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Liverpool vs Fulham WTF
at 12:50 11 Nov 2018

So Fulham score a legit goal which was wrongfully ruled offside, And while the players are protesting the moron referee's decision, Liverpool started a counter attack which led to a goal. All happened within 15 seconds.

WTF indeed, if this happened to our club I'd be fuming.

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US Midterms..
at 22:27 5 Nov 2018

Trump already promised violence if the GOP loses the house majority or the senate.

Also, It doesn't look like he'll be willing to step down in 2020 if he loses. His cult will flood the streets and do f*ck knows what.

That's what happens when people unite over a person rather than a country's interest in a democracy. They'd do anything to keep him in charge. Even defiling the constitution. That's how dictatorships are born. And that's how civil wars start.

I honestly don't think Trump will simply concede his "throne" to the Democrats. What would his supporters do? How will they find another person to worship like that?

Let's just say Trump serves 2 terms and his rule expires at 2024. Then what? No way in hell the GOP will just move on from this. They'll want him as president for life like the Kim family in North Korea. A 2nd civil war is on the way, which will affect the whole world which should obviously concern all of us. Dangerous, dangerous times.
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Nixon links us to a 2nd tier Scottish striker.
at 20:47 4 Nov 2018

Swansea City are eyeing up cheap move for prolific Scottish forward Lawrence Shankland for Ayr United, according to journalist Alan Nixon.

The striker plays for Scottish second tier side Ayr United. This season he has netted 19 goals in 17 appearances, which includes two hat-tricks.
Impressively, he scored 29 goals in 33 matches last season.
Last August, Ayr United rejected a £150,000 bid from unknown English club. A price tag of £250,000 has reportedly been put on Shankland by Ayr.

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Who raised these kids?
at 09:52 25 Oct 2018

I mean really, what the f*ck.
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The Central American caravan.
at 09:41 24 Oct 2018

The GOP conspiracy nutters are accusing the Dems (Soros and co) of financing the so called-caravan to rig the mid-term election with illegal voters, and of course destroy the American culture with bringing in Cartel and ISIS folks.

The Democrat conspiracy nutters are accusing Trump and the GOP of financing the whole thing and giving it a huge media coverage, embellish it with the usual scare tactics "illegal invasion of drug dealers, rapists and terrorists" etc to unite his people around him.

The truth? Who knows for sure..the only thing that's very obvious is that it's not a coincidence this is happening at the brink of an important election.

We're all being played. And the innocent are being taken advantage of for political gain.
Farewell glory days..
at 23:08 23 Oct 2018

I guess we should all be happy for the win, Especially after being a goal behind at half time.

But I can't help but reminiscing of the days when we've fought like warriors to pick up points against the big clubs in the biggest league in the world. The emotional rush, the prestige, the pride I took when the name of our city's club was "The Boogeyman" for the elite clubs.

Beating Valencia at the Mestalla.

F*cking up many times exactly?

Siggy giving up hope despite being in the sh!t at Christmas.

Michu..That man was a revelation.

Look at our state now. Drifting towards irrelevance. Being happy with scoring against pitiful competition.

The truth about the "People Vote March"
at 22:59 20 Oct 2018

We've all seen the images on news, some figures estimate the "marsh" to be around 700 k people. All marching to "Save the country from Brexit"..But what is the real truth?

Rich psychopathic leaders of the 4th Reich (The EU) German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French PM Emmy Macron, With the help of billionaire Ed Miliband. Have been complicit in financing the fake protest to give an allusion to the world that Brexit isn't wanted anymore, so they can keep their hands in the great British people pockets, forcing left-wing fascism on our children.

Most of the "protesters" seen from aerial view are copy/paste with Photoshop. The real number of people attending the fake event were in the region of 2000 Hamas fighters (financed and invited by Corbyn), 300 illegal immigrants and 50 Feminist vegans and Russell Brand wannabes (White people also hate Brexit!)

The people have spoken, Brexit is the past, the present and the future. According to a recent poll created by the Sun. 94% of the people of Great Britain support a no deal Brexit as soon as possible.

I'm glad Twitter finally did something about Cyber Bullying..
at 13:11 18 Oct 2018


Unexplained, supernatural, weird or conspiracy related experiences?
at 08:42 12 Oct 2018

Obviously, many of us on here aren't believers in a spiritual world etc (believing in extraterrestial life excluded) but that doesn't mean we haven't had our concrete, skeptic belief questioned at times.

Whoever experienced any thing of the sort in the course of their lives are welcome to share on here. Either for fun or as a WARNING if necessary.
at 23:49 11 Oct 2018

Jesus man..get help asap.

