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at 10:22 20 Sep 2018

It's a cancer that eats through your life. Alienates your loved ones and turns you into a shell of who you used to be.

Sobriety, inspirational stories are welcomed here.
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Controversial music appreciation thread..
at 14:24 18 Sep 2018

By controversial, I mean underground, miserable, horrid, beautiful music of the non-existence..wrapped in the shroud of absolute nothingness.

My Dying Bride..the pride of the United Kingdom..their 90's material is the definition of soul crushing..Doom Metal isn't for everyone of course..but in the name of Satan this is just dark and beautiful..other bands who can handle this magnificent genre are Draconian and Lacrimas Profundere in the mid 90's..for reference..listen to the last 3 minutes of this masterf*ckingpiece.

Black Metal? You mean the hopeless cries of the bottomless abyss. Dimmu Borgir's 1999 album "Spiritual Black Dimensions" still gives me nightmares of utter agony..I love it..

I don't know where to begin..too much music to make the soul realise that life was not supposed to be pleasant. Not meant to be joyous.

Interesting read..(well it's boring as f*ck but it's relevant)
at 10:05 18 Sep 2018

Hull City..aka the Mighty Tigers released their financial statement recently. And as it is clear for anyone that we can draw parallels with them, being recently relegated, 1st year of parachute payments, saved up on player's sale..cut the wage bill significantly..

I guess the matchday figures don't concern us, their attendance dropped 40-50% after relegation, our attendance is still high in comparison to last season.

The figure that's most interesting is their TV income from the parachute went down from 94 m to 45.7 m..Which is not 55% of the last PL year as it's widely thought. But rather 48-49%. Or around 55% of the "equal share" which is currently around 80.4 m for PL clubs/year.

The scummy Hull owners sold players, reduced the wage bill by half to keep up with the championship turnover. But ended up making 19 m in profit thanks to player sales being around 30 m (15 m from selling Clucas must have gone a long way..oh the utter donkeys that we are)

And what's the bloody point from this thread? Well not's just, that's our present now. Just another Hull city, being sucked dry by disinterested owners until the cash cow dies of malnourishment.
The best live performance in history?
at 15:25 17 Sep 2018

No need to answer obviously is.

And I've listened to hundreds and hundreds of musicians and bands, and countless thousands of songs of all genres that aren't before the 60's or Rap/Hip Hop sh!te..From classics music, to mainstream Pop to Black/Doom/Death Metal weird sh! Rock/Alternative Rock..and even non-English speaking songs..

But I've never heard or seen anyone who can perform as wonderfully as Matt..I mean I can play guitar..kind of bad at it to be honest but can he play this beauty of a riff, under pressure while running around and hoping like the God that he beats me.

When he takes the stage it's like the whole world belongs to him. Time stops, the universe becomes his stage and we're all his disciples. We all want to be him. And we can never be as superior but one can only dream.

I'm very convinced he's not one of us. He was not born for this world, nor is he of the human race. But a genetic anomaly that simply surpasses the limitations of what a human can be defined with. (I'm not really convinced with him being from space by the way, although I won't rule it out just yet)

Bloody enjoy..

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Rodon to Man City?
at 10:50 16 Sep 2018

If this was coming from any other source I wouldn't have bothered. But Alan Nixon has been very reliable when it comes to us at least.

Is he really that good?

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at 11:45 15 Sep 2018

Why is he such a blabbermouth nowadays? Sitting down, sipping wine, reminiscing about a foregone era of glory. Citing hopes and fears regarding the future. I really feel for the bloke. 666k/year can't go a long way paying for his therapy, trying to recover from self-esteem issues due to the constant backlash of the fans.
Tottenham Vs Liverpool
at 10:35 15 Sep 2018

Someone's unravelling at the club's site.
at 11:49 8 Sep 2018

Realistic analysis for the next 2 financial accounts. (if nothing changes)
at 09:43 8 Sep 2018

Warning: These are rough estimates, might be way off as I might be missing some details. But I thought it might help a bit to understand things a bit more clearly.

