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Stadium car parking
at 15:47 21 Jul 2018

Living some way from the stadium I have always purchased a car park season ticket...yes it's pricey but with a 93 yr old grandad who has followed them since he was about 8 I have no choice as he can't walk far.
Today I received the option to buy the new one which is normally 210 and has been for a few years...but the letter states that as this is regarded a premium product it will rise to 280!!!..a 25 percent rise.
With relegation I anticipated a freeze on it not a humongous rise.
My grandad is gutted as I said I will not pay for it as it disgusts me to the core how the fan is being treated.
There is a did out for blue badge holders of 170 which my grandad held since his heart problems but was taken off him this year by the govt as they consider him physically better at 93.
He actually said he won't go anymore as they making it too difficult.
Sorry for the rant but it really got me angry and sad to see how the club and govt treat people.
at 15:27 7 Jul 2018

Seems a very good tactical manager and thorough in his preparation but as a club manager I could not watch them on a regular basis!!!
Maybe his style is suited to national footie.
is it real or fake news!!!
at 21:37 5 Jun 2018

Because I have not seen anything official anywhere that we have talked to mr Potter never mind when he is taking over...whatever outlet you read it always says should be completed this was 2 weeks ago though!!
Still in with a shout
at 17:22 11 May 2018

We need to raise the roof on Sunday as we still have an outside chance of staying up!!
From the first minute to the last shout the boys home to city are hoping to break records so maybe the biggest win in PL history is on the cards
Come on swans you can do it!!
at 20:34 22 Apr 2018

5 years ago if you said we had spent £55m million pound on strikers and also an England and Scottish international striker at the club youd expect us to be doing okay.

But that is a fact..
A.Ayew 18m
J.Ayew 10m
W.Bony 12m
B.Baston 15m

Then O.Mcburnie and T.Abraham as the Scottish and English internationals.

And we are still toothless in attack...maybe it is the midfield after all.
4 points minumum
at 23:41 1 Apr 2018

from the next 2 games with Chelsea and Man city to follow...must attack and take the game to both WBA and the toffees.

Anything less will make it tough for the remaining games.
Inexcusable performance
at 16:01 17 Mar 2018

I went to the game thinking it was a cup tie and came out thinking I just watched a testimonial.
I'm sorry but I want my swans team always up for the challenge don't silverware mean anything anymore to these millionaires.
And before anyone says how good spurs are...yes they are but Newport and Rochdale have them a game..we didn't have any desire whatsoever.
And yes we can beat the big teams we've done it recently...coming home after seen one player in his jeep laughing and joking with shopping for the afternoon while I just spunked 25 for me and my daughter.
They should get them in tomorrow morning and sit and watch the whole game like we did....if we couldn't be bothered just stick the u23s out against them.
at 15:56 24 Feb 2018

Just saying that Mo scored his 8th goal of the season...didn't realise he was doing so well just like Oli seems to be.
Got me thinking just how many of our squad would be good enough for Championship as the 2 I'm talking about arent/weren't seem good enough.
Maybe some of those u23s would be great there too but which ones?
a mention to Narsingh
at 22:20 6 Feb 2018

Can I give a great mention to Narsingh a fantastic performance.
Wasn't mentioned much in the commentary as Dyer,Abraham seemed to be mentioned more.
All had good games but Narsingh was involved in nearly every good attacking move..more the same please.
What could we do with £100m transfer pot!
at 22:59 29 Jan 2018

A.Ayew 18m(if he comes)
Bony 12m
Baston 15m
Clucas 17m
Mesa 11m
Paloschi 9m
Fer 5m
Narsingh 5m
Eder 4m
Tabanou 4m

You could add to the pot.
Desperation Street
at 21:55 29 Jan 2018

So we have now entered desperation street as far as the transfer window goes, so what is all predictions for in and out be it loans or transfers!

