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Matthew Le Tissier Speaks Out About His Beliefs
Wednesday, 22nd Jun 2022 08:52

Southampton FC Legend Matt Le Tissier has courted controversy over the past couple of years with his views on the Covid pandemic and also the War in Ukraine, he has now spoken about what he has said and his reasoning behind them.

I should say from the start that this is not a story that seeks to condone or condemn what Matt Le Tissier has said or done, it is an attempt to give him a fair hearing and put his case forward.

I have not conducted any interviews with him myself on any of the subjects, I am just pointing Saints supporters or indeed anyone with an interest in what he has said in the direction of an interview he has done with a blogger called Rob Moore who goes under the name of The Disruptive Entrepreneur and his you tube channel Diisruptors.

Again I am not putting this forward in defence of Le Tissier, but in order to let people see what he is really saying rather than the headlines and then make up their own minds.

In the first of these blogs. Le Tissier talks about his sacking from Sky Sports claiming it was because of the views he expressed about Black Lives Matter, see what he has to say below via the link.

In the second of the clips he talks about his "sacking" from his role as an ambassador for Southampton FC.

But he doesn't stop there and also talks about his views on the pandemic and lockdown.

These are just three controversial parts of what was an interview that lasts almost 90 minutes and the full version sees the man they called Le God also talk about less controversial moments both before and after his Southampton career .

The full interview can be viewed using the link below.

After watching these videos you still might not agree with what he has said or indeed is continuing to say, but at least you can give an opinion on what he is saying and how he has formed his opinions.

As I say I do not put these clips up in defence of Matthew Le Tissier, I do not necessarily agree or disagree with his views, all I seek to do is to try and give him a fair hearing.

All clips in the links are the copyright of Rob Moore.

Photo: Action Images

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felly1 added 09:22 - Jun 22
Why would anyone care what Matt thinks about these subjects? He was just a very good footballer who we were lucky to have as our player.. End of.
Its ridiculous and almost like a an episode of Alan Partridge.
Next week Neil Maddison discusses his views on Quantum mechanics.


SaintNick added 09:43 - Jun 22
Whilst I agree that most dont care about his views on Covid or the Ukraine, many would be interested on why he was sacked by Sky and subsequently leaving his role as an ambassador at St Mary's

SanMarco added 10:23 - Jun 22
Nice one felly!! Your second paragraph sums it up wonderfully.

This is all social media stirred culture wars stuff. MLT seems to me to be a simple soul who happens to be quite famous so right-wing people interview him. Who has heard of 'Rob Moore' or cares about what he thinks? My advice to MLT (worthless of course because no one cares what I think either - and why should they) is that those who disagree with you think you are demeaning yourself and those that agree with the stuff you come out with are exploiting you...

beynali73 added 10:27 - Jun 22
Regardless of individuals opinions its always worthwhile listening to how they get there. And challenge with counter arguments as necessary - listening and respect are the key rather than shouting and dismissing.

saintmark1976 added 11:30 - Jun 22
Surely this is an instance where sensible people would be wise to remember the old adage which goes something like “ I vehemently disagree with what you have to say but I’m prepared to die for your right to say it”. Case in point being that I find Nick’s continual ongoing desire to never criticise our owners and management difficult to understand. However, I don’t want to take his ability to be able to express his views.

SaintNick added 11:51 - Jun 22
saintmark, I criticise owners and managers where i see fit, yesterday I expressed concern that we are not signing an experienced central defender, in fat i have continually done so for 4 1/2 years.

I am not criticising the new owners until i see what they are doing, which is so far just to quietly get on with things

highfield49 added 12:30 - Jun 22
I thought that I'd better actually watch the YouTube stuff before making any comment but, having done so, find myself with nothing to add to the earlier posts from felly1 and SanMarco. Great player though, so at least we have those memories.

