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away travel Aston Villa
at 15:58 31 Dec 2018

Does anyone know if there is any availability for coach travel to Villa on the 5th. I have a ticket , but my usual care is unable to make the trip. I have tried the ticket office but it is now closed ( I guess till Wed) Any info or available contact number / email address would be appreciated

Thanks in advance
villa v swans live video
at 10:39 20 Oct 2018

Is this available for this match. Watched the Wigan game, but can;t find this one, only Blackburn
Do ginger nut biscuits contain nuts?
at 18:12 18 May 2018

I am just having a couple with a cup of coffee, and wondered why they are called gingernut, when the do not contain nuts.
This recipe I found seems to further confuse the issue

Preheat oven to 190C/fan 170C/gas 5. ...
Melt butter, sugar and golden syrup in a pan until melted and the sugar has dissolved. ...
Sift flour and ground ginger into sugar mixture and stir well.
Using wetted hands make walnut sized balls of the mixture and arrange well spaced out onto the baking sheets.
When is a ban not a ban
at 16:21 26 Dec 2017

Charlie Austin gets 3 match ban, but is currently injured and not able to be fit for some weeks. Do you think he should be made to serve his ban when he is fit again .
Just what do refs say
at 18:04 19 Aug 2017

When they pull a player aside and sometimes spend a few minutes talking to them. When Pogba should have had a second yellow card and then a red today, and the ref only had a chat?
Disabled and carer season ticket renewal
at 18:38 2 Mar 2017

I am a wheel chair user season ticket holder and want to renew for next season. I have always had a carer with me , but for next season I need to get a doctor to validate my need for a carer.
Can anyone help me to understand what I need to tell my GP what exactly I need from him to sort this out.
I am fully capable of putting in writing all my health issues which will explain my needs. Any help would be appreciated as there is only a few weeks left to buy my ticket.

Thanks in advance. Peter
Give Alan Curtis a testimonial
at 17:09 6 Jan 2017

If anyone deserves one it's Alan
Fast food/ Slow coffee
at 20:34 13 Dec 2016

Everything these days is all arse about face. Wherever you go it's all fast food, but a cup of coffee takes ages. Was in Costa Coffee this afternoon, ! customer in front of me, 4 staff behind the counter, and took 12 minutes to get my coffee.

give a jack a jacket
at 10:10 8 Dec 2016

Is this still running, and if so where are the drop off points. Thanks
Arsenal tickets
at 10:20 5 Sep 2016

The system works!! 5 minutes at 10.10am 2 tickets purchased online

Arsenal V Swansea
at 19:21 30 Aug 2016

Hoping to get to this match on 15th Oct, and am looking for any suggestions for hotels either near the ground, or west of the ground near to any Piccadilly underground station.
Must have parking.

Thanks in advance
Swansea is no longer in the premier league
at 12:50 20 Aug 2016

I have just finished watching Football Focus, and unless I blinked and missed it, Swansea was not even mentioned as playing today.

Did I miss it?
Womens World Cup
at 13:07 28 Jun 2015

Just finished watching the England/Canada game, and I have to say I was impressed by a number of aspects.
OK the skill and technical abilities were inferior to the Men's game, but the passion and commitment was equal to, and at times better.
What really made the game so enjoyable though was the almost complete lack of cynicism, cheating and diving. surrounding and complaining to the ref at almost any opportunity.
These are the sort of things , so prevalent in the Men's game not just at International level but at league level. I may be old fashioned ( because I am OLD), but I wish we could somehow take all the so called "Professional" elements out. What the hell is a professional foul. and why is it considered as a skill and lauded by commentators and pundits alike, it"s cheating.. Why is it ok to try to get other players sent off, and constantly harrasing and abusing the match officials.

Sorry rant over,
What is it with hair styles
at 20:54 23 Jan 2015

So many football players are looking like extras from "The Peaky Blinders " series or
Street urchins from Victorian times?
The range of hairstyles these days just make me laugh.
What does anyone else think?
Just what is the difference?
at 16:33 19 Dec 2013

Between a Home Flyer and an Away Flyer, an if there is, what are the stats on which one win more often
car parking
at 13:44 23 Sep 2013

I have already posted this on the NOT JUST FOOTBALL site as not sure where would be the best place to get a response.


On 16th Sept I parked up in the Morfa shopping car park at around 19.15 and gor away at around 22.20. I received a parking notice from EUROCARPARKS today with a 70.00 charge for "overstaying by 97 minutes".
I was wondering, as there were loads of supporters doing the same thing that night, if there are any more fines being received.
The reason I ask is that there are a number of forums about Euro car parks, pointing out that these charges are not enforceable and to ignore any correspondence and not to repy to any letters , initial or subsequently received.
Any comments or views would be gratefully received.

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Terry Medwin
at 20:38 4 Aug 2013

I bunped into Terry Medwin at the Gower Show earlier today, and had a nice chat about his playing days with Swansea and Spurs and times after his injury when he was coaching the likes of Fulham, and the great days as Assistant Manager under John Toshack.
He still gets to watch the Swans occasionally, and it was a pleasure to meet him. It was great to see him looking so sprightly for an 80 plus. Another Swans legend.
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