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So..Leicester spend 22.5 m on a RB..
at 12:07 20 May 2018

Don't know why I'm posting this..other than I'm extremely pissed off..

Leicester recognised their deficiencies last season (after finishing 9,oh no sooo bad..) and they have an owner and a board who give a sh!t about the state of the cub..

Now tbf Swans finances are not as big as Leicester's..But sticking all these years to f*cking Naughton hoping he'd magically turn into Roberto Carlos was f*cking stupid..We could have got Arias for 10 m last year and now he's going to play for one of the biggest teams in the world (Juventus).

..Meanwhile,Leicester sign Pereira,because they know if they stick to constantly injured Simpson they might find themselves in a similar trouble as ours one day..

In a nutshell,Kaplan,Levien,Jenkins,Donovan,The 28 and the ever-useless Trust..F*ck the lot of you :)
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QPR appoint Steve Mcclaren..
at 01:02 20 May 2018

Well..that's one spot for League One sorted out then..

Thank f*ck we dodged the bullet here..
Clucas undergoes knee surgery..
at 14:52 19 May 2018

And he'll probably be out for about 3 months..

Great start of the season.
Football Finances by Dummies.
at 10:20 18 May 2018

Warning:This thread contains Mathematics.

Let me start with correcting a misconception that keeps circulating around this forum. That our wage bill for last year was 99 m. But many seem to disregard that our club release financial records for 14 MONTHS at a time. Unlike most other clubs that release it every 12 MONTHS.

Therefore,our wage bill is estimated to be about 85 m last year (including some serious f*ck ups like paying compensations for 2 managers and hiring a 3rd)

Now for the main point of the thread..Amortisation..Blimey but what's that?

I like to teach with examples. Not words..

It was reported that we paid 12 m to buy Bony back (some mugs we are)..and it's reported that he's earning a salary worth about 5 m/year (mugs again)..over 3 years.

Bony's salary over 3 years=15 m

add the fee to that we get 27 m total investment in him

27/3 (number of years of contract)=9 m (The recorded figure we've spent in bringing Bony in)

so it's not 12's 9 m.

About the same concept could be considered for sales as well.

Now many of you thought that Sigurosson was sold for about 40 m to Everton..True. But on the financial sheet it won't recorded in that way.

Then how do they record it?

Siggy had 2 years left on his contract with us before we sold him. he was reportedly on a 3.5 m/year. (we owed him 7 m in a way,but since we sold him we obviously don't owe him this figure anymore)

so..40 m + 7 m=47 m

47/2 (years of contract)=23.5 m (The actual amount of money we've earned from selling Gylfi)

so it's 23.5 m...not 40 m.

Last July we've sold: (I've already done serious calculations here which I will spare you the details of)

Siggy:23.5 m
Llorente:17 m

TOTAL:40.5 m

we bought since then the following mugs:

Bony:9 m (as I already explained)
Clucas:about 6.5 m
A.Ayew:10 m (he'll cost us 35 m over 3.5 years unless we sell him of course)
Renato Sanches:about 8 m over 1 year
King on loan:probably only half of his wages so about 1 m

TOTAL:34.5 m

net profit of sales this year so far: + 6 m

Now if we sell Mawson for 20 m (assuming his wages are 1/year with 2 years left in his contract) we'll raise about 11 m in his sale for example.

Letting Bony for free alone will save us 5 m in Amortisation.

selling Baston for 2 m will raise us about 2.5 m and so on and so on..

Ok..I'll stop blabbering for now.
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Stoke/West Brom/Swansea next season..
at 11:35 17 May 2018

3 "established" Premier League clubs find themselves in the sh!te.

Arguably,the 3 teams have similar finances,similar quality,and similar amount of funds to raise of selling key players.

Thing is,what's gonna separate them is:

1-Quality of Manager.
2-The quality of core players who will still play for them.
3-Transfer plans and efficiency.
4-The quality of their academy.

Realistically,which of those 3 teams have the better shot at getting back into the PL?

Personally I think it's between the Swans & WBA. Even though they have a rich owner who might be willing to fight hard to re-establish themselves at the top tier.

I personally think Stoke are f*cked,with selling Shaqiri,Butland,Martins-Indi,and of course Allen and potentially N'diaye, they're gonna need a massive overhaul for a real chance,bigger than ours.

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Buffon to leave Juventus..
at 11:10 17 May 2018

after 17 years at the club

1 World Cup
11 Serie A
5 Italian cups

Legend..we should go for him,to back up Nordfeldt of course
Who are our Academy players with biggest potential?
at 00:39 16 May 2018 cut it at a Championship level?