Saintaxidriver added 12:31 - Jun 22
Classic example of someone getting lost in internet nonsense. Still love him but he needs to take a step back and look at the real world around him.

Monksway added 13:18 - Jun 22
Agree completely with Felly1. Great footballer for Saints. You might as well ask the cat to comment on the other stuff.

Big_T added 13:32 - Jun 22
I don't go to ex footballers , however good , for my information and views on the world.
The difference between a conspiracy theory and the truth is just time.
Obviously not all conspiracy theories are true but it is amazing how many crazy theories later quietly get sneaked out as real !
NHS track and trace , is to protect the public ( turns out it was to to gather and sell your data )
Video calls with your doctor ( turns out this isn't private! It's being recorded and data sold )
Children's remote lessons ( turns out full monitoring of those lessons was taking place to collect and sell data on our children )
All crazy nonsense? But turns out to all be true :-0

landsdownsaint added 13:38 - Jun 22
I believe Le Tiss over Dr Fauci & his cronies

Jesus_02 added 13:58 - Jun 22
Missed saintmarks1977s point Nick. It doesn't matter who you want to criticise or not . He is engaging with you and you have a right to the platform you built.

ChristchurchSaint added 14:02 - Jun 22
Matt obviously hasn’t realised that the world is changing, and whereas in the past, you could make comments, which although could be offensive to some, were perfectly acceptable to most. These days, we are not allowed to air our views in public, whether it is applicable to politics, race or sexual orientation. Would I know if my neighbour was a member of a banned organisation? No! And as long as it doesn’t affect me or my loved ones, I am not going to be concerned with it. As others have said, Matt was an exceptional footballer, and maybe if he had been from a bigger club than us, then his time at Sky may not have been curtailed.

saintsfanbrock added 16:02 - Jun 22
I suspect Big T may be MLT in disguise… making up weird theories and then just stating they all turned out to be true when they are clearly nonsense.

StRipper added 16:48 - Jun 22
Did everyone that thinks Matt should stick to football, also say that when we had Gareth Southgate, Nigel Adkins, Alan Shearer and many others, who aren't experts in medical things, telling us feverishly to go and get jabbed? Then you have people like Chris Kamara who are still really ill, recovering from getting theirs. I don't remember seeing that or those people being censored by the media, like Matt has been. And I also find it weird that so many young people,, including sportsmen, dropping dead with no cause of death advised. Fair enough if people don't want to be bothered by politics or other areas. But you can't hide from it, when it means the cost of living crisis being forced on us now or a government desperate to force us onto their crappy Health/Digital ID just to be allowed access to a restaurant or to get on a flight.

saintsfanbrock added 17:14 - Jun 22
StRipper - Gareth Southgate, Nigel Adkins, Alan Shearer and etc were referencing medical evidence. By your logic I cannot comment on the earth being round based on reading scientific journals. MLT on the other hand was referencing unverified sources with no credibility. Then again you are doing the same as I have checked your reference to Chris Kamara and there is no evidence of this being linked to his jab (not a single article saying this) so I am not sure you will appreciate this reasoned argument. God knows where you are getting your stats on so many young people dropping dead from the vaccine.

StRipper added 17:48 - Jun 22
Sorry saintsfanbrock but all you are doing is demonstrating the once sided media that we have. And the fact that if you use Google for example, it filters out "misinformation" that then turns out to be true, once its allowed. Its common knowledge that Kamara has been in hospital since his jab. Just because it isn't being reported, or that you aren't being allowed to see the extensive medical expertise saying how dangerous the jab is, says more about the BBC and deep control over our media. You don't think that the Governments Online Safety Bill is anything to actually do with Online Safety, do you? This is all about crushing free speech online and even introducing the ability to lock you away for sharing whatever the Gov decides is unhelpful or offending someone's sensitivities. Bonkers that you think there is no medical evidence to the contrary and that, for some reason, Southgate, Adkins and Shearer are qualified to make that judgement about what is good and what is bad, in a medical context. Just go and check the Global Doctors Alliance, HART Group, The Great Barrington Declaration, UK Column and many other sites confirming what I am saying, that is if the browser you use or broadband provider don't block them. I guess you don't even know about the Pfizer document releases that confirms all of this, as our Mainstream Media are refusing to report it?

