with a notable exception of his wife's fantastic charitable efforts.
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Coming full squared circle - Report on 07:45 - May 9 with 1127 viewsozranger

Thanks Clive, all of it has been enjoyable.

It is strange. I sort of feel a bit of a vacuum has been created at the end of the season, yet also a feeling that all is not quite finished at the same time. I made it to 50 of the total 55 games (41 of 46 season, 3 pre-season, 6 Cup) plus 3 U23s and a Women's game this season and fully enjoyed it. As it has been stated, next year appears unlikely to be as much fun but then the missus wants to rein my trips in as well. Hopefully, I can get to the six new grounds.

Anyway, I am off to Oz for ten weeks come this Wednesday. Clive's already jealous as I'll get in some rugby league, but also plenty of football starting next Saturday. Hopefully that will keep me going in these dark times of uncertainty. I'll be back for the beginning of the season, but not the pre-season.

To Clive and all others who have written here thanks.

Coming full squared circle - Report on 12:10 - May 9 with 817 viewsAntti_Heinola

Thanks Clive, for your superb work all season. Your reports are excellent and look forward to them and your previews every week and delighted to pay into the patreon for them.

Sounds like you're very depressed and I share your fears. 4 months ago, it felt like the whole club was pulling in the same direction, now potentially it feels like a total mess. The rumour I actually heard was that the owners will pump in money for one more challenge, then if it fails they're off, so will be interesting to see what happens.

I don't really understand why the club is so poor at releasing players, although, I guess, no one particularly cared when the club was releasing certain members of the 2012/3/4 vintages. Barbet is particularly weird, because surely Warbs would've wanted him and when his position was strong in December, why wasn't he pushing it? Or if he was, why weren't the club allowing it?

With the youngsters, it's unrealistic imo to expect more than one decent one per year, and definitely unrealistic to expect us to have an Eze followed by a Chair every couple of years. But I agree with you - SDM or Bettache could certainly have had more bench time. When Chair first got in under Ollie, he was so tiny most people assumed he'd never make it. You have to see potential, I guess.

Bare bones.


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