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WBA adult ticket for sale
at 21:31 28 Mar 2018

PM me if interested please. Cost 20 of course as usual, so 20 wanted.
Lampard on MOTD
at 22:14 12 Mar 2018

Fair play, our former player gave us a lot of praise for our performance against Huddersfield. There are many who wouldn't have done. He obviously appreciates the fact that sometimes you have to do whatever you have to do to get something.
Kris Nordfeldt
at 14:40 28 Feb 2018

Deserves his own thread for keeping us in the game last night. Thought he was poor in the Notts County replay, trying to punch crosses I could have caught and regularly causing panic in our defence but fairplay, he was excellent last night and we might not have a quarter final to look forward to if he hadn't made some very good saves in the first half especially that first fingertip save which was world class.
Form table
at 16:21 31 Jan 2018

Points from last 6 games

1 Liverpool.........15
2 Tottenham......14
3 Man City.........13
4 Chelsea...........12
5 Man Utd.........12
6 West Ham.......10
7 Swansea.........10
8 Bournemouth...9
9 Leicester............8
10 Arsenal............8
11 Newcastle.......8
12 Crystal Palace..8
13 Stoke................7
14 West Brom.......6
15 Brighton ......... .5
16 Southampton...4
17 Watford............4
18 Everton.............3
19 Burnley.............2
20 Huddersfield.....2
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Starting tomorrow......
at 00:02 10 Sep 2017

We have 7 consecutive home games against Newcastle, Watford, Huddersfield, Leicester, Brighton, Bournemouth & West Brom. It's always said that you need to win your home games and all of these must be seen as winnable so a decent points tally from these 7 games plus maybe the odd point away should see us close to 20 points well before the half way stage of the season. We need to make The Liberty a fortress, starting tomorrow.
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Interesting on Sanches
at 09:48 3 Sep 2017

Not sure if this has already been posted and I apologise if it has but it's worth seeing.

Stats, can someone explain?
at 21:05 16 Aug 2017

The stats say we didn't have a shot on target against Southampton but surely that shot from Tammy after he'd left a Saints defender on his arse in the box, was on target until it hit a retreating defender? Why does that not count? Forster certainly thought it was goalbound.
New Season Tickets being made available.........
at 16:06 28 Apr 2017

Just bought my son a season ticket only 5 seats from my own and last week my brother and his son managed to relocate to seats almost within arms reach of mine. A bit of sweet talk to those around us and we could all be sitting next to each other next season

Would this have been possible if the odds weren't stacked against us retaining our Prem status? Looks like many are deserting already.
Dear Mr Clement,
at 08:10 6 Apr 2017

A few weeks ago I watched our team lose at Bournemouth in a game where your team selections were severely hampered by injuries to 3 of our 4 fullbacks. As a result, you experimented by using Leroy Fer as a makeshift right back and while he did a decent if unspectacular job on the day, the absence of his physicality in our midfield meant we never really got to grips with the game from the first whistle to the last due to a lightweight and dysfunctional midfield trio being overrun by their harder working counterparts.

I left the ground that afternoon feeling that the 'experiment' had been an unmitigated disaster but that is had been forced upon you by circumstances, however I was comforted by the certain knowledge that I would never have to witness it again.

So could I ask you one simple question please? On that disappointing afternoon, what exactly did you see (that I clearly missed) that led you to believe that the same 'experiment' was ever likely to work against a Tottenham midfield that is clearly harder working and more technically able than Bournemouth's? I genuinely would love to know.

When we saw Ki preparing to come on last night, my brother mentioned that it looked like Naughton was the one being replaced to which I replied "O God, no, please don't put Fer at right back again, that was a disaster at Bournemouth and I can see us losing this 2 or 3-1".

On this occasion, there are no excuses due to circumstances. You had a decent enough fullback on the bench in Steven Kingsley and although he would have been on the right instead of his preferred left, at least he IS a fullback with a fullback's instincts who is used to playing as part of our back four system. Instead, you again chose to move Leroy Fer out of his vital midfield role to become a stand-in fullback and as a result, we surrendered whatever grip we had in midfield and were overrun for the final period of the game which ended in a heartbreaking defeat.

Yours sincerely, a depressed and troubled
Mr Karnataka
Claude Makelele
at 18:07 25 Jan 2017

Talking to some mates about our defensive shape and organisation against Liverpool, we were wondering how much input Claude had. If he played a major part in the massive improvement, CM might well turn out to be our best signing during this window.
Lessons learned?
at 20:36 27 Dec 2016

1/ I hope the American owners now realise that there is far more to running a premier league club than they are aware of and that they can't just make assumptions about what sort of manager is appropriate. A manager has to be appointed for football reasons only and there are certain criteria that must be met if another disaster is to be avoided.

2/ I hope the club learned a lesson when they sacked Monk and we don't end up in a similar fiasco during the coming weeks. If they did learn a lesson from that fiasco, they will have already talked to prospective managers behind the scenes before giving BB the bullet and a new appointment should happen quickly so that the changeover comes with minimum fuss.
The Self(ie)-Obsessed
at 20:22 8 Oct 2016

While non-football topics seem to be in vogue this week, I thought I'd toss another in.

I've just returned from a few days in Italy which included a long overdue visit to Venice, a city of almost unparalleled beauty IMO.

Only one thing spoiled my Venice experience. It seemed to me there were countless thousands who had spent vast sums of money and travelled very long distances to visit some of the world's most impressive and iconic sights. But what do they take photographs of instead? Themselves. WTF?!?!

I wonder if they show their friends their photographic holiday memories by saying things like "Here's one of me obscuring at least half of the magnificent Basilica of St Mark in Venice" or "Here's another one of me and you can just make out a bit of Niagra Falls over my left shoulder or "Here's one of me completely ruining an otherwise excellent photograph of The Taj Mahal at sunset". Give me strength.

And if I'd seen another f*cking selfie stick within 24 hours of leaving Venice, someone may well have ended up with some serious rectal injuries.

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Chelsea after Ben?
at 08:55 18 Sep 2016

At the end of Motd, they showed a newspaper article about Man City being after Alexis Sanchez but to the left of it was a smaller article which said Chelsea are interested in Ben Davies. If it happens, could be a good move for him or could just be a case of swapping one bench in London for another.
The £50 deposits for STs after expansion
at 16:30 17 Aug 2016

Back in June, the club were contacting people who had stumped up a £50 ST deposit, or 2 in my case, pending the stadium expansion and were offering them their money back or the opportunity to but a ST whether they already had one or not. I was lucky and bought 2 STs for family members.

What I'm intrigued to know, if anyone does, is where did these available STs come from and how many were available? I was always under the impression that there was some sort of waiting list for STs but this scheme seems to have sidestepped any waiting list assuming there ever was one.

Did a lot of people not renew during last season's renewal period so their tickets went back on the market and were first offered to those who'd paid the £50 deposits?
Llorente / Williams updates
at 14:35 4 Aug 2016
Has anyone managed to stop laughing yet?
at 22:14 27 Jun 2016

I haven't.
One more time
at 18:46 13 Jun 2016

Cork in top 10 marathon men
at 18:04 19 May 2016

Don't know if this had been mentioned anywhere else and apologies if it has but Jack Cork ran the 8th furthest in 90 minutes on average for the season. Well done Jack!
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