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Current Jamaican young reggae superstar Koffee is a Ranger through & through...
at 23:33 26 May 2020

From Spanish Town to Loftus Road

The best part of this thread; Koffee in a QPR shirt:

Even if reggae is really not your bag one thing is for sure that you really got to respect is that she'd never ever shake 26 Captain Leader Racist & BellEnd's filthy hand and she's a healthy eating vegan,not wolfing down the chlorine and chemical-laden chicken.
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Where's Bluce Ree well known for his love of all things...
at 22:51 24 May 2020

...Mickey Mouse?

Hard times is-a-coming boys and girls even for
hitherto so far insulated southern softies:

My beloved late Mum was born 12 miles from Anfield in Saint Helens so that's why
unlike a fair few posters on here I've got a soft spot for them.
It's ManUre fecking graceless Fergie and whining cocky Terry Christian that get my goat.

Talking of two-bob leery nauseating Terry
and remembering the Word, has TV ever been more
crass barrell-scraping uninspired spit than in the 1990's?

Arse & Manure sleb fan unbearable egotist wonkas
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Who likes boxing? Son of Coningham Doorman Dave,QPR fan Sean Robinson..
at 01:47 20 Feb 2020 action plenty of tickets @ £40 YORK HALL Old Ford Road E2
Easy to to get to Bethnal Green central tube Saturday 21st March 2020
day of Fulham @ home on SKY
English Title Eliminator ~ Sean Robinson Scaffolder Straight out of Ruislip!
~ He's one of own YOU RRRSS ~ knock him out Seany boy!
First boxing match I'm seeing in my life..intriguing.
Phone tickets on 07393550319
Full details on poster @ The Connie

A twitter from a mate of Sean Robinson's:
Replying to
I’m QPR as well, you might have noticed some posters outside the ground yesterday of a boxer Sean Robinson a QPR fan and a big Oasis fan. South Africa side.

Coningham bouncer genial friendly Big Dave's son a good lad, very polite like his Dad:

This silly old sod yours truly will be taking along a lot of QPR flags
~ it will get messy,for sure :
WE'RE ( or should that be I'M ;)) THE BARMY RANGERS ARMY
Rangers get a cheeky mention @ 4:40 the end of the interview:

Win some,lose some.. can't win them all:

With Clive's permission I'll bump this up closer to the top nearer match and bout day.

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Wouldn't it be nice if we got on with our neighbours?
at 01:11 20 Feb 2020

The fast receding last season - just 7 games is it? - at a small bus stop in Hounslow ...

[hic] sorry hard making sense..pished as XTC
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Understanding POTUS...can anyone explain this to me?
at 05:09 25 Dec 2019

The Wit And Genius of Donald John Trump: "I never understood wind. You know, I know windmills very much. I’ve studied it better than anybody I know. It’s very expensive. They’re made in China and Germany mostly—very few made here, almost none. But they’re manufactured tremendous—if you’re into this—tremendous fumes. Gases are spewing into the atmosphere. You know we have a world, right? So the world is tiny compared to the universe. So tremendous, tremendous amount of fumes and everything. You talk about the carbon footprint—fumes are spewing into the air. Right? Spewing. Whether it’s in China, Germany, it’s going into the air. It’s our air, their air, everything—right?

So they make these things and then they put them up. And if you own a house within vision of some of these monsters, your house is worth 50 percent of the price. They’re noisy. They kill the birds. You want to see a bird graveyard? You just go. Take a look. A bird graveyard. Go under a windmill someday. You’ll see more birds than you’ve ever seen ever in your life. You know, in California, they were killing the bald eagle. If you shoot a bald eagle, they want to put you in jail for 10 years. A windmill will kill many bald eagles. It’s true."

Just what is it about tortuously attempting to articulate republican politicians named Donald?