Heres mine:
IN - A Ayew


I know its not very exciting, I apologise for that but I am a Swans fan.
Owners give extra £10m to Swans transfer funds
at 19:32 27 Jan 2018

LOL...what was the point really as the original £20m budget is highly likely to be sitting in the bank come Feb 1st.
To get what is needed in 4 days is now highly unlikely aint it.

Can see the headlines..January is a hard month to get the right players and we tried really hard.
So after 7 yrs we already know this..why it needs to be done correctly in summer and if not early in Jan.
My guess is one will come in and that's it..not really gonna help much unless is Bale or similar!
Player to fly in within next few hours to have medical with Swansea City
at 10:21 25 Jan 2018

Heard this briefly on the radio but did not catch any names?

Anyone know who it is.Im guessing its Gaitan.

Good news
Tick tock..tick tock
at 11:32 22 Jan 2018

About 8 hrs to kick off and we were meant to have new signing for it.
9 days to go and the 3 or4 signings that are a must to have the slightest chance of survival ain't materialising.
Offers and trying wont save..there's no point trying to appease the fans because that won't wash if we're relegated.
Getting relegated unluckily is one thing but the owners have almost been wishing this as I think they find it all too stressful playing with the big boys.
See if that's the case they should have tried to find someone with the passion and funds to compete.

February 4th
at 00:57 21 Jan 2018

This will be the day we will be all but relegated unless we manage a miracle and get points..but 17 points come Feb 4th with no quality reinforcements will mean its over.

I try to be optimistic but my beloved Swans are draining this from me day by day.

Its in effect a tragedy that it has come to this without any sort of urgency or strategy from the powers that simply is a ship without a captain just left to float by itself, heading towards an iceberg unfortunately!
Please prove me right come this if it is my season ticket money that I have found the last 18 years will go towards upgrading the house how depressing is that.
Gaitan and Gameriro
at 11:27 16 Jan 2018

Sky just reporting that due to reports in the media Southampton are not going to go any further with the interest due to the high fees being asked!!!
I get the feeling that the source suggested a team ain the bottom of PL were interested and the muppets assumed it being us....we wont go for proven high fee/wage payers.
When you see the likes of Huddersfield,West Ham, West Brom,Saints, Palace all looking at or signing quality with high fees being paid we have no appetite to compete....There is even talk about Bournermouth signing Walcott and possibly Wlishire again both on loan.
Very depressing from our end..only serious link is Fredericks and he no interest whatsoever.
*** Clubs not what it used to be!!!! ***
at 23:17 10 Jan 2018

I have to say I am sick of hearing through these websites and through social media that
' oh the club is not what it used to be' I mean what the actual f**K does that mean.

Perhaps you mean not scratching around in the crap lower leagues where the quality is awful most the time, it was awful then so after seeing the PL for 7 years if we go back it will look even worse!
The club has not changed since 1912, owners, players and staff have and the ground but it is still what it was in 1912' a team that represents the city it was founded.
Support the club always because as far as I remember there has always been off field issues.
Maybe the club is just a mirror image of its fans these days unambitious.
Defence today
at 16:57 6 Jan 2018

Will be more than sufficient for next season if we go down ..add Nordfelt along with Roberts or another RB..Bartley,VDH and Olsonn will be decent.
Think they could be the best centre defenders in that league.
at 20:06 29 Dec 2017

Been away a few days and yes heard about the new gaffer but now reading that there will be no money for signings WTF.............we been harping on about strengthening in January and supporting PC in January.
had a season ticket since 1998 and until this sickness of a board leave I will never renew again.
Are we all really happy with this because it seems we are all suckers.
Look the yanks say theres none to spend but what the other 40% owners think..Please F**king tell me they not happy to agree this.

Just go back to your gun slinging country and do one and take the other gold rush locals with you.
Shameful utterly shameful
at 23:13 26 Dec 2017

After watching Leons post match interview it made me shameful that the club have put him in this situation...knowing hes a club legend and would do anything to help the club the fact they put him under this angers me even more towards the owners.
Long live Leon no matter what.
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