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Sidney Poitier RIP
at 15:38 7 Jan 2022

94. First black man to win best actor Oscar.

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Around The World in 80 Days (BBC)
at 14:00 4 Jan 2022

A lot of mutterings on social media about how woke/PC etc it is and how it's not faithful to the book etc etc
It's clearly been presented as an adaptation (clue is in the word) as opposed to a faithful replication.

I've not read the book (don't really do books) or seen any of the films or other TV series so was able to watch it completely as a blank canvass and not get my knickers in a twist about how some of the characters are portrayed and you know what, I enjoyed it.

at 22:18 31 Aug 2021

PSG turn down £189m from Real Madrid yet willing to let him go there next summer on a free.

Unless he brings in circa £190m in net profit to the club in one year this seems bonkers.

Congratulations St. Johnstone
at 18:18 22 May 2021

In a country dominated by two clubs and one other club might just get a cup if they’re lucky, St. Johnstone have today won the Scottish Cup completing a remarkable cup double this season having won the League Cup in February.
Goes without saying, their best season ever.

PIC is the new HR
at 11:19 16 Mar 2021

Found out today that Human Resources has now been renamed as the PIC Dept (People, Inclusion & Culture).

Has anyone else had the same?

QPR v Brentford highlights
at 21:16 17 Feb 2021
Doorbell / WiFi / remote storage
at 16:31 7 Feb 2021

Hello you knowledgeable people, here’s a poser for you.....

Looking to get one of those doorbell/cctv camera thingys but the hook they get you in on is subscription to be able to record & store footage.
You don’t have to have the subscription but you just get a live feed, no ability to record.

I have a wifi enabled hard drive so what I’d like to know is there such a doorbell device that I can hook up to it to record?

I’ve done a bit of googling but not really getting far.

Watford v QPR highlights
at 22:11 1 Feb 2021

Cardiff v QPR highlights
at 21:48 20 Jan 2021
Luton v QPR highlights
at 21:36 12 Jan 2021
RIP Tommy Docherty (n/t)
at 16:46 31 Dec 2020

RIP Darth Vader (and the Green Cross Code man)
at 06:28 29 Nov 2020

Dave Prowse, 85. Good innings.

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Insurance claim advice please
at 16:44 6 Nov 2020

A little distraction from the US election and C19......

Wednesday night I had the misfortune of being bumped in the rear (ooh err) at about 5mph as we were approaching the roundabout.

He has taken full responsibility and is not disputing anything to the contrary.

It looks like the damage to my car is fairly cosmetic (rear bumper and a small dent in the tailgate).

However, an interesting sequence of events is playing out.....

I duly contacted my insurance company who agreed that I am at no fault and that both my NCB and excess are protected and will not suffer as a result.
They've contacted a local approved garage to do the repair (will probably pick the car up on Monday) and they can arrange a temporary car via my local Enterprise hire company.

All good.

Then today I get a call from the other party's insurance company saying that I don't need to make a claim via my insurance company, I can just do it via them.
The reason they say this is two-fold;

1) - by making a claim via my insurers I will then have a negative impact against my name so when I come to renew (same company or even another) my premium will go up

2) - by accepting a hire car from Enterprise it's just that, a Credit Hire Car that will be against my name and not my insurer rather than a courtesy car from the repair garage which wouldn't be against my name. Should there be any problem i.e. dispute from the other party's insurer etc. then I am apparently liable to pay Enterprise until it's sorted out, if at all.
They also said that the normal daily fee may be £20/day but they'll charge the other party's insurer £60/day (for example) and even try and delay the garage repair work in order to get as much money as possible.

(I didn't think of it at the time but I could just my insurer to ask the repair garage to provide a courtesy car and take Enterprise out of the equation. Would be interesting to see their reaction.)

I asked them if they had any objection with me calling my insurance and repeat the conversation we just had. They had no objection.

All of this sounds plausible but my concern was that if the other party's insurer is now looking after the repair work, will they just do it as cheaply as possible which may not be as good as if it was orchestrated through my insurer.

I called my insurer and they said that that both claims were incorrect. As I'm not at fault so when it comes to renewal with them or anyone else it would be as though the accident never happened.

They also said that yes, it is a credit hire car rather than a courtesy car but even though it'll have my name on the paper work i would not be liable should any issues arise.

I did some googling etc but it's not entirely clear.

Who do I believe?

CCTV wifi
at 10:43 13 Jun 2020

Been thinking about having one of these to look over my motorbike and partners scooter that we keep in our front garden.

Ive seen some wifi ones but they only offer cloud storage on subscription or have a SD card slot.

I have a 1TB WD external hard drive that’s connected to wifi so just need a cctv camera unit i can set up and footage just gets stored on that.

Have any of you helpful people got a set up like this and can recommend a camera that’ll do this?


[Post edited 13 Jun 2020 10:54]
BoS Championship goal of the month contender
at 20:48 10 Feb 2020

Get voting peeps
Took my 5 year old boy to his first game today
at 19:40 29 Dec 2019

Parked up, popped into the Conny to use the toilets, didnt recognise anyone in the pub from when I used to go.

Walked down South Africa Road, saw some old faces which was nice.

Then around to the Lower Loft to take up our seats.

He was very excited and was very attentive the first half. The expected “I’m bored” after 10 minutes never materialised. He clapped when everyone else clapped. He watched the ball, his favourite player was Eze, he was so happy when we scored.

2nd half as it got colder and darker and longer then he started to wain, much like the team! He didn’t see the winning goal as he was watching videos on my phone by then.

On the way back to the car he was having fun chasing my shadows from the street lights. Popped into a shop for water and some sweets and when we got home he wanted to keep his QPR replica top on.

You can keep your FIFA playing, acca/Ladbrokes lads, round your mates with beer & pizza to watch the next Champions League match day 3 on the tele, mock shock, tweeting like you know everything, shouting for the managers head every game, 21st century fan.

Today, for me, is what football is about.

[Post edited 29 Dec 2019 21:16]
Sky TV / broadband
at 16:20 11 Mar 2019

Do any of you fine chap's and chapesses have a Sky TV/broadband deal?

If so,

- what's the broadband speed?
- how many times over a calendar year does either tv or broadband signal go down for 1/2 a day/day etc?

No wonder people's grammar is fked
at 14:51 13 Feb 2019

Loftinoz would no doubt agree!

Ran an email through spell checker and got this;

[Post edited 13 Feb 2019 16:44]
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