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Soares Wanted By Italian Giants
Thursday, 24th Jan 2019 11:04

According to reports in Italy Inter Milan are in talks with Saints to take Cedric Soares to the San Siro, but will Saints be willing to let him go.

According to Calciomercato in Italy, Inter Milan have already contacted Saints with a view to taking Cedric to Italy in this transfer window, last summer, Inter Milan took Šime Vrsaljko on loan from Atletico Madrid and as a part of the deal, the Italian club have an option to make the transfer permanent in the summer.

The right-back has made eight starts in the league this season, with injuries limiting his appearances.

Calciomercato claims the Nerazzurri are not convinced to make his deal permanent, which is why they are looking at other options and Cedric is high on their list.

But whether Cedric will leave on a loan deal or a permanent arrangement is far from certain, indeed another Italian media source claims that Inter are also pursuing Manchester United defender Matteo Darmian.

With 18 months left on his contract a permanent deal would suit Saints better in that it could bring in money that could be used to bolster incoming transfers whereas a loan deal would not be that attractive in that although it would release some wages off the bill and perhaps a small loan fee, with injuries to both Ryan Bertand and Matt Targett at the moment we might be better to hang on to Cedric till the end of the season to cover that position.

Cedric like Wesley Hoedt who has already gone out on loan has attracted much criticism from a section of Saints support, some of it very vitriolic and whilst it should be respected that everyone has the right to an opinion, it should also be noted the number of clubs and the quality of them that have been linked with both players.

Saints fans might not rate them but there has been no shortage of interested takers of both and perhaps ironic that those that are playing in place of them and are lauded by the supporters for that were not deluged with offers when they like Cedric & Hoedt found themselves completely out of the managers thinking a couple of years ago.

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underweststand added 11:28 - Jan 24
Assuming that there is some credence to this story, you'll get a 50/50 split between those who want to keep him for his experience, and those who highlight his inevitable shortcomings - as a defender.
Yes he looks threatening going forward but seldom puts in meaningful crosses/centers, and sadly he has been at fault where his zonel marking for a man of his stature at corners has resulted in much taller opponents scoring.

His arrival (as a young player) was obviously due to the influence of Jose Fonte alongside him in the Portugal national side, but he seems to have gone downhill a bit since Fonte's departure. LIke Gabbi, he seems a likeable fellow, but hasn't become a fan favourite.Time marches on, and the emergence of the younger Yan Valery seems to be the future.

I'm sure he'd be better suited to italian footbal , and it'd be a good deal if the fee suggested is correct. Time moves on and maybe it's a good time for a move.


bstokesaint added 12:13 - Jan 24
Have to agree with Underweststand. I think the fan base is split on Cedric. Every now and then he’ll do something in front of goal and you’ll just think brilliant. But as a defender he is lightweight and prone to getting beaten in the air (regularly). I think the jury is still very much out on young Valery though..

A1079 added 12:42 - Jan 24
I am split on Cedric. He can make a difference in a game but then there are long periods when he appears ineffective and actually a liability in defence (though he is not alone).

I would not accept a loan deal as it does not really help us. Yes, it may save on some wages but ultimately it does not release funds as he could return.

I think it has to be a sell or nothing and wait until the summer.

I should add, noting yet again the underlying criticism in the piece towards Saints fans (I am beginning to feel we are the nastiest fans in the country!), that Cedric gave the impression (whether that was perception rather than fact I am not sure) that after the world cup that he himself was keen to move back to the continent and that may have been a factor in his demeanour this season, plus having Hughes as a boss!

Anyway, sell or stay, but not loan, for me.

highfield49 added 12:56 - Jan 24
I'd be sad to see him go, more because of his professional attitude to the game than his outright talents. When Pelle through his toys out of the pram, and eventually skulked off to win trophies with West Ham, he stuck to his contract and has never in my view given anything less than 100%. The problem of course is that his 100% is still flawed in critical areas of the pitch. That said, I don't think the time is right for Valery to be first choice as he is still vulnerable to exploitation by players who have been around the block, hence the Leicester red card. So yes, let Cedric go for decent money, bearing in mind with only a year left on his contract in the summer we're getting into Wanyama etc territory. No loan deal and definitely investment of the transfer fee in another defender.

SaintBrock added 13:30 - Jan 24
I am firmly in the Cedric Soares camp, he is a model professional and never gives us less than 100%. He has had a rotten time of late with bad injuries and now being asked to play well out of position as a sub off the bench deputising for a second string, second rate LB.

In his proper position on his day he is a storming RB who has the pace and guile to get behind the lines to the bye line and cross every time.

He also drives a Porsche Carrera 911 so is obviously a guy of exemplary good taste.

I've never heard any criticism of Cedric around me in the stadium but am aware of the vitriolic and vile nature of the abuse he gets over on the other site - a very good reason for steering well clear of that ghastly place and the people who inhabit it.

If he does go it should not be a loan deal which does not help us at all, we already have far too many of our assets loaned out. A player swap might work if they have anyone of interest to Hasenhüttl but our need is for cash so that we can move on with our own player agenda.

Number_58 added 14:08 - Jan 24
I like Cedric and overall I think he's been great for Saints in his time with the club (his rampage down the left wing and cool finish right in front of us at Wigan will live long in the memory) but in the last season and a half he's also been involved in plenty of opposition goals, be it through giving the ball away, not marking or not challenging (although admittedly his size doesn't help), in fact, all the things that Yoshida and Stephens are crucified for time and time again on this website, but hey.... And like SaintBrock, I've never heard any abuse directed at Cedric at games.

