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Flat roofed pubs.. 13:43 - Apr 29 with 68415 viewsPommyhoop

As mentioned by Konk in the Morhinio thread. Flat roofed pubs are normally shiteholes which are suited to and are normally frequented by a good few Scum supporters. Here's my offering as one of the roughest ,worst boozers I've ever been in .
The Beaver in Beaver's Estate Hounslow .Now that was a REAL shithole!!
Looks like its closed down.Thank F@ck...

Add your own wonderful flat roofed watering holes...
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Flat roofed pubs.. on 14:57 - Jul 2 with 7683 viewsnadera78

I was offered packs of meat for sale - all in Morrisons' packaging - in the British Queen a couple of years back. I politely declined, despite the assurance that the landlord would stick it in the fridge for me until I was ready to leave. That same day I saw a girl buy a pair of jeans and a handbag for a tenner in there.

Anyone know what's happening with the British Queen? Being refurbished or converted?

Flat roofed pubs.. on 15:03 - Jul 2 with 7669 viewsStraightR

Ouch! I remember The Harrier. Truly awful pub. Friend of mine lived down the road from there for a while. He emigrated to Australia, probably an unrelated decision.

(No subject) on 15:30 - Jul 2 with 7639 viewsKonk

I can’t believe someone else has been there! It was edgy enough on a midweek afternoon, so must be a bit lively at night. If I remember rightly, it was before all-day opening, so refugees from other pubs were drinking in there waiting for the other pubs to open later in the day. Did it still have “This is free Hatfield” painted on the wall when you visited?

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(No subject) on 16:46 - Jul 2 with 7593 viewsStraightR

It was a long time ago now - maybe mid 1990s but too many brain cells lost now to be any more precise. We only ever ventured into the place twice. Both times around 2:00 on a Saturday afternoon as I recall. Everyone in the place was totally off their faces already so yep it must have been a bit lively later in the day. I always thought the graffiti added to the general ambience!

Flat roofed pubs.. on 13:58 - Jul 3 with 7480 viewsPommyhoop

This is my local now..

North Lakes Tavern.
Looks the part ,flat roof ,blends effortlessly,seamlessly into its bland shopping centre environment.
Thats where the comparison stops.It is a boring ,no atmosphere shell of a place .Give me a proper flat roof pub any day...Used to be good when I first come over but that was only the Pomms holding it together.It was like the Red Lion in the middle of Mecca. There was even a few little tussles with the local post code gang.Well funny .40 year old fellas tripping over their flip flops..Then we got older and got our citizenship and sort of let it go ..
Just Barbies and dinner parties now.
God I'd f'cking kill for a session in a old school flat roofed pub.
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Flat roofed pubs.. on 14:51 - Jul 3 with 7442 viewsR_from_afar

I’ve got to share this with you while we are on the subject of pubs: There was, maybe still is, a pub in Leamington Spa – not a flat roofed one, sadly – which used to be called something normal like “The Carpenters”. In the 90s, its owners had a serious brain fade and decided to change the name to something more trendy and leftfield. The name they came up with is surely the most naff name for a hostelry ever: Granny mouse’s townhouse.



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Flat roofed pubs.. on 13:45 - Feb 26 with 6820 viewsCroydonCaptJack

Such an epic thread as reminded about in the 'diverse' thread.


Flat roofed pubs.. on 14:15 - Feb 26 with 6778 viewsNorthernr

Still my favourite LFW thread. Apart from that one where that lad pooed himself in Warren Fox's house.

Flat roofed pubs.. on 14:19 - Feb 26 with 6763 viewsCroydonCaptJack

That pub in my post is no longer there but was a right old dodgy boozer in the middle of the Roundshaw Estate in Sutton.

Flat roofed pubs.. on 14:47 - Feb 26 with 6714 viewsMick_S

Great to have this one back.

Did I ever mention that I was in Minder?
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Flat roofed pubs.. on 14:57 - Feb 26 with 6709 viewspaulparker

Not a flat roof pub but should be, a proper flea pit , been raided more times than gary glitters lap top , its about 30 minutes walk
it had fights , stabbings, was raided for drugs , guns the lot , its even got its very own ropey local bird who gives you a blow job if you get her a pint of john smiths
its now run believe it or not by a gang of Albanians who do the car wash in the car park and surprise , surprise its been raided 3 times by immigration,
only last NYE a local gang put the windows in with baseball bats

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Flat roofed pubs.. on 16:32 - Feb 26 with 6631 viewsDorse

Shield and Dagger, Swindon. Roughly what you needed to survive a Friday night in the public bar. I once got thrown out, physically, by means of collar and belt through the closed door. The barman used to box at heavyweight and was not the man with whom to fcuk. I reappeared a couple of days later, sheepishly asking whether I was allowed back in. He didn't kill me so I assumed it was ok.

