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Financial Loss to Jenkins, Why he wont resign !!
at 10:35 11 May 2018

When the sellouts sold their souls it was calculating in many ways, the previous season we had a cost cutting exercise to make the club attractive to investment, selling players at a massive profit and then replacing them cheaply. Then as we all know concentrating on selling their shares and missing out on decent transfer targets.Appease the fans with "Next Level" bollocks
I understand as a condition of the takeover the yanks wanted Jenkins to stay on for a number of years, in the contract there was a clause that if Jenkins left the club he would have to personally pay back a percentage of his ill gotten gains.
So surely he wont want to do that, is that the reason he will try and stay on?
Due Dilligence on Roque Mesa
at 17:07 19 Apr 2018

I have recently been on holiday in Tenerife where the subject of Swansea city came up with some of the locals who supported Las Palmas.
Indeed some of the people were acquiantace's of Roque Mesa. when i told them that his experience with us had gone a bit pear shaped they laughed as apparently in certain circles within the Canary Islands he is well known for a party hard drinking lifestyle.
My point is this, if some strangers who know him are telling me this then who the hell does our due dilligence on transfers when spending millions of pounds.
It seems if the rumours are true about his love of the ale whilst in Swansea then all of this mess could have been avoided.
Jack to a King 2
at 22:03 1 Jan 2018

In this follow up much has changed, the club have won its first major trophy, been acclaimed universally as a champion of the underdog, respected by pundits and fans of football clubs nationwide, envied by our neighbours.

This may seem like a dream but just like a Bond film there is evil plotting away blinded by greed and masquerading as friends and custodians of the club when in fact they are the ones that threaten it.

This may seem far fetched and unrealistic but it is happening now, let’s hope for all the people who love our club we can make sure that there is a happy ending.

Watching Jack to a King seeing those smug Kent’s made my skin crawl.

If this was a Film we could send them to an Island and nuke them.
Boycott Morgan’s Hotel
at 11:28 27 Dec 2017

Don’t spend a penny there, or in any business owned by these people. Let’s name the businesses and let them stew with their 30 pieces of silver. Ironically Judas I believe if the stories are to be believed hung himself after his betrayal.
Corporate Nonsense
at 23:13 27 Oct 2017

Despite the paint drying standard watching our once beloved Swans
Playing like a 2nd Division team in a cup match, parking the bus at home
the insight into the corporate lounge.
The beer is undrinkable, it’s a mess, they had a corner for kids with
Xbox’s but they took it away this year for more seats. We are all units or minions within a
Money making machine that has no connection with the club I remember do well when Jordy Gomez scored against Cardiff and the amazing atmosphere and the home game against Forest on route to Wembley.
The silence is deafening, us supporters are numb, almost like when you split up with your mrs, you know it’s going to happen but are in denial.
I would rather lose 3/0 and have a pop rather than watch this shit.
Bring back those Vetch pasty’s
Jenkins the Hero
at 11:49 18 May 2017

After being at the awards dinner it was sickening to witness the admiration for Jenkins.It makes me
wonder whether there is a hidden agenda or if the likes of Paul Clement really understood the nature of the betrayal. Is Jenkins above being accountable?
Time will tell.
Voldemort Bradley
at 10:41 20 Nov 2016

Just watching Harry Potter with the kids and couldn't help but notice that our self professed saviour Bod Bradley looks is the spit of Harry's nemesis Voldemort. Think it may take a spot of wizardry to predict which players he will pick for the next game.
[Post edited 20 Nov 2016 11:28]
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