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New chairman bounce!
at 20:59 18 May 2019

Not sure if there's such a thing but we ain't certainly seen it.
No young talent most certainly off.. redundancies...some of our most experienced players released and now the manager almost gone.
Great start....I fear Bolton syndrome coming.
at 22:30 16 Mar 2019

So are there any highlights of the fa cup..seems not for some reason even sky sports news not showing anything..this is what boils me about football these many rights issues that you cant even see it lol
When did Nathan sign for York!!
at 21:26 1 Mar 2019
at 16:54 15 Feb 2019

So we are putting promotion before the fa cup...wish we took that stance on Tuesday at Leeds.
Thought we'd given up on chasing the play offs after the fire sale and selections.
Oh well guess it's gonna be a weak team on Sunday
Lack of media
at 20:16 13 Feb 2019

Its the 21st century and not having sky sports I cannot watch or listen to the match anywhere.
No steams, Not on Radio Wales as they playing Janice Long and its not on Swansea sound.
With all the digital media these days its pathetic.
*** List of investors***
at 21:18 2 Feb 2019

Now with Huw gone and I'm so glad in one way but got a feeling that it could be a case of better the devil you now.
We now as fans have to push from here on in to get to the owners who may feel a bit week without Huw being their puppet...but maybe Pearlman has built up the confidence to run the ship himself but he is in a city he knows aint his own.
Is there a list of the 28 investors somewhere as be a good time to see if they are happy with what they are doing here...any twitter or other social media fans should pester them into submission with constructive tweets not abuse.
We cant make it easy anymore for whoever comes guess anyway that Pearlman will just take the gig.
Did someone change the name on the paperwork!!
at 23:50 31 Jan 2019

so who is actually signed by villa..carroll or fer?
Why the suprise??
at 21:30 31 Jan 2019

Surely none of you are surprised by tonight...
* They have history with us of doing this
* They have warned about more bad medicine
* the sweet before the sour by having the early bird season ticket prices that finished on deadline day
* And tonight the pushing out at last possible minute as many players as possible..not to strengthen the team but just balance the already healthy accounts.

I understood their intent about 18 months ago and it will continue..once relegated to have a league one balance sheet we will have to do it again...where is the end???????
at 22:21 29 Dec 2018

half way through a season with a game we really needed to win is completely unacceptable, I know there are other threads on Potter but just wanted to point out that experimenting as if we near the end of season with nothing to play for is unreal.
It does though feel as if the board have given him the green light to test out the whole squad and experiment as a free season if you were, they may change their mind when they see season tickets not selling or we near the bottom.
The quote in his post interview says a lot though to me.
"We had an idea but clearly it didn't work, or I wasn't able to explain the idea well enough.

FAO Planetswans posters
at 12:18 3 Sep 2018

So just a little exercise that may help other posters understand where some posters are coming from.
How old are you all. I'm going to start I'm 47.
Ultimate fingers up to the board
at 20:29 1 Sep 2018

That performance from the lads was the ultimate fingers up to the love was relighted after that as it was the reasons I fell in love with the swans back in 86...not given a chance but passion and desire showing through enough to get 3 points.
We tried to play the right way but we're constantly bullied ..I saw the team grow today in terms of passion but also learning quickly what the league's about.
It was like everything that could go again at us did...down to 10 after 5 mins..captain and most influential player going off, Olson getting injured..the shape changed a few times but they adjusted.
Despite the antics from the board Potter and his troops are doing us proud..long may it continue.
And for those wishing defeat or saying we do t wanna go up..just enjoy the moment and see where it takes you..that's football
Jack to a King vol.2
at 13:05 21 Aug 2018

I've got a sneaky feeling the Americans who loved the first version have told Huw that we need another blockbuster made so we can sell to some other investors.
Sell off all the quality and look for the 20k bargains out there so it'll make the film appealing.
Something in me believe they think that it can be done again...just hope they don't wanna do it from the lower leagues though.
Early evaluation
at 00:34 18 Aug 2018

So heres my early evaluation after 3 games.

Positives: Unbeaten with only 1 goal conceded, 2 clean sheets
Some of the u23s look like they could be useful and have desire.
Potter learning quickly about the squad and the league
The quality the teams we played is gash(luckily tonight and 2nd half Preston)

Negatives: 2nd half against Sheff utd and 1st half Preston we looked decent..the rest we looked poor.
The Squad looks thin and lacks quality.
We have not addressed last seasons midfield and creativity.
Reluctant to use Naughton,Montero, Narsingh and Dyer could mean they be loaned off.
Lack of urgency with new additions with at least 4 really needed for the squad.
No leaders on the pitch..again what we missed last season.

So you can view it 2 ways..7 points from 9 with plenty of room for improvement or we are lucky so far and things could have been different in the 3 games and with 43 games left the squad could fizzle away.

I'm going to be optimistic and hope we get those 3 or 4 quality players and Potter will get the team really going!!
Stadium car parking
at 15:47 21 Jul 2018

Living some way from the stadium I have always purchased a car park season ticket...yes it's pricey but with a 93 yr old grandad who has followed them since he was about 8 I have no choice as he can't walk far.
Today I received the option to buy the new one which is normally 210 and has been for a few years...but the letter states that as this is regarded a premium product it will rise to 280!!!..a 25 percent rise.
With relegation I anticipated a freeze on it not a humongous rise.
My grandad is gutted as I said I will not pay for it as it disgusts me to the core how the fan is being treated.
There is a did out for blue badge holders of 170 which my grandad held since his heart problems but was taken off him this year by the govt as they consider him physically better at 93.
He actually said he won't go anymore as they making it too difficult.
Sorry for the rant but it really got me angry and sad to see how the club and govt treat people.
at 15:27 7 Jul 2018

Seems a very good tactical manager and thorough in his preparation but as a club manager I could not watch them on a regular basis!!!
Maybe his style is suited to national footie.
is it real or fake news!!!
at 21:37 5 Jun 2018

Because I have not seen anything official anywhere that we have talked to mr Potter never mind when he is taking over...whatever outlet you read it always says should be completed this was 2 weeks ago though!!
Still in with a shout
at 17:22 11 May 2018

We need to raise the roof on Sunday as we still have an outside chance of staying up!!
From the first minute to the last shout the boys home to city are hoping to break records so maybe the biggest win in PL history is on the cards
Come on swans you can do it!!
at 20:34 22 Apr 2018

5 years ago if you said we had spent £55m million pound on strikers and also an England and Scottish international striker at the club youd expect us to be doing okay.

But that is a fact..
A.Ayew 18m
J.Ayew 10m
W.Bony 12m
B.Baston 15m

Then O.Mcburnie and T.Abraham as the Scottish and English internationals.

And we are still toothless in attack...maybe it is the midfield after all.
4 points minumum
at 23:41 1 Apr 2018

from the next 2 games with Chelsea and Man city to follow...must attack and take the game to both WBA and the toffees.

Anything less will make it tough for the remaining games.
Inexcusable performance
at 16:01 17 Mar 2018

I went to the game thinking it was a cup tie and came out thinking I just watched a testimonial.
I'm sorry but I want my swans team always up for the challenge don't silverware mean anything anymore to these millionaires.
And before anyone says how good spurs are...yes they are but Newport and Rochdale have them a game..we didn't have any desire whatsoever.
And yes we can beat the big teams we've done it recently...coming home after seen one player in his jeep laughing and joking with shopping for the afternoon while I just spunked 25 for me and my daughter.
They should get them in tomorrow morning and sit and watch the whole game like we did....if we couldn't be bothered just stick the u23s out against them.
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