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Gould signs....
at 09:41 21 Aug 2018

So, full steam ahead on reinforcing our development squad as we sign another prospect, a goalkeeper.

Huw still active?
Liberty Stadium Opening?
at 12:04 22 Jul 2018

Was it 13 years ago today? Didn’t we play a friendly against Fulham or was it Blackburn. I know that Marc Goodfellow scored in of them games.
Cardiff City Kit
at 16:30 4 Jul 2018

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What’s going on?
Chairman and absentee owners must take blame for Swansea’s decline
at 20:33 10 May 2018

The Guardian article...

Says what we know but it’s good that it’s getting out there.

[Post edited 10 May 20:37]
at 12:01 28 Dec 2017

Carlos is the new manager
Andy Yiadom
at 08:39 19 Dec 2017

Mirror reporting we've agreed a fee for Yiadom.

Fills me with confidence. He's had one half tidy season in the championship. Maybe he'll step up but Barnsley and he seem to have gone backwards. But Huw sees a saving ...and I'm not talking about the club.
Paul Clement and England
at 09:44 17 Dec 2017

What's this that PC nearly got the nod of Big Sam to join him in the England setup. A shame it didn't come off I guess but why spout that at this point in time? He could learn bucket loads of Sam. His teams maybe dour (ish) but they win and score more than they don't. Which of course his teams do the opposite. This PC experiment has gone far enough and is turning out like the Monk and Bradley versions. Of course this has been said many times. The yanks will begrudge firing him, HJ will not want to fire him either as it's means he's admitting picking another dud! By the biggest conman of them all, mr HJ disaster of football.

We are looking a very good bet for relegation and it's far more certain this season than last for many reasons not least our inability to score goals but primarily becuase of leadership and direction (and maybe a little bit of -too many fans allowing to happen. ) of the club. There is none. And to those who say we can't get rid of Huw, who will replace him ? I say be ph cking bold and make it happen. Be positive. Be sure and know what you want. Move the club forward and do not continue this stagnation of 4 years as it's actually moving the club backwards against the real world.

HJ out and PC out. You've both failed too many times.
at 10:30 4 Dec 2017

It's been suggested on Jims site that we have approached Roberto?
47 Million wasted or small steps?
at 12:18 1 Dec 2017

So we spent about 47 million in the summer on Clucas, Sanches, Bony and Mesa.

They've clearly not had the desired effect so far but can they improve and thus improve the team going forward. That is, enough to get the points we need to ensure survival? Signs are there that Wilf is starting to hold is own and get his fitness back but is goals we need. Does he have those around him to create? Can HJ be trusted to recruit what is needed in Jan? Will Clement still be here to play his part ?

Or, is it another massive waste of money on behalf of the club in part by Huw but PC must also share .

47 million fu gg ing pounds. 10 years ago we would never have thought we would waste that amount of money. We've come a long way for sure.
Get Koeman in!
at 17:03 18 Nov 2017

Surely that is the end of Clement.

No sign of any improvement or that we are about to turn a corner. Its getting progressively worse week by week and his time is UP!

Thank you for last year you utilised Siggy and Llorente well and may have been sold short in the summer but you've lost it.

First, its time to bring in Koeman.
Second, Huw get your pen out and write your resignation ASAP.

Just to add, give Koeman a project and let him build something over the next 2 - 3 years. Full control in January of recruitment and must be backed !
[Post edited 18 Nov 2017 17:06]
Regime change
at 10:44 17 Apr 2017

Under what circumstances should our Trust undergo regime change? I guess the question is in simple terms have the Trust succeeded or failed in their duties? Black and white...

If yes I guess it's carry on as you are, if not what are the options?
Like a new signing...
at 10:36 17 Jan 2017

Looks like we a 'like a new signing' coming to a club.

Welcome back Marvin Emnes. Here to score and create the goals that will keep us up. Maybe, he even take llorentes position when he leaves.
[Post edited 17 Jan 2017 10:36]
PSG competition for chelsea
at 10:19 10 Jan 2017

In signing llorente from us. Might help us get a better deal...whatever that may be.

I'm hoping he doesn't get sold off as I think if he does go it will send out all the wrong signals. It's hard enough to attract players here anyway without the club being run like a circus. If llorente goes and with Borja not doing it we will be an even bigger pickle.

Hopefully just paper talk.
Narsingh move now in doubt?
at 09:24 3 Jan 2017

According to a few of the rags news coming from the Holland this morning suggests Luciano Narsingh is unsure about whether to join us ?

A deal wwas thought to have been agreed with PSV Eindhoven, but we maybe gazumped by Burnley, Sunderland or West Brom, all of which are also said to be interested.

I guess you reap what you sow and this is the 'why would they/he join a struggling club' coming home to roost!

He'll probably sign for WBA.

As Darren would say F*ck Him!

30 million transfer kitty?
at 22:54 1 Jan 2017

Well, at least according to the Mirror.
Rebuilding in the Championship
at 14:23 30 Dec 2016

Why do we have to go down to rebuild?

Surely build/rebuild from a position of strength? Are we not in a stronger position right now than what we would be if we were in the championship? If we go down we will not be in a position of strength and certainly not when compared to those teams in the championship that have been building squads for a crack at promotion. If we go down we ain't coming straight back up, no way.

We are not a had the chance to rebuild in the summer just past but we chose not to, was it because we were still in the EPL?

We're still in with a chance of staying up with the right decisions. We've made the first now is the time to be bold and go for it because we might not have this opportunity again for a very long time.

With the right manager and some quality additions to the squad we'd have a great chance IMO and given the disastrous start to the season it's amazing really that it's still not too far out of our reach. Safety that is.
Its not Giggs.
at 18:19 29 Dec 2016

Good or bad news?

[Post edited 29 Dec 2016 18:21]
at 11:04 28 Dec 2016

Anyone else listening?

Some interesting comments but also some complete and utter bollocks. According to some guy on the panel we spent big in the championship and bought our EPL promotion! Clueless.

And Tony this guys gets paid for spouting his crap is unbelievable. Not a clue between the pair of them.
End of (last season) summer review
at 18:41 27 Aug 2016

I wonder the outcomes were from the end of season review that Huw said would be conducted? Anyone...
Xavi Alonso
at 20:21 4 Aug 2016

Just checking out the llorente wiki and amusingly it says he (llorente) will be joined at Swansea city by Xavi Alonso.


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