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at 11:10 28 May 2022

Why oh why are some so unreliable.

We need a gas pipe cut and terminated (and have the boiler serviced at the same time and the guys have just not turned up.

The blwdy thing is doing my swede in as we can't progress with our kitchen until that is done.

What is wrong with people
at 12:41 9 Apr 2022

Does anyone know who is the penalty taker for us?
Football away days CCFC SCFC
at 11:42 3 Apr 2022

Youtuber did away day for our game.
I believe it is worth a watch

If you hate Cardiff City clap your hands
at 10:39 2 Apr 2022

Clap Clap
Three Lamps Swansea
at 20:16 30 Mar 2022

Anyone familiar with this venue?
They have taken a large payment for hiring the venue for our daughter's 18th birthday but we are hearing it is closing down and re-opening as Cattle&Co in May.
The website has been forwarded to that site.
We cannot get hold of them by phone or email.
Firstly we want to know if the venue is still open so our daughter can still have a party.
She has missed out on 16th and 17th birthdays due to lockdown as well as her prom.
Totally gutted for her at the moment as we don't know what the hell is happening.
Employment law/HR specialists on here?
at 13:44 14 Feb 2022

Hi, anyone fit in to the above by any chance. Would be even better if the expertise is NHS knowledge.
Meat Loaf
at 09:25 21 Jan 2022

Sadly passed away

I wasn't expecting that
The donkey and the tiger
at 11:05 18 Jan 2022

I have mentioned it before but this story may enlighten a few :)

The donkey told the tiger, "The grass is blue."
The tiger replied, "No, the grass is green ."
The discussion became heated, and the two decided to submit the issue to arbitration, so they approached the lion.
As they approached the lion on his throne, the donkey started screaming: ′′Your Highness, isn't it true that the grass is blue?"
The lion replied: "If you believe it is true, the grass is blue."
The donkey rushed forward and continued: ′′The tiger disagrees with me, contradicts me and annoys me. Please punish him."
The king then declared: ′′The tiger will be punished with 3 days of silence."
The donkey jumped with joy and went on his way, content and repeating ′′The grass is blue, the grass is blue..."
The tiger asked the lion, "Your Majesty, why have you punished me, after all, the grass is green?"
The lion replied, ′′You've known and seen the grass is green."
The tiger asked, ′′So why do you punish me?"
The lion replied, "That has nothing to do with the question of whether the grass is blue or green. The punishment is because it is degrading for a brave, intelligent creature like you to waste time arguing with an ass, and on top of that, you came and bothered me with that question just to validate something you already knew was true!"
The biggest waste of time is arguing with the fool and fanatic who doesn't care about truth or reality, but only the victory of his beliefs and illusions. Never waste time on discussions that make no sense. There are people who, for all the evidence presented to them, do not have the ability to understand. Others who are blinded by ego, hatred and resentment, and the only thing that they want is to be right even if they aren’t.
Chester City
at 18:52 7 Jan 2022

So how are they allowed to have fans at their games?
Joe Rodon
at 10:17 5 Jan 2022

Spurs scalped us of our prized asset complaining about the 11 million fee. He has been there 12 months and they played him about 12 times and are willing to sell him for 20 million. They have done nothing for him and we are told that the fees have gone down because of covid. That makes me sick.
Morfa parking
at 17:37 4 Jan 2022

I know this may have been done to death but my wife has just got stung with a parking charge.
She was innocently going about her Saturday business and left Morfa at 3:55 PM.
Fast forward 9 weeks and she has had a parking charge. She is dismayed.
Of course the Swans were playing but she didn't know about aby parking restrictions on a bloody Saturday. Why would she?
Happy Birthday to you
at 09:23 10 Dec 2021

Happy birthday to whoever it may concern :)
Freedom of Speech
at 17:56 3 Dec 2021

I'm all for it (being a centrist (maybe slightly left of) but should people/posters be allowed to voice/type information if it is prejudiced?
Dragon Hotel, Swansea
at 20:04 2 Dec 2021

What's the story about it being closed until April to house 150 Afghans and the staff being "sacked" and being replaced by government staff to cater for them?
Notice of Intended prosecution
at 09:40 15 Oct 2021

What a start to the day.

Wife has had a notice of intended prosecution for not wearing a seatbelt.

Almost certainly that was me because she never drives when I have a week off and she wouldn't drive without one.

What we call the speed camera van probably caught whoever was responsible.

What I am actually saying is don't drive without a seat belt because those vans aren't just there to catch you speeding.
Randox testing
at 12:18 25 Jul 2021

Anyone used the randox drop box for testing PCR's?
Should Wales support England
at 22:52 9 Jul 2021

An article to balance our views
Heavy Petting
at 00:08 2 May 2021

I have to say for years I wondered and always thought the "No Heavy Petting" at the swimming pool meant no snogging. How wrong was I.

What is heavy petting?
Heavy petting tends to focus more on sexual activity and foreplay below the waist, but stopping short of full intercourse (for most heterosexual couples this means penetrative penis-in-vagina sex). As Fox explains, it ‘tends to incorporate genital stimulation, having your hands underneath someone’s top or pants, or the removal of some clobber.’ Heavy petting could include:

Oral sex (cunnilingus/licking someone out or fellatio/blow jobs)
Hand jobs
Mutual masturbation
at 21:39 21 Mar 2021

Aldi is going to open in the old ToysRUs unit. Is that a decent brand to help the struggling parc tawe concept? Footfall will improve by a big margin but is it the right brand for the future?
Debenhams bought by Boohoo
at 09:32 25 Jan 2021

But all the stores are still being closed by the new owner :(
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