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London knuckle-draggers
at 11:24 20 Jul 2018

So, it seems London is the least tolerant city to homosexuality in the UK according to the British Social Attitudes survey...

"Just 73 per cent held this view about sex before marriage and 67 per cent about same-sex relationships.
The trend is despite London having the largest proportion of gay, lesbian and bisexual people in the country.
Researchers said the regional variations were down to "religious differences" between different areas of the country and Londoners' social conservatism was "largely driven by religious factors". "

Religious differences? Hmmmm

I'd like to ask how Lisa feels about this? Do you think this intolerance towards our gay brethren, in your London, is a problem...I know you hate this sort of thing. If so do you think we should try and reduce it? or stop it growing?

Obama calls SJW a bunch of w@nkers...
at 16:23 19 Jul 2018

I see Barry has turned into a white supremacist...

Casual Bay in the Swansea area
at 11:35 4 Jan 2018


The Mofficial Swans vs Spurs matchday thread.
at 14:57 2 Jan 2018

Swans vs Spurs
Time: 7:45 I think
Liberty Stadium

This is spurs they play in white like us...

This is Harry Kane. He's good...

Keep an eye out for both teams mascots who will be lurking around the dug outs. You and the kids can have great fun laughing at their oversized heads...

Here's a local pub. Just ask anyone for directions (it's by the petrol station)...

Stay safe and enjoy yourselves. Oh and don't forget to vote for POTY. C'mon you Swans.
FAO The Humpster.
at 11:06 25 Dec 2017

A present for you on this fine day of our Lord. Enjoy...

The idiots are at it again...
at 16:49 9 Nov 2017

They said they would and now they've gone and done it. Here's a bunch of assholes screaming at the sky in outrage. Let the two minutes hate commence...

F*cking w@nkers
DNC rigged the nomination for the Hillbot...
at 18:39 2 Nov 2017

according to Donna Brazile.

Amazing woman
We have a new Rosa Parks...
at 18:22 1 Nov 2017

And stupid f*ckwit progressives call her the racist.

So, some fat little narcissistic singer that goes by the name of Lido Pimienta has told all the white people to move to the back of the auditorium and let the 'people of colour' move to the front. One brave white woman who was working as a photographer refused (good f*cking work, girl). The short fat narcissist left the stage.

Since then the organisers have apologised for the racist behaviour of the woman who wouldn't move

It's funny, most people think if they were on the bus with Rosa Parks they would have stood up to the injustice. I'm of the opinion most people would not even have recognised the injustice at the time. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.
Asian immigrant girl spoils racist's party
at 15:54 13 Oct 2017

Poor cow, when they invited her to their protest against racism, she didn't realise what they wanted to do was stand about and demonise one race. She actually thought they wanted to fight racism.

Well Said Mel Brooks
at 18:06 23 Sep 2017

Well known Nazi, Mel Brooks, has spoken out against the Church of Political Correctness...

Run, Mel...the inquisition is coming for you.
Wilf starts for the U23's
at 18:46 11 Sep 2017

Can watch live on official site. Nordfeldt, Narsingh, Fulton and Mcburnie also
[Post edited 11 Sep 2017 18:53]
Seatbelt prank
at 20:56 5 Aug 2017

What the heck is a
at 17:49 26 Jul 2017

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