V For Vendetta (2005)
at 23:40 11 Oct 2018

It has it's flaws obviously. Cheesy fight scenes and heavy handed symbolism. But f*ck me if it's not way more relevant nowadays. The events depicted are supposed to be in year 2028 or so. I truly believe that in around 10-15 years the west will be a massive far-right, neo-nazi authoritarian sh!thole if things go on the way they are.

I have to admit I'm a bit of a conspiracy theorist weirdo but I'm serious here, the trajectory is heading towards a massive destruction of human values.

at 13:41 9 Oct 2018

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Jair Bolsonaro
at 10:21 9 Oct 2018

Who's going to be Brazil's new leader. Unless some miracle happens..

He makes Donald Trump seem like a playful bichon frise in comparison..

Shambles of an election too, He was stabbed during a rally by an opponent but made it with a slight injury.

The world has gone mad.
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at 12:54 8 Oct 2018

The mysterious and anonymous street artist who had one of his arts sold for over 1 m at an auction. Only to be shredded to pieces few seconds later. Then he posted a video on Instagram explaining it.

He's famous for entering Gaza during the bombings in 2015 just so he can draw a graffiti on the remains of a wall of a house destroyed by the IDF bombing.

He shows up wherever there is political unrest or controversy. And mysterious, politically charged drawings start popping up.

Regardless of his political agenda (he's a proud remoaner). We can all agree this guy (girl?) is intriguing. A true peaceful rebel who walks alone in the shadows.

They're saying Cristiano Ronaldo is being accused of rape..
at 17:18 4 Oct 2018

So he was left out of Portugal squad for upcoming fixtures..

Well if he's a rapist I'm disappointed and feel terribly sorry for his alleged victims, I highly esteem the guy. WTF is happening in the world, everyone is turning out to be an @sshole.
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They don't call her Maybot for nothing.
at 14:45 3 Oct 2018

I might even vote Tory from now and on..Who knew they were so cool.

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Negativity breeds more negativity, But..
at 11:11 3 Oct 2018

I keep reading on here how we're going through "exciting times" and we're "superb" and other exaggerations like that. I understand the rush of Adrenaline after each match etc. But when the dust settles. It's very obvious that we have a serious problem on our hands.

We have little chance of reaching the play-offs. Thin, inexperienced squad that has a serious scoring issue (although we're superb defensively). We keep having cagey 0-0 results and no positive outcome. We won't do much if we keep drawing.

There are 13 teams other than us who have either higher points than us or only 2 pts behind us. Many teams are playing today so it's only going to get worse. We aren't special at all. Clubs like Bolton, Blackburn, Shef Wed are about as good as us. Even Norwich are as good as us and they still have to play tonight. They managed to string 4 wins in a row. Which is something I don't see us doing any time soon. And I just realised Shef Utd are actually 3rd with a match in hand.

Point is..60% of the league are as good as us or better, We aren't special.

Another negative, As seasons roll on, the poorer (financially) we'll get. And our chance of promotion will diminish. We practically only have 2 seasons or so for any financial advantage. And let's face it, By the end of it we'll be stripped to the bones by the owners.

There are many positives to take in as well, Potter is superb, But he'll be going somewhere big soon enough. Celina,Rodon and Roberts will probably shape up to be excellent footballers. But not with us unfortunately.

It's hard to get excited about us, Every win is bittersweet and it all feels like a ticking bomb that's about to go off. I try to think of the moment and not dwell on what'll happen to us but it's difficult.
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Man Utd imploding
at 16:59 29 Sep 2018

Well deserved for being a bunch of overpaid, overrated sh!thouses.

Losing to West Ham and Brighton, getting smashed by Tottenham at Old Trafford, barely drawing to Wolves.

Mourinho the arrogant b*stard fighting with douchface Pogba.

Good days.
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Well, we trashed the miserable c*nts :)
at 16:55 29 Sep 2018

Satisfying evening, we haven't had one is a long while.

Congrats Connor on your goal, you've earned it.
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at 20:41 24 Sep 2018

Around 1 out 4 of the world's population will experience depression at one point of their lives.

Every year, around 1 out of 300 people attempt suicide.

It's a sad world world we live in. All we can do is to give support to people in need.

The biggest problem is that it's not always easy to notice when people have suicidal tendencies.

Make sure your loved ones are truly feeling loved. If I did so, one of my best friends wouldn't have tried to take their own lives few years back. My friend was lucky and he survived. And I believe that he's doing ok now.

Be aware, notice small details, this is very important. You could save a life.
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