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Queens Park Rangers v Luton Town prediction logged
Kosovo - long, but excellent background article
at 18:31 10 Sep 2019

The remarkable Mr Vokrri: Kosovo's football rise -

Well worth a look ahead of tonight's game - one hell of a story!
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Sheffield Wednesday v Queens Park Rangers prediction logged
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Queens Park Rangers v Wigan Athletic prediction logged
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Queens Park Rangers v Swansea City prediction logged
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Bristol City v Queens Park Rangers prediction logged
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Queens Park Rangers v Huddersfield Town prediction logged
Bristol City won't kick ball out for injury
at 16:09 5 Aug 2019

About bloody time too. Excellent call by Lee Johnson - it is the referees responsibility to manage injuries.

That's one path to time wasting cut off...

Predicted line up?
at 23:26 2 Aug 2019

Going to be hard to call this one...






Any other views?
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Stoke City v Queens Park Rangers prediction logged
One more incoming according to Warburton, but what position?
at 13:59 28 Jul 2019

One more incoming according to Warburton, but what position?

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A thread to air grievances around QPR
at 10:54 26 Jul 2019

So many things to get concerned about; let's just list them out; I'll start:

Strikers - Warburton: "Its not about getting strikers in, its about getting the right strikers in" - yep, but the longer this gets left, the more desperate we wil get and the more likely we will end up getting ANY Striker in. Yes, they're bloomin' expensive and yes, it's difficult, blah, blah, blah, BUT WE LET TWO IN MATT SMITH AND PAUL SMYTH OUT OF THE FECKIN DOOR. Why did we not hold on to them until we have replacements in?

Keepers - just why, Even with Seny going out on loan we have 5 'keepers and we are skint.

Luongo and Leistner - ostracised, probably unmotivated now and feeling unloved for what bloody gain? Just like when Waddock did it, when we fail to offload them, we are stuck with them, so how do you get their trust back and get them playing if they end up staying?

The Board - hapless, hopeless and directly responsible from taking us from a Promoted team into the Promised Land into a desperate "organisation" trying desperately to hang on to survival in the Second Tier. No new ground, training ground not started, continual empty promises, blah, blah fecking blah. People blame FFP for where we are, but they had two opportunities to get this sorted and failed horrendously. Yes, FFP is an utter sham, but they signed up to the rules and they chose to blatantly ignore them. Cornholios.

The DoF - seems utterly powerless the way we do this. No say in who the Manager / Head Coach is, seemingly no say over continuity in the club, probably already researching who the next manager will be in the Autumn, by looking at releasing a range of club gilets in time for his "dream" appointment. Wondering how on earth the next guy will cope with Warburton's tippy tappy no physical presence shell of a team, but not really caring as the money keeps rolling in. Will always be a club legend to me, but even he must be questioning what he actually does.

Agent Fees - Apparently, we're to be praised because the wage bill will have collapsed this summer, but is anyone actually asking just how much each of these "free" and "undisclosed" transfers and costing? And, who is getting them and just how independent are they from the staff we have employed, who are only likely to be with us for 6 months at best? Sounds like a good way of making money or currying favour to me... (No accusation made here as I do not have facts, just curious...)


Any more?
The Spine
at 00:05 23 Apr 2019

I had a real rant lined up at the final whistle today, but decided against it. I tried to pretend that it didn't matter as we were staying up regardless, but my God that hurt today.

We need a spine to this team. A 'keeper, but I still think Joe needs time and is good enough. Two centre backs; surely one is Leistner, but I do not buy this "he's ill" stuff - something is going on there, isn' t it?, but Lynch and Hall have to go, leaving Furlong, who will do for now. We'll need a couple of reserves though..

At least one, possibly two defensive midfielders; maybe Luongo is one, but need someone bigger and stronger than Scowen with him - a younger Geoff Cameron maybe. An attacking midfielder next and surely we've enough there - Freeman, Eze or Chair will do.

Nothing up top though. I love him as an impact player, but big Matt just isn't mobile enough. And this is where I thick we are fecked. We cannot afford to buy and will be reliant on cheaper loans next season.

No spine = bloody hard season next year and an Ipswich type season looks odds on.

Strap yourselves in, this is going to get rocky...
No backbone
at 21:48 13 Mar 2019

Soft as shite as a team.

Never before has a team needed a Derry and Hill as much as us since the last time we needed a Derry and Hill.

The team and the club look utterly shot. There might be a good set of players in there somewhere, but confidence is through the floor and until we fluke another 1-0 like we did against Wigan, this run will continue.

All of our youngsters coming through are midfielders or wingers. There are no defenders and we look like we need 4 defenders. One of them is a striker who can't even get into Walsall's team and we're going to be down to him and Big Matt next season.

Going down this season would be a disaster, but feck me, it will save a season of pain and misery next time round.

Not good.
Hoofeckingray - he may be back!
at 12:14 1 Mar 2019

Shame on Cousins, who has shown some improvement of late, but he has got to give way to Geoff hasn't he?

Run Cameron into the ground until it is clear that we will not go up or down (not far away now), then if he doesn't accept an offer of 50p a week and a packet of Haribo, stick him back on the bench - we have to learn to cope without him soon enough...
This is it for thr foreseeable, isn't it?
at 09:13 24 Feb 2019

1. We are rubbish when Cameron doesn't play and at the end of the season we cannot replace him because...
2. The no money situation will come home to roost next season. People are happy that we have significantly reduced the wage bill, but judging by the last set of accounts, we are only about half way there.
3. We have a couple of kids who may come to the fore, but they are all in attacking positions and...
4. Our defence is actually pretty poor without the Cameron protection blanket in front of them .
5. We have tried all the types of manager - passionate clubman, up and coming lower league man, ex-national manager. Maybe an unknown continental man may be worth a go, but surely we have run ont of options.
6. Early season based around a settled team playing in a set way. Unfortunately, that killed the old ones who were holding it all together as they all picked up long term injuries.
7. The big money sales needed to finance and our only way of competing won't materialise now. No more than £6m for Freeman and no more than £4m for Eze. It isn't worth selling at those prices, but we won't have a choice...

Happy Sunday everyone; I thought I'd share the pain...

... Of course, a lucky win on Tuesday and everything will be rosy...
The surely it can't be a 7-1 double WBA match thread
at 06:47 19 Feb 2019

Going early. Hopefully none of you going tonight will need to go early...

Too many losses on the trot and too much standing off the oppo in our home games make me think this may be another hard, hard night.

If we carry on the second half v Brum and how we played in the Cup, we have a chance, but if it is a timid start like Brum, Preston or most games at home since Christmas, we will get stuffed.

Luck needs to turn and surely we'll put a winning performance in soon, but I fear not tonight.

1-3 defeat

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