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Firestick Support Please
at 20:04 16 Oct 2018

Not particularly tech savy.

Bought a Firestick, can't download Pluto Tv. I've installed Nord VPN, which is free for a few days.

All the online tutorials, direct you to the search in the top left corner, however , even with the VPN Pluto isn't listed due to it being Geo blocked. I've installed the downloader app, but can't find info on downloading Pluto via it's URL. I'm sounding far more savy now than i am!
The Elephant in the room is.....?
at 17:15 31 Aug 2018

To clarify, not physically speaking!

What do people think?

I have a theory of the next shock to surprise us, may have been mentioned by others in other threads!
at 12:03 12 Aug 2018

Going to enjoy their demise this season.

Barely going to score, won't get many more points than the infamous Derby team.

Warnock is football's Eddie Jones, when things are going well, he's a funny, amiable character, as the defeats pile up though....sit back and watch him implode.

Comedy gold yesterday looking his age after the game, bedraggled and deperately trying to sound philosophical!

A nice mid table finish for the Swans, playing nice football with youngsters hungry to do well and Cardiff and Warnock imploding.

Aftet the shit storm of Thursday (hopefully our worst moment of the season) my football life aint so bad.
Harsh reality
at 18:03 18 May 2018

Season 2011/12 Of the 20 teams we were in the PL with outside of the traditional top 6 , all 14 other teams have now been relegated.

Us,Stoke and West Brom have lasted the longest (not sure if West Brom have gone down and come back up).

Some have been relegated again (L1) some have come back up to go down again (Norwich).

Not to detract from the last few years, however does show how well we've done and the madness that is the PL.
Eddie Jones
at 19:24 14 Mar 2018

Surely has to walk?

What always gets me about these types of incidents is if they referred to people of Indian,Pakistani origins etc there would be hell to play, he would probably never work again.
Siin Fein MP
at 18:32 6 Jan 2018

Words fail me.

What a fuc ked up place Northern Ireland is?!

An MP of all people ( not sure if they take their seats in London) mocking the anniversary of an IRA killing of 10 protestants ( cant do links sorry, story on BBC web site.)

I'm posting this as someone who had some sympathy with the 'cause', the evils perpetrated by both sides of the divide however , have no place in a modern society, but move on.

This clown just continues the hatred and bigotry.

As I say what a horrible fuc ked up place. No doubt the minority of people behave in this way, the majority are salt of the earth, but a sizeable minority!
Irish Rugby Players
at 15:19 21 Sep 2017

Isn't it strange how things may not always be what they seem?

I must be honest I am very much in the camp of being ABE..'Anyone but England' when it comes to sport.

Yet, particularly in rugby the English players always come across really well, come the 6 nations however I support not only Wales but all the other countries who play England with venom. Not just the 6 nations but the southern hemisphere sides too.

When it comes to Ireland though, I want Wales to win, however, not too bothered if we lose against our Celtic cousins.

Yet, I've often read that there is quite a bit of animosity between the Welsh and Irish players and again today an Irish player has come out against coaches within the Welsh structure.

4 years ago Keith Wood was scathing of Gatland for dropping BOD for the final Lions test, yet the Lions won by a record margin, yet Wood continued with his tirade.

Sean O'Brien today, not only criticising Gatland but scathing against Howley as an attacking coach!

I don't particularly like Howley, however a draw against the All Blacks in New Zealand was an excellent series for the Lions. Not saying people should be beyond criticism, however the Irish certainly seem to have a chip on their shoulders and are in danger of undermining what the Lions stand for namely unity across the 4 unions.

Calm down dear!
at 17:34 5 Oct 2016

Talk about an over the top, self indulgent, hysterical response to what is going on at the club, get a life!

The club, it's officials, owners, board can certainly be criticised, but to the level that we are currently seeing...ridiculous.

With regards to the sale of the club. no I wish we had stayed as we were etc but I really don't get what 'supporters' of the club expected of the board. They were potentially going to miss out on a fortune, if they didn't sell. Personally I would have done exactly the same. They've developed the facilities to an unbelievable level, didn't waste the vast income on players wages etc.

In case anyone hasn't noticed we have very little history, and aren't exactly a big player on the world football stage. I get the anger of Liverpool fans when the club was sold to Gillete and Hicks rather than much more attractive options, but to sell the Swans, even considering our PL status was always going to be a hard sell. I might be in the minority of one but these guys don't seem that bad.

We had a crap, transfer summer, no question. One of my own regrets is that HJ stayed on. I get the logic to have some continuity, but wish he had left with the others or whatever the current structure is and in his place a 'proper' director of football employed to oversee transfers.

Mr Guidolin. Seems a very nice bloke, but come on, how many were going ballistic when we took him on? As Monmouth on a thread posted along the lines of, he came in when we were looking awful and destined for the drop, bottom line was we stayed up. In spite of him? because of him? Doesn't matter we stayed up.

