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Just a fun trip down memory lane.............................. 20:42 - Apr 24 with 62396 viewsDale57

What things and places have a special place in your Rochdale childhood.........
Some of mine are
Brights nursery on whitwoth rd
Heybrook school
Howarth cross
Football and sports against other schools around Rochdale
Rochdale baths
ABC cinema
Holingworth lake
Fair on cattle market (now cop shop)
Ashy valley flats
Loads more.
Just a fun trip down memory lane.............................. on 13:31 - Apr 22 with 370 viewsSuddenLad

Just a fun trip down memory lane.............................. on 13:15 - Apr 22 by EllDale

You certainly like your chippys Knightowl!

My favourite for a long time was actually in Castleton, on Newchurch Street.

The first Indian restaurant I remember was the Koh-I-Noor on Drake Street near the junction with Maclure Road. Unfortunately that stretch down to Wet Rake looks really tatty these days.

My favourite Chinese restaurant was the Wing Wah on the corner of Lord Street.

Best Chinese chippy was probably Luckys on Spotland road. Always called in there after a Monday night home match. For some reason we seemed to play on Monday nights in the 1960's rather on a Tuesday?

Lucky's chippy first opened in early February 1971. Mr Suen who owned it (and the Wing Wah) had all the menu/price boards made and installed and within a couple of weeks had to change them all when we changed to decimal currency. He was a near neighbour of mine.

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realise how close they were to success when they gave up.”

Just a fun trip down memory lane.............................. on 19:36 - Apr 22 with 267 viewsmingthemerciless

Just a fun trip down memory lane.............................. on 12:46 - Apr 22 by The_Knightowl

There was chip shop on Whitworth Road nicknamed "Dirty Mary's" ? not that she was in that smelled of damp , red peeling paint work, flag stoned floor, not the cleanest of aprons but darn fine chips!

There was a chip shop on Baillie Street (John Street end) next to a garage with old Playboy pictures adorning its walls (inside) the chippy did tuppence worth of chips on the way home from the ABC minors. ( any body remember one of the managers(Ernest Frizby ?)

Kings cinema had a projectionist called John .........a chippy just round the corner and an off licence on the opposite corner.

The International / Milkstone road did the best Pea and mince curry on a late night.

The Lamplighter on Dane Street very much a parachute club.

The church that stayed on the John Street / Whitworth road became a Ukranian Church.

Razors Edge Barbers on Yorkshire Street popular in its day, the owner went on to Buy Healey Dell farm House ( the old bloke who owned that must have broken his back at some time as he stooped at 90 degrees.

The Fijian Rugby players frequented The Trafalger and Ramsey Street bookies,,,,and the bloke who had the Chinese chippy must have been a Triad as he didn't sell enough chips to lose that much money.

The Polish guy who had a Tech shop on Yorkshire Street (Joe Koczur?)....mostly sold Dynatron.

Gale Street Chippy "Booleys"

The swap shop on Halifax Road where you could swap old did he make money? although the stock would be worth a fortune now.

Redmans in the indoor market and that brilliant book magazine stall that sold "Famous Monsters of Filmland, Errie and Creepy horror comics

and the Radcliffe arms hosting some awesome djs of the time Margi Clark........ just a few

I thought Joe Koczur was Hungarian.
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