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"People of colour"
at 17:23 1 Aug 2019

Wtf is all that about?
We're all people of colour - North Europeans are mainly pink, Scandinavians are mainly paler, Aborigines are mainly black, Indians are mainly brown, North/South Americans are mainly any old colour, etc. all over the world.

Referring to somebody as a "person of colour" seems to imply that "white" people are of "normal" colour, whilst everybody else aren't, and are therefore deemed to be "people of colour". That just seems racist to me.

Why don't we just call a spade a spade (no pun intended). I'd never be offended if somebody described me as white or pink.

PC gone mad?

P.S. Is this post racist? I just have no fùcking clue any more.

Dear The Trust
at 20:38 19 May 2019

So now what are you waiting for?
"Struggling supporters everywhere can take heart from Oyston's ousting"
at 12:36 3 Mar 2019

Another excellent article from the always spot-on Daniel Taylor in today's Observer.


There may be hope for us yet if we stick together and keep the faith.
Take the Yank fùcks to court. We have right on our side.

Don;t let the Yanks take your hard-earned
at 10:34 7 Feb 2019

The Yanks are still charging fees for buying tickets by credit card. This isn't the same fee as you pay online or by cash and so the practice is illegal.

Next time it happens, if you want have a quick word about it to the person who's selling you the ticket (but don't shout at them, they're only obeying orders).

But what you should do is report the Yanks to the Trading Standards in Swansea -

Trading Standards
Web: www.swansea.gov.uk/tradingstandards
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SwanseaTradingStandards
Email: trading.standards@swansea.gov.uk
Tel: 01792 635600

It's only the time you'd take to make a phone call or write an email.

Let's not let them get away with this rip-off and generally stop them treating us like shit..
It's the apathy that'll kill us.
What's the point of concurrent sentences?
at 20:51 5 Feb 2019

If I get done for 2 crimes, for which I get 10 years for each, the judge will (almost certainly) say that the sentences are to run concurrently.

So I get to do a crime for no penalty.

Why aren't I serving 20 years instead of 10? What's the point?

at 10:36 3 Feb 2019

Can we have our court case new please?
And if not , why not?
Arsenal Supporters Trust
at 12:02 7 Aug 2018


"Stan Kroenke's move to take complete control of Arsenal "marks a dreadful day" for the Gunners, according to the Arsenal Supporters' Trust (AST).

Kroenke Sports and Entertainment (KSE) informed the London Stock Exchange on Tuesday that it has moved forward with plans to buy Alisher Usmanov's 30 per cent stake in Arsenal, a deal that values the club at £1.8billion.

KSE already owned 67 per cent of Arsenal and now stand to be in complete control, with Kroenke of the belief that taking the club private will help them strategically in the long run.

But the AST is unconvinced and said in a statement: "This news marks a dreadful day for Arsenal Football Club.

"Stan Kroenke taking the club private will see the end of supporters owning shares in Arsenal and their role upholding custodianship values.

"By taking the club private, Stan Kroenke will be able to implement the following detrimental actions: pay management fees and dividends without any check or balance, no Annual General Meeting (AGM) to hold the board to account, remove the independent directors, place debt onto Arsenal to support his other business interests.

"The AST is also extremely concerned to note that this purchase is being funded by a loan.

"The most dreadful part of this announcement is the news that Kroenke plans to forcibly purchase the shares held by Arsenal fans.

"Many of these fans are AST members and hold their shares not for value but as custodians who care for the future of the club.

"The AST is wholly against this takeover. Arsenal remains too important to be owned by any one person.""

They think they've got problems...
Did I just hear right?
at 11:47 18 Jun 2018

Anybody else catch that on the news this morning?- Gareth Southgate saying Ingerlund were in the toughest group of all?!!

Against the mighty Tunisia and the even mightier Panama!?
Plenty of confidence in the camp then!
Why the silence?
at 17:50 15 May 2018

So when we get Muslim atrocities, we get plenty of Muslim community leaders condemning the actions.

