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Dai Little? Isn't this the guy who's a solicitor/barrister with.....
at 11:36 21 Nov 2017

....connections to the Trust?
If not, I'm sure we were taking advice from some legal eagle connected to the Trust.

IAnyway, whoever it is, isn't he the vguy we shpould be asking about the legitimacy of some Trust board positions?

And if some Board members who were instrumental in getting an "accept the deal" done whilst possibly not being legitimate members of the Board, shouldn't he be the one advising the Trust membership as to what the legalities of all this mean?

Does anyone have an email address/name/contact details please?
PC is the perfect manager for HJ
at 10:51 17 Oct 2017

5 at the back at home for winnable games against the likes of Watford and Newcastle.

No ambition to play attractive football - no width, the diamond is the preferred option. Forced into different tactics, against his nature, by fan pressure.

Won't play Mesa, ffs. Yes he made a mistake against Watford, but who doesn't make mistakes? And when he came on, he took the game by the scruff. Far too exiting for PC. This is his biggest sin for me.

Perfectly content to finish 17th. And if this is the sum of your anbition for the Swans - just to stay in the pig's trough, irrespective of the style of football you choose to get you there - then join HJ and the Yanks.

You may say that he can only do so much with the players he's got, but he said nowt against the Board's choices during the close season. Either he's happy with what we brought in, or he should say different, or he should walk if he has principles. Could you see Pulis or Sparky just putting up with what they get given?
His safety-first tactics are abysmal. Where's the fun, skill and entertainment?

And don't be clouded by out win against Huddersfield - if we'd played an anywhere near decent football team, we'd have struggled to even draw. In fact Huddersfield were on top until their goalie gifted us a goal.

Rant over. Tin hat on.
PC is the perfect manager for HJ
at 10:45 17 Oct 2017

[Post edited 17 Oct 10:54]
at 09:54 10 Oct 2017

Population 330,000. About the size of Carfiff.

They qualified last night. Gylfi scored.

Never mind. He's a shit player who brought down the playing standards at our club and we're better off without him.

According to those who know their football, like.
Chris Farlowe
at 21:38 9 Oct 2017

Anybody remember this guy? - Out of Tme probably most popular.
Does he use the same supernarket as some of you exiled Jacks?
Trust Membership Figures
at 10:51 24 Aug 2017

Anyone know what the Trust membership figures are before August 1st and after?

Be interesting to see how many have not renewed after the vote to accept the Yanks' offer.
Is any mod ever going to explain...................
at 07:55 21 Aug 2017

why Swansnews' tedious threads are always stickied?

I know you're all following orders, buit what's the reason for it?

If the threads are any good, they'll stay at the top anyway. However, Swansnews has a 100% record of being totally shite.

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Mods - somebody care to explain why a thread was removed?
at 19:58 20 Aug 2017

Somebody asked why all Swansnews threads were made stickies and I replied that it was bevause PS was under orders to do so.
That was about 10 mins ago and now the thread's vanished!

And that tawt SwansNews' posts are still stickied.
Whatever happened to democracy?

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Par for the course
at 10:51 16 Aug 2017
Swansnews & Stickies
at 19:22 12 Aug 2017

Why are there 4 different threads by Swansnews, all of which are shit?

And why are they all stickies?

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Hello the Trust
at 11:13 19 Jul 2017

I sent you the following question last week, and although you say you'll repond within 48 hrs, I'm still waiting.

So I'll try to get your attention on here -

The candidates for election to the Trust board - how do I find out what their ttitude are to the deal/litigate situation?
I don'r care if they speak Welsh, are MDs of companies or have supporteed the Swans since they were foetuses. But I do want to know what their attitude to our owners is.

Surely in any other type of election we'd have some concept of what candidates stood for. How can I vote for someone when I know feck all about their attitude to the club?
Angel Rangel
at 15:24 3 Jul 2017

Happy birthday man.

10 years. £10,ooo fee. Wonderful memories.

A really nice guy and a proper Jack.

A true galactico. And not quite finished yet.

Him and Leon as backroom staff-dream team.

(Sorry if Ferdy)
The North Stand and the Trust
at 10:50 16 Jun 2017

Hello the Trust.

I understand that this point was raised a while ago, but I was wondering if the Trust were interested in bringing the following up with our owners -

Why do away fans get prime position behind the goals? This hardly happens with other PL clubs. THey're usually shoved into some corner somewhere.

How can I ask the Trust if they/we can bring up this topic at the next Trust members meeting? Do the Trust board have any views on the matter? Would our owners be amenable to home fans being given prime position over away fans?

I would ask via the Trust website, but then it would be just me asking and the Trust replying to just me. So because you chose not to have a forum on the Trust website, I have to come on PS as the only way of including fellow Jacks in the discussion (or am I being punished for not doing FB?)

If only Coach Bob hadn't been tempted
at 10:52 19 May 2017 be promoted out of his depth.

He'd have been promoted to L1, mainly cos he knows that to pass a ball, it's best to use your instep. Warra feckin div.
To the Trust
at 15:45 18 May 2017

Any chance of any info from you at all about anything, anytime soon?

I won't be able to make any comments next year apparently. When I have this season, people ask if I'm a member.
Well I won't be after this summer. I'm not throwing good money after bad again. Does that mean I have to keep shtumm?

Gabriele Ambrosetti
at 10:41 15 May 2017

Now that is class. Amazing that at least part of his heart is still at the Lib, after the shitstorm he and his boss went through.
Any stattos out there?
at 17:13 14 May 2017

Apart from us and Lester 2 seasons ago, anyone know if any other clubs have been bottom of the Prem at Xmas and survived the drop?

Can't be that many.
at 10:33 10 May 2017

What a feckin embarrassment.
Claude Makalele
at 09:44 7 May 2017

Here we are with a struggling squad and we only let one (very dodgy) goal in whilst playing Stoke, Man U and Everton.

That doesn't happen by accident.

If we do stay up, a lot of it will be down to this man. I never realised Fernandez was so good!
Again, if we do stay up, let's try to make the man a permanent fixture of our back room staff.

Take a bow Claude. We owe you butt.
The disconnect
at 17:19 15 Apr 2017

A week before the play-off final at Wembly, I came down with sciatica.
Never had it before or since.
My doctor asked me if I was worried about anyrhing. When I told her, she laughed.

This time I zoned out a while ago. I'm numb to it all.
It doesn't really matter, not in the great sceme of things.

The sale of the club killed a lot of the fan in me.
I've renewed my ST. Irrespective of any division we play in, I'll be there, but more as a dead fan walking.

See you remaining customers in DIv 2 next season.

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