This is the modern environment of football though! How many managers last at the same club for more than a few years?...not many. There were some crap performances last year, to the extent that very few on here wanted him to stay and this season we have had our worst start for decades. Yes we are in the prem and yes we've had a tough start in terms of fixtures. Should we have parted ways last season, in my opinion yes, but he certainly deserved his chance..with a heavy heart. What should also be considered was his very poor English.

There were certainly arguments for him to stay, absolutely, certainly to be given a bit more time, but the hysterical response to him going? It's opinions, there is a window of a fortnight for the international break and this is another factor to be considered. The club made a hash of things after Monk, no question ,wrong timing, no back up plan. To be fair though, it appeared that they genuinely hadn't spoken to anyone and hadn't gone behind Monks back to make enquiries. I think they were wrong but give some credit.

So Mr Bradley. I think he was the best option of going for Giggs or sticking with opinion. Could we have got someone with a better CV, no doubt, someone with at least Prem experience..yes. Who knows though. It's definitely a risky option, but as are they all.. that's the nature of it.

The bloke though is an excellent coach, is willing to put his neck on the line and has had success during his career. The racist insults that are being made because he is an American are an embarrassment. I'd encourage all of you who don't watch the MLS to take a look. Not so much from the quality of football, but the passion of the fans. Portland Timbers e.g. create an amazing atmosphere, certainly a damn site better than the library that it the Liberty most of the time.

People who work in 'soccer' in the States are always swimming upstream. Fighting against NFL, MLB, basketball you name it. So for this bloke to have achieved what he has, speaks volumes for his work ethic, determination, character you name it. He may well fail, but he will give us absolutely everything and will make sure that players fight for every second of every game.

Take a look at the league table...Moyes at Sunderland, Hughes at Stoke. Mourinho last season taking a hugely expensive squad to the lower reaches of the league. All are good managers, but it shows that there are no guarantees.

Many would have preferred a cultured South American or continental coach (with a pain in the arse attitude to match), personally give me a hard nosed American, who will give his all, say it as it is and has character in spades.

The Hunted TV Programme
at 22:20 22 Sep 2016

Watched the new series tonight, really enjoyed it.

A question for those who watched the last series, what do the hunters have to do to catch their prey?

Laughable tonight, tracked the two army guys down then just let them escape, so as much as I enjoyed it confused.
Police United FC
at 20:29 14 Sep 2016

Of Concacaf Champions League Group E

...oh dear!
One of the worst performances in years?!
at 19:47 20 Aug 2016

Well that's my take on it.

First of all, well done Hull and Mike Phelan, had a game plan, stuck to it, didn't deserve to win, but that's football...Chwarae Teg.

Yes we passed the ball around ok, but absolutely clueless from Guidolin. Completely out coached by Phelan.

I think all of us pre game would have predicted Hull adopting the tactics they did, no surprise. To adopt tactics with a slow, pedantic approach approach....crap.

Greatest British Sportsperson of All Time?
at 01:32 18 Aug 2016

Who would it be?

I've enjoyed watching the olympics and got into a debate with a friend as to who it would be.

I'm assuming it would be an Olympian as I can't think of a sportsperson outside of olympic sports who would be worthy of the accolade?

The criteria? Longevity, dominance of their particular sport, that sport being a global sport and ultimately being a winner.

I would have said Andy Murray, however, it could be argued that he hasn't dominated his sport although he has done amazingly well and would certainly be up there.
George W Bush
at 21:48 13 Jul 2016

Sorry can't do links, have a look on the USA Today website.

There's a piece on the sombre occasion in memory of the Dallas police officer shootings.

Dubya looks pissed. I believe he's an alcoholic, so, very sad if he's fallen off the wagon at such a sad occasion but as I say take a look!
Cricket....What's the point?
at 15:12 19 May 2016

Don't get me wrong I think cricket is a lovely sport. If I could turn the clock back wish I'd got into it more and joined a club etc for the socialising and all that.

But test match cricket as a professional sport, just don't get it. Surfing the net just now, looking at BBC Sport web site and the main headline is England v Sri Lanka 1st test the score etc and I realise it's that time of year of massive headlines for a game where in the grand scheme of things, it doesn't matter one jot who wins.

What I love about following the Swans and football in general is that every point matters. The stresses of a dodgy season, that win against Norwich which for me was arguably the biggest of the season, the relief afterwards, exhalation, brilliant.

Then along comes cricket and for me the sense of so fu cking what. County cricket!!! ???Nobody watches it. England win or Sri Lanka win and.....?

Surely a professional sport with the big headlines has to mean something? Any other sport in the world and it usually does. Every game lost in NFL and you don't get through to the play offs, same for baseball and all American sports.

Even rugby and the much maligned Pro 12 league, there's something on it.

Surely the future of cricket in the professional world has to be 20twenty?

Boleyn or Upton Park
at 13:19 9 May 2016

Have I missed the memo that West Ham fans call Upton Park the' Boleyn Ground' rather than Upton Park.

