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Tech Question
at 23:04 24 Feb 2018

Anyone use Philips Hue at home?

I'm thinking of installing it bit by bit in my house. Although the initial outlay is quite expensive (light bulbs at the end of the day) the trickery and overall ambience of the colour and smart synching looks superb. I've a home bar and this looks like a real winner compared to halogen lights currently in use. I'd like to start there and progress to the whole house eventually.
Coming to an Ebay auction near you...
at 20:55 17 Jan 2018
Off Topic - Family Trip to Disney Land Paris - Is it all that?
at 21:01 10 Jan 2018

Never been that fussed with Disney Land but the wife has always wanted to go and our son will be nearly 4 by December 2018 when we're thinking of going and has been banging on about Disney Land for the last year as he see's the ads on TV and is into Star Wars, Micky and all that jazz. We tricked him last Spring on our annual trip to the Isle of Wight, telling that Back Gang Chine was Disney Land and I think he bought it but this year, it's unlikely to wash. (I realise 3 years old is quite young for a once in a lifetime trip but we're needing to take advantage of term time holidays before he starts school)

Getting a self driving (ferry included), self catering deal for 4 nights 5 days coming in for £990 for the three of us on their website which includes a couple of minor extras. I'm tempted but thinking 5 days there might be overkill, I was bored at Chessington and Peppa Pig World this year after a few hours.

Anyone been, any tips, do's and don'ts and is it really worth the spend?

[Post edited 10 Jan 21:05]
The End is Nigh
at 23:59 29 Dec 2017

Thought after 2007 we were through with all this. But yet here we are, a small club drifting towards League 1 without a paddle. I was in my early twenties in 2001 and enthusiastic but now I just cant be arsed. Ive not been at all this season, a decision derived from finacial reasons more than lazyness but as much as enjoyed it in the past, Ive not missed it and instead been going to watch my local non league side where you can buy a cheap beer in the clubhouse take it outside and drink it with the other sad bastards watching non league football. I enjoy it. After you can have a little bit of banter with the players in said clubhouse. I get in for a good cause of a tenner and kids under 16 are free with an adult. If QPR toss off the FA Cup next week as per usual, I think I'm done with it for a long time. I'm sad to say it but I just dont get the vibe I used to.
Kenny Dalglish DVD
at 20:23 19 Dec 2017

Had the flu since last week so within the compounds of my pit having missed all Christmas social festivities this year, I've treated myself to some DVDs as a present to myself - Kenny, "89" and the new Micky Flanagan release. Just watched the documentary about Dalglish and it's very very good. I always thought he was a cold miserable bastard but it does enlighten you to what a decent bloke the man really is as well as what a great player he was too. Some of the footage from his Celtic days is excellent. It's a very well made documentary and you by no way need to be a Liverpool fan to appreciate it. Of course there's the obligatory footage of QPR getting torn a new one at Anfield in 87 I think when Bryne dallied on the ball before letting Barnes have a field day with the Rangers defence. Much of the it is related to Hillsborough as you'd guess but again it emphasises his persona and the impact the tragedy had on him at the time and no doubt will for the rest of his life. To think he was there in the players tunnel that day not knowing where his son was for sometime with the knowledge that he was in the Liverpool end somewhere, harrowing stuff. Overall I thoroughly recommend this DVD.

"89" was interesting too but not as well put together as Kenny I feel.
World Cup Draw
at 16:25 27 Nov 2017

I dare anyone not to do this more then twice..
Alan Shearer’s Heading the ball Doc
at 09:24 13 Nov 2017

What’s all that about then?
As a child you were told to meet the ball square on the forehead but as anyone who played football knows, that’s not as easy as it looked when it’s flying at you. A remember meeting a few goal kicks and the pins and needle sensation you’d get in your hands and the ball impacted you on the head, not nice. Doing that for a living, is it any wonder some retired players are suffering from brain related illness later in life?

You’d like to think that with the new technology in footballs that their not as heavy was the players of the 60s and 70s played with so it may not be so bad for modern footballers when they get older, only time will tell I guess. It's still got to be a concern none the less, it’s a awful way to end up for the individual and their families but football will be changed forever if heading came out of the game, so what can be the answer?

Stopping kids heading the ball until they're at least 14 may help but can you imagine the game in 10 to 15 years time when that basic skill has been eradicated?
Premier League Best Moment's on Sky.
at 23:09 24 Oct 2017

QPR's demolition job on United's title natrually gets runner up spot.
Anyone seen this yet? Reason I ask, now I'm no Doctor but I couldn't help but notice in the talking head commentaries, Ray Wilkins looks quite ill. Hope it's just the lighting.
Boer Off
at 12:09 11 Sep 2017

Sacked after 4 matches. Ridic.
Anyone Watch The State on Chan 4?
at 00:25 30 Aug 2017

Just caught up with it on catch up. Not sure what to think of it really. Interesting to a degree but not quite as good a watch as the traler looked.

Pretty grusome in a few scenes, controversial no doubt. Does try to make the viewer feel sympathy for these tw@ts that travel out there and later realise it's all just unhinged brutality and in comparison the UK isnt the evil land of the kafir afterall.
Big Ben
at 13:44 14 Aug 2017

Off line for 4 years from next week. Well I never.

What will they all do on NYE without those famous chimes?
Which Iron Maiden album had an illustration of it set in the future with a digital face?

I remember going on a school trip up town once on a coach, God knows where, London Zoo or one of the museums no doubt, and driving past Parliament, one of the teachers would point out the famous land marks. Always sticks in my mind that at the time Big Ben was covered in scaffolding. Just been reading the BBC piece and it reckoned the last major refurbishment (which was when that was) was between 1983-85. Crazy it was that long ago.

Prediction Logged by at 22:39:11
Queens Park Rangers v Reading prediction logged
Lionesses at Euro's
at 09:50 20 Jul 2017

Not a bad start to a tournament was it?

Jodie Taylor hatrick, Scotland were awful but some decent goals.
[Post edited 20 Jul 2017 10:16]
at 14:35 1 Jun 2017

See Marc Bircham's interview yesterday about the recruitment this summer and that the type of players they are looking for and that rather then having talent, the players they're looking for have to be "characters" and "personality being massive".

I'm starting to worry, really I am. I get the whole dressing room thing and that but the way QPR were so well short of talent and quality last season I'm not sure a tight dressing room will completely cut the mustard for next season. "We're going down but at least we're all having a good laugh about it".
I'd rather have some boring professionals who let their football do the talking then a team of Jimmy Bullards.

I dunno, I might be being paranoid but I get this horrible feeling that this whole setup is going to blow up in our faces and forever tarnish some good names.

[Post edited 1 Jun 2017 14:37]
Europa League Final
at 19:23 24 May 2017

Is free on to watch on Youtube apparently. I didn't know that til just now.

Hand Of Rod
at 23:40 14 May 2017

Just seen Crouchey's goal against Arsenal. Cheeky blighter.

Bad foul or great tackle (muck & nettles)?
at 14:21 30 Apr 2017

On the Train Home
at 19:07 14 Apr 2017

QPR were crap but the Cider was amazing. Didn't get my pint of Black Rat though cos the pub I was frequenting prior to kick off, sold out.

Now having a Stowford.

Lots of balls to Matt Smith and lots of poor defending again. Bristol City much the better side. Holloway looked like he was en route to a wedding.

Sheff Weds on Monday, bet they cant wait for 3 easy ones.
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