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Liverpool Goalkeeper.
at 22:13 4 Oct 2020

Under the new Covid 19 rules he has been fined £10k for letting 7 in.
Jack Clarke
at 19:09 18 Sep 2020

I just read a thread about him joining B'ham today on a Championship group I am in. A lot of Leeds fans were chirping in about how good he used to be but got stretchered off at half time with breathing difficulties in a game against 'boro and was never the same again afterwards. This was during a period where there were rumours it was a result of over indulging in power drinks (Red Bull/ Monster types?)
This might go a long way to explaining why he rarely got a game whilst on loan to us from Spuds. He looked the perfect type of player for MW and you could see odd flashes in the games he did play but if he has an underlying breathing issue then it could explain why he was sent back.
If true, I hope there is something that can be done for him going forward. He definitely had some potential.
Season Ticket renewals.
at 21:51 2 Sep 2020

I was chatting on the phone tonight with Dave Thomas and we spent a long time discussing what lay ahead for us both. We are both now in the seniors category so and fans likely to be allowed back in the ground wouldn't include us, and most of the friends we have both made in many, many years whilst we have been going to W12 and around the country.
This would mean the end of our regular seats in the Upper Loft through no fault of our own and the thought of buying a season ticket whilst not being allowed in the stadium doesn't sound in the least bit attractive on a fixed income. Sitting in a stadium with just a few thousand fans who are not allowed to sing or cheer doesn't set the body tingling either and the whole issue of entry and egress, coupled with toilet breaks means it is going to be fairly unworkable.
Having had a lifelong viewpoint of don't just keep coming up with problems, come up with solutions I had a think. Foremost in my thinking is...
*The club need money to survive and season tickets form an integral part of that each season.
*I don't want to pay for something I am not going to be able to use for the foreseeable future.
*I don't want to give up my seat in the Upper Loft.
* I am not interested in swapping out my matchday ticket for a stream.
What I came up with was to permit the club to take out the direct debit as normal once they are ready to do so and offer a number of options as to what fans want to do with that season ticket.
Redeem it with a stream for home and away matches until such a time as fans are allowed back into the stadium in a reduced and managed capacity.
Redeem it with a stream for home and away matches until such a time as fans are allowed back into the stadium in the normal fashion.
Neither of the above but, for the duration of the period before normal service is resumed, each match ticket not used is credited towards the following seasons season ticket on a one for one basis.
This would allow fans who sit together to retain their group of seats and still allow the club to get much needed funding.

Tonights FAC Qualification round.
at 20:51 2 Sep 2020

I hope Hashtag United make it through to the 3rd proper and we get drawn against them just for their name.
[Post edited 2 Sep 20:51]
Would it be wrong to start an Eze The Eagle thread?
at 20:42 25 Aug 2020

Live vicariously through his ups and downs . How hard will it be to fly like an Eagle whilst being surrounded by Turkeys?
Stadium Name.
at 16:39 6 Aug 2020

To remain for next season. Whilst the fight against knife crime continues this is a good idea as it keeps it fresh in people's minds. It is also in keeping with the type of club QPR is these days IMO.
https://www.qpr.co.uk/news/club-news/gr ... n-stadium/
Birkbeck College training grounds.
at 18:45 6 Jul 2020

I stumbled across this when researching our old training grounds. The line about Smith & Shreeves bristling when Johnny Byrne question the lack of a plan B made me smile; some things never change.
QPR footballers with animal in their names.
at 10:53 24 Jun 2020

Peter Crouch.
Streaming the remaining games.
at 14:41 12 Jun 2020

I know there are quite a number of posters who have used the streaming of games from QPR but has anyone who has waived their refunds to receive the streams had any information from the club as to what they need to do ensure they can take advantage?
End of days mutant killer species.
at 13:35 8 May 2020

With the advent of Murder Hornets in the US and a story of a large chainsaw wielding bear being spotted, a small number of posts have appeared describing how the Sodomy Geese and the Great White Pigeons are lining up to bring the occupancy of man to an end of Planet Earth.
Just for fun obviously, what is your most feared mutant animal?
I'll start with Elephireants.
Kenny Rogers R.I.P.
at 07:39 21 Mar 2020

Probably not everyone on here's cup of tea, but Ruby was one of the first records I ever bought and a man who made his career span six decades deserves to be remembered.
First they came for the Watney's Cup...
at 13:29 7 Mar 2020

If they are so concerned about player burnout, how about knocking the lucrative inter club tournaments on the head?
Financial FAIR? Play.
at 18:44 7 Jan 2020

It's a piss take.
Transfer musings.
at 19:46 3 Jan 2020

The club is now in the business of selling our best players if the money is right. A not unexpected stance given the financial disasters preceding this statement. Right now the money being talked about for Eze is around the price that most people wouildn't feel aggrieved with. Along with Eze we also have Chair, BOS and Manning all being spoken of as being players we could return handsome profits if they go.
In the event that we lose all four in the January window there would be the very real threat of a relegation battle, especially as Wells and Hugill would have lost their main feeds for goal chances. With all that in mind, I began thinking would it be better finacially for QPR to gamble on keeping these players for a further season with the thinking being that their price can only go up if they carry on improving the way they have this season?
Imagine if we head into Jan 2021 transfer window with all our defensive frailties addressed but still maintaining our irresistible forward play which may or may not have taken us into a realistic play off / promotion scenario. This would almost guarantee that the prices we could ask for the above players would have increased considerably as Championship players and even if we went up and didn't spend, the money would secure the future of the club for a little longer and we would get relegated with the team that got us promoted. Welcome to the yo-yo years.
The downside would be that the players didn't improve sufficiently and we could only get the going rate for average Championship players and little chance of putting a promotion push together.
The spectre of selling our best players and the money being wasted, followed by relegation still haunts my thoughts, it is not like we don't have form in that arena, hence my preference to keep what we've got as we would really struggle to get anything better without wasting the money on the sort of player that got us in this mess in the first place.
Over to you guys.
[Post edited 3 Jan 20:40]
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