Not that I could give a toss generally, but being an anorak for football general knowledge, since I was a kid have always been able to name all the ground names and never knew it as the Boleyn.

Used to read a few references calling it the Boleyn but practically always Upton Park. Now all of a sudden, Sky Sports news coverage of the last game and everything is the Boleyn.

Curious, have West Ham fans voted to refer to it as the Boleyn recently?
at 12:35 8 Apr 2016

Went to a charity 'do' at the Lib last night for Zimkids a charity supported by the Swans physio whom I believe is leaving the Swans to work for the charity.

Very enjoyable night, a Question if Sport quiz between Swans players past and present, an auction etc.

Anyway, on a table next to us was a bearded gent, mid 40's whom all the players were going up to to have a chat and generally treating him with great reverance.

Being the sados that we are we spent the night guessing who he is. I know of most of the people involved with the Swans but couldn't place him.

Anyone have any ideas? Don't think it was Jesus.
Mumbles pubs showing Bournemouth game?
at 18:05 10 Mar 2016


Holocaust Memorial Day
at 19:39 27 Jan 2016

Service on now, BBC 2. Puts the hideous, greedy world of football into perspective.

Shalom aleikhem
The 'Don' or Brendan?
at 12:21 22 Jan 2016

If the Don keeps us up, then Brendan is open to a return in the summer, what do we do?
Our Goals As A Club
at 12:51 10 Dec 2015

I just wanted to pose a few questions and give my views on a few issues.

A while back I posted that as a fan for many years, every time the Swans win a game in the Premier League I pinch myself. A sarcastic moment came back that I must be black and blue by now! Fair enough I suppose.

I was suggesting that it's all been a wonderful journey, whereas the response indicated that we should be aiming as high as we can and not see ourselves as little old Swansea City just here for the ride.

So with the above in mind what should our goals as a club be?

My own personal views are:

Stadium Expansion - Yes would be great to grow the fan base etc, however I can't see us ever being in the position where we can bank roll the costly amount that it would take. To try and continue to compete, as we are seeing to our cost at the moment takes constant investment, to continue to pay the transfer fees for quality players, wages and put aside money for development isn't going to happen IMO.

Not being a financial person, I'm told that to attract investors we must first buy the stadium, how much is that going to cost?

I'll admit to generally being a glass is half empty person, so on this subject I'd have clarity on the situation and put the whole issue to bed, unless we have a willing contributor who ticks all the boxes.

Our Short/Long Term Goals - A few years ago, I popped down to Landore to look at the development going on. We've had some fantastic moments over the past 10 years but for me seeing what was going on there was every bit as enjoyable, possibly more so and is the true legacy of what this journey has all been about.

So looking at our goals, for me the most important aspect of staying up is to have the finance to complete the infrastructure of the club. Don't forget not long ago we didn't have our own training facilities, shared the changing facilities of a private health club. Back in the 80's I used to watch Toschack's side training on fields where Amazon is now, with people winding windows down of passing cars hurling abuse at Dai Davies!

I can't get over the irony that now we have Fairwood, we are playing the worst football that we have done for years. We must, however, continue to develop the facilities particularly the academy. That takes precedence over stadium expansion IMO.

As daft as it sounds, ultimately relegation wouldn't bother me, whenever that happens. I really don't want that to happen this season though, for the reasons above. We need the finance to finish everything off, bank a sizeable chunk to ensure that those employed in the academy can continue in their roles for the foreseeable future should we eventually go down.

Garry Monk and the next manager - Sadly, Garry had to go, gutted, particularly as a club legend like him has to be sacrificed and some of these over paid, prima donna players, remain, gut wrenching! It is what it is though.

I'll not make myself popular here and say that if Pullis was available he'd be my choice. Moyes is my preferred choice at the moment. The football we have played under Martinez, Rodgers, particularly under Laudrup and sometimes under Monk has been sublime.

Personally, for this season alone I think it is imperative to stay up, for the money. We need a man to come in with his own team, with experience of the PL, hit the ground running and keep us up. If we were in the Championship I'd go along with the thoughts of many to go foreign and have an Ajax esq, philosophy. IMO this isn't the time or place, to employ someone with little PL experience.

So the next 20 years, what do we want, my vision -

1. Employ a manager who will keep us up for this season.
2. Complete the infrastructure.
3. Maintain the infrastructure.
4. If we get relegated make sure that we don't do a Leeds, Bolton, whoever. We must maintain our place in the Championship. Might seem a meagre goal, however it can easily go completely ti ts up and at all costs we must avoid that. People forget that our DNA is that we have spent the majority of our history in the bottom two leagues.
5. Ultimately through developing the structure go back to creating our own identity - the Swansea Way.

Finally..Thoughts on the Premier League.

Great moments, great stadiums, great money. Unfortunately it comes with a bunch of overpaid prima donnas, who, if we go down, couldn't give a toss about our club (unlike Garry Monk).

The majority of us will still be watching from the stands, i'm sure we'll be a very distant memory as Gomis sits in the South of France counting his money!
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