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Choose the form of the destructor — Report
Sunday, 5th Mar 2023 15:56 by Clive Whittingham

QPR conceded their eighth and ninth goals to a former player this season as Jordan Hugill ran amok in the latest shambolic 3-1 defeat for our beleaguered team, this time at fellow strugglers Rotherham.

Sub-creatures! Gozer the Gozerian, Gozer the Destructor, Volguus Zildrohar, the traveller has come. Choose and perish.

Ray Stantz: What do you mean, choose? We don't understand!

Gozer: Choose. Choose the form of the Destructor.

Peter Venkman: Oh, I get it. Real cute. Whatever we think of - if we think of J Edgar Hoover, J Edgar Hoover will appear and destroy us, ok? So, empty your heads, don't think of anything. We've only got one shot at this.

Gozer: The choice is made.

Venkman: Whoa! Hold on!

Gozer: The Traveller has come.

Venkman: Nobody chose anything. Did you think of anything?

Egon Spengler: No.

Venkman: Did you?

Winston Zeddmore: My mind is totally blank.

Venkman: I didn't think anything.

[All three slowly turn to look at Ray]

Stantz: I couldn't help it. It just popped in there.

Venkman: What? What "just popped in there?"

Stantz: I- I- I tried to think...

Spengler: Look!

Stantz: No! It can't be!

Venkman: What is it?

Venkman: What did you do, Ray?!

Zeddemore: Oh no!

Stantz: [sighs, resigned] It's the Lean-Back Hugill Monster.

And so we come to that exciting part of the week where I have to sit here and explain and describe how Queens Park Rangers have lost again. It’s now five defeats in a row, six losses from the last seven, no wins in 13 games, one win in 20 matches, and 26 defeats in the last 48 fixtures going back into last season. Rangers have taken nine of the last 57 points available to them and crashed from top of the league on October 22 to fifth from bottom in the first weekend of March — now only eight points and Cardiff City separate us from the final relegation spot, currently occupied by Blackpool, who we travel to play away next Tuesday night with a record of one win from our last 12 away games and none in our last seven.

I sit here and have to find new and exciting ways to describe the horror unfolding before us, and I’m reaching for metaphors and analogies from film and comedy and airline disasters because it’s all becoming so terribly repetitive and predictable. Jordan Hugill, who played for QPR in the 2019/20 season, is the sixth former player to score a goal against us this season after Jack Clarke (two), Jeff Hendrick (two, still cannot believe that), Josh Bowler, Luke Freeman and Nahki Wells (one apiece). Burnley have conceded 28 goals across the entire season, we’ve conceded nine just to people who used to play for us. Hugill absolutely crawled all over Rangers’ centre backs all afternoon: he was rough, he was tough, he was unfortunate not to score a hat trick, he was lucky not to be sent off in the first half, he ran through a shithousing masterclass, he beat us up and, yes, of course, like so many prior to him, he was, stop me if you’ve heard this one before, everything that we were not, everything we need at the moment but can’t find, everything we once had but have now lost. Up front for QPR, Jamal Lowe did little more than punch his timecard and watch the clock, and Chris Martin spent the day trying to back in and manoeuvre a pair of experienced centre backs around under long balls with little to no success at all.

I try and articulate what the particular problem was this week, beyond the more general issue of this lot being a lethal combination of not very good and not that bothered about it. Gareth Ainsworth, not only because this is how he is but also perhaps because he saw what happened when Neil Critchley called the poor little lambs out for their lousy mentality, is clearly going to double down and down again on his “the lads have given me everything” schtick. I get why he’s doing that, but I’m probably going to give the interviews a swerve for a while because I adore Gareth, I’m delighted he’s here, it’s going to break my heart if it doesn’t work for him, but that is simply not true and it’s going to annoy me to have to keep listening to it.