My favourite Xmas period home game:

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Playground football..c'est magnifique!
at 11:08 17 Sep 2019

Listen to Loftcast with Andy Sinton ASAP
Lot of humdrum stating-the-obvious waffle not as good as Open All R's
so cut straight to 26:34 Ilias Chair interview starts
Good lad got me smiling ear-to-ear!
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Finney Fugham Fantastic!
at 05:49 9 Sep 2019

On behalf of everybody at the club I'd just like to say...

2 is the magic number. Who is QPR's greatest-ever right-back?
at 05:52 30 Jul 2019

Dave Clement or David Bardsley?
Or anyone else you care to mention.

Clement died in March 1982 at the age of 34. Suffering from depression, he committed suicide by poisoning himself with weedkiller.

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FAO Brian McCarthy ~ An unknown Irish football legend
at 10:04 9 Jun 2019

Kicking off a UK and Ireland publicity campaign, join a film screening and Q&A with the director Michael Andersen, at the Hammersmith London Irish Cultural Centre on Friday 28th June. Start time 2000, tickets £8. Bringing Patrick O’Connell To Life. A Great figure in football, colourful character, captain of Ireland and Manchester United, holder of the British transfer record. Managed Real Betis to La Liga in 1935. Is credited as the ‘Saviour of Barca’ from bankruptcy and Franco from 1936. He spent his last days destitute in London. Buried in Kensal Green cemetery, in an unmarked grave, until recently rediscovered. Highlighting the negligent attitude of wealthy football authorities and TV companies towards the welfare of older, former players, to this day, eg Stanley Bowles #dementiainfootball #negligenceinfootball…

Don Patricio O'Connell (Trailer English)
During the height of the Spanish Civil War, rumours abound that General Franco will go to any lengths to get rid of FC Barcelona. This is the story of the Ir...
Cake poll for new manager - who's got the techy chops to do this?
at 11:45 3 Apr 2019

Could some good LFW punter please do this? thank-you.

Warburton,Bowyer,Sherwood,Jackett, foreigner etcetera

My vote is of course for Wild Thing
Whither Thogden?
at 10:05 30 Mar 2019

Let us know on here post match if you see him.
W and X Block Ellerslie dwellers keep an eye out for this fresh faced teen trotter blogger.
His videos are excellent.

#NoSpotsNoBumFluff ~ is he wearing lipstick?

Is it twice daily rubbed in tripe for the complexion?
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FAO LSA Modfather
at 17:18 12 Sep 2018

Bolton away.
I wanna coach ticket have you got a spare seat?
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Young Sir Les of Barandon Walk Lancaster West goes Turkey in 1988
at 18:52 10 Sep 2018

Reassuring Warning:
There are no upsetting pitchside bloodily sacrificed goat scenes in this post.

Learnt his trade 1988/89 Besiktas loan season 22 years old 24 apps 14 goals
Check his outstanding 2nd goal on 3:47: the lightening turn, the hard to tackle dribbling skills,the centre -half scaring pace and power we came to love so well at Loftus Road is all embryonically there!

His next game in W12 xmas 1989 was a brace in the 4-2 battering of the Scum:

My All-Time Hero, outrageously branded by IQ-lacking know-nothing lobotomised
twitter twot trolls 'Evil Tottenham Les' really should be made a
Free Man of the borough and given the keys to Hammersmith and Fulham IMHO
and Barandon Walk W11 - where he was brought up by his St Lucian single Mum -
in the Rotten Borough of Ken & C***sea
should be renamed Les Ferdinand Walk
and whatever happens in the next decade he should have a job for life at HQ.


The DoF is doing a krap job is he? The LFW down under constant harping critic
Hooparoo I think - (have I the user name right? If not,apologies) - avers that vile
untrue scapegoat-searching calumny nonsense
in post after post since the disasterous shyte mainly McLaren enabled season start.
"OH DO FAR KOFF!" as Harry H Corbett might say
On average only 25% of buys of any manager/DoF are a success.
See Clive Whittingham's excellent revealing honest 2016 interview with our man.

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