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Flat roofed pubs.. on 16:39 - Feb 26 with 6622 viewsPlanetHonneywood

Not a pic of a bar's flat roof, and neither is it your normal SkySports advertising banner...but it is a banner advertising 'sport' taking place in a flat roofed bar, that I would walk past to get to my old local in Manila.

To be fair, its always where I thought SWP would see out his career.

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Flat roofed pubs.. on 07:40 - Feb 27 with 6480 viewsmikeygunn

I used to go to the candle @ lunchtime when I was @ school. I didn't do very well in my GCSE's.

Flat roofed pubs.. on 14:48 - Apr 11 with 6167 viewsKonk

The Jolly Roger in Easton, Bristol: I don’t care about the actual pitch of the actual roof, this is a flat-roof pub, all day long. I think it's the signs that do it.

The pub’s just celebrated its second shooting in under a year:

Can you ever imagine suggesting a quick pint or Friday night in the Jolly Roger?

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Flat roofed pubs.. on 14:57 - Apr 11 with 6148 viewsToast_R

The Surveyor, This pub was the stuff of legend around West Molesey. Closed before I moved to the area though but I've heard a few stories.

[Post edited 11 Apr 2016 14:57]

Flat roofed pubs.. on 15:22 - Apr 11 with 6105 viewspaulparker

forgot about this delectable little dog hole, the only pub ive ever known that you have to be buzzed into , plenty of mad scots drink in here , a few years back a fella was cut open from the back of his neck to his lower back

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Flat roofed pubs.. on 15:38 - Apr 11 with 6076 viewsCiderwithRsie

I must say I'm looking forward to all these places following the Springbok's lead and turning into gastropubs. Especially if it means the likes of A A Gill have to spend the rest of their professional lives in them.

Flat roofed pubs.. on 15:43 - Apr 11 with 6061 viewsPigbag

I live in West Molesey and frequented The Surveyor a few times, the stories are real.

Flat roofed pubs.. on 15:46 - Apr 11 with 6055 viewshopphoops

I was just fondly recalling Charlie Wrights International Bar in Hoxton which was a refreshingly flat-roofy late boozer in the mid-90s and has apparently followed the sad trajectory of gentrify > hipsterize > close.

Them were the days etc...

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Flat roofed pubs.. on 11:11 - Aug 3 with 5420 viewsaston_hoop

While having an idle look at reading about Wolves new players, I was grabbed by an article about this pub! What a fantastic specimen of a flat roofed pub!

corresponding article about local shenanigans at said pub

Flat roofed pubs.. on 12:42 - Aug 3 with 5338 viewsR_from_afar

"Bosses there now face having strict conditions placed on their licence as police asked for it to be reviewed. They include rules that security guards be employed to search for weapons..."

That doesn't exactly make for a relaxing pie and a pint, does it?

Man alive.


"Things had started becoming increasingly desperate at Loftus Road but QPR have been handed a massive lifeline and the place has absolutely erupted. it's carnage. It's bedlam. It's 1-1."


Flat roofed pubs.. on 13:07 - Aug 3 with 5314 viewsRBlock

This was my favourite/worst flat roof pub experience. Didn't even bother with any a proper sign or naming the thing, just boshed that Carlsberg tarpaulin up. The place was empty. Not only devoid of customers, (and only about 4 stools around a table that was covered in some sort of viscous material, but also lacked anyone behind the actual bar. As we turned to leave this 20 something scally came in with his takeaway, apologised for the wait, walked behind the bar, and proceeded to pour a pint, whilst shovelling chips and curry sauce into his mouth with the other hand.

Flat roofed pubs.. on 13:10 - Aug 3 with 5301 viewsJeff

and yet you're still more likely to find me here than the f*cking Defectors Weld...

Can we not knock it?


Flat roofed pubs.. on 13:39 - Aug 3 with 5258 viewsRBlock

Well if you want to nip up to Liverpool for a 2 pound pint of Carlsberg in a sticky glass, be my guest! I'd rather pay 6 pound for a craft IPA brewed in a copper bath tub somewhere in Hackney by a man who has to wear a beard net.
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