saintmark1976 added 17:59 - Jun 22
Nick, as Jesus 02 points out you appear to have missed the point. Your response to my earlier post at least allows us to disagree, although in all honesty I can not recall very much previous input from you giving criticism to our owners or management.Then again, perhaps my memory isn’t as good as it used to be?

pwithers123 added 18:52 - Jun 22
Tragic that such a wonderful player - is being used by others.

He should stick to football

Nick should stick to football issues also - giving Le Tissier this football platform to air opinions on political issues and personal views is simply increasing the traffic on issues that are properly addressed elsewhere.

Thats why he lost his job as a football commentator - he was commenting on things that he was not qualified to talk about.

He is justified in talking about football - he was a truly spectacular footballer.

I will just keep watching the videos of his epic goals - and try to eliminate the videos above from my memory of Matt.

Colburn added 19:07 - Jun 22
Saint taxi driver, I think it's you who needs to wake up and learn about the real world around you. Do some research because it's obvious that you haven't so far. It's lazy to criticise people with no research.. Cheers

mattthelegend added 22:36 - Jun 22
Seems like some saints fans need to get on YouTube and watch some Russel Brand, he’s gonna blow your mind. Watch him.

amsterdamsaint added 23:14 - Jun 22
He has brought shame on our club with his lunatic comments. That is sad.

SanMarco added 11:48 - Jun 23
ChristchurchSaint: You say " These days, we are not allowed to air our views in public". MLT just did and I hear no end of Ricky Gervaise, Laurence Fox, John Cleese etc etc. sharing their views with us. We should all have the right to air our views in a free society and we should all expect to be criticised by those who disagree with us.

Matt said some things that some people, including his employer, objected to. Should he have lost his role at the club? "Ambassadors" are supposed to represent everyone would be my view. I believe I am right in saying that most of us who objected to Matt's comments weren't denying his right to say them. I believe it is right that sometimes there are consequences.

If there is a too narrow range of 'acceptable' views in this country I would say that it is by no means biased towards the liberal. The Mail (most read 'news' website in the world), the Express, The Sun and thousands of non-liberal on-line sites are being read by millions and they are not 'cancelled' by anyone.

We nearly always keep to very civilized discourse on this site which is why I like it and feel able to express views like the above. I wouldn't on a general social media site because I haven't got time to read all the abuse...I know that, say, half of regular TUI posters will disagree with me but that's good. It would be pretty pointless and boring if we all agreed!!!


felly1 added 13:51 - Jun 23
St Ripper,
There is an extended article on BBC news online today if you'd like to read it about people who have died or had an adverse reaction to the Covid jab...dont think there's a cover up tbh mate.

Big_T added 14:21 - Jun 23
@saintsfanbrock instead of just labeling me a conspiracy theory nut maybe you should have read what I put.
I don't listen to people like MLT for news ( I hope you don't either )
It is also true that many crackpot theories are just that, but then who would believe that the guardian had to write a story about the government mishandling data captured during the pandemic.
And who would believe that Human Rights Watch published its findings in May, which said that 89% of technologies used for remote learning harvested the learning, location, and personal data of students, most of these apps, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Minecraft Education remained in use even after Covid measures were lifted and are still being used to harvest data.“We are living in an economy where data is one of the most valuable resources any institutional entity can actually capture,”
“Government, like corporations, has been trying to fly under the radar and extract as much data as possible.

These aren't my words and I'm not wearing a tinfoil hat , but I do read sources more than just mainstream outlets.
Don't go down the rabbit hole but do broaden your knowledge bases.

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