By way of mitigation for the latest failure — a fourth consecutive game in which we’ve conceded three goals, the eighth time this season, leaving us nursing the worse defensive record in the league bar Wigan and Reading — Ainsworth, rightly, pointed to a whopping injury list that now accounts for almost a whole team. A team substantially better than the one we were able to field on Saturday as well: Ethan Laird, Leon Balogun (signed from Rangers on a free, you remember, got a “calf problem” in November), Jake Glass-Salter, Kenneth Paal, missing child Luke Amos, Ilias Chair, the artist formerly known as Chris Willock, Lyndon Dykes, people's champion Tyler Roberts... I’d suggest that’s at least half of the wage bill that caused so much consternation in this week’s accounts sitting in the stand. How many of them are genuinely injured is now a source of some conjecture — we’re approaching the month anniversary of Neil Critchley saying Roberts “didn’t feel he was quite right for Saturday but hopefully next week”, for example, and I’m starting to feel that if we do drop into League One for next season we should bite the bullet, pay the money, take up the £4.5m option on him regardless and take him with us, just to see his fucking face, because you cannot put a price on comedy. Regardless though, from the manager’s point of view, and his team selection, any boss in the league would struggle missing that many first team players, that much of your wage bill, all at the same time. His post match comment that “the cavalry is coming” is a concern, because few on that list have shown anything of late to suggest they’re going to make this situation a lot better, or even try to do so, but unfortunately our survival does probably depend on how many of those come back and how arsed they are if/when they get here.

Without them Ainsworth could only field a patched-up rabble, somewhere between his favoured 4-3-3 and two up top with a diamond behind. It was tricky to tell, really, because hands up I didn’t actually realise one of them, Tim Iroegbunam, was playing at all until the forty ninth minute when his refusal to chase and close down one long ball, followed by a complete white flag abdication from the tackle immediately following it, set up a Rotherham counter from which we only escaped because Sam Field chopped a geezer down and was booked. I guess at least he is still turning up to play, which is something relative to the rest of the summer induction — a midweek team bonding activity and pleas for “buy in” from the new boss moving the needle only as far as Kenneth Paal now being out injured too. The Aston Villa loanee played, ostensibly, a little in front of Johansen and Field, with Albert Adomah nominally named alongside Lowe and Martin, and a back four of Kakay, Dickie, Dunne and full league debutant Aaron Drewe — he's got a long throw, as it turns out, so that mystery didn’t even last as long as a standard episode of Scooby Doo. This is the worst QPR starting XI we’ve put out since returning to this level in 2015.

The problem, primarily, was the defence. Kakay, for all his barrelling forwards, is currently basing his defensive positioning on the Big Ladybird Book of French Military Strategy he got for Christmas, and that was exacerbated here by him having to play left back to at least give Drewe a sporting chance of success on his favoured side in his first ever Championship game. Bar Hugill, Rotherham’s best players were Ogbene and Tariqe Fosu, their direct opponents on either side. It was a carve up waiting to happen, and lunch was served promptly at 15.00.

Drewe is going to be a hard one to mark because I thought he got a bit of a going over, held his own as best he could, but really from our B Team and Oxford City it's a massive step up and it showed. You couldn’t fault him for effort, and his early launch into a towering header in midfield over bigger men drew applause and a fist salute from his manager on the sideline. And there are loads of caveats to any criticism too - the back four doesn't suit us or him, the centre back next to him is playing like a complete fucking idiot, zero protection provided from the supposedly most experienced player in the side “Mr QPR” in front of him, Rotherham's two best players are their wingers etc etc. I felt for him, he gave it his all, and he was better than Kakay on the other side. A real tough assignment for the boy — which is what he is, by the way, absolutely tiny.

One long ball is all it takes. The possibilities. Just after the quarter hour, Fosu's arced ball over the top and in behind Kakay, hopelessly positioned, got Ogbene away. He journeyed to the byline and cut the ball back, Rob Dickie ran past the only Rotherham player in the area and fell on his bum, and Hugill had his first goal from seven or eight yards out, completely unmarked. Hugill was yet to score for Rotherham in six appearances so far and had, in fact, only scored one goal in 16 appearances this season (five yellow cards) and none in 13 games since netting in Norwich’s 2-2 League Cup draw with Bournemouth in August. Since leaving QPR at the end of the 2019/20 season he has scored just 11 goals in 89 appearances for Norwich, West Brom and Rotherham. Him scoring here was so, so inevitable that the collective bank balance of the 1,100 souls on board behind the goal had an immediate uptick — 8/1 for the first goal, really little other than a licence to print money. Half the away end was on it.

He could easily have been sent off just after the half hour, for cracking Jimmy Dunne in the mush with an elbow. I thought referee Darren Bond got it just about right at the time with a yellow, and haven’t seen it back since, but when I do I, as the referee should have been, will be looking at the hand — a spread palm tends to mean it’s accidental and referees therefore lean towards yellow, a clenched fist suggests malice and usually draws a red. Not my words Carol, the words of Pierluigi Collina.

