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RAFC Shareholders - Morton House = 0
at 11:22 29 Jun 2022

The updated RAFC confirmation statement (shareholders listing) is now available at the Companies House website.

It appears that the traitors shares are still listed as being in their name and not Morton House. Guessing that is due to the EFL intervention last year. Morton House does not appear on this statement at all.

Makes previous claims of "owning 43%" of the club by some people look... erm... untrue.

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Need to see the details, but...
at 01:14 25 Apr 2022

Government to introduce independent football regulator in England after backing fan-led review.
at 07:22 7 Apr 2022

What does the panel think of this article?
Trillions, Toys, Munto and Morton
at 00:24 21 Mar 2022

This is a fascinating, and relevant listen - 6 audio episodes describing the Munto times at Notts County, something we were all too familiar with back in the 2009-10 promotion campaign.

Link to all 6 Episodes here:

Ep. 1 - Notts County sold a pup by smooth talkers.

Ep. 2 - "Journalists begin to pick away at the façade and what they uncover makes for uncomfortable reading." At RAFC, fans pick away at the façade and what they uncover makes for uncomfortable reading. Somebody from the toy business living of the fat of the land in his own self-interest? Parallels? How ironic that the mind behind the Notts takeover was someone from the toy industry who left a trail of disaster in his wake. "Fraudsters persuade people to lie for them" .. clip from 13:52 screams Morton House, whoever they are.

So the series continues. It gets much worse as we know.

It also has to be said that Munto put up a convincing front to get fans onboard.
Morton have done the absolute opposite - utterly unconvincing claims and absolutely cack-handed behaviour, especially online, that has ensured there is not one Dale fan who believes one iota of their implausible nonsense. They can't even understand the most basic of EFL rules where a takeover is attempted. They ran away when the EFL began to investigate. With an implausible nonsense now fronting them, they are attempting to bully RAFC to get money back from their foolish, unconvincing attempt at "investment" that has gone horrendously wrong, and will go even further wrong as the EFL investigate. High Court action against individuals to try and bully them will never win - the Dale community, the football community, the EFL will not allow it.

How impressive that our fans, shareholders and current directors have seen through Faical Soufane's Morton House. Notts, as bury, let the fraudsters in. We have done everything to keep the questionable out. We stay fan owned or cease to exist. We may find a guardian angel to put loads of money in for real one day. Until then, we as fans must remain in control.

Agreed it's grim on the pitch right now, but the fight off the pitch must carry on with the solidarity we've all shown so far. As I think 49th season quoted recently, "the darkest hour comes before the dawn". We're getting there. The future of the club comes first last and always.

Cooper sacked at Barrow
at 17:43 20 Mar 2022
Fat Pat: Update.
at 11:18 18 Mar 2022

Wednesday Morning 16th March 2022.
Fat Pat is walking home from Denehurst Park shop and whilst looking at the mobile phone, notices the EFL have charged "a number of other individuals with alleged breaches of EFL Regulations".
Fat Pat sees a familiar looking car and familiar faces whining.
Fat Pat records this for us.

Keys found in away end
at 17:07 19 Feb 2022

We found a set of keys on the steps following the second goal celebrations. They are going back to RAFC on the supporters coach if you've lost them
Fundraiser - 10th February
at 12:13 1 Feb 2022

Tranmere off
at 11:55 27 Nov 2021

Deja vu - Boxing Day 2011. On the coach to Tranmere. Driver pulls up to take a call just outside Liverpool, and announces the match is off because the wind had taken the roof of a stand.

No player ratings thread?
at 23:42 25 Sep 2021

Was looking forward to high-scoring O'Connell and Bahamboula and down-scoring a rank bad ref
For rkershaw / older supporters / Andrew Curran
at 01:42 3 Sep 2021

Time to adapt an old classic theme tune from "Dad's Army"

Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Curran
If You Think We're On The Run?
We Are The Boys Who Will Stop Your Little Game
We Are The Boys Who Will Make You Think Again
'Cause Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Curran
If You Think Old Rochdale's Done?
Mr Dale Goes Off To Town
On The M62
But He Comes Home Each Evening
And he's online screwing you!
So who do you think you are kidding Mr Curran
If You Think Old Rochdale's Done?

Original here:

WooHoo ! Pick this one out of the net!
at 21:12 19 Jul 2021

Incredible work by all concerned!
EFL statement about Rochdale AFC
at 15:15 12 Jul 2021
Stockdale it is
at 18:03 10 Jul 2021
Sharehunters alert
at 14:13 30 Jun 2021

Looks like someone / some people are trying to hoover up shares.

[Post edited 30 Jun 2021 14:14]
Save Records - Dale connection
at 14:48 28 May 2021

Who remembers this stall on the inside market? Never twigged it was set up by ex-Dale goalkeeper Simon Jones (mid-Sixties), hence its name.

Johnny Trunk, archivist of the unusual in music and popular culture has sent this out today on his mailing list:

"Today, as promised I am launching the latest amazing bargain Trunk tee shirt. I am unbearably excited about this. As followers of my tee shirts over the last few years will have noticed (and there are at least three followers of my tees shirts), I have been turning old / long gone record shop bag graphics into modern / groovy tee shirts. It started with Woolworths Record Dept, then on to Our Price, and the journey has continued around the British provinces, with independent defunkt shops from Chelmsford to Kings Lynn and beyond. The latest "bag tee" is possibly my favourite so far...

In the late 1960s, the Rochdale FC goalie Simon Jones decided to hang up his gloves and open a record shop. And he called it SAVE RECORDS. Of course he did. I believe he also drew the fabulous goalie on the logo (who is catching an LP), which may or may not be a self portrait. He ended up with four Save Record shops in the end - Bury, Radcliffe, Rochdale and Lincoln - the last one standing was in Bury Market which was sadly closed in 2016. Anyway, I tracked down the last owners of Save Records and Simon has given permission to use his logo on the tees. I love everything about this, including the fact that it mixes two reasonably incongruous elements - soccer and record buying. But the message is beyond strong - SAVE RECORDS, and the illustration is a fab example of naïve folky brilliance. I have gone a bit nuts as these things normally sell out fast so this time I have made three different tees and two different sweatshirts. And even my monosylabic super cool teen has stolen one so it must be hip."

24 hours....
at 20:56 9 Mar 2021

A crucial 24 hours in the history of Rochdale AFC. BBM has to go. But will he? Can the board defend / excuse / plead poverty enough to justify their inaction to unacceptable results if he stays on, at a fans forum without fans present? The so called "custodians" of the club look like they couldn't care less about the 1st team results or League 1 status. How many fans will give up and walk away saying enough is enough?
Or will BBM get sacked and give a shred of hope for the future?

Get your beer / drink of choice and snacks ready... a right old game of opinions is about to kick off.
Fan's forum 10.3.2021
at 21:06 2 Mar 2021

Any predictions as to how it will go?

I'm guessing the script will be 100% "poor little Rochdale". Never mind the struggles of other clubs, NOBODY will have had it as bad as "poor little Rochdale". We can't compete with anyone, ever, because we are "poor little Rochdale". Being in 4 consecutive relegation dogfights in League One will be repeated as "historic success". Ambition and positivity will not be mentioned as those present salute each others abilities.
Add lashings of extra "poor little Rochdale" for good measure.
[Post edited 2 Mar 2021 21:14]
"Covid-19: Continuation of football in England 'not wise',
at 14:53 29 Dec 2020

says Rochdale club doctor"
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