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Sunderland unravelling after six straight defeats - Interview
at 17:43:56

Go at this brittle lot like we went at WBA in the second half and we're back in the hunt for survival. Capitulate like the games against Stoke and the second half against 'Boro (which we are as capable of doing) and CPR will help Sunderland break their losing run.

God, Rangers, PLEASE turn up; there's three points for the taking here...
Birmingham/Leeds/Huddersfield/West Brom – Awaydays
at 17:49:21

Great piece, Clive and the last section reassuring - Christ, it is depressing at the moment, but it is only football.

Also nice that my fave ever QPR away goal gets a mention: "We do it, also, for Rowan Vine running through on an empty net at Burnley on a Tuesday night in front of 200 away fans". Kiraly, in his longbottoms, coming up for a corner that he was NEVER going to win, then Vine leading the Keystone Kops (5 or 6 of them chasing, chasing, but never going to get there). We knew it was a goal from the moment he got to the halfway line, we knew that we'd get a 2-0 win. The ONLY thing missing was the Benny Hill theme tune blaring over the speakers.

Happy away day up there with the George Santos Masterclass at Crewe around the same time.

Chekhov's winter - Awaydays
at 06:58:33

With you on how angry GA seemed, but I was expecting wholesale changes this season. But this is the same group of mentally fragile tears that ended last season. They will never be good enough at this or a division below.

Nothing can change their mindset, so he needs a whole new squad, which he has not got.

Darkness, my friend, not allowed on the message board, but f-me...
Ainsworth's homecoming barely moves the needle - Report
at 21:38:06

Go on, Clive - why the bandwagon caning of Dozzell for their third. Yep, can't disagree that he is not a fighter by any stretch, but how can you criticise him without a word for our left back, who is meant to be a DEFENDER. He remains a darling of many on our beloved board, but he has been pretty dire bar three or four games under Beale and should not be beyond criticism.
I can't defend Dozzell too much as he was poor, but playing him at left wing was as nuts as playing Field on the right and Critchley got caned for that.

..and Ainsworth got plenty wrong yesterday. We lose our creativity and he sticks Dozzell on instead of Richards and then only uses three subs. Surely, he saw we were beat at 3-1 and surely he needs to see as many of this squad in action as fast as he can, so why wait until 75 to make a change and why did he not hook JoJo for Dixon-Bonner and get rid of Beale's project for his employer previous to us to put our very own Luke Amos on?
QPR make their Carrow Road point — Report
at 21:47:59

@NottsQPR - please no. Gambling to get to that cesspit where we've already won more games this season than we would there with the risk that failure means a firesale to get back on track which would set us back 5 years; no thanks.

Stick with it, see if we can offload Thomas, Masterson, Nico, Owens and maybe Bonne to fund a striker of some kind and a back up left back, but NO MORE.

If we get up with this team intact, great. If Eze gets to play for England and then gets sold for £40m in the summer and we just have to sell one asset, pay the others to extend THEN go again if we do fail this season.

Agree with Clive's assessment of Narch there - individually they should be streets ahead, collectively they aren't, but just like Watford, their ££s mean they do not have to try very hard to get into the playoffs or even better.

Burnley and their cash have just started to motor, so there is probably just 1 auto spot to go for...
Show and tell - Preview
at 09:30:12

The home game was one of my faves this season because it was against THEM and we went behind and still beat them. Dykes' assist was the best thing he ever did for us...
Grounds for concern — Column
at 21:40:14

That point about allowing owners to inject capital is the way to make this work. Spend what you like, but it is YOUR outlay and you cannot attach loss to the club.

Seeing as Scum and City have been bankrolled to get where they are, it is hardly "fair" to stop other clubs following suit. As long as the money for transfers and wages is provided to the club up front and ring fenced, what's the problem?

Of course the real issue is that these owners don't have loose cash; they are general asset rich and cash poor - business is borrow to build in the main. So it's different from "real life", but, guess what football IS different from real life...
Take your time lads - Preview
at 19:31:03

An in play clock.