Still, at least Dunne was up for a bit of a battle with him. Whenever Hugill pulled onto Dickie it was like watching a lion try to fuck a sheep. The lead was doubled on 70 minutes when Dickie got himself in all kinds of strife trying to mark Hugill under a cross from the right, hauled him over for a blatant penalty, and then could only stand and watch as the striker converted the kick himself. The third, as at Middlesbrough in the last away game, made it 3-1 after QPR had sent Jimmy Dunne up front to try and rescue a point from a 2-1 deficit. Dickie has had to mind the shop in these circumstances for the best part of four minutes across two away games and conceded two goals in the process. This time he actually started the move in possession, trying to play a relatively simple ball down the line but instead smacking it straight into home sub Georgie Kelly who was then able to run into the box to receive a ball from fellow new arrival Conor Washington and get a shot away that was blocked to Odoffin who slid home.

Dickie has cratered more than most in this QPR team, from a point at the start of last season where was the form centre back in the division and seemingly just a yard of pace off stepping up another level still, to now where he looks like a bloke who’s spent a month in the boot of a car at the airport. He was shocking here, well at fault for all three goals. Ainsworth desperately needs one of either Balogun or Clarke-Salter to put their hand up to play without straining a bicep, and the decision to loan Conor Masterson out to Gillingham looks absolutely wild at this point.

There could have been further damage. Odoffin was able to trundle into the box unmarked, unchallenged and onside for a near post shot blocked by Dieng — noticeable that while Dickie is diving about all over the place trying and failing to head the rebound clear, Dunne is playing everybody onside, and Kakay is nowhere to be seen, it’s Aaron Drewe dishing out the bollockings during the inquest. On 42 minutes, from our own throw in (again, do stop me if any of this sounds familiar), Sam Field tried to head the ball back to Kakay, he came too close, too far forward, and the ball dropped in behind him, and suddenly the home side were away through Hugill again. He did a good switch across the field , Ferguson advanced into the area and shot, Dieng saved well in the top corner. Moments later Fosu’s dipping cross bounced right in front of Dieng, inches away from the outstretched boot of Odoffin who’d anticipated it more than any other opponent and thrown himself in on the off chance. Early in the second half Dieng went chasing after his own failed attempt to catch a corner and appeared to barge a man over in the box in the process — perhaps the theatrical nature of the fall saved the keeper from catching Darren Bond’s eye. Hugill at the back post, really should have sealed his personal treble late on.

By way of response, all you could really say is QPR did at least manage three shots on target, after only managing two in nine of their last 11 outings.

Stefan Johansen’s was probably the pick of those: a back post volley from an Adomah cross that he could have done with keeping lower but would nevertheless have expected to score against most goalkeepers at this level. Viktor Johansson - same name, different Scandi allegiances - is not most goalkeepers at this level and saved spectacularly under his cross bar. For all the talk of where Ogbene will be playing his football next season, I’d be amazed if there aren’t clubs tracking this keeper — outstanding every time I see him.

Taylor Richards ambled on for the last 20 minutes or so and did make a difference. For the first time really Rangers were able to get the ball down and play, and try a few passes to unlock the home defence rather than brute force. One such crossfield pass got another sub, Sinclair Armstrong, in down the left and the tackle on him as he reached the byline by Wes Harding was stupid, needless, dangerous, a very thick yellow card, and an obvious penalty. Jamal Lowe, a foot or so wide with an earlier sighter from 20 yards, converted well to set up a potential big finish but, as at Middlesbrough when the same thing happened, it ultimately succeeded only in keeping the away fans captive a little longer, this time just enough to miss the tram back into town, and experience disappointment afresh all over again. As at the Riverside there was a chance to salvage a miraculous draw. Then it was Chris Martin having a goalbound volley blocked on the line, here it was Jimmy Dunne, who’d curled Rangers’ best chance of the half wide of the far post from the corner of the six yard box 20 minutes prior, striding onto a Kakay cross and sidefooting over when he really had to score. Three one followed soon after, as it had in the North East the previous fortnight. Sinclair Armstrong's late consolation was ruled out for offside.