For the 2017/2018 accounts:

-Turnover estimate:125 m
-Costs estimate: 135 m (110 m in wages/25 m other costs)

Net = - 10 m

Players bought and sold for this period: (until 31 July) (note: I might have made few errors regarding the time of the transactions, whether it'll be considered a part of the upcoming financial accounts or the next)



R.Sanches------------5 m---------------5 m
Bony-----------------12 m--------------6 m
Clucas---------------15 m--------------3.8 m
T.Abraham----------1.5 m-------------1.5 m
A.Ayew---------------20 m--------------5.7 m
Celina----------------3 m----------------0.7 m
Asoro-----------------2 m----------------0.7 m

Total player registrations: + 23.5 m (10% increase with agent fees etc) = + 26 m


Player---------------Fee-------------Book value at the time of sale (est)-----------Profit on sale

Sigurosson---------40 m----------------------------2 m----------------------------------- + 38 m
Llorente-----------13.5 m-------------------------3 m---------------------------------- + 10.5 m
Kingsley------------3 m---------------------------0---------------------------------------+ 3 m
Mesa-----------------5.5 m------------------------8 m------------------------------------- - 2.5 m
Fabianski-------------7 m-------------------------0----------------------------------------- + 7 m
Bartley------------------4 m------------------------0------------------------------------------ + 4 m

Total profit on sale: + 60 m (- 10% for safety) = + 54 m

Sales vs Registrations = 54-26= + 28 m

And if we consider a 10 m loss without considering players trading, then the net profit should be..

+ 18 m pre-tax

2018/2019 accounts:

-Turnover estimate: 60 m (due to relegation obviously)
-Costs estimates: 90 m (65-70 m in wages/20-25 m other costs)

Net= - 30 m

Players trading for that period (so far)



McKay---------------0.5 m--------------0.2 m
John-----------------0.5 m---------------0.2 m

Total player registrations: + 0.5 m


Player---------------Fee-------------Book value at the time of sale (est)-----------Profit on sale

Mawson------------15 m-------------------------2.5 m---------------------------------- + 13.5 m
Clucas---------------6 m--------------------------11 m------------------------------------- - 5 m
Fernandez------------6 m-------------------------2 m-------------------------------------- + 4 m
Amat---------------------1 m-----------------------1 m----------------------------------------- 0

Total: +12.5 m

Sales vs Registrations = 12.5 - 0.5 = - 12 m

And if we consider a 30 m loss without considering players trading, then the net profit should be..

- 18 m

So the profit vs loss for the next 2 years will be Zero. A coincidence?
Up to 50 m hidden by K & L (financial rant)
at 08:28 5 Sep 2018

There is no conspiracy theory here, It's clear to anyone who isn't delusional that the owners are hiding profits under "wage bill and other costs"

From the squad we have, Our wage bill (for the last 2 seasons) can't possibly be higher than 80 m including manager pay offs..and around 25 m in extra costs leaves us with a 105 m in actual expenses..what about the other 22 m?

And if you want to add the profit they actually recorded (because half truth is always much believable) which was around 13 m..I truly estimate that the owners made around 35 m in profit from the 1st year alone.

And I'm very confident that they did the same trick this season. Took in 15-20 m (there is no way to know exactly, and it can't be proven so many look at me like a madman) plus whatever money they've made from selling players which I estimate to be around 33 m until 31 June this year (Siggy, Llorente, Kingsley, Mesa, Fabianski) vs buying A. Ayew, Bony, Renato, Clucas, Abraham, Celina, Asoro)

Which will result in an a 45 m profit total between recorded profit and hidden one.

In the first 2 seasons they've already made 80 m in profit from the club..let's say 70 m so the owner lovers don't come at me with pitchforks.

For this season, They've already made 13 m in sales until this maybe 10 m in hidden profits..But with around 30 m financial hole caused by the relegation, the owners will suffer a little bit and lose around 10 m or so this season on their investment.

So far..The owners banked around 60 m in profit from the club.

How much money did they pay for the takeover again? If someone can remind me it'd be nice.

