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Wells off? 14:11 - Jan 21 with 43754 viewsHayesender

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Wells off? on 14:19 - Jan 21 with 6535 viewsBlackCrowe

If true then fck.

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Wells off? on 14:20 - Jan 21 with 6533 viewsdaveB

I'd wait and see on that one. If he goes then good luck to him but article seems to be very speculative

Wells off? on 14:20 - Jan 21 with 6527 viewsBklynRanger


Wells off? on 14:51 - Jan 21 with 6371 viewsLongsufferingR

Always the danger with loans. If they do well for you, there is always the chance that someone else will come in with a permanent transfer offer. I'd rather that than him coming in and being sh"t for us.

Wells off? on 14:56 - Jan 21 with 6316 viewspaulparker

Wells doesn’t have to go to city or Wigan he can be recalled by Burnley but if the move doesn’t suit him he can go and sit out his contract until the summer

“I wipe my ass with your feelings.” (Tony Soprano )


Wells off? on 15:12 - Jan 21 with 6228 viewsbosh67


Never knowingly right.
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Wells off? on 15:13 - Jan 21 with 6222 viewsdanehoop

Agent talk, looking to get best deal for his client...

Never knowingly understood


Wells off? on 15:14 - Jan 21 with 6222 viewsQPR_John

Has anybody got the exact rules on loans. I uunderstood Wells to be on a season long loan and the only way Burnley could recall him is to permanently transfer him.
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Wells off? on 15:19 - Jan 21 with 6176 viewscpgerber

I also recall someone posting at the start of the season that the Wells loan was indeed a "cannot be recalled" loan, which was uncharacteristically smart of us. Or was that Hugill? Or both, hopefully.

What would he cost, seeing his contract runs out? Maybe we can just buy him ourselves? He's said he's keen.

Wells off? on 15:26 - Jan 21 with 6131 viewssmegma

More guesses in that article than by your average Championship referee this season.

Wells off? on 15:32 - Jan 21 with 6078 viewsCorbyQPR

As far as I understand it all season long loans have a Jan break clause & also I think Burnley have an option of another year on his contract...

Wells off? on 15:35 - Jan 21 with 6052 viewsconnell10

If he moves on he moves on , we just have to get on with it!

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Wells off? on 15:37 - Jan 21 with 6025 viewsCliveWilsonSaid

I didn’t realise that Lyle Taylor is 29. I thought he was much younger.

“Wells is said to be relaxed about his situation and open to the prospect of moving to Bristol City where he would be playing for a promotion-challenging club with excellent facilities“

Is it just me or are they having a bit of a dig at us?

Wells off? on 15:42 - Jan 21 with 5990 viewsbosh67

Just a bit.

I reckon if and it is a big IF this happens that we will sell off 'an asset' and get Shankland in. He fits our profile if we have the money. Get him scoring lots of goals and then flog him off in a few years or so for a lot more.

Wells does want to be here though so it may well be that he sees out his contract and comes back on a free.

Never knowingly right.
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Wells off? on 15:52 - Jan 21 with 5920 viewsRblockPrior

I've got a bad feeling about this one, just as the side seems settled we could lose a key player. But that is the risk when taking a player on loan, especially a striker

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Wells off? on 16:04 - Jan 21 with 5821 viewsCroydonCaptJack

Yes and that is Bristol who are a whole six points better than us. From what I have seen of them I will be disappointed to finish below them this season.

Wells off? on 16:26 - Jan 21 with 5680 viewsloftus77

I hope this is all clickbait rubbish, but:

This is my only criticism of Wells and Hugill as QPR players: the fact that they’re…QPR players.

This is the problem with loanees – no matter what they do for you, the situation is always effectively out of your hands. It seems any loan agreement can be changed/amended by the parent club no matter what is agreed.

Would be great if Wells/Hugill would stay with us – but use of the loan system can’t be a stable way of us doing business going forward. Certainly not in terms of the complete staffing of our forward line.
[Post edited 21 Jan 16:27]

Wells off? on 16:33 - Jan 21 with 5620 viewsLongsufferingR

I'm sure that was never the intention. Picking up low cost strikers from the lower leagues in the hope they can do it at our level is much more difficult than with defenders or midfielders. Everybody wants a 20 goal a season striker and the prices are higher as they are so rare. Charlie Austin cost us £4m which we can't spend anymore, and we tried with Washington but unfortunately he couldn't make the step up.

Wells off? on 16:36 - Jan 21 with 5606 viewsloftus77

Fair point - and, yes, its really tough on the club on the striker front. Our hands have been tied in recent years (FFP etc) - the knack has got to be to unearth someone. Very hard - Washington didn't work but Shankland might...

Wells off? on 17:00 - Jan 21 with 5473 viewsSnipper

I can’t see Burnley triggering his 1 year extension tbh. They were happy for him to see out his last year with us, then release him. If they offered the extension, he’d be on no less money than he gets now. Burnley want him off the books.

If he’s happy with us, and can live with what we’d offer him, then I think he’d stay with us till the end of the season, then join on a free. He’d also get a signing bonus.

If he’s as happy here as he says, then I think he’ll stay. After all, a happy work place is worth a lot for your own wellbeing.

Wells off? on 17:11 - Jan 21 with 5379 viewsRangersw12

Has done well for us this season but he's 29 on decent wages and will have no resale value

If he goes he goes no need to break the bank to retain him IMO

Wells off? on 17:11 - Jan 21 with 5377 viewsdaveB

There is a break clause for every season long loan deal iN January so if they are not playing clubs can recall them as Arsenal did with that striker from Leeds or if they want to sell or put them in the team they can do that as well

Wells off? on 17:25 - Jan 21 with 5306 viewsrobith

The most important thing to remember is that none of us can influence it in the slightest, so it's probably best to sit back, fix a tom collins and wait for the world to end

Wells off? on 17:42 - Jan 21 with 5218 viewsGloucs_R

Bristol have made an official approach

'Bristol City approach Burnley over Wells'

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Wells off? on 17:49 - Jan 21 with 5171 viewsCroydonCaptJack

It is good in a way as it might crystalise the situation whilst we still have time to do something about it.
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