... but you all knew I'd say that!
Chair's redemption double dose gets QPR back on the horse - Report
at 20:30:58

Willock LWB clearly. Waste of his talents, but I guess there was no-one else. Warbsball means Osayi-Samuel, Adomah and a Willock can play wing "backs" I guess. So much more progress since teams played with four centre backs in a back four (dark days indeed...).
Friend in charge of Everton cup tie - Referee
at 21:56:56

""Captain of Glasgow Rangers needed to shove out another bone idle leg and trip Jakobsen for PNE’s second penalty of the night. It’s going to be a long winter if we’re relying on this guy. He’s done".

We all thought that at the time, but now how I miss Super Lee-o!
Transfer embargoes and defensive woes weigh heavy on Royals - Interview
at 19:18:00

"Reading lost around £90m in a three-year period, well over the £39m allowed"

So, no doubt they have decided that doesn't deserve any points punishment and have informed the EFL accordingly.

Is the penalty for P&S just a couple of transfer window "embargoes" where you can sign Prem players on loan?

J O K E.

They will be better than they have been on Saturday, but we're quite good on the back of International breaks away from home these days...
We need to talk about Rob — Report
at 21:23:32

1. Clive, the save by the post followed by the offside flag you referred to didn't happen - I thought it was a save, but watch the replay - a quite spectacular miss from their striker there.
2. The Chair booking - says it all for me after Ward's horror show on Saturday. You wanna waste time, fine, I book you - you'll not do it again, will you? As opposed to : 13 warnings, pointing at watch, pointing at whistle and them NO punishment whatsoever. It is this that irks me most about referees and their supporters. Chair should have been booked for that petulance and he was, but how tf can anyone weigh that up against what we saw on Saturday.
3. Dickie's block, goal and general all round with no serious errors definitely a 9 in my eyes with Dunne and Willock close behind on 8s. The marking is out of 10, right, so a 9 is bloody good, not perfect, which feels right. Still, your opinion, your call, so I respect that...
4.@dashfield - Oxford showed promise, but were not in the same league as Barnsley (metaphorically and literally) especially with respect to their energetic press. Dozzell (and JoJo besides him) were well and truly blitzed on Saturday. Given time, as he was last night, he appears a decent player, but he is going to have to improve in the face of a press like Barnsley's as the higher he goes, the more regular that will be. He did well last night, shows promise, but needs development in that area...
Smith's 88 Rangers belatedly off the mark v Owls - History
at 13:37:11

Rare to find an error in your work - lauded not lorded, surely?
Adel Taarabt, the footballing dandy — Column
at 22:33:48

Great piece. Will always remember that Cov pass. Was in the Ellerslie with three mates, all non QPR. One looked at a Taarabt "sulk" half way through the first half and decided that he was a waster, overrated and was not worth a place on the team.

Then that pass.

My mate is a one man Tourette's outbreak when he arrived in a room (it takes around 5 seconds before everyone swears at him), but he was right that day before the pass. Then he saw. We all saw - if Adel being that sulky, that poor, that downright "disrespectful" to the shirt (my mate said that during that game) can play that pass which gave us another 3 points that season, then he's worth having in the team, eh?
QPR strike late in opening day thriller - History
at 18:25:43

An actual 9 in a Whittingham report on a 2-2.

All I can say is"You've changed, man"...
And then a hero comes along? Preview
at 13:18:16

"I hope you’re all as excited as me about the prospect of Charlie Austin being given the final five minutes of a three one loss followed by a post-match lecture in sports science and “time on the training ground”

This. All. Day. Long.

It's the hope that kills you...
We are the champions, champions of Europe — History
at 22:28:55

Thanks for including that cup game against the Arse, Clive. A fantastic memory stuck tight in the Lower Loft in the rain. A great team to watch under Don Howe; in that game, you can see the class of Bardsley, Wegerle, Wilkins and especially Parker. A pretty strong Arsenal team out too that night.
Seaman was pretty good for us too...
The last time QPR were this exciting... History
at 07:43:55

Look at all those 9s, Whittingham!
Hugill's double seals second away win in Sheffield - Report
at 09:15:24

Damn this club. Here comes that bloody hope again...
Storming second half sees QPR rescue Wigan win - Report
at 21:29:18

Wasn't it Dom Ball who pulled the ball back for the first?
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