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Same shite week after week...ANGRY
at 22:24 18 Dec 2017

Again the same inept performance keeps rolling on week after week..we all even know how the Palace game on Saturday will fair because there is never any real change to tactics.
What has really got me angry tonight is that we were okay first half and they were poor, okay they got a lifeline before me personally that would have fired me up and I expected the manager and team to be the same.. but it was lame and you could see it was lets defend the point lads its Everton after all.
Manager and team useless at disappointed in them.
Trying to remain optimistic!
at 00:37 17 Dec 2017

But watching the attacking threat from the teams around us I just cant see us getting out of this mess.
Palace look excellent going forward and we must win this!...Hudds showing Watford up, B'mouth have goals in em so do West Ham.
West Brom and Newcastle aint many in em so will they be there with us.
Transfer window will determine it..but we must get them in early if its late this season just don't bother.
These games dont define our season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
at 00:49 14 Dec 2017

I have never heard such rubbish...considering this comments means playing the top 6, that is actually 12 games of a season.
No these games really affect our season..look at west ham taking 4 out of 6 in a few days against Chelsea and Arsenal.. so yes it will more than definitely affect their final standing.

Hate all the' what do you expect attitude to these games'..sit back and defend nearly always equals zero points so please have a go, we once did but not anymore!
Danny Murphy
at 23:33 13 Dec 2017

Spot on with his review on the game on MOTD...and that is all us fans want to see!!!

at 22:03 2 Dec 2017

Fantastic player and person and an absolute club legend.
But please if PC does go then I really hope that Huw don't throw him to the wolves...because knowing Leon he couldn't refuse to take over the reigns.
The board would go even lower in my expectations if they did least Monk had the remains of Laudrups team one of the best we ever had.
If Huw had a heart and any for Leon..and the club then we must look elsewhere.
Collective responsibility!
at 22:25 4 Nov 2017

Reading here tonight,,yanks to blame.. individual players to blame..Hj and the sell outs to blame...PC to blame....Recruitment to blame.
Lets not hide behind any as the reasons because they are all too blame.
We really need to spend on an evolving and expansive recruitment area ultimately, there really needs to be a leader from above as its all to eerily quiet at the moment, someone who regularly speaks(comms manager if need be)
There has to be a manager that believes in the clubs principles and also someone who makes sure all of this keeps evolving and not standing still cos since Laudrup this is exactly what has happened.
Everyone at the club is to blame and to a certain degree even us fans are!
All I want is someone to agree this, take responsibility and devise a new business plan to move forward even if it has to get worse before better!
at 21:38 24 Oct 2017

NO Idea ..... of what we are actually trying to to hear the teamtalk
NO shape ...thought this was PC forte but we don't have any
NO gameplan ..if so then please let me know can for the life of me cant make it out
NO width ... none just none
NO creativity ...literally none
NO quality ... whatsoever in the whole squad, not PL anyway
NO leaders ..... At all on the pitch and don't tell me Mawson please
NO atmosphere ...despite a laegr crowd against Manure...the robotic negative displays
NO urgency .... We are just so flat..someone explain were not in preseason
NO cans ... gone through them all after this..better get a larger case for Saturday!!
at 12:00 11 Sep 2017

Clucas, Mesa, Baston.....all on the books and people say we don't spend much!!

Problem is how it is spent..if you said a few years ago we would spend that on 3 players I would be expecting us to be doing very well with top players!!
You would expect expect goals and creativity if spending that sort of cash and then theres more food banks opening up than ever for some fans!!!
So then how many managers??
at 22:10 21 Aug 2017

As things are shaping up to be a mirror image of this time last season.

LAST SEASON: captain and top scorer leaving then indulging into the transfer market..those new players not having a pre season and not upto speed...manager says he is happy with the squad then plays a formation and shape that is built to mask the issues with the squad.
Manager gets sacked and 2 more appointed

This season: exactly as above but as well as captain and according to rumblings from Chelsea our top scorer again could be leaving and our best player.

So the question is when do you think PC will go/walk and how many managers will we go through!!

I think he will last till Dec and 1 more manager to be appointed.

And I am a positive person!!!
Squad Depletion
at 18:01 14 Aug 2017

As much as I am for cutting the deadwood it should not impact the quality of the team.subs bench:
Like them/rate them or not these are the outgoings:
Amat (3rd or 4th choice better then VHD)
Tabanou (maybe PC could have worked with)
Barrow( at least a pacey option coming off the bench)
Emnes( looking at Saturdays bench, he has more attacking threat of any of them)
Baston(£15m striker...2nd season with a pre-season who knows..better than Ollie)
Gomis(like him or not he is a quality finisher and better than Ollie)
Cork(Not fantastic but solid PL player)
Siggi( Soon to depart???)