So, if you want to avoid or dispute all this talk of effort, players not caring, players not trying, players not really being injured, plenty for you to go on here. When you’re missing that many first teaners, when this is the 11 you’re fielding, when those are your options from the bench, when you’re fielding a defence as secure as a hymen at Wayne Lineker’s sixtieth birthday party, when you’ve got those full backs against Ogbene and Fosu, you’re going to struggle. It’s a fact of life. Trying a bit harder, running a bit faster… you could say it’s for the birds really, on this occasion. Rotherham had a better team out than us, won comfortably, and deserved it. It’s not that deep.

Still, though, some strange stuff going on. Adomah’s yellow card came after he went chasing his own first touch, which he attempted to execute in their half and ended up back in ours. He honestly looks like he should be playing Masters football at this point, and he wouldn’t even be our best player in that side - this has been the case since this time last year and yet he not only got a new contract, but two years of a new contract. Pray for the Charlie Austin-style break clause in that one. Still, that was nothing on Richards. He did indeed make a positive impact with the ball at his feet, but his behaviour without it was, just, frankly, weird. At one point Rotherham’s impressive Leeds loanee Hjelde had the ball in the left back slot, with an option for a pass down the line, and Richards about ten feet away, within range to close down and tackle, force Hjelde back and inside to his goalkeeper, or cut the passing lane off to the line option. In the middle of play, with the game going on a couple of yards away from him, and his direct opponent in possession, he stopped, bent down, and started to tie his shoelaces. You had to laugh, and many in our bit of the away end did just that. I said last week this QPR team is now doing things I’ve only read about in books, and this really was one worth a chapter all on its own. Doth one recall the tale of Stephane Mbia’s gloves, and how that season ended?

The river of slime continues to rise. It would take a tremendous amount of positive energy to crack that shell and I seriously doubt there's enough goodwill left in this town to do it.

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Rotherham: Johansson 7; Harding 5, Wright 6, Humphrys 6, Hjelde 7; Coventry 6, Odoffin 7, Fosu 8 (Washington 89, -); Ogbene 8 (Kioso 90+5, -), Hugill 8 (Kelly 89, -), Ferguson 6 (Lindsay 75, 6)

Subs not used: Bramall, Eaves, Vickers

Goals: Hugill 15 (assisted Ogbene), 70 (penalty, won Hugill), Odoffin 90 (assisted Kelly)

Bookings: Harding 82 (foul)

QPR: Dieng 5; Kakay 2, Dickie 1, Dunne 3, Drewe 5; Iroegbunam 3 (Richards 64, 6), Johansen 5, Field 5; Adomah 4 (Armstrong 65, 6), Martin 4, Lowe 4

Subs not used: Archer, Dozzell, Dickson-Bonner, Aurora Borealis

Goals: Lowe 83 (penalty, won Armstrong)

Bookings: Adomah 42 (attempting to retrieve his own first touch from the canal), Field 49 (foul), Dickie 69 (foul)

QPR Star Man — Akos Buszaky

Referee — Darren Bond (Lancashire) 6 All three penalty decisions in the game correct. The Hugill red card, like I say I saw once at the time and thought it was a yellow card, haven’t managed to catch a replay yet to look at whether it’s an open palm of a clenched fist but he doesn’t get a replay. I did think he got rather too sucked into some of the gamesmanship going on in that ten minute period, Hugill twice collapsing to the ground with a “head injury” to get the game halted only to then leap up and berate the official once he had stopped the play was worthy of more action than simply giving QPR a drop ball with Rotherham now all back behind the ball and ready to face us. Overall not too bad.

Attendance 10,563 (1,115 away) I’d rushed to make the tram so missed the apparently unsavoury scenes at full time between some of the travelling fans and Taylor Richards. I’m not advocating such abuse, it’s counter productive at the end of the day however frustrated we are, but there are also people still clapping this team off at the end of the game. One win in 20 games, worse run since 1998 under Ray Harford, three goals conceded in four consecutive games for the first time since 1959, what are you applauding? I’m genuinely interested.

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traininvain added 17:27 - Mar 5
Christ on a bike that first goal is shocking even by our remedial standards. Dickie weak as piss and where exactly is Dunne trying to position himself to stop the cross. He nearly ended up off the pitch!

PeterHucker added 17:41 - Mar 5
I just posted some stuff about the post-match scenes in the forum.
A few reflections on Rotherham... by PeterHucker 5 Mar 2023 17:14
Just thought I'd stick a few things about yesterday's match up here.....