And before you assemble a lynch mob. Think hard of why on earth do businessmen like these who know f*ck all about "soccer" want to stay. For the paltry recorded profits they might make, all to be eaten away by costs of relegation? No, there is much more to that. They've taken 40-50 m in profits from the club secretly. Does the trust know about this? I don't even think the trust exists to be honest. Only trust members think it does. But all evidence indicates that its members are made of cardboard.

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Detailed analysis of transfers under Kaplan & Levien
at 21:14 4 Sep 2018

Purchased players:


1) Llorente----------6 m----------------3 m
2) B. Baston-------15.5 m-------------3.8 m
3) Mawson----------5 m----------------1.3 m
4) Van der Hoorn---2 m----------------0.7 m
5) J.Ayew-------------5 m----------------1.4 m
6) Fer-------------------5 m---------------1.3 m
7) Carroll---------------5 m---------------1.4 m
8) Olsson---------------4 m---------------1.1 m
9) Narsingh------------4 m----------------1.1 m
10) Mesa----------------11 m--------------2.8 m
11) R.Sanches----------5 m---------------5 m
12) Bony-----------------12 m--------------6 m
13) Clucas---------------15 m--------------3.8 m
14) T.Abraham----------1.5 m-------------1.5 m
15) A.Ayew---------------20 m--------------5.7 m
16) Celina----------------3 m----------------0.7 m
17) Asoro-----------------2 m----------------0.7 m
18) McKay---------------0.5 m--------------0.2 m
19) John-----------------0.5 m---------------0.2 m

-------------------Total fees: 122 m------------Total amortisations: 41.7 m

Sold Players:

Player---------------Fee-------------Book value at the time of sale (est)-----------Profit on sale

1) Sigurosson----40 m----------------------------2 m----------------------------------- + 38 m
2) Llorente---------13.5 m-------------------------3 m---------------------------------- + 10.5 m
3) A.Ayew-----------20 m---------------------------0--------------------------------------+ 20 m
4) Williams----------12 m---------------------------0--------------------------------------+ 12 m
5) Cork----------------8 m---------------------------1.5 m---------------------------------+ 6.5 m
6) Barrow-------------1.5 m-------------------------0.5 m---------------------------------+ 1 m
7) Kingsley------------3 m---------------------------0---------------------------------------+ 3 m
8) Paloschi-----------5.5 m-------------------------6.5 m---------------------------------- - 1 m
9) Gomis----------------2 m---------------------------0--------------------------------------- + 2 m
10) Eder----------------4 m---------------------------4 m--------------------------------------- 0
11) Mawson------------15 m-------------------------2.5 m---------------------------------- + 13.5 m
12) Clucas---------------6 m--------------------------11 m------------------------------------- - 5 m
13) Mesa-----------------5.5 m------------------------8 m------------------------------------- - 2.5 m
14) Fabianski-------------7 m-------------------------0----------------------------------------- + 7 m
15) Fernandez------------6 m-------------------------2 m-------------------------------------- + 4 m
16) Bartley------------------4 m------------------------0------------------------------------------ + 4 m

---------------------Total fees: 153 m-------------------------------Total profit on sales= + 113 m

Net transfers= 122 - 153 = - 31 m

Player registrations vs Profit on sale= 41.5 - 113 = - 71.5 m

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Huw ruined a golden chance for promotion.
at 23:13 1 Sep 2018

What a shame, The fight and spirit the boys have been showing, led by the magnificent Potter will all go unrewarded.

This squad has some good aspects. But unfortunately, It simply cannot gain promotion. Because it lacks serious depth (which is clear to anyone who is in touch with reality).

Fer, Bony and Montero are essential to our success. But we can't expect them to perform week in, week out obviously.

The youngsters have been great. But still, they lack experience and they aren't being supported. They'll run out of steam soon enough I'm afraid.

We've been nicking our matches in the last minutes with 1 goal differences. It is often that we won't be able to get the results required to reach the play-offs at least.