I'm not going to give my personal view on them but I know they would have enhanced the bench at least.
Love the transfers optimism
at 21:59 13 Aug 2017

Love all the posts about how when we sell Siggi then a host of players will come in like Wlf,Allen,Chadli etc and the americans will do it as they showed in January!!

Do you all know how long we take to get offers accepted and terms to be discussed..I make it 17 days from now for all this to take place and Siggi is still here LOL.

Swans to sign 17 goal sensation
at 23:57 9 Aug 2017

Courtney Baker Richardson from Leamington...Says he is 21 so surely it is for the development squad not the first team.
Are we actually active or not?
at 23:35 7 Aug 2017

Do any of you think we are actually active in the transfer market or not, its a serious question.
Seems we are in exiting players but I don't believe there is any appetite whatsoever in bringing in unless to replace a first teamer.
I think all the links are just your typical agents where its always the same players linked to 4 or 5 premier teams.
Surely we do not all watch the same player as there are thousands out there, I think not.
So what do you all think?
Unsettling the squad
at 20:40 1 Aug 2017

All this Gylfi saga is completely unsettling the squad and as far as I am concerned it is holding us back...via the purse strings.
Thing is the fact remains clear the club are more than happy for him to go for the right price...the club CAN stand up and say to Gylfi and Everton that we will now start the season with Gylfi as its getting to late to the season.

Pure business logic would suggest get the players you need now cos once Gylfii leaves there will be a few million added to each and every player we try to sign.

Once the season starts its harder to get the players for the right price hence we eat more into the cash we receive.

Being yanks I thought they would understand take is that they will say that asa its close to the close of the transfer window it was difficult to get the players in time!!!!!
Team strengthening
at 12:21 20 Jul 2017

Is it just me but it seems that the only players we are linked with are replacements if Sigurdsson/Llorente leaves.

The likes of Viera and Chadli are the types we need to compliment a side that just scraped relegation in the last 5 games and with so many holes of weakness throughout.

Depending on the system we intend on playing but seems like 433 is the one PC prefers then the upgrades are most definitely RB, CB, creative midfielder and a creative/goalscoring type like the links with Viera/Chadli would make us stronger.
That is only 4 players not a great ask really surely, with the likes of emnes,barrow etc moving on there must be room for this surely.

For once can the club take the initiative and try to actually move forward with some exciting signings or is HJ still scared of us getting as good as we were under Laudrup.
Lack of urgency from above
at 22:02 9 Jan 2017

I have to say that the lack of urgency from above has not changed one bit and it is the usual well run club that ponders over everything to the extent that it has damaged the whole fabric of the club...Oh and I should have said the once or even we were told we were well run!!!!!!!!!!!
Throwing away 11 games under the abortion of management that was BB and now about to approach our 3rd game in January without strengthening the pitiful squad we have at our disposal...The usual its difficult in January or players cost more has worn thin with me now.
Unfortunately if we do spark some sort of revival I feel it will all be a bit too late due to the factors above...Criminal and painful to see.
Checking Oddschecker!
at 23:01 28 Dec 2016

Sean Dyche on the list.....would love that one and he knows Burnley have their limitations would he be interested with a bit of ambition shown from us!

I know they are currently above us but we are more fashionable or were!!!!!!!!!!!!

Type of manager required??
at 23:01 27 Dec 2016

So what do you all think should be the type of manager we need right now:

is it the experienced prem league old boy or ex prem player?
up and coming manager with good fresh ideas
or someone from abroad or an internal appointment?
Theres lots to decide.

My choice would be to offer a good bonus to an experienced manager but only till end of season..Hodgson and Redknapp fit the bill as they be happy short term.

Redknapp for me over Roy as he has always said good things about us and can identify the right players as Roy could hardly get here when England manager even when wee looked good!

During the remaining months we can then source the new manager that can rebuild us either its in the Prem or Championship!!!

Be good if we could do a poll on type of manager needed!
7 game comparision
at 12:02 18 Dec 2016

Results aside these stats show many issues:

FG- scored 6 conceded 7

BB- scored 14 conceded 19

So under FG very tight but bit of work to start scoring more but achievable.

Under BB scoring 2 per game should show a better result tally...but of course with 19 let in it wont.
So we can be tighter as proven above and we can score goals so is it possible that with the right shape and system that this YES THIS team can produce more??????
at 18:35 17 Dec 2016

Some serious investigation needs to be done to see where the money has gone!!!!!
Its not on the squad on net value!
Its not on stadium expansion!!...or even maintaining it!
Its not on the commercial dept because its still of low standards!

So where has it gone and don't tell me the £8m or whatever on training complexes that board members contracted to their companies.
So where is it!!!!!!!!!!!
[Post edited 17 Dec 2016 18:36]
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