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Brentford tickets
at 23:33 18 Feb 2019

Go on sale today 1200 loyalty points
Tomorrow Tuesday 1100 loyalty points
If only we had taken our chances
at 02:48 16 Feb 2019

Great credit to the lads re that Watford injustice, our attitude was spot on how we didn't get something out of that game is heartbreaking, great to see us right at it from the kickoff something we need to take into our remaining fixtures. And credit to our supporters last night, HQ was rocking just like the old days the players and us can be very proud of last night's work, more of the same please. Come on You Rs.
Some thinks that never change, but without question should.
at 03:12 28 Jan 2019

From the first of my many visits to Fratton Park that being in 1967 to this Saturday, its incredible apart from sticking some recycled plastic seats into the old 1967 standing terrace and slightly refurbish the same old singular toilet block, nothing has changed and in the 60s when health and safety was making sure you washed your hands before eating, unlike these more regulated times we live in, it's unbelievable they are getting away with a licence to trade.
The place is a fcuking DEATHTRAP !!
Incidentally that game in 1967 ended 1-1 also.
Fitness Levels ?
at 01:17 22 Aug 2018

Fitness or more so the obvious lack of it, for starters the midfield is visible fading on the hour Luongo's contribution this season has been pathetic, he looks overweight and uninterested how he got selected tonight after his stroll around the Hawthornes on Saturday was on its own mind boggling, it's leaving Scowen in particular and Freeman trying to cover him which is costing us big time as as the games progress. No way should Ingram be in goal tonight, his confidence is shot and that's affecting the limited ability of the defenders Infront of him. Lumley played OK against Peterborough and should have been selected for the West Bromwich game let alone tonight. Smith is well short of last season's fitness and when fit is best used as a substitute for the last half hour, at the moment nobody escapes criticism and until the fitness is substantially improved for us to compete at this level we are in big trouble. Fortunately we have plenty of time to get things sorted, this squad of players are more than good enough to compete at this level when fit, one thing we so obviously lack is a leader on the pitch an old head who's experience could help our younger players through this difficult time, and recruited before this loan window expires.
Eze Re new contract
at 15:43 7 Aug 2018

Three years Great news but we need to have learnt from the Smithies joke of a getting out fee, and have put in place a realistic price on his head incase someone tries to activate it. Otherwise three years means nothing and he will be gone.
Good Possibilities in the Loan Market Re McClaren
at 21:55 18 May 2018

With a respected coach in place the Lone Market may become a valuable option for the coming season, after a period in which clubs have it would seem and quite
understandably so, given our previous coaching set up a thumbs down in that department, they may now look at us as being a serious environment to trust loaning their players into. And with our present financial restraints this could prove invaluable, and McClaren would be smart enough to avoid us ending up with the likes of which Brighton offloaded on us last season. We could be about to regain our credibility as a club that needs to be respected, something that was beginning to be questioned far to often by those outside of QPR.
What's all the fuss about Re Ollie backers
at 03:19 7 May 2018

What's all the fuss about, to even consider slagging Ollie off for his failings this past season, of course we should be looking forward to the fact that next time around our away form can only improve
( the law of averages and all that ) the dwindling home support must surely pick up, and of course the unpredictability of team selections and tactics will be a thing of the past, After all we are only little QPR so what should we really expect, well for those deluded amongst us who claim to be Rs supporters who also continue to back IH with the above agenda, and who are quite happy to look forward to much of the same for the next campaign. Can I suggest It's possibly time to take a good look at yourself and where it may apply, reframe from supporting IH from your front room and come along to HQ next season and if God forbid Holloway is still here, at least your opinion may have some ground's to be taken seriously. Other than that why don't you just keep fcuking stum.
Tactically clueless
at 21:20 7 Apr 2018

IH has a problem no big target man to hit up front, so plan B put a kid who has played a couple of games up front on his own to solve the issue complete madness, it's ok though IH says he made a mistake so we just move on, seemingly with no thought of the damage these type of unexplainable decisions he dreams up can have on our upcoming youngsters. Just another example of the damage this self-righteous idiot will do to QPR if left in charge any longer than May.
Late get To finish top half
at 02:59 29 Mar 2018

10/1 shot to finish top half with Bet Victor definitely on with a decent Easter
Positives and Negatives
at 19:27 17 Feb 2018

Positive great result today gives us the opportunity to maybe approach our remaining games utilizing our squad to play with some width and pace up front. Negative when they went down to ten men IH and MB did not appear to have a clue what to do they spent her next ten minutes looking at pieces of paper and talking to each other when it was plain to see what required was to get some width and pace upfront our bench today was overloaded with options to make quick decisions that on other occasions may be the difference between winning and losing a game. Whilst I am doing handstands over the result today regrettably for us to progress and benefit from the decent squad of players we have and to get the attendances back on a positive note with the view of a less stressful season next time around and the long term stability of the club TF and LF plus others have some difficult but vitally important decisions to make regarding our present coaching inadequacies at my and our football club decisions to be made sooner rather than later regrettably.
R.I.P Dear friend
at 14:16 1 Nov 2013

An Rs fan and season ticket holder for over 40 years and a dear friend
passed away on 31st October 2013 after a long battle
R.I.P Dear Friend
At last a Captain
at 03:20 1 Feb 2013

We have not had a captain that can inspire those around him for a long time at the club recently Nelson then Hill did ok while needing to concentrate on there own input on the pitch not easy for them in the present situation
Prior to them nothing of any note so once given time to settle not only in Samba have we got a towering defender but someone who can give us what we have been desperately lacking for a long time a Leader on the pitch
Essential requirement to get us out of this MH induced mess we find ourselves in
Support tonight
at 02:45 30 Jan 2013

Best at HQ since scum game the performance merited it
more of the same Sat and the rest of the season will get
us over the line
Good to hear the chants for TF well deserved
Top man at a difficult time at our club just what is required
Get Real The Mugs That Boo There Team
at 21:25 30 Dec 2012

Beaten by a Liverpool side at there best today they would have beaten most sides in the Prem on that first half show
So those booing at the final whistle need to have a reality check or maybe just
Fk off
We can still get out of this MH induced mess but need to get behind the lads
and Harry even more when times are difficult
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