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Top Bundesliga Clubs Donate €20m to Struggling Clubs
at 21:51 26 Mar 2020
Rangers Rewind: Villa Away March 2018
at 19:48 25 Mar 2020

Starting now...

Oh yes!
Spurs and Us
at 21:51 24 Mar 2020

Were Spurs once promoted to League Football at our expense? Maybe in 1908?

Something rattling around in my head...
Game on the Offy Today?
at 12:03 22 Mar 2020

Thought I read somewhere that we had another streamer today?
Rangers Offish FB "Live" Game
at 19:52 18 Mar 2020

Great idea , this. Currently showing Rangers v Rotherham from March 2017.

Is that Bradley Walsh on co-comms? :)
Simple Pointers For Strong Mental Health at this Time
at 12:46 18 Mar 2020

Thought I'd share this excellent info from a friend. He's a Performance Coach for our Gaelic Football team and a full-time psychologist. We asked him to draw up pointers for our players while they experience social distancing / lockdown.

It's really excellent, and I've been using it myself as it's not just for athletes. Hope it helps.

1. Write down your individual goals (sporting & otherwise) & the process involved to achieve realistic- eg for physical fitness testing- compare your last time trial against your next....don’t compare yourself against fitness of others. The battle is always against yourself.

2. Reduce your Screen Time/Social Media use- Twitter/Insta etc.

3. Pay attention to the present moment...when you’re eating just eat, when you’re exercising just exercise. Basically, try to cut out multi-tasking. Our minds are like untrained puppies....ya gotta teach them! When your mind takes off to something else just gently bring it back to whatever you were doing.

4. Take time to Read something you enjoy.

5. Take time to engage in formal Mindful practice- Breathing/Grounding, playing with Lego, Colouring, Doodling, Yoga etc.

6. Get out & enjoy the fresh air-countryside/beach/woods.....there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.

7. Ensure you keep structure in your day-housebound or not....this is crucial- have this planned the night in advance- eg 8am to 12noon, 12noon to 4pm, 4pm to 8pm & 8pm to 12. For each 4 hour block what will you do? Don’t wake up & wonder....hmmm, what will I do today? Have a plan & stick to it.

8. Listen to your body....particularly around cabin fever from being cooped up or maybe feeling anxious around Covid 19. Regulate your baseline formally by getting out in the fresh air, engaging in intense exercise even for short period eg 20 fast press-ups, cold water on the face & wrists (where pulse is). And of course don’t forget to breathe!

9. If having some negative intrusive thoughts write your thoughts out on paper...then review to identify which are thoughts & which are facts. Is there evidence to support your thoughts? Thoughts are just thoughts so let them go. Typically people can handle the bigger’s the little things & thoughts that catch us.

10. Identify your Vulnerability factors- what makes you vulnerable?....poor diet, poor sleep hygiene, screen time, family issues, relationships etc. Challenge what is within your gift/control to address these factors?

11. Formally reward yourself....celebrate the little wins effectively. Build that self-esteem muscle.

12. I’d suggest to use this time effectively- how about each player check in with a different player daily? Formally reaching out to players you typically wouldn’t communicate with is a great way to get outside the comfort zone & become comfortable with vulnerability.
Irish R's XI
at 13:20 17 Mar 2020

The offish FB is doing a poll on an All-Time Irish Rangers XI.

What's our thoughts?

I think it's safe to put Macca at 5 and Givens at 9?

5. Macca
9. Givens

[Post edited 17 Mar 13:24]
Friday Choons
at 00:02 13 Mar 2020

No theme. Go mad.
This one's an absolute gift.

Eze's stats from today.
at 19:54 7 Mar 2020

Eberechi Eze vs Preston:

⚽️ 1 Goal ⭐
🅰️ 1 Assist ⭐
🏹 1 Shot
👌 27 Passes
🎯 84% Pass Accuracy
🎩 4 Chances Created ⭐
⚡ 5 Successful Dribbles ⭐

🔥 8.5 Match Rating

Anyone know how to share this pic?

It's quality.

Grant Hall
at 16:57 7 Mar 2020

Headed so many clear.

Positively Dunne-winian.
Dalling Plays Well as City Win
at 22:57 28 Feb 2020

Good reports about Deshane Dalling tonight as he helped Cork City to a 1-0 win. I had friends at the match and the overall feeling was that Dalling played well and looked a promising addition.

Good sign, I would say, that he came straight back in after his suspension.
A Touch of Basque Class!
at 19:06 24 Feb 2020

Sociedad with a great act of kindness.

at 16:58 22 Feb 2020

Often derided as a soft touch. often correctly.

Today we were dogged, wise and strong. Never broke the rules, but killed time when we had to and played football when we could.

Warburton a one-trick pony?

Warnock would have been proud of that performance.
QPR Thanks Chris Kemp
at 02:52 22 Feb 2020

1,500 consecutive games following the Rangers.

What a star! Well done, Chris!

The Times on Masterson
at 10:54 16 Feb 2020

at 17:22 15 Feb 2020

Excellent today. From the off. Very impressive. Defended from the front and got our rewards time and again.

Disappointing to concede the second goal again so close to the first. And we were more open than I'd like early on.

All the same, the reaction to the setback was utterly superb.

Attitude. Love it.
Offish Stream Tomorrow/
at 20:36 14 Feb 2020

No news on the site.

Anyone know?
Irish General Election
at 15:42 9 Feb 2020

Seismic shift to the left in Ireland today.

Exit polls suggesting that left parties are heading for 45% of the vote.

So many fascinating issues arising now:

Are Sinn Féin now on a par with the right-wing monoliths of Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael?
Will either of them get into coalition-bed with Sinn Féin?
Can Sinn Féin be trusted in Government?
Have Sinn Féin left violence behind?
Will Ireland, could Ireland, actually have a Left-Wing Government in the near future?

at 18:18 1 Feb 2020

Lost count of the many headers he won.
Positioning excellent.
Decent pace (maybe not top-line, though?)
Cool in possession.
Good passer.
Good talker.
Likes to get forward.

Clear MOTM again today.
Very exciting potential.
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