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Calling Sweyns_Eye
at 06:42 8 Jul 2016

Check your PMs mate - cheers.
Horrible, Nasty Stoke City
at 16:17 30 Jul 2015

Fair play.
Our Eastern Cousins - An Interesting Read
at 13:50 23 Jun 2015

Worrying times for Cardiff?

This guy does regular pieces on football finance issues and seems to know his stuff.
Park & Ride for Saturday
at 12:31 15 Jan 2015

Originally posted this in the Tickets forum but thought I might get an answer here.

I normally use the Felindre P&R but this weekend will be coming from the other side of town. Have seen references to the Recreation Ground P&R - is that the one next to St Helens on the Oystermouth Road?
Late Arrivals
at 14:07 25 Nov 2014

Also posted this in the Tickets forum so, Admins, feel free to delete one or the other - just thought I might have more chance of a reply here.

I have a ticket for the QPR game on 2nd December but now need to be in North Wales that day. Will be doing the trip by IeuanAir (Cardiff / Anglesey) so, if I get my clog down, I should be able to get to the Liberty by about 8pm.

Would I have a problem getting into the ground at that time? Not ideal but better than missing the game completely.
Local Builders
at 11:50 10 Oct 2014

Can anyone recommend a skilled, reliable builder in the Port Talbot area?

Need to knock through into the garage so will involve work to an outside wall so will need to be someone tidy.

Thanks in advance.
Not complaining but.....
at 07:16 24 Sep 2014

....why did Distin try to head that ball last night when it was only about a foot off the ground? A sturdy size 12 and it's away from danger.

Please note, I am not nor ever have been a central defender at any level of the game.
Swansea Driving Instructors
at 21:35 25 Aug 2014

Anyone got any suggestions?

My eldest daughter started with one last year when she moved to Swansea and he seems very reluctant to put her in for her test so either she's a truly awful driver (she'd already been learning with another instructor in PT for about 6 months before moving) or he's just trying to make as much cash as he can.

Cheers in advance.
at 13:02 23 Jul 2014

Been away for a few days and a bit out of the loop in terms of Swans news but has there been any confirmation from the Club re: Pablo's departure?

The last I saw was a photo of him supposedly training with some Qatari team but nothing more.
It's bad enough when supporters do it.....
at 10:10 15 Mar 2014

.....but this is a whole other level!
The Run In
at 13:54 12 Mar 2014

Had a bit of time on my hands earlier this week and decided to go through the remaining fixtures for everyone below Southampton.

It's thrown up a few interesting points :

While Sunderland have a few games in hand, they have to play 5 of the top 6 away from home. Against that, they do play all of the 5 teams directly above them, 4 of them at home.

Palace have to play 3 of the top 4 although these are all at home, however they also have to play all the bottom 3 away.

Six of West Brom's last 10 games are away from home - they have only picked up 9 points out of 39 on the road so far this season.

Stoke probably have the easiest run-in with their only remaining game against the top 4 being an away game at Chelsea.

EDIT to add number of remaining games, split of home / away and current points.
[Post edited 12 Mar 2014 14:02]
The Cost Of Standing Your Ground
at 16:16 20 Feb 2014

I suppose you can understand it from a purely revenue perspective but it's almost as if they will do whatever they can to alienate the fans.

Junior Teams
at 13:46 11 Sep 2013

Quite a few months ago, someone posted a link to a video showing clips of a few of our junior teams playing delightful, passing football.

Obviously, since the move to the new site, that thread has ceased to be and, equally obviously, I didn't bookmark the URL so does anyone have the link?
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