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I wouldn’t back Arsenal
at 22:58 8 May 2019

to beat anyone on the road at the moment but there’s a real chance of both finalists in both European competitions coming from the same league.

Has it ever happened before?
Sala, Cardiff City, Agents and flights.
at 19:17 19 Mar 2019

The plot thickens...
We appear to be loaning
at 21:23 31 Jan 2019

DJ to Leeds
LF to Villa
JM to West Brom.

This is a poor show. Surely we have some players that Norwich, Sheffield U, Boro, Derby and others above us in the table could use to bolster their promotion or play off push?

Of the 10 teams above us we’ve only managed to strengthen three of them and the damage to our squad is only severe at worst.

Pull your finger out Jenkins, that’s a big wage packet you’re needing to justify.
Mystery Sea creature washes up on Rhossili beach
at 22:43 24 May 2018

I wonder what it is.
Trust Statement
at 12:11 10 May 2018

The following statement will be published shortly on the Trust website.

'The Swansea City Supporters' Trust would firstly like to congratulate Huddersfield Town Football Club and its Supporters’ Association on confirming its status in the Premier League for another season, unfortunately for us almost certainly at our expense.

When Swansea City were promoted to the Premier League in 2011, we were similarly unfancied to remain in the division. However, we confounded our critics by playing an exciting brand of football on our way to safety, at the expense of more established Premier League clubs who were on a downward trajectory.

It is with sadness that the Supporters’ Trust notices the parallels between our current situation and that of those clubs relegated seven years ago. As a football club we have lost our footballing way and our footballing identity, making poor, usually reactionary, decisions time and time again. The Swansea Way, for so long a source of considerable pride, has not existed for some time

The Supporters’ Trust has previously urged the majority owners of Swansea City Football Club to implement a full review of the running of the footballing side of the club. We have also previously expressed a lack of confidence in Huw Jenkins and called for his removal as Chairman of our football club. Our concerns were well justified and the view of the Supporters’ Trust remains the same in this regard.

The Supporters’ Trust urges the majority owners to take this opportunity to learn from the mistakes of the last few years and implement the necessary changes to ensure our football club regains its sense of identity. If we fail to do so, there is more chance we will struggle further rather than regroup quickly and challenge to regain the Premier League status we have now almost certainly lost.'


As mentioned in our recent email to members, we will be issuing a statement next week relating to the Trust's shareholding and the next steps.
Relegation? Treat it as an adventure.
at 11:30 7 May 2018

Interesting perspective here. I’ll buy this if we go down. If we stay up - not so sure.
The football gods
at 12:56 2 May 2018

Were smiling last night when the League 1 results meant that for the first time AFC Wimbledon will be playing in a higher division than MK Dons next season.
How many points clear of relegation will we be on Saturday night?
at 14:34 26 Apr 2018

How many points clear of relegation will we be on Saturday night?

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Marcos Alonso
at 11:11 19 Apr 2018

Banned for our game. He’s been one of Chelsea’s best players this season.

Every little helps.
Today’s excitement at the bottom
at 11:58 7 Apr 2018

Apart from our game we have:

Bournemouth v Palace
Brighton v Huddersfield
Leicester v Newcastle
Stoke v Tottenham

Arsenal v Southampton
Chelsea v West Ham

All home wins except for an away win at Stoke would be very nice indeed.
at 11:36 1 Apr 2018

Undoubtedly the most flaky of the big six.

Next two PL fixtures are Stoke and Southampton at the Emirates. They play CSKA Moscow on Thursday and the following Thursday in the competition that offers them a chance to win silverware and quality for the CL.

Let's hope they turn up for the league games.
Another indicator of the difference under Carlos.
at 13:07 12 Mar 2018

Huddersfield had 30 shots on Saturday; 11 were blocked, and only four were on target. Since Carlos Carvalhal was appointed on December 28, only five Premier League clubs have conceded fewer goals (11). In the 20 games before, only five clubs had conceded more (31).
A simple indicator of the difference under Carlos
at 12:46 5 Mar 2018

In November we had 4 shots on target.

On March 3rd we had four goals in 62 minutes.
Another article about our predicament
at 11:06 25 Jan 2018

This one is on Football 365.
We can change the entire squad in January
at 12:53 27 Dec 2017

And all we'll be doing is trying to treat the symptoms.

We need do deal with the cause of the symptoms or we won't get better.
Bony out
at 16:58 21 Dec 2017

For Palace, Liverpool and probably Watford - hamstring.
Some good news at last
at 11:43 21 Dec 2017

Ryan Giggs has ruled himself out.
Trust Chairman's statement
at 16:43 20 Dec 2017

Following the announcement on Thursday of my appointment as Chairman of the Supporters’ Trust I was able to speak with a number of Trust Members after the Members’ Forum in the evening. I am probably known to some others but felt it appropriate to send out this more general message to all members by way of introduction.

As I said in my opening remarks on Thursday I did not envisage being in this position even a couple of short months ago. Having stepped up into the Vice Chairman’s role to support Will Morris following his appointment as Chairman, the completely unwarranted treatment of Will on the Internet led to the Chairman’s seat again becoming vacant and the need to again step up; this time to lead what I am sure we all recognise as a unique organisation. Unique not only in that it is the only Supporters’ Trust owning shares in and being represented at Board level at a club in the Premier League, but also an organisation which played a significant role in the journey that the Club took from near extinction to the richest league in the world.

Although joining the Trust as a member from the start I take no credit for the huge amount of work undertaken by a relatively small group of fans during those early days. I was the one putting money in the bucket rather than carrying it and together with many Swans Fans young and old I will always be grateful for their endeavours.

