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Trouble in Derry, Northern Ireland
at 10:20 13 Jul 2018

What's provoking this?
Soccer camps are back!
at 13:55 10 Jul 2018

Don't you just love soccer camps! Kids get to play soccer..

RIP football
Jean Michael Fulham?
at 12:59 10 Jul 2018

The same guy who was linked to Barcelona, PSG, Juventus and practically all of the top 6 in England is actually going to Fulham. And for a fee of 17.5 m pounds.

Instead we blew 20 m on Andre Ayew..Sam Clucas for 15 m..ok ok..I won't start again. But wow.
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England vs Croatia (who's going to win)
at 13:20 9 Jul 2018

England vs Croatia (who's going to win)

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Disgusting "fans"
at 12:21 8 Jul 2018

They could have killed someone by preventing the vehicle from arriving on time.

Only in England huh.
England fans,serious questions,no trolling.
at 19:30 7 Jul 2018

1-Why are English players never in demand..I mean really never by clubs outside of the Prem? Not even the "best" players (Kane,Sterling etc) are in demand by big foreign clubs (Madrid,Barca,Juve etc) come if they're supposed to be sooo good?

2-Why is the Prem the league with the highest percentage of foreigners in the world? About 2/3 of players are not English. And the only reason is because the FA set some "homegrown criteria" of some sort that clubs have to abide with. And usually,barring few exceptions,The English players are always the worst performers in their clubs. Being mostly deployed as squad players and such.

Opinions are appreciated.
Kane is very, very overrated.
at 09:41 7 Jul 2018

I'm not taking the p!ss. I'm serious.

His goal record is great at Tottenham. A really good finisher,and puts himself in position to score.

But when he has the ball at his fee I dare say he's as bad as our current strikers.He can't pass, He can't create anything without the support of great AMF and wingers around him. He's a poacher, No pace, no dribbling skills whatsoever. Just takes advantage of good passes and he finishes them off. That's obviously very important but still it's not enough to consider him world class.

Haven't you seen Lukaku yesterday? I hate everything relating to Man Utd but you have to admit,that's what a world class forward should look like. Fast,good at one on ones. good passer,defends when needed.

Another very overrated striker is Cavani.
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Oh FFS..this is just ridiculous.
at 08:53 7 Jul 2018

Dream on..

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Interesting, frustrating read.
at 09:42 6 Jul 2018

Key points:

-Clucas,Fer to miss the first 2-4 fixtures

-Baston is a horrid c*nt.

-Levien and Kaplan intervened to keep Jenkins in charge. Well I don't know what he has over them but it has to be scandalous.

-Jenkins still involved in transfer decisions.

-Everyone keeps beating around the bushes when money is mentioned.

-Stadium expansion put on hold.

-We were concretely interested in Sema,he chose PL football instead,plus we can't compete financially.

Same thing with Ghoddos. Interest from China, clearly we can't compete.

Oh look another good news!
at 21:39 5 Jul 2018

Quoted from Mirror.

"Potter's magic touch to keep Swansea wizards
New Swansea boss Graham Potter is winning over their dressing room with stars like Tom Carroll now ready to stay, writes Mirror Football’s James Nursey.

Potter was unveiled at the Welsh club last month on a three-year contract with a remit to rebuild them.

The Welsh club have lost keeper Lukasz Fabianski to West Ham and there are doubts over Alfie Mawson with top-flight clubs on his trail.

But MirrorSport understands several other stars like midfielder Carroll, 26, are set to stay.

Former Spurs trainee and England U21 international Carroll has made 94 Premier League appearances and played 37 times last term.

Potter is planning to restore the club’s passing football identity and Carroll, under contract until 2020, is set to play an important role."

Well thank f*ck superstar Thomas Carroll is staying..the suitors were lining up from all over the continent and overseas. How did we manage to persuade him to miss on champions league football next season is beyond me.

Well done Huw!
I'll just leave that here..ehm.
at 08:48 5 Jul 2018

I loved how he scrambled the papers so passionately. lol..
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English fans genuine question.
at 12:01 4 Jul 2018

Why do football fans from most countries seem very classy, modest, passionate, charismatic, funny, creative with a nice culture and pretty people? While the English ones seem like a bunch of inbred skinhead on crack jumping and fighting like monkeys? All I see is inbred looking men with crooked teeth shouting with no rhythm in drunken rage. No wonder there are almost no women amongst those hooligans. They'd be sexually attacked for sure.
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Excitement in the air. England vs Colombia
at 11:47 3 Jul 2018

The English are that close to ejaculation at the easy half of the draw they have to reach the final.

Colombia..Switzerland..probably Croatia..Then in the final Kane and Lingard masterclass and then boom. We brought it home.

And I'm here to say..keep your pants on my dear fellows. The Colombians are sending you home on the next one. Unless..And I fear so..Kane, Alli and Sterling bring Synchronous Diving into the WC as we often