The defending was just as bad as it has been in other recent games, possibly worse in fact.
I have no idea how GA is going to sort that out.
Every time the opposition get forward in open play we seem to be either outnumbered at the back, sluggish in comparison to the other teams, poorly positioned or all of the above.

But in attack I thought there were signs that things were improved from recent matches v Hull, Fleetwood, Blackburn, Sunderland, Huddersfield, Blackburn.
(I live up north so I mainly go to away matches)

Yes I know that's a pretty low bar but hear me out.

The change in style was very apparent. There was no passing it around between Dieng, Dickie, Dunne etc which as has been discussed before makes our play so very ponderous and easy to play against.
I still think Dieng had a few opportunities for a quick throw out to the full back. He did that once in the first half where he threw it out quickly down Kakay / Iroekbunam's side and it ended up with an actual attempt on goal.
That's not to say it was just total hoofball either, Johansen still making a few attempts to play through balls to the forwards.
Anyway I'm past caring how we play now, we just need to do whatever we can to stay up.

I was with my 13 year old at the match yesterday. He gets frustrated with people standing up in front of him so we always sit on the very front row at away matches. At some away grounds that means we are so lowdown we have a really crap view of the match but yesterday our view was decent and we were fairly central so got an upclose view of a lot of what was going on.

There's been talk of a lack of leadership on the pitch at QPR for years now. I thought there was a big improvement in this area yesterday. It seemed like GA has told the more experienced players to speak up a bit and they had responded well.
Adomah, Johansen, Field, Dunne, Martin all taking responsibility & talking to the other players. Adomah was particularly good with Drewe.

Being right behind the goal it was interesting to see the players reactions when the first Rotherham goal went in. Dieng & other defenders stayed on the floor for quite a while, Dieng lying down with his head in his hands.
Field in particular but also Johansen, Martin, Adomah seemed keen not to dwell on what had gone wrong but to get heads up again, give words of encouragement, get the ball back to the centre quickly to, as football cliches would put it "go again"

Drewe made a few mistakes and gave the ball away a bit, but I wouldn't say he did that any more than Laird / Pall have been doing recently.
The lad has some pace, and he was committed throughout the game. Plus the long throw is something nobody else in the squad can offer. It caused Rotherham a few difficulties, particularly in the first half so I'm hoping to see that a bit more over the rest of the season.
It might not be pretty but we are in a relegation battle so we can't afford to be precious about styles of play.

When the 2 subs came on, my son said to me that we needed both of them to improve the team and they actually did.
Richards got the ball down and Rotherham looked really shaky when he ran at them.
In the absence of Chair he may well be the only midfielder we've got who can do that so I hope that whatever's been making him unavailable for selection can be resolved, whether that's been physical injury or his head not being right or some combination of both.
The shoelace thing was still very annoying and baffling though and I'll come on to what happened with Richards at the end further down.
I loved Armstrong's aggression when he came on, he gave their defenders something more to worry about in comparision to Martin who worked hard and was very physical, but looked his age really.
How the fvck was the tackle on Armstrong for the penalty not a red card?

Also a word on the disallowed goal that Armstrong scored. When the ball came through, Armstrong and Johansen were both in contention for it and I liked the determination Armstrong showed in getting to it. He kind of shoulder barged Johansen off the ball to get to it!

As I said before I'm not going to make any attempt to put any kind of positive spin on the chaotic defending. There seems to be very little in the way of organisation in that and unless that changes quickly we are going down. I actually think we are going to go down anyway. Over the last 20 or so games, we have dropped 19 places in the table. So dropping a further 2 places in the next 10 seems quite probable to me.

But I just wanted to say that going forward I thought we showed more intent & belief than we have for quite a while. (to repeat it's a very low bar)

We always stay until all the players have left the pitch, not because we particularly want to but just because my son isn't good with crowds so we like to wait until most of the spectators have gone.

I've seen a claim on Twitter saying that Richards was the only QPR player that came over to applaud the away fans, that's total garbage.
I'm not sure all of them did. But most did. I definitely remember seeing Dieng, Dunne, Martin, Lowe, Drewe, Field, Kakay, Armstrong, Johansen and Adomah who walked all the way over from the bench.

But Richards was over by the away fans a little while before the rest of the players got there.
Over on my left there were a group of youngish lads, probably in their 20s, couldn't hear what they were saying but I could see they were giving it the criss-cross arms "no" gesture and a few other gestures too.
Not blaming those lads, they were p1ssed off and they had every right to be.
Not my style to have a go at the players in that way, I don't think giving grief to your own players achieves anything but all the same I want to be clear that I'm not criticising those lads.

