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Oh what a beautiful morning
at 07:12 12 Jul 2021

Oh what a beautiful day
Hair Clippers
at 18:17 23 May 2020

Got a feeling we've done this before, but I'm starting to look like Gandalf and I can't see hairdressers opening up any time soon. Anyone got a recommendation for a decent quality inexpensive hair trimmers?
Some more nice memories
at 11:32 20 May 2020

Leighton, unplayable.

TV Themes that stir the 1960s/70s blood
at 16:55 17 Apr 2020

I've been doing some online lectures and while waiting for people to join I've been introducing todays youngsters to some of my favourites from the era. It's fair to say that they're not impressed, but I enjoy it so they can naff off. So far I've got in reserve:

Man in a suitcase
Randall and Hopkirk
Danger Man
Department S

I know there were others I used to love but can't remember. Any favourites?
at 17:46 8 Apr 2020

Is the next Prime Minister.
Long Shot (but I'm always amazed by PS)
at 18:48 23 Mar 2020

When my dad died last year he left us his house which is an old council steel framed house. It needs a fair bit of renovation or it is probably worth relative pennies. Problem is the steel frame makes it a specialised job. The firm that does the council owned ones told us they don't do private work, so we're a bit stuck.

Anyone know of anyone decent that would carry out this sort of work?

For anyone that knows the houses, they are the ones opposite the Lidl (old bus garage) by Caereithin Cross. Or like the ones on Heol Cadifor and I think theres similar down West Cross.

Oh and does anyone know a reliable and kosher auction firm? Just in case we decide that's our only hope. This is a rubbish time obviously but we can at least start to get our ducks in a row.
at 13:44 22 Feb 2020

Really wants to go up.

Leeds and WBrom did their best to blow it, but Fulham and Brentford are making a right dogs breakfast of their opportunities to really pressure them at all.

Happy New Year
at 11:39 31 Dec 2019

And happy birthday to me.

Hope you all have a great 2020, even the idiot brexit fanboys :)

Just remember, there is no problem that a pub cannot solve:

Thirsty? They'll bring you beer
Hungry? They'll bring you food
Lonely? They'll bring you beer.

Enjoy. I'm off to Devon. Missing our biggest win of the season...
at 23:02 15 Dec 2019

Analysing Spurs. Could be describing us. TURN AND PLAY FORWARD. FFS.
at 18:41 3 Nov 2019


FA f*ck things up again.
Car PCPs
at 12:23 12 Sep 2019

I know we've done all this loads on leasing, but have we done PCPs? I'm thinking about it as I still want a diesel but don't really want the risk on the 3 or 4 year value. There seem to be some decent guaranteed residuals and 0% offers out there at the moment on new shiny shinies.

Anyone got any advice on traps to avoid or how to get best value when dealing with the car sales sharks? Out of principle I'll be walking away from the first couple of bastards, whatever they offer.
Tamsin Abraham
at 17:26 24 Aug 2019

Youngest player to score 2 for Chelsea since 1536 or something. What a guy.

Honourable mention for the Doe Eyed Spanish Omelette too. Laid on a goal against Stoke.
City ticket
at 19:23 9 Mar 2019

I don’t think I can make it now because of the kick off time. If anyone wants a south stand back row ticket for face value £17.50 and can pick it up from around the old Severn bridge or Bristol next week then drop me a pm.
Another steaming weekend turd
at 16:59 1 Dec 2018

Football wasn't up to much either.

Interesting article from Stuart
at 10:14 9 Nov 2018


It's true what he says, statistically and visibly. The bottom 5 (or 7 really) are utter dogshite. We would have survived pretty easily this year, even with last year's dross, possibly even with the hopeless Clement.
Aberavon Beach - Quick Question
at 19:39 28 Jun 2018

Been 50 years since i've been there so I've no idea what the score is now. My friend is thinking of taking her two young children on her own to Aberavon from Brizzle on Saturday if sunny so they can play with sand and water and also get a view of the airshow without having to deal with Swansea crowds and traffic/ manage buggy etc.

Is that a sensible strategy for at least a view of the planes? Is the beach a decent one for the kids (6 and 3year olds)?

Ta in advance.
Independent Financial Advisers
at 09:23 17 Jun 2018

Sorry lads and lasses, I asked this a while ago but can't find the thread or where I put the suggestions.

I need some advice on pensions and retirement investment very soon, but I don't trust any of these type of sharks. I tend to believe they are totally in it for themselves not their client. Anyone know one that they would have any faith in? I remember a couple of people did. Presumably these were fee based rather than commission based.

Any help gratefully received.
at 08:45 17 Feb 2018

Do an excellent away fan guide


The travel from the town to the stadium is free with our tickets. They really have got their act together.
Spot The Difference
at 19:06 18 Dec 2017

Mark Hughes when Moses dived and Monk went off on one

“I heard him say that my player is a cheat, which is unacceptable in my view. He’s obviously upset. We have to come here 20 minutes after the game and speak about what’s gone on and sometimes you have to bite your tongue. Maybe that will come from experience.”

Mark Hughes on Saturday

"He's clearly dived. He's a clever player, he'll draw a foul or some kind of challenge but he wasn't clipped," said Stoke boss Mark Hughes after the match.

"Referees need to get match-defining decisions correct and he certainly didn't get that one correct."

Massive bell end.
Call me Mystic Meg
at 11:10 9 Nov 2017

But I don't think this is going to end well at the self proclaimed 'Academy of Football'.


Run fatboy, run.
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