Truth is that I haven't seen many play..surely Roberts has impressed somehow..seen Maric but left little impression,Rodon was decent when I saw him but that's all.

Fulton and Grimes could cut it on the bench probably.

Heard a lot about Byers and James,are they any good?

What other names are there?
The Realistic 2018/2019 Championship transfer thread.
at 13:06 14 May 2018

Don't you just love that time of the year? "said no Swansea fan ever"

But we must get into it..discuss..inspire hope,fears and such..

Realistic sales:
Mawson:20 m
A.Ayew:12 m
Fernandez:6 m
Fabianski:5 m
Mesa:5 m
Baston:2 m
Rangel/Britton/Ki and maybe Routledge:free

TOTAL:50 m

squad will look like:

CMF:Fer/King (assuming we buy him)
CMF:Carroll/Fulton (oh god..)
CMF:Clucas/(some academy player steps in like Maric/Grimes etc)

realistic buys:

King:5 m
CB:5 m
AMF/winger:10 m

TOTAL:20 m

I'll suggest some names aready

Ash Williams
Mo Besic (done well with Middlesbrough)
Ngadeu-Ngadjui (Cameroon international,worth 3-4 m,strong physical attributes,has been linked to West Brom before,currently plays for Slavia Praga)

Grosicki (I've always liked him at Hull..done well in the Championship)
J.Bowen (20 years old,another Hull talent,scored 14 goals this season)
Claesson (a Krasnodar player in Russia,we were linked with him before relegation,estimated price is 8 m)
Mahi (worth 3 m,plays for Groningen in Netherlands,might be another Narsingh,not so good)
Markovic (it's no no from me. but we're just brainstorming)

CF (on loan probably)
Mitrovic (he's been immense with Fulham,we should look into him if they don't get PL promotion)
Slimani (just an idea)
Ings or Solanke or Woodburn from Liverpool (brainstorming)

any new suggestions (realistic one within budget are welcomed)
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Next Season's Premier League is gash.
at 11:34 14 May 2018

it's gonna look if half of the league emerges with the Championship.

having teams like:
whoever qualifies out of Villa/Fullham

so many terrible fixtures will take place amongst that load of rubbish.
Mawson/Ash Williams swap deal?
at 11:18 14 May 2018

it's only a rumor..but we know Everton are interested in Mawson.
We're always interested in our old players.
Ash is 33 and he knows his PL days are over..but maybe the Championship is more his level.

This rumor just makes so much sense. The only obstacle might be wages.

Would you think it's a decent deal? and How much cash would you take in addition to Williams?
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Relegation is a state of mind : )
at 22:55 11 May 2018

In my opinion we didn't relegate..if anything we were promoted to a better division..And I'm very proud of the effort our boys put for this achievement.

And Congratulations to Stoke and West Brom for their success as well..Us 3 clubs gonna boss the top tier.
Meanwhile,dross like Man City and Liverpool will be fighting over useless titles like the Premier League/Champions League rubbish..I truly pity them.

Next season,our goal is to achieve what Sunderland and Burton reach the next level..(every time I mention Sunderland I turn into an envious green monster).

I'm very happy and joyous..oozing with pride and promise of excitement and honour.

Cannot wait.

Why hasn't Kaplan 'n' Levien or Jenkins release a statement yet?
at 09:38 10 May 2018

Surely not holding out for a 10-0 win against Stoke.

They should speak up..are they gonna try to really get us back up? or will they just "Sunderland" us down the river?
Would you take Tammy on loan again?
at 08:50 10 May 2018

If it's possible?
He was superb with Bristol. scoring +20 goals or so..and we assume he's grown as player since then.

It's just..he's kind of a Dwight Gayle or Vydra..Superb EFL!t PL one.

so what do you think?
Where is The Resurrection in all of this?
at 23:23 9 May 2018

We're down..It's over and the bullet of mercy was fired.

Will you still defend Jenkins? The useless players? Carvalhal?

Hopefully none of this nonce from now and on..
Siggy and Llorente were sh!te.
at 11:30 9 May 2018

No I swear..our squad will be much better without them..we're getting Renato Sanches after all..he's like world class.

they've only combined 24 goals and 15 assists between them..only..

meanwhile all the replacements were superb! Clucas,Bony,Sanches,Mesa,A.Ayew and Tammy combined 10 goals and like 3 assists! superb stuff.

I'm glad we're heading to the next level..and I suggest we bid for Renato at least 30 m..and since he's a bit costy..I hope the prices of tickets at least double so the graceful owners could be able to afford such gems.
Song by Billy Joel.
at 11:20 9 May 2018

oh my god we are so sh!te..
Since Huw and his cronies sold us to the yanks.