SanMarco added 16:31 - Jan 24
Suprised he wants to play with Italian giants - short lad that he is.

As well as there being the split in opinion amongst fans reflected in the comments already I would say probably a lot of us are split in ourselves in the way that Number 58 describes. I think he was a victim of the decline in our defensive strength. Under Koeman with excellent CBs beside him he never seemed to be 'caught out' in the way he has been in recent times. It is probably time for him to go and if it means we can get a decent CB then it will be worth it.

SanMarco added 16:33 - Jan 24
I think you meant Fonte highfield !!!

aceofthebase added 16:36 - Jan 24
Cedric has been a liability for several seasons. He can't defend for toffees and his main attribute is booting the ball aimlessly upfield. His lack of height and poor defending has cost us many goals and points.
He is an all-round good egg but just not up to the job.
I have constantly for the past three years had this view but 'vitriolic' Nick, give everyone a break. We are not the enemy if we don't agree with you.

I hope we can sell and young Valery is not far off the mark and shows considerable promise, unless you don't agree with our new manager.

Colburn added 17:45 - Jan 24
He’s one of those players you like and want to see improve to the levels they need to be at but sadly, for me, Cedric hasn’t quite made it and his height and strength is a big issue defensively. Take the fee and trust in Valery, he will have superceded Cedric by the end of the season anyway cos he’s a different class, you’ll see! Targett and Ramsay can fill in if needed.. Bertie back soon. I wish Cedric the very best, a likeable player but don’t think we’ll miss him hugely defensively or in attack.

ItchenNorth added 19:30 - Jan 24
The problem with Soares is simple imo. He's good going forward, but not so good defending! We would miss the balance he brings to the formation if we play with wingbacks (with Bertrand) as he's willing to bomb forward and overlap the midfielder, but won't miss his poor positional sense at the back.
I'd keep him (for now) because although Valery and Ramsay look very promising and have not let us down, neither are wingbacks.

halftimeorange added 19:49 - Jan 24
I think the point made about Cedric's form not being so good since the departure of his countryman to WHU is a fair one. As stated above, he is a model professional and he can cross a ball, pass and shoot with either foot, which is unusual in itself, at least in the Saints squad. It should not be overlooked that he is a regular in the Portuguese team, so he is rated by Fernando Santos. Unless Saints think Valery is ready how can we sell him? Where's the cover, especially with Bertrand only just back in training and Targett injured? Please don't say Yoshi or Stephens. It's time for round pegs in round holes.

1970 added 21:34 - Jan 24
I bet it was saints that sent circulars to all clubs around Europe to take anyone who is worth a few quid not inter Milan knocking on the door just the same as hoedt going saints are back to there best and actively selling anyone worth a few quid,
I guarantee if Bertrand had been playing and not injured he would of gone as well,
I'm now dreading the summer because all we have left is Hodjberg and lamina that are worth anything,
what will happen in this window? We are linked with all sorts of players but I can't see any that are genuine ,
we are skint and going nowhere even with ralph in charge,

highfield49 added 07:39 - Jan 25
Absolutely correct SanMarco I meant Fonte, a slip of the remaining brain cells on my part. Maybe too many headed footballs in the ever distant past!

saintmark1976 added 07:57 - Jan 25
So here we are less than a week away from the window shutting and we have managed to loose Gabby,Davies, Hoedt and possibly Cedric but signed who exactly?

The new manager has given us a chance of avoiding relegation but as 1970 suggests it looks for all the world as though we are remain in full on sell and loan mode. I hope that the remaining squad is good enough to keep us up or the current window may well be seen in hindsight as a missed opportunity by the owners.

SaintBrock added 11:56 - Jan 25
Relegation has edged its way back onto our agenda by the look of it

LoisDeem added 14:25 - Jan 25
At the moment, the case for the defence rests, furthermore it is weak.
We do still need to sign players, even though we're still apparently a selling (nee loaning) club. You'd be thick not to notice what positions are light, new manager /impetus or not.
The fan park suddenly looms large -why? This is a typical Brexit move, where our home based chavs can play and consume copious amounts of lager, whilst jettisioning many more gallons up into the air in celebration -or rage? Never knew we needed this, but our club can obviously see a fast buck to be had? Mr Krueger's department will no doubt initiate a satellite work study group to establish viability. (Balls Hit!) called fiddling while Rome burns, any success or otherwise on the pitch is incidental.

Ronnie added 18:00 - Jan 25
Sorry to see Cedric go, I think he was a good professional - yes some mistakes now and again and his lack of height was a problem, but as an attacking full back I thought he did ok. I also would have thought that he was very suited to the wing back role but for some reason, Ralph seemed not to fancy him. In the short term I am concerned who will be making Zaha in our next home game - I am not yet convinced about Valery so there is a chance that Zaha could have a field day!

SaintBrock added 12:44 - Jan 26
LoisDeem. That's what happens at Fan Forum's, lots of hot air about very little. What happens on the pitch is almost off limits but give the broad the chance to divert to non-football topics like safe standing or fan parks or away travel provision and they suddenly find their voices. Of course all these things cannot be done now but are "very interesting and with luck we should be able to do something in the future" and so on.

No wonder Ralph K now looked to be about 100 years old when somebody had the temerity to enquire of Mr Gao's lack of engagement with the club and fans.

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