It was by way of giving something back to the organisation that I was persuaded to seek a position on the Trust Board. Retirement from my job at the DVLA had provided me with a resource which I knew would be welcome by the Board – time. Little did I realise then the accuracy of the old adage that when you are retired you can never understand how you had time to go to work! That became evident quickly however and even more so when I later took on responsibilities for media relations and membership administration within the Trust Board.

The years since we gained promotion to the Premier League have probably provided the most challenging times for the Trust since those early days; and none more so than at present. The proposal to sell some of the Trust’s shares was I know not universally welcome, but most if not all of you will have been involved in the comprehensive consultation exercise that was carried out last summer. The result was an overwhelming majority, amongst those members who voted, to accept the deal on the terms offered in the consultation documents. Since then of course the resignation of Phil Sumbler, our long standing Trust Chairman, has raised concerns about the deal.

Your Trust Board has issued a number of statements clarifying the situation but there remains a prevailing thought amongst some fans that the payment terms of the deal have changed from that quoted in the consultation documents. This is not the case. There was certainly some clarification needed when we had details of a payment structure which we had not been made aware of. Phil, who had worked closely with the majority shareholders in putting the deal together, took the view at the time that the failure by the majority shareholders to highlight potential inaccuracies in the payment terms in our consultation documents amounted to a breakdown in relations with them. As mentioned in our previous statements the majority view of the Board, including other long standing Board Members who had been closely involved in the discussions with the majority shareholders, was to continue discussions in an effort to clarify things. Phil felt he could not lead the Trust Board in that direction and resigned from the Board. The ongoing discussions between the two legal teams have however now got us to a point where the payment terms of the deal are fully in line with the consultation papers.

As is also mentioned in those consultation documents, proceeding with any decision by the members to sell shares was always subject to the Trust Board being satisfied with the resulting legal contract that would need to be drawn up. Examining the detailed clauses associated with that contract is the current process that the Trust’s legal team is now working on, and our statement issued to members on 14 December highlighted some of the specific areas being looked at. We have a sub-group of the Trust Board monitoring that process and this has been recently supplemented by specialist expertise brought in as part of the recent co-option exercise. The Sub-Group will be bringing any proposals back to the Trust Board before any final decisions are made.

The debate around the current share deal together with the poor performance of the team on the pitch has certainly put a dark cloud over the Club and indeed the Supporters’ Trust. As I see things the fundamental reasons for progressing with the sale of some of the Trust’s shares remains as outlined in our consultation documents issued in the summer. However, and at the risk of repeating previous statements if, when discussions have been completed, there is anything in the terms of the proposed agreement which is contrary to the terms provided to members’ in the Summer exercise we will bring it back for further consultation. Given the very clear mandate we received and the care that has been taken and continues to be taken, to ensure that terms are in line with the original consultation exercise, I hope that all members will recognise that the Trust Board is complying fully with that mandate you provided in the Summer.

I know that there are some of you who remain concerned that the events surrounding this deal, in particular Phil Sumbler’s resignation, has cast doubt over the ongoing relationship between the Club and the Trust. Several of you have been in touch recording such concerns. Please accept this acknowledgement that the Trust Board will take full account of such concerns as we move forward.

When the Club was sold to American Owners in 2016 any relationship was inevitably going to change. The reality is that with 75%+ voting rights the majority owners have more or less complete control of what happens at the Club. The relationship with remote owners is inevitably different in any event and from the time they came on board it is probably fair to say that our direct relationship has been mixed. It is well documented that it took a while in the early days for the new owners to properly engage with the Trust. This changed following the departure of Bob Bradley and the subsequent appointment of Paul Clement. Perhaps the most significant element of the relationship has been the regular dialogue, agreed with the majority owners, that now exists at local level, with our Supporter Director Stuart McDonald holding regular weekly meetings with key personnel at the Club. There remains inevitably a more distant relationship with the American based majority owners and questions that arose around the detail of the share deal might have been clarified earlier in different circumstances. The fact that the dialogue continues however remains a positive with the Trust able to bring the concerns of our members directly to the decision makers at the Club. Needless to say the final outcome of the current deal will also go a long way to establishing how that relationship moves forward.

Whatever the eventual outcome however it is important that we as a Supporters Trust move forward in a positive way. You have my assurance that I will be doing my best to ensure that we will always have the long term interest of the Club and its fans as the focal point of our plans and I look to my Trust Board colleagues and you the wider membership for support in doing so. Words are all well and good however and I recognise that we as a Trust Board need to show tangible evidence of progress. Currently as well as the sub-group monitoring the share sale negotiations, we also have one examining membership and communications and I am sure you will see some positive outcomes from that shortly. In the meantime if you have ideas to assist us please get in touch via

On a personal level I am normally around on match days - home and away - so if you get the opportunity please stop and have a word. At the Liberty I am regularly at the Trust Pod pre-match whilst I normally travel to away games on the supporters’ coaches provided by the excellent Swans Travel Club.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this message which turned out to be a little longer than I originally intended. As we move deep into the festive season may I also take this opportunity on behalf of all connected with the Supporters’ Trust to wish you and those near and dear to you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year - a few points wouldn't go amiss either !!

Best wishes

Alan Lewis
Clement on signings
at 14:06 7 Dec 2017

“The guys from the communications department have compiled a list of players we’ve been linked with. It’s a good list. I’ll have to look into some of those players. There’s some on that list I’ve never even heard of”

You really would have expected the manager to be involved to some extent at least in compiling the list of targets.
at 20:25 1 Dec 2017

Outstanding delivery from a corner there.
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