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Cliff Jones 85!!!! 18:59 - Mar 24 with 720 viewsdickythorpe


Cliff Jones 85!!!! on 19:18 - Mar 24 with 685 viewstheloneranger

Happy birthday Cliff YJB

I've met Cliff quite a few times before and since he's retired from football and he's always been a total gent, especially when my sons were younger. How much would he be worth today?? What a tremendous player, fast, skilful and with a terrific bicycle kick.

It's hard to believe, but Cliff tells a story how Jimmy Greaves saved his life when he gave him a real dressing down about his heavy drinking and how he was losing his family and eventually his life. Cliff then admitted to himself that he was an alcoholic and needed help, exactly the same help that Jimmy Greaves had received.

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Cliff Jones 85!!!! on 20:01 - Mar 24 with 645 viewsJack59

I was about 10 tears of age when I first saw him play for Wales at Ninian park.
He was so quick with the ball, I couldn't believe what I was seeing.
The only two other players that I've seen move away so quick from defenders are Gareth Bale a few years ago, and George Armstrong for Arsenal around 1970.

Cliff Jones 85!!!! on 21:56 - Mar 24 with 602 viewsWxmJax

Neil Armstrong didn't hang about either.

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Cliff Jones 85!!!! on 06:18 - Mar 25 with 537 viewsBrynmill_Jack

Nice to see he is still alive and hopefully we’ll. Happy Birthday Cliff, another one off the almost endless 1950’s Swansea footballing production line

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Cliff Jones 85!!!! on 16:26 - Mar 25 with 448 viewskrunchykarrot

My old man tells me that the Spurs 1960 side changed football.

Cliff Jones 85!!!! on 16:44 - Mar 25 with 439 viewstaffpunk

I met him a couple of times in the early 70's when he came to visit his old team mate Mel Hopkins in Ystrad Rhondda. My Dad was a good friend of Mels, and he popped in with him to see my Father. Very exciting for a little kid.

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Cliff Jones 85!!!! on 16:50 - Mar 25 with 427 viewsladyjack

Cliff Jones 85!!!! on 16:26 - Mar 25 by krunchykarrot

My old man tells me that the Spurs 1960 side changed football.

I did a list of the greatest football clubs in the World some years back and that Spurs 61 team came out as the best English team ever, although I did have them just below the Celtic 67 team who came out as the greatest British club team.

Cliff Jones 85!!!! on 16:51 - Mar 25 with 427 viewsDarran

He wanted Spurs to win the first time we played them in the Prem. He said it.
Fućk him.

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Cliff Jones 85!!!! on 16:57 - Mar 25 with 417 viewsladyjack

Cliff Jones was the best winger in Europe in his day (Brazil did have Garrincha, who some Brazilians rate as better than Pele).
I think the story was that Cliff put so many crosses in against Brazil in the 58 World Cup (Some say Brazil's best national team even counting 1970), that if John Charles had not been kicked out of the tournament by the mighty magyars then the gentle giant would have had a field day and Wales would have won the World cup.

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