I know how pessimistic this is. But it's just plain truth. This squad has many great aspects for a promotion push. 2 solid keepers, Convincing defence (lacks some depth though)..Celina is top quality..some ok wingers. And a good CF. As for the rest, We can't honestly rely on them seriously. It's either because they'll be constantly injured (our best 3 players are very injury prone) or they're simply not good enough to be entrusted. Which means we'll either have to tire the living f*ck out of our best players which will exhaust them, and will reflect badly on our results..OR..We'll have to rely on back ups who are either bad or mediocre at best.

Huw had a chance to get back on the money trail..his greed, alongside his American masters will prevent them from realising this golden chance.

After this season, Money will only become less and less, Which means the squad will become even worse..Which of course's either now or never.

It will hurt very badly when we miss out on promotion, just because we didn't invest in 3-4 more players that would have added so much to the squad. Could have made the whole difference.

F*ck Huw and whoever defends him. Gullible, asslicking W@nkstains..

Wage bill BS
at 23:56 28 Aug 2018

There must be some serious fudging going on in there. A reported wage bill of 99 m in the latest accounts is insane. If we want to compare our wages with other bigger clubs with obviously better players, It's practically an evidence that the Americans and their friends are getting a huge sum of this reported wage bill just so they can claim poverty.

Few examples:
Everton have a bill of 105 m
Southampton and Leicester, 112 m (surely it's higher than ours but not by much)
Stoke at 85 m only.
West Ham at 95 m FFS.

Tottenham have a world class squad with wages set at 127 m only.

So where did this 99 m really go?

We have a terrible squad in comparison to some of the clubs I mentioned. Senior squad can't possibly be getting paid more than 50 a stretch, with manager, and manager pay offs imo.
And perhaps 25 m going to other staff and social security etc..what about the rest of the money? I just don't believe the reported wage bill at all.

The year before than our wages were at 82 m..easier to swallow, How did the wage bill increase to almost a hundred without really signing many high earners without getting rid of others?

It's all lies..50 m going on other wages like some medics, scouts and some ground staff is utter and complete bollocks. Most of it is going to the board's salaries no doubt.

It's all so they can say "oh, we don't have a pot to p!ss in as you can see in the official reports!"

In their first season since they took over, They reported a profit of 13.5 m I think? But I am certain they've made extra 25-30 m in profit from the club. They just reported it as "wages"

f*cking liars. It's their wages.
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Ode to Swansea
at 21:57 24 Aug 2018

Tomorrow, I shall depart from my beloved city to new foreign lands. Where I shall dwell from this day and on (at least for a couple of years). But in my heart, I will always be a Swan.

Living in Milan sounds great and all (well, the outskirts of Milan), but no place shall ever be as dear to me as Swansea. I shall still visit when opportunity arises. But unfortunately, from tomorrow and on, I will be a new person in new land. But I will not let this move turn me into an Inter Milan or AC Milan fan. That's for sure. I'm a Jack from tip to toes no matter what league we play in.

I won't be able to witness our predicted win against Bristol tomorrow (busy with the move and all for few days), But you'll be my chief concern at every waking moment.

Goodbye everybody. For now.

Detailed analysis of Swansea vs Leeds
at 00:56 22 Aug 2018

First of all I'd like to say, I'm proud of the performance. outstanding in the most part. And what a shame we couldn't get the 3 pts. But I'm proud just the same.

Erwin Mulder: I say this guy should be our number 1. He's more confident than Nordfeldt, He hasn't disappointed since Kris's injury. Although Hernandez's ball was easy enough but mistakes happen. He's been solid and confident.

Kyle Naughton:I'm going to be criticised because of this one, But I thought he was solid today. The championship will certainly be more to his level, Although I surely prefer Roberts to him. But as we saw today, both of them can play at the same time.

Mike Van der Hoorn: He was his usual self today. Very reliable and calm. Although his mistake cost us the extra 2 pts. It's alright, Things like that happen.

Joe Rodon: What can I say? He's been f*cking great since he jumped into the spotlights. I don't want to get ahead of myself, but seriously, f*ck Mawson. We've got Rodon. He's in the same mold, And even better imo because he's less cocky, which results into a more reliable performance.

