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Gianluca Vialli - RIP 09:54 - Jan 6 with 4786 viewsJuzzie

58... wow. Really sad.

Forget his Chelsea connections, I thought he was a really good footballer and good person.

Gianluca Vialli - RIP on 09:57 - Jan 6 with 3833 viewsDWQPR

Totally agree. Came across as a decent chap, a good sense of humour and a real love for the game. 58 is no age.


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Gianluca Vialli - RIP on 09:58 - Jan 6 with 3828 viewsAntti_Heinola

Wow, that's a shock.
Had dinner with him once, what an absolute gentleman.

Bare bones.

Gianluca Vialli - RIP on 10:02 - Jan 6 with 3783 viewsjeffranger

Shocked at that news & so sad & at RIP Gianluca
Gianluca Vialli - RIP on 10:06 - Jan 6 with 3725 viewsSonofpugwash

That's really sad.Great guy,great player.

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Gianluca Vialli - RIP on 10:09 - Jan 6 with 3716 viewsngbqpr

So sad, one of the nicest guys in the game.

Shine on Gianluca.

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Gianluca Vialli - RIP on 10:09 - Jan 6 with 3710 viewsBklynRanger

Same age as my dad was, which is indeed no age. RIP.
Gianluca Vialli - RIP on 10:11 - Jan 6 with 3701 viewssprocket

bloody hell...

What a player he was. Great memories watching C4 Italian coverage and seeing him play for Sampdoria.

Gianluca Vialli - RIP on 10:16 - Jan 6 with 3644 viewslightwaterhoop

Very sad loss

Che tu possa riposare in pace.
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Gianluca Vialli - RIP on 10:16 - Jan 6 with 3647 viewsPaddyhoops

Terribly sad . I’m 58 next week . No Age.
Always came across well. RIP.
Gianluca Vialli - RIP on 10:18 - Jan 6 with 3636 viewsterryb

RIP Gianluca.
Gianluca Vialli - RIP on 10:21 - Jan 6 with 3623 viewsRs_Holy

RIP ... 58 years old ... terrible news
Gianluca Vialli - RIP on 10:28 - Jan 6 with 3582 viewsHayesender

I suspected he didn't have long left the other week when I read something about his mum going to be with him, but still a shock.

RIP Luca 😔

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Gianluca Vialli - RIP on 10:31 - Jan 6 with 3579 viewsSuperhoop83

RIP Gianluca.

A fantastic footballer and one of the good guys.

Suffering since 1978.

Gianluca Vialli - RIP on 10:44 - Jan 6 with 3526 viewsMetallica_Hoop


The Sampdoria team with him, Lombardo and Mancini are the reason they are my Italian team.
[Post edited 6 Jan 2023 10:45]

Beer and Beef has made us what we are - The Prince Regent

Gianluca Vialli - RIP on 11:02 - Jan 6 with 3460 viewsToast_R

RIP Gianluca, like to think he's up there now having a kick about with his old mate Butch Wilkins.
Gianluca Vialli - RIP on 11:08 - Jan 6 with 3429 viewsBluce_Ree

There's like two (non-QPR) ex-Chelsea players I don't hate and Vialli was one of them. Burned brightly in that period where Italian football was ace for a bit.


Gianluca Vialli - RIP on 11:13 - Jan 6 with 3408 viewsLogman

He was a credit to English football as a player and a manager. Passionate but yet highly respectful I enjoyed watching him play and liked listening to him as a pundit even more.

RIP signore.
Gianluca Vialli - RIP on 11:26 - Jan 6 with 3348 viewspaulhoop2

RIP Luca great to see the chelski rivalry put to the side great guy great player

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Gianluca Vialli - RIP on 11:34 - Jan 6 with 3308 viewspaulparker

Always liked Vialli even with his Chelsea connections
Really , really sad this one
Loved him in that Sampdoria team of Lombardo, Manchini, Katenec , Vierchwood
RIP Luca

And Bowles is onside, Swinburne has come rushing out of his goal , what can Bowles do here , onto the left foot no, on to the right foot That’s there that’s two, and that’s Bowles Brian Moore

Gianluca Vialli - RIP on 11:49 - Jan 6 with 3239 viewsnix

RIP. Way too young.

Always seemed like a nice guy.
Gianluca Vialli - RIP on 13:13 - Jan 6 with 3066 viewsNorthantsHoop

Gianluca Vialli great footballer - RIP
Gianluca Vialli - RIP on 13:48 - Jan 6 with 2984 viewsWilkinswatercarrier

A top, top player and came across as a decent bloke. We probably never saw him at his best in the late 80s at Sampdoria, but even at them down the road he was a deadly finisher.

RIP Luca.
Gianluca Vialli - RIP on 14:15 - Jan 6 with 2905 viewsw7r

Very sad, 58 really is no age.

Can forgive his exploits up the road - we all make errors of judgement. I remember him from the C4 coverage back in the 90's, a wonderful player and deadly finisher with the grin to match. Off the field he came across as a warm guy and a proper gentleman.

RIP Luca.
Gianluca Vialli - RIP on 14:36 - Jan 6 with 2849 viewskensalriser

Oof. Who could forget Vialli's driver? (One for the old .orgers)

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Gianluca Vialli - RIP on 17:07 - Jan 6 with 2700 viewsBushman


Unassuming Gentleman

Used to play golf with the hoi polloi in Chiswick at Dukes Meadows

I know almost nothing about the Premier League even though I try to catch the big games every now and then at the end of the season. But I will say this, Queens Park Rangers is just a fukking sick ass team name. Just sounds so cool.

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