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Poll - If Les wants Sherwood, do you want the board to
at 12:54 8 Apr 2019

Now officially the best team we've played this season
at 12:42 14 Nov 2018

Eze feature in the Graun
at 11:02 14 Nov 2018
Short and long term balance
at 10:05 11 Nov 2018

Interesting to compare reservations many have voiced on here about the tweak in our strategy this season wrt loans of players we're unlikely to afford to keep and comments from the Brentford boards following yesterday. (Reservations is putting it nicely - outright hostility early on, abandoning the club ethos, back to giving hack managers whatever they want, "bombing out" etc etc). Here's a selection:

The leadership group not doing it. We lack leadership.

As good as Mepham & Konsa are individually there's something fundamentally wrong with the defensive unit. We miss the experienced centre half to organise the back four.

We've seemed to have assembled a defence to resell for profit and not to win the league. Needs a shake up inc Bentley.

Individually worth a fortune. As a unit they are worth pennies.

Sometimes it's the potential and talent of our two CBs at other times it's a matter of inexperience and youthfulness. Two or three years down the line they will be top players.

They will be outstanding players, but we don't have an outstanding defence.

We are so brittle. Put under any concerted pressure and we concede. Concede and we go to pieces. Need to toughen up fast.

In all probability this crap run means that we’ll lose our best players come the end of season or possibly before. Then the whole bloody merrygoround begins again.

Thinking back to our early season form I don't think it's unreasonable to suggest Brentford folded in a way very similarly to us before the loans came in (and indeed Ollie's side last season quite often)...

I don't think there's a right answer here suffice to say if there is one it's obviously somewhere in between the extremes of old lags on a last payday and and a team of precocious wunderkind. But the uniting factor is that as the bloke there says, without promotion "the whole bloody merrygoround begins again" - Brentford will back themselves to pocket the profit and unearth another gem, we will as it stands presumably back ourselves to again identify another batch of more experienced players that will always be left discarded while everyone else keeps spending.

Clearly a blend of the two approaches would be ideal - but who is striking the better balance? Eze, Lumley and arguably Manning are coming along nicely but we also have a whole B team of capable players now pretty much wasting their time playing U23 games (raft of loans desperately needed come January IMO).

At the same time however the wildly distorting factor in this league of mediocrity is the obscene jackpot at the end of the rainbow - so huge and life-changing it's arguably irresponsible not to go for it if do you find yourself with a team that can string a couple of passes together.
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at 17:49 4 Sep 2018

You'd think he was the manager watching this. Seems a top fella, any chance he's doing his badges...?

at 20:41 4 Jul 2018

Seems to be firmly back in the fold and featuring heavily in the club's social media.

Just wondering if he might not turn out have a big role to play next season - if we're to take the Chris Martin interest as any sign of intent, then a key part of McClaren's Derby side was Hughes and/or Thorne as deep technical controllers, with the likes of Hendrick and Bryson doing the legwork box to box, which suits plenty of our other midfielders fine.

Also note Scowen today saying “I’d like to add more goals to my game. I spoke to the gaffer and he knows that I’m originally a ‘number eight’...

John Eustace new assistant manager
at 12:04 25 May 2018

Sounds like the right sort. Very Brummie accent. Has had a hair transplant.
[Post edited 25 May 2018 12:05]
Transfer window general thread
at 10:16 18 May 2018

Yiadom to Reading
Ledson to Preston
Eze Referendum
at 20:14 28 Dec 2017

Due back Jan 2nd. Pros and cons on both sides - but what's the will of the people?

[Post edited 28 Dec 2017 20:16]
TWTD season previews
at 15:57 27 Jul 2017

I'm a big fan of the Championship previews put together by the excellent HarryFromBath over at the Ipswich site TWTD. His method is simple but effective - instead of blagging what he doesn't know (like a paid journalist in 2017 would), he visits club messageboards and produces clipped concise compilations of quotes that read like behind-the-lines intelligence dossiers. It must be a ton of work and I don't know how he hasn't lost his mind yet but I'm very grateful nevertheless.

He's done eight so far, have a look.!-all-aboard-the-monka!--hull-city-pr
What shirt is this?
at 20:07 16 Feb 2017

On eBay at the moment... not seen it before. Doesn't quite seem like a fake - would be an odd one if so. Did we have a deal with Spall in 1994 that got aborted for "Clubhouse"?
No Freeman, Campbell; Shodipo available on loan
at 16:05 23 Jan 2017
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