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Camera / Presenter
at 23:38 9 Apr 2019

Anyone know which channel was on the pitch at the end interviewing McNulty?
Would love to see their footage of the fans at the end.
at 16:52 6 Apr 2019

Cost us that game...put a tackle in man.
Hypothetical Question Regarding Bury / Coventry
at 17:14 4 Apr 2019

It's looking very bad for Bury at the moment - I know we've got several threads ongoing about their demise so not really wanting to discuss their financial state in this one.

I'm more wanting to know, if Bury are liquidated at the end of the season, which according to a lot of their fans is looking likely, what would happen if they end up getting promoted?

Would the 4th place team in League 2 get automatic...then what happens with the play-off winner etc? Or would the 4th relegation spot in League 1 retain their place in the division?

Same goes for Coventry, although less likely there is a chance they will also be liquidated in the summer, what happens to their spot in the league?

I know it's all up in the air and complicated right now, but was just wondering if anyone knew more than I do about what would happen?
Kgosi Nthle
at 09:58 10 Mar 2019

Special mention to this lad yesterday, thought he had an excellent game.

Showed great vision with the volley to set up the corner, keeper might as well not have bothered saving it!

Lovely finish from the resulting corner.

Took the shot that led to big Jim's goal.

And that last second clearance onto the crossbar saved the game, well done lad
He Has Got To Go
at 16:58 23 Feb 2019

For the sake of Rochdale Association Football Club.

Keith Hill, please resign immediately.
Penalty Decision
at 22:02 19 Feb 2019

How isn't it a foul on Matheson in the build up?
Ref had it in for us all game.
at 19:59 11 Dec 2018

All hot food gone by 19:48.
Pretty poor showing...
at 16:16 2 Dec 2018

What a player!

Best performance by any of our players for some weeks now.

Everything went through him, I don't think he gave the ball away once and Pompey genuinely looked scared of him.

He NEEDS to be playing every week now.
Goals Conceded 18/19
at 15:20 14 Oct 2018

Total goals conceded in all competitions so far: 31

Total goals conceded from crosses so far: 18

Goals conceded from crosses from our right back position: 13

Goals conceded from crosses from our left back position: 5

Headed goals conceded from crosses: 12

Staggering fact, we've conceded more or the same amount of goals from crosses, as 16 teams have conceded in general in League 1.
Callum Camps
at 17:08 22 Sep 2018

Got to be dropped after that, petulant, unprofessional, really poor performance from the lad.
New Signing / Contract Extension Incoming
at 18:23 4 Sep 2018

Hendo Incident
at 18:51 18 Aug 2018

Does anyone know which player barged him into the advertising?
Couldn't quite see it from where I was stood
at 23:40 6 May 2018

Placed on the transfer list by Peterborough.

Will be very surprised if he's not at the COA in August.
Oldham Video
at 10:50 6 May 2018

Starting your video with your fans singing "We're taking over your town again" at Spotland ✔

Setting off pyro and throwing it at your own goalkeeper when you go 1-0 up. ✔

Singing "You're going down with the Dale" to the Northampton fans. ✔

Having a pitch invasion when you equalise at 2-2. ✔

Relegated to League 2 at the expense of your local rivals ✔

I'm at a loss...
at 21:31 24 Apr 2018

We desperately need a win and we have a striker and a playmaker sat on the bench.
Gillam hasn't touched the ball and Raffle in centre mid isn't working.

Baffling substitutions yet again.
16 Clean Sheets
at 11:20 18 Apr 2018

This season we've kept 16 clean sheets in the league and 4 in the cups, so 20 in total.

That's seriously good going and the same amount as both Shrewsbury and Blackburn, only Wigan have more than us.

I think it shows that our back 3/4/5 and even 6 for the last 10 minutes of the Bury match have been exceptional from open play, especially since February where we have kept 8 of those clean sheets (+1 in the cup).

On the flipside, we have a goals per game ratio of 1.07, only 5 teams are worse off than us in that department.

Bury, Gillingham, MK Dons, Nothampton & Wimbledon.

We've scored 45 goals in the league, 20 of those goals have been scored by Hendo and Davies between them.

Their closest competitor is Done, with 5 goals, Andrew and Inman with 3 and most of the midfield have 2.

I'm not trying to play the blame game, but the lack of an out and out goalscorer as backup to Hendo who is fit enough to play 20 games a season is going to kill us.

It's all well and good keeping clean sheets, but without being able to score we're in the situation we're in now.

I hope the players are in shooting practice this week, slap on a goal bonus, double it if you need to!
Time to take a risk now, we need to win games, and to win games you need goals.
Time for someone to step up and start taking risks and having a few shots.

Up the dale!

2nd Half
at 17:04 17 Mar 2018

That was lazy, apathetic and downright diabolical that 2nd half.

Wimbledon were there for the taking and we could have been 4 up by half time.

But that 2nd half, wow. If I performed that badly in my job after lunch I'd only be paid for half a day.
The "I need a lift to/from Wembley thread"
at 17:22 22 Feb 2018

I'll start things off....

Due to a blanket ban on holidays until April and a boss who hates football, I'm having to scrape together my travel to and from Wembley next week.

I need to make sure I can get out of work at 16:00 no later to catch the 16:10 from Piccadilly and I can't even guarantee that until tomorrow so I'm struggling.

My main issue is the journey back, I can't justify spending £60 on a train ticket and then £35 for a one way trip on the official coach.

Don't suppose anybody is driving back up to Rochdale straight after the match with a spare seat and would fancy giving me a lift for some petrol money is there please so I can get to work the next morning?

Thanks in advance
28,000 at Coventry
at 17:37 10 Feb 2018

I took a jaunt to the Ricoh today with an Accrington supporting mate seeing as our game was off and it was only a fiver to get in!

Their pitch is absolutely knackered, almost as bad as ours v Millwall minus the sand, it looks like most lower league pitches have suffered this winter.

Vincenti came on in the 2nd half and was anonymous, looks destined for a trip back to the conference, maybe with Aldershot again, he's not fit for league football from what I can tell.

Was really good seeing 28k for a League 2 game, sadly there was more like 10k left after 70 minutes, I can't see many floating fans returning after that!

It also brought along the typical yoofs in Stone Island jackets who were goading us in the away end, they were just laughed at and kicked out by the stewards, very funny.

Credit where credits due, Accrington look good and I can see them going up this season.

It cost £10 to park at the Ricoh, the match ticket was £ that one out!

Back up the M6 we go (when we're eventually allowed to leave the car park...)
Could Be Worse...
at 12:41 24 Jan 2018

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