Why is the silence deafening from Jewish community leaders in Britain?
Is this because of some fear of retaliation from Mossad?
Or are they in favour of Netanyahu's government's actions?
You know you get the urge to.............
at 13:36 15 May 2018

.........eat something just because it's there?

Anyway, I lost my job as a gynaecologist today.
IF we stay up, will it be worth it?
at 09:56 7 May 2018

Another season of 3 managers, woeful recruitment, in a league where we only dream of being top half let alone winning. no long term plan, cannon-fodder to most of the rest of the league.

After all, staying up means the Yanks and our "DoF" are doing something right, right?

Anyone know what this Kaplan/Levien/Morgan thing is all about?
at 11:23 5 Jan 2018


Presumably Stu Mac is aware and should be explaining to the Trust members what's going on?
[Post edited 5 Jan 2018 11:28]
Dai Little? Isn't this the guy who's a solicitor/barrister with.....
at 11:36 21 Nov 2017

....connections to the Trust?
If not, I'm sure we were taking advice from some legal eagle connected to the Trust.

IAnyway, whoever it is, isn't he the vguy we shpould be asking about the legitimacy of some Trust board positions?

And if some Board members who were instrumental in getting an "accept the deal" done whilst possibly not being legitimate members of the Board, shouldn't he be the one advising the Trust membership as to what the legalities of all this mean?

Does anyone have an email address/name/contact details please?
PC is the perfect manager for HJ
at 10:51 17 Oct 2017

5 at the back at home for winnable games against the likes of Watford and Newcastle.

No ambition to play attractive football - no width, the diamond is the preferred option. Forced into different tactics, against his nature, by fan pressure.

Won't play Mesa, ffs. Yes he made a mistake against Watford, but who doesn't make mistakes? And when he came on, he took the game by the scruff. Far too exiting for PC. This is his biggest sin for me.

Perfectly content to finish 17th. And if this is the sum of your anbition for the Swans - just to stay in the pig's trough, irrespective of the style of football you choose to get you there - then join HJ and the Yanks.

You may say that he can only do so much with the players he's got, but he said nowt against the Board's choices during the close season. Either he's happy with what we brought in, or he should say different, or he should walk if he has principles. Could you see Pulis or Sparky just putting up with what they get given?
His safety-first tactics are abysmal. Where's the fun, skill and entertainment?

And don't be clouded by out win against Huddersfield - if we'd played an anywhere near decent football team, we'd have struggled to even draw. In fact Huddersfield were on top until their goalie gifted us a goal.

Rant over. Tin hat on.
PC is the perfect manager for HJ
at 10:45 17 Oct 2017

[Post edited 17 Oct 2017 10:54]
at 09:54 10 Oct 2017

Population 330,000. About the size of Carfiff.

They qualified last night. Gylfi scored.

Never mind. He's a shit player who brought down the playing standards at our club and we're better off without him.

According to those who know their football, like.
Chris Farlowe
at 21:38 9 Oct 2017

Anybody remember this guy? - Out of Tme probably most popular.
Does he use the same supernarket as some of you exiled Jacks?
Trust Membership Figures
at 10:51 24 Aug 2017

Anyone know what the Trust membership figures are before August 1st and after?

Be interesting to see how many have not renewed after the vote to accept the Yanks' offer.
Is any mod ever going to explain...................
at 07:55 21 Aug 2017

why Swansnews' tedious threads are always stickied?

I know you're all following orders, buit what's the reason for it?

If the threads are any good, they'll stay at the top anyway. However, Swansnews has a 100% record of being totally shite.

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Mods - somebody care to explain why a thread was removed?
at 19:58 20 Aug 2017

Somebody asked why all Swansnews threads were made stickies and I replied that it was bevause PS was under orders to do so.
That was about 10 mins ago and now the thread's vanished!

And that tawt SwansNews' posts are still stickied.
Whatever happened to democracy?

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