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Swans memories of a special person...
at 07:54 21 Apr 2017

She came with me to watch the Swans get trounced 4-1 at Walsall (Fellows Park)

Was there with my dad in the West stand for Tosh's first game against Watford in 1978

When I arrived back home from THE Preston game in 1981, She decorated my bed with Swans towels and other memorabilia

When my son was the Swans mascot, she came to the hospitality meal after the game against Barnet and nearly fell down East Bank steps after drinking most of the wine from 2 tables.

When she had Dementia, she started supporting Chelsea and loved Fat Frank.

RIP mum... you were the best!
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I've had enough of Virgin
at 11:51 9 Apr 2017

Paying £90 a month for landline, Broadbank and XL TV package with 2 TiVo boxes.

The TiVo boxes are really slow reacting to commands.

Quite often it says that on demand and catch up are experiencing difficulties etc

The 100 MB broadband rarely outputs over 40 MB and is constantly dropping out all the time.

I'm currently using my iPad via data SIM card because I can't connect to the internet . Grrr

What's out there chaps?

I want a broadband, landline, mobile, basic TV package. I can use my fire stick with Jodi to get the rest of it.

What shall I go for? BaT infinity or a SKY dish or something else...

Talk to me
The Routledge, Gower & De Vries appreciation thread
at 11:14 19 Mar 2017

All served Swansea City very well with minimum outlay.

What you say Perchie? Join my club?

Found this on line about Andre Ayew
at 20:53 8 Feb 2017

Not a favourite it seams...
Was yesterdays win the most impressive in our Premier history?
at 13:16 22 Jan 2017

The BT commentator touched on this yesterday.

I know we've beaten the very best in the last 6 years but yesterday... Liverpool would have gone second if they'd won against a Swansea side bottom of the table with a squad deemed not good enough and a defence that was stated, the worst defence in Europe.

We go 2-0 up and I was just waiting for the comeback, just like in 1981 at Anfield.

Well, it happened and at 2-2 it was almost inevitable that if any team got the winner it would be Liverpool. That winner for us, still going forward to get a goal on the break was richly deserved.

History has been made and it's our first ever League win at Anfield, who hadn't lost at home for over a year.

For me... this is our finest win in 6 a Premier years, given the current circumstances.
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Landore Academy & Gower training facilities
at 13:18 8 Jan 2017

Can someone explain to me why both of the above couldn't have been incorporated at just Landore.
I assume that there are numerous staff (catering, kit, maintenance etc) at both sites.

Wouldn't it have been better to keep it all at Landore... right next to the Liberty?
Football fantasy Swansea city style
at 12:59 6 Jan 2017

If you had £30million war chest and you could buy 3 players....
Who do you think you could get for that price?
no loan signings
Hull City forum - boycotting Swansea game
at 12:06 6 Jan 2017

Perfect opportunity to strike while the iron's hot

See link

Palace forum match day thread v Swans
at 09:54 6 Jan 2017

I've a day off from work so I've decided to become the alternate Jackharries...

Always interesting to read the other point of view

Link below...

See link
Derby forum discussing Clement
at 00:59 6 Jan 2017

see link...
Are we down already?
at 12:19 27 Dec 2016

That's what some of you are posting.

I understand that's the knee jerk emotion from yesterday's abject performance.

Let's not forget that these are the same players that we're playing much better under Guidolin.

If we replace Bob before the Bournemouth game and spend some money wisely in January, then I believe we have every chance of staying up.

We're only 4 points from safety with 20 games to go, so don't give up just yet.

If we stick with Bob, I doubt we'll turn it around though
[Post edited 27 Dec 12:21]
Funniest poster of the year
at 16:34 24 Dec 2016

Phil has asked me to put this one out there...

I nominate:
Warwick ... delicious satire
Perchrockjack... one of the funniest randomists on the forum
Dewijack... all the nicknames he uses when on a rant "Merrycans" etc
Oh and all of the Jackfaths
Horses for courses
at 17:56 15 Dec 2016

Play Lloriente at home
Play Borja away
Play Barrow from the start
Play Montero to replace Barrow second half
Play Kingsley, he's more effective going forward
Play Taylor... in the under 21s
Play Britton in the second half instead of first half
Play BcBurnie more cameo appearances
Play passing game with high tempo in the first half
Play passing game with less tempo the second half, don't fall apart
Play Mawson and VDH, we need more height at the back
Play Naughton from the start, until we sign better.

And perhaps we'll stay up.
Jonathan De Guzman
at 17:58 13 Dec 2016

Last seen on loan somewhere like Chievo...
29 years old.. would you go get him on a free if available?
Following the Swans is like watching the walking dead
at 23:25 5 Dec 2016

The Walking Dead was entertaining for 5 or 6 seasons...

Negans taken over and is asset stripping Alexandria every week...

Rick and his team are just taking it up the arse with no fight left in them...

Week by week it's harder to watch it all falling apart right before my very eyes...

Sound familiar?

I'm gonna give up on TWD until Negans gone... feeling just like that about SCAFC
Amazon Echo...
at 23:50 17 Nov 2016

Who's got one?
Any good?
The rest of the season under Bob Bradley...
at 13:04 11 Oct 2016

How important to our recovery are Our fitness issues?

It's no secret that questions have been asked about Guidolins training regime, particularly this season. I read somewhere on here regarding the American tour, Guidolin was watching the Tour de France while the team was training. Even Ashley Williams had a parting shot about training at the Liberty.

Guidolin eventually had the team playing much better but we were blowing out of our arses in the 2nd halves

If Bradley ups the ante in training and the signs are looking good, maybe just maybe the Swans can play at tempo for most of the game and that should reignite our wingers form and create a chain reaction.

We played our tempo game in the first half against Liverpool. Only in the second half was Barrow brought on... when we we'd already slowed down. No wonder Barrow was largely anonymous.

Fitness and tempo could revitalise our season and make BB a hero... it will take a month or two.

Could this be all we need to rise up the table until the January transfer window opens?

Jenkins & co ... Thank you for giving us our wildest dreams...
at 16:47 18 Sep 2016

... But what the Feck have you done!?!

I thought we had a blueprint for the Premier league?

You've had your payout and there's nothing left of the values that we became known for.

No passion from the club, bench or pitch.

The passing game that made us every bodies second favourite team

Signing and playing players with blistering pace.

Oh, And now we're even losing money running this club.

As I said, unrecognisable. Please go now and let the Americans finish us off.
[Post edited 18 Sep 17:06]
For those of you disenchanted with the current setup at Swansea City...
at 09:22 4 Sep 2016

There's More & more of us on here feeling that way since the Americans took over.

Quite simply... Join the Trust. I like, most of you, are feeling a looming disconnect with what used to be Swansea City values at our club.

Rather than giving up on the Swans, join the trust and divert our disenchantment in a positive way.

I certainly felt a little better about a sense of belonging ... To the Trust rather than the Swans.

I'm talking, for example to...

If some you are already joined then fair enough but if you haven't I promise you, you'll feel a little better about things. All for the price of a tenner, or in Richie & Tone's case, a fiver.

Come on Swans, let's lift the mood and put in a good performance against Chelsea next Sunday!

[Post edited 4 Sep 11:00]
The manager I wish we had at the club is...
at 16:06 28 Aug 2016

... One that would only join us on the condition that he was responsible for the transfers in and out and the development of the team.

Guidolin is a gentleman but every time he says he's not responsible for the players coming in I despair.
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