Where I was behind the goal it was mostly old people and other people like me with kids.
All the QPR fans where I was standing were either applauding the players off (like my son) or neither applauding or having a go (like me)

As Taylor Richards came over he seemed to clock the lads giving grief and then deliberately look over towards our area and return the applause to the fans where I was.
Good lad I thought, don't get involved with giving anything back to those annoyed fans, nothing good can come of that. The professional thing to do is to just applaud the fans in general and don't interact with individuals.

But then something changed, all of a sudden he certainly wasn't ignoring those lads, he was walking towards them and gesturing to himself as if to say "are you saying that to me?"

I'm guessing that those lads were saying something about not trying or whatever and Richards felt that didn't apply to him and took exception to it.
I'm sure we all have a range of opinions on whether that should apply to him.
Weird shoelace thing apart, I'd say he did a good job yesterday. Whether that has been the case generally this season I'm not so convinced.

There was potential there for things to get very ugly, but thankfully Jimmy Dunne appeared on the scene and ushered Richards away. Dunne's a sensible lad.
Regardless of what anyone thinks of how he's playing right now, he shows signs of that leadership that we miss a lot of the time.

Very shortly afterwards QPR legend Tommy Collins appeared right next to us, very angry about something, most likely Taylor Richards I think. He was remonstrating with stewards and trying to get past them towards the players. Stewards were of course having none of it and other QPR fans came down to the front to lead Tommy away.

Just to be clear I'm not having a go at good old Tommy either, just reporting what happened.

Anyway after 1 win in, what is it now, 20 games, I really can't see us getting the necessary 3 or 4 out of the next 10.
But I've left many other recent games genuinely feeling that we are getting worse and worse and I really don't know where the next win is coming from.
So I just wanted to come on here to say that yesterday I saw a few faint positives and some signs of the "buying in" that Gareth is demanding.

I hope I won't get dismissed as a happy clapper / rose-tinted / Les Ferdinand apologist for coming on and not being 100% negative.
I can assure you I'm as miserable and pessimistic as you'd expect someone to be after 4 and a half decades of supporting this fvcking frustrating and infuriating football team. And if I'd posted on here after, say, the Huddersfield or Blackburn matches I would've not been able to find a single positive.

Anyway see you at Blackpool.

Come on you Rs!

On the question of what and why are people applauding, well, as I say in that forum post I neither applauded or gave any players grief.
I have done both many times previously and I can completely understand both sides.
We all want QPR to stay up. Maybe those who are applauding feel that the players are more likely to achieve that with positive encouragement from the fans.
That doesn't necessarily mean that they think these players are any good, or giving their best effort for the cause.
I'm sure even amongst those who are applauding the players off, there is a range of opinions on who is or is not trying their best to keep us up.
The older I've got the more I've started to think that having a go at our own players doesn't achieve anything, other than making the person dishing out the grief feel very marginally less annoyed.
That's not to say I haven't coated our own players off many times because I have.
I'd like to think that Karl Ready's ears are still ringing from all the grief I gave him and I was right to do so because he was a fücking useless cünt with shıt hair.


PeterHucker added 17:44 - Mar 5
Oh wow, I didn't realise that posting a link to my forum post would make the whole lengthy post appear in the comments and mean that people would have to scroll down forever to read any further comments.
Sorry everyone!

thehat added 17:45 - Mar 5

QPR Star Man - Akos Buszaky

Spat my wine out laughing……..

I really hate some of the cowards on the treatment table right now but all we can do is try and stick together and somehow crawl our way to safety.

My god its grim.

Hastings_Hoops added 17:56 - Mar 5
I. cannot. again. for. the. life. of. me. understand why we didn’t go 3 at the back with Adomah and Kakay on the wings and field in defence.

charmr added 18:17 - Mar 5
I get the berating of players isn’t very productive however clapping players off. Same lot who clapped the team off after losing 6-1 at Leeds under Holloway. Mind boggling or all Buddhists.

ParkRoyalR added 19:21 - Mar 5
C'mon TraininVain, getting ridiculous

Dunne was criticised on this forum just last week for not being closer to the bye-line to cut-out the cross across the face of the goal for Blackburn's 3rd goal, obviously not anticipating Ossie had gone walk-about,

This week he covers that calamity but hasn't 2nd guessed Dickie running pass his man and being weak as piss,

As I said earlier Baresi + Maldini could choose these two in their current form.