Martin Olsson: I've been gushing praise for everyone so far, But it saddens me to say, Olsson has been awful so far in all of our matches (I didn't watch Preston so I don't know about that one), He's as slow as ear wax, Loses the ball too much, can't pass properly. And most notably, He was culpable in both of the goals, Especially the first one, as he was incapable of keeping up with Ayling.

Connor Roberts: This guy has been superb for us. even in our last days in the PL, he hasn't disappointed. And tonight he's been his usual self. I can also see a future leader in him.

Jay Fulton: I don't want to be mean or anything, But I always forget this guy exists on the field. Still, he puts in dedicated performances like tonight's. But his abilities aren't special. Still, I think he did ok today.

Bersant Celina: Our own version of De Bruyne, He was really good today. His dribbling caused them all sorts of headaches. He was a bit selfish though as usual. And that late chance he missed, it was easier than a penalty. What a shame.

Leroy Fer: Outstanding, superb all around. He's exactly the kind of midfielder we need. He's a real beast at a championship level. And hopefully he'll stay out of injuries (my heart skipped a beat when Baker fouled him).

Barrie McKay: This guy surprised all of us. Although he was terrible at Birmingham. Today he proved the critics wrong and he's done really well. Can't point out exact details, as he's that kind of stealthy player.

Ollie McBurnie: 2 goals, no need to say more. He was immense tonight. And what I said about McKay applies to him as well.


Tom Carroll: He's another weak link in the squad. Still, I think he's a nice guy and hopefully he'll step up. He was kind of invisible in the short time he played.

Jeff Montero: His usual self, He ran at the full backs full speed. But he seems to be short on ideas on what to do with the ball. Still, a decent impact sub.

Joel Asoro: Fast f*cker, Can't say more about him.

Graham Potter: Imo, he's done things wrong tonight in the end. Surely, He wanted Fer off because he's still recovering from injury and he didn't think playing a full 90 mins is a good idea. But Tom Carroll FFS? Matt Grimes would have been a slightly better choice.
Montero for McKay, umm, a bit unnecessary. But Asoro for Olsson was a decent sub, But had little impact, as the match was in its last few minutes.

All and all it was a pleasure to watch. And we showed Bielsa that maybe he can thrash Stoke and batter Derby, But Swansea are at a whole different level.

[Post edited 22 Aug 1:02]
at 19:08 18 Aug 2018

Deja Vu for him all over again, Poor f*ck is busting his @rse to save his club with great saves, only to be let down by the shambles of a defence he has to put up with.

He deserved a better move, that's for sure.
LaLiga to play regular season games in the US and Canada.
at 12:07 16 Aug 2018

The deal will go on for 15 years.

And reports are circulating that the Premier League will strike a similar deal.

What the living f*ck? Imagine if we get promoted, and have our home matches played in F*cking New Jersey or Kansas City or wherever. What the f*ck?
I haven't watched the match but..
at 17:52 11 Aug 2018

A win with a clean sheet is a great result for sure.

It only indicates that Rodon has done really well against a tough side like Preston..I couldn't be happier to be proved wrong about him. I'll try to cool it with belittling our players without giving them a proper chance in the future.

We have a penalty problem it seems..umm

As for Nordfeldt..I hope his injury isn't severe..How did Mulder get on by the way?

Still..Potter is overachieving at the moment..he needs backing in the loan market without a doubt.

Good luck to all for the rest of the season..

On another high note..Cardiff lost their opener to Bournemouth..shocker lol..
I announce my nomination for the Swansea City Football Club Trust Board
at 11:34 10 Aug 2018

I think the trust needs some new blood with fresh ideas. And I believe if my fellow Swans here give me a boost I can make it and be nominated..And if I win I promise to allocate tens of millions of funds on transfers that will get Swansea back into the PL within 2 seasons..We will petition to sack Huw and testify against his criminal conducts that led the club to ruins.

Vote for me. Make Swansea great again.

at 10:37 10 Aug 2018

F*ck off you mongrel weasel and back to your hole in Cardiff.

In a year when you're bottom of the league, thrown to the dogs heading to League One, I doubt you'd show your face here.

This is a Swansea forum..not the w@nkfest Cardiff is.
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