Olsson,Carroll and Ayew..
f*cking Ki where are you..
And the rest of them are nothing but w@nks..

Siggy,Llorente you are missed..
oh Michu we're so pissed..
so tired preaching to ears that filled with wax..

Mawson for how much would you sell..
oh Routs just drop into a well..
Just lay back and try to relax..

oh Bony you're thirty six..
Jace and Steve are a bunch of d!cks..
asset selling has been their only act..

We didn't start the fire
It was always burning
Since the world's been turning
We didn't start the fire
No we didn't light it
But we tried to fight it
Sam Clucas wanted by PSG..
at 10:17 9 May 2018

A recent report have been circulating the dark web that Clucas is a main transfer target for the French giants. As they're starting to feel the gap Matuidi left when he joined Juventus last summer.

It is rumored that the 27 years old midfielder who can occupy multiple positions including full back/CB/penalty GK and Cyril the Swan is NOT keen on joining the inferior Ligue 1. And he would rather wait for Man City who are keen on replacing Yaya Toure who announced his departure from the club last week.

It is believed that Clucas would cost somewhere between 45-60 m, A figure which 10% goes to Hull City as a part of the contract that brought him to South Wales.

In other news,Tom Carroll's agent confirmed Atletico Madrid link rumors.
Squad next season...
at 08:41 9 May 2018

CB:Van Der Hoorn/Amat?
CF:J.Ayew(please god)/Mcburnie

Mawson:20 m
Baston:3 m?
Fernandez:5 m?
A.Ayew:12 m?
Fabianski:5 m?
Bony:free (just to rid of wages)

TOTAL:45 m

we need an Attacking Midfielder and a back up CB..and a new winger wouldn't hurt.

do you think this squad can reach at least the Play offs next season? I think yes. The problem is that the same could be said about Stoke and West Brom..

Love letter to Swansea City FC..
at 08:17 9 May 2018

Dear SCFC.

I couldn't sleep last night because I cannot bear to see you suffer. When you fall,I fall. When you cry,I cry.

You've been there for me when nobody else was. You've stood by me when I was at my weakest. During my battle with alcohol,during my dark phases of solitude. Whenever I needed a lift,or an escape from this horrid political environment,whenever I needed to belong,You were there for me.

I don't claim to be a Swans fan for very long. I'm only in my mid 20's after all. But during those years I witnessed some great moments that I will cherish forever..Our promotion to the league of the "big boys"..our survival..for 7 consecutive years (you should be proud of yourself) you made me proud to be your fan. And you made me whole at certain times of my life.

When I was told I'm not good enough. I found strength in you,punching way over your weight.
When I felt that I don't belong. You gave me a sense of belonging to your other fans.

To me,You are not just a bunch of Testosterone filled men kicking a ball around. To me,you were a beacon of light when all else falls down.

But last killed the hope that was left in me. Which left me all isolated,forlorn,motherless..Yet I don't blame you..You were betrayed by the power of greed and avarice.

I simply can't stop crying. Not because I'm disappointed at you. You are faultless. But because you've been wronged. Because I've seen it with my own eyes you could be much better than that.

But don't you worry. You've always stood by me when I needed you. I promise you I won't abandon you now that you need me. I'll stand by you now no matter what league you're in..and cheer till I die.


I'm so f*cking angry right now..
at 23:34 8 May 2018

We always knew we'll be playing sh!tty embarrassing championship football next season..but seeing it happening like that is nothing less than heart-shattering.
F*ck you Carlos you badger looking comedian'll be our demise in the Championship.
F*ck you Jenkins..and Kaplan and Levien..words can't describe the amount of loathe I have for you greedy foul lot.
F*ck this entire embarrassing squad made up by w@nks who can't perform despite making more money than most of us make in a year in a single week.
F*ck you Naughton you League One level idiot..
Big special F*ck you to Ki..who's already playing with AC Milan or some other sh!tty club in his mind..shouldn't have been trusted as he doesn't give a flying toss since he'll be leaving.'re kind of a disgrace..even Narsingh is a better full back than you..and he's not a full back... words..loser.
Big special F*ck you to our record signing should have stayed at Hull mate.
The only players I actually respect in this awful so called squad are Fabianski,Jordan Ayew and maybe..just maybe Andre,Mawson,VDH and Fernandez..the rest are..well I rather jam coal in my eyes than watching any of you disgraceful scum.

oh..and to all those "we're not relegated yet" folks..LOL..we're DOWN DOWN DOWN so screw your delusions..

F*ck Mark Hughes and his awful team by the way..the only reason they'll survive because we're even a bigger embarrassment..they deserve to go down with us..utter trash..

well..that was cathartic.
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