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"Liverpool" fan shaves head
at 18:28 26 Jan 2017

They should have taken him outside and kicked his f**king head in.
You get one player
at 09:40 22 Jan 2017

If you could pick anyone player from our history in his prime to play in this team and help us stay up who would it be and why?
Andros Townsend
at 14:21 17 Dec 2016

Once the darling of the English national team now can't even get in the Palace team.
Russian world cup
at 12:13 10 Dec 2016

I really hope this gets some legs and people really start to think about whether or not this country deserves to host the world cup.

That along with the behaviour of their fans during the summer. They should be banned from entering not hosting the tournament.
Supporters action group meeting 19th of December
at 21:21 9 Dec 2016

Hey all,

How we doing?

The supporters action group thought it would be a good idea to clarify our intentions before the meeting on the 19th of December.

Our main purpose of getting together is to raise awareness amongst the supporters (especially those who don’t frequent forums such as this) to what exactly is happening and has happened at boardroom level. Basically any action that we take at this point will be against the selling shareholders.

Personally, we have no ill feeling to the new owners as of yet. We believe that to take action against them at this time could be very detrimental to both the short and possibly long term future of the club.

We wish to put this out too you all, as people do have different views, but for now at least this will be our agenda, which will be open to all suggestions to create a mandate towards the best possible way to move forward.

We will try to answer any questions you may have, but please at this time accept that no specific details will be revealed on public forums until a clear mandate has been set. We look forward to your support.
[Post edited 9 Dec 2016 21:41]
Supporters action group
at 17:37 6 Dec 2016

A few of us have mentioned meeting up to discuss getting some action going in terms of us showing how unhappy we are with the current situation of the club both on the field and off it.

From conversations I've had with various other fans who don't visit this forum they're clueless to what's going and need waking up.

The initial meeting is open to suggestion, I'm thinking we meet and discuss next steps to starting a marketing campaign etc.

Meeting date is set for 7pm on 19th of December at the Landore social club.

If you'd like to attend can you please PM me confirming your attendance.
[Post edited 8 Dec 2016 19:57]
Someones having a bad day?
at 15:30 29 Nov 2016

Ugo Boss
at 20:29 27 Nov 2016

Thinking of getting a new suit. Anybody a fan of Ugo Boss?
Trade centre Wales
at 20:13 27 Nov 2016

Anyone had any dealings with them? Need a new car and was thinking of popping along to see them tomorrow.

Was also thinking about Ron Skinner as well. Any advice would be greatly welcomed.
The first nail.......
at 17:46 18 Nov 2016

Beginning of the end for Bob if we don't start getting results. He's running out of excuses. I hope to God he's gone before the Jan transfer window.
Is this what life is like?
at 17:43 3 Nov 2016

I despair I really do.

The horse and any other animals they have should be taken off them not a frigging page on the SWEP website saying its been blown out of proportion.
[Post edited 3 Nov 2016 17:45]
Mathew Rush
at 22:20 2 Nov 2016

Loved him during his short time with us. Lovely fella as well. Shared the odd beer with him in ritzys.

Talented family.
FAO of Phil S
at 16:40 26 Oct 2016

Hi Phil,

There seems to be a lot of speculation and to a certain degree a swell of animosity towards the trust over the last few days.

No doubt you've read countless threads on what I'm referring to. Are you or anyone else directly connected to the trust in a position to answer some of the questions, allegations being thrown about by various people on the forum.

[Post edited 26 Oct 2016 16:41]
Football manager game
at 19:40 22 Oct 2016

Anyone play it?

Friday night football
at 18:31 19 Aug 2016


I'd prefer a home KO on a Friday night rather than a 4pm KO on a Sunday.
The Don has a plan
at 12:29 29 Apr 2016

Probably a diamond formation with Jeff coming on at half time because we're 3 down.

Hopefully this comes back and bites my on the backside Sunday.
David Silva
at 20:26 26 Apr 2016

Is he made of glass???
FA Cup
at 22:36 22 Apr 2016

I'm going for a Palace Vs United final and Pardew's eagles win it after extra time.
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