Still let's load up on Dunne as the only man amongst a group of boys. I just don't get our fans.

traininvain added 19:57 - Mar 5
ParkRoyalR no need to be so touchy. It’s just an observation of the all round poor defending that led to the first goal. I hadn’t realised that Dunne was off limits. It actually made me laugh watching the replay as he’s so focussed on getting back that he nearly ends up in the stand! Come on mate, it’s called gallows humour.

GroveR added 20:55 - Mar 5
"watching a lion try to fùck a sheep"

We're so shìt the lion is having a wànk.

TacticalR added 21:12 - Mar 5
Thanks for your report. These really must be painful to write at the moment.

The defeats all seem to blend into one.

Dickie has completely gone to pieces. In his defence, for the first goal, he was shoved over (off the ball) by Hugill, but whether he should have gone over so easily is another matter. Last season Dickie was brushed aside by Mitrović, and I am not sure he ever recovered from that. If you can't match a forward physically, you at least need good timing and balance. Dickie was always ungainly, but now his timing and balance seems to have gone. He looks mentally shattered.

At least we scored our penalty. The season is going so badly that even scoring penalties can't be taken for granted.

ParkRoyalR added 21:25 - Mar 5
C'mon TraininVain, having spent £100+ quid to watch Kakay's abysmal position to give Ogbene a free run to the bye-line and watch Dickie offer Hughill his back, forgive me if I'm critical of fans who watch the game highlights and incorrectly draw attention to Dunne under or over-running by millimetres in trying to cover for those two clowns either side of him.

traininvain added 22:19 - Mar 5
He’s not going to shag you mate.

Lblock added 00:00 - Mar 6
And he’s probably the most committed player we have at the moment

(If he wanted to shag me to guarantee a 1-0 win for us I’d probably let him!!!)

royinaus added 02:50 - Mar 6
My oldest friend just came over to Oz for my wedding. We'd go every Saturday to Loftus Road in the early seventies with our dads. Pete doesn't follow football anymore.
Lucky bas^@rd......

qprpaul9 added 09:50 - Mar 6
Slightly bemused by suggestion of a lack of form in Dickie. I don't see a fundamental change, although clearly Saturday was a horror show, Dickie hasn't actually started any of our last 7 wins (which clearly measured in time is one hell of a period).

Marshy67 added 10:39 - Mar 6
Don't panic!
Wild Thing says the cavalry's coming.
That's what Custer's 7th thought at Little Big Horn and look how that turned out!

extratimeR added 16:09 - Mar 6
Excellent ( and sadly) very accurate match report Clive.

Nicely covered on Drewe, it's not his fault and he kept his nerve, well done him.

It needs to be said, the worst performance by two QPR Centre Half's I've ever seen, Dickie has lost his confidence and needs to be rested.
Dunne allowed himself to be out wrestled by Hugill, ( two goals, two open goal's missed).

I've seen us go down a few times since the 60's but not like this, ( nothing to do with Gareth) but it would appear our absent friends do not wish to play any more?

Yes, you Tyler.

Thanks Clive, really appreciate you keeping us same with the truth.

ParkRoyalR added 18:07 - Mar 6
Appreciate you're a long-time sufferer (although you saw 67 & 76 vintage sides) and eye-sight might be fading but that was Dickie who Hughill out-wrestled twice,
Regards two open goals, I think SJ missed our best chance but Dunne's first, after a good turn looked an easier finish to me than the 2nd, thats a few chances he had late on when going forward so hopefully one of them lands soon.

w7r added 13:55 - Mar 7
What a depressing read.

Thanks for the report Clive, dunno how you and those other hardy souls keep going TBH. I used to do quite a few away days when I was single, we went with the expectation that a win was not an impossibility, but this reads like the death throws and we're just waiting for the priest to show up to shout the last rites.

As always though with Clives reports, there's the odd silver lined cloud, on this occasion:

What has happened to RD:
"Whenever Hugill pulled onto Dickie it was like watching a lion try to fnuck a sheep" & " to now where he looks like a bloke who’s spent a month in the boot of a car at the airport." - absolute gold - what images these conjore.

john00 added 21:06 - Mar 12
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