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Stadium Name.
at 16:39 6 Aug 2020

To remain for next season. Whilst the fight against knife crime continues this is a good idea as it keeps it fresh in people's minds. It is also in keeping with the type of club QPR is these days IMO. ... n-stadium/
Birkbeck College training grounds.
at 18:45 6 Jul 2020

I stumbled across this when researching our old training grounds. The line about Smith & Shreeves bristling when Johnny Byrne question the lack of a plan B made me smile; some things never change.
QPR footballers with animal in their names.
at 10:53 24 Jun 2020

Peter Crouch.
Streaming the remaining games.
at 14:41 12 Jun 2020

I know there are quite a number of posters who have used the streaming of games from QPR but has anyone who has waived their refunds to receive the streams had any information from the club as to what they need to do ensure they can take advantage?
End of days mutant killer species.
at 13:35 8 May 2020

With the advent of Murder Hornets in the US and a story of a large chainsaw wielding bear being spotted, a small number of posts have appeared describing how the Sodomy Geese and the Great White Pigeons are lining up to bring the occupancy of man to an end of Planet Earth.
Just for fun obviously, what is your most feared mutant animal?
I'll start with Elephireants.
Kenny Rogers R.I.P.
at 07:39 21 Mar 2020

Probably not everyone on here's cup of tea, but Ruby was one of the first records I ever bought and a man who made his career span six decades deserves to be remembered.
First they came for the Watney's Cup...
at 13:29 7 Mar 2020

If they are so concerned about player burnout, how about knocking the lucrative inter club tournaments on the head?
Financial FAIR? Play.
at 18:44 7 Jan 2020

It's a piss take.
Transfer musings.
at 19:46 3 Jan 2020

The club is now in the business of selling our best players if the money is right. A not unexpected stance given the financial disasters preceding this statement. Right now the money being talked about for Eze is around the price that most people wouildn't feel aggrieved with. Along with Eze we also have Chair, BOS and Manning all being spoken of as being players we could return handsome profits if they go.
In the event that we lose all four in the January window there would be the very real threat of a relegation battle, especially as Wells and Hugill would have lost their main feeds for goal chances. With all that in mind, I began thinking would it be better finacially for QPR to gamble on keeping these players for a further season with the thinking being that their price can only go up if they carry on improving the way they have this season?
Imagine if we head into Jan 2021 transfer window with all our defensive frailties addressed but still maintaining our irresistible forward play which may or may not have taken us into a realistic play off / promotion scenario. This would almost guarantee that the prices we could ask for the above players would have increased considerably as Championship players and even if we went up and didn't spend, the money would secure the future of the club for a little longer and we would get relegated with the team that got us promoted. Welcome to the yo-yo years.
The downside would be that the players didn't improve sufficiently and we could only get the going rate for average Championship players and little chance of putting a promotion push together.
The spectre of selling our best players and the money being wasted, followed by relegation still haunts my thoughts, it is not like we don't have form in that arena, hence my preference to keep what we've got as we would really struggle to get anything better without wasting the money on the sort of player that got us in this mess in the first place.
Over to you guys.
[Post edited 3 Jan 20:40]
Billericay Town FC
at 10:08 16 Nov 2019

Faysal Bettache has now joined Ody Alfa and Themis Kefalas on loan there. It will be interesting to see if we send any more out there; a backdoor way to have all our U23's playing in a mens league in one team?
Warnock is available...
at 17:12 11 Nov 2019

...if it doesn't work out with MW
[Post edited 11 Nov 2019 17:13]
QPR and Football Hooliganism.
at 13:21 11 Nov 2019

If Clive wishes to remove this thread I am more than happy for him to do so but it isn't about me trying to glorify football hooliganism, it honestly wasn't ever my 'thing' after I was hit with an orange with a razor blade in it around 1968 and later up at Maine Road when the Kippax began raining pieces of slate down at us and one R had his face sliced open.
My thinking is that I wanted to put a small piece together for AKUTR'S about the various crews that QPR had during those times and the bizarre rivalry they had among each other. I am hoping to speak to one or two of the faces whilst at games but I will have to rely on input from posters on here and other message boards for a wider picture. I am not really interested in stories of how (x) QPR mob ran such and such at a game but I am fascinated by the rivalry between the different QPR mobs which, considering that we aren't one of the 'big' clubs strikes me as quite bizzare and it seems to be centred around the Northolt/ Ruislip R's not getting on with any of the others.
As I say I have very little experience of this other than a meet up with mobs from a few of the other clubs who had had problems with the MIG's at Kennilworth Road during the ban so decided to hire a couple of mini buses and intercepted the Luton coaches in a service station on their way to either Ipswich or Norwich.
If people are uncomfortable about identifying themselves as being involved in what was criminal activity then broad brush descriptions are more than helpful enough but as I say, it isn't to glorify the fighting etc. it is to reach an understanding why QPR mobs didn't get on with each other.
There are a number of posters on here who can vouch that I am not old Bill or looking to get anyone stitched up
Leeds away game.
at 10:51 28 Oct 2019

Leeds away game. I have been asked to pass this on to any of our fans who are thinking of going to this game. Many thanks.
"Just want to inform you that a young band will be playing in the Drysalters pub before the game on Saturday. The band are called Ascendo (ascendomusic on FB) and will be playing indie rock covers with a few of their own songs. They’ve been well received recently before games and set a good vibe preparing us all for the match. The pub is a 5 minute walk away from Elland Road and is seen as the unofficial away pub. Would love to see loads of your supporters enjoying a beer and the entertainment. If you fancy it yourself, let’s have a beer together. Will you pass this on to your fans on your site please. Let’s hope it’s a good game. Mark"
Is Ebere the new Eze?
at 12:30 20 Oct 2019
Matchday Captain
at 10:25 11 Oct 2019

There have been many occasions over the years on the forums where the efficacy of a captain has been debated and condemnation of those perceived to be less than of the desired level. A case in point was Nedum Onuoha who was supposedly highly rated by the players and the rest of the club yet harshly condemned by many supporters.
Since his departure there have been a number of team captains, none of which have been the old school 'kick, bollock & bite' variety, and during the dark times under Holloway & SMC this was felt to be a partial contributor to the malaise.
IMO the need for this type of captain appears to have faded, in the top two divisions at least; in fact the need for an on pitch screamer and shouter seems to have completely dropped off the radar these days.
These thoughts were occasioned by an observation of the celebrations after Eze's goal against Blackburn where after he ran to the corner with three of his team mates for his little showboating celebration, he then moved to return to his own half but Nahki Wells called the players together for a little huddle first, perhaps to remind them to stay switched on etc. but noticeable none the less as it brought me to the realisation that I have no clue who was named captain for the game. The players are all well drilled in what is required of them and all demonstrate a high level of camaraderie so it would seem the need for a captain has all but disappeared from the side. There are a few obvious leaders on the pitch and, it would appear, a few not so obvious ones. It would seem that QPR are now a collective with responsibilities for them all to be leaders.
[Post edited 11 Oct 2019 10:56]
Shrek going to Derby in January.
at 14:14 9 Oct 2019

By all accounts his wages will be paid by 32 Red whilst he is a Ram and he will wear the 32 shirt. Knowing Mel's aversion to profligacy I am not surprised he has found a way to get a player for little to no outlay which will have no impact on their FFP assessment. At first I thought that the EFL would surely put a stop to it but the thought occurred to me; is this not the same as when the fans paid the players wages at QPR during the dark days? There doesn't appear to be any suggestion of 3rd party ownership so it would seem that Derby are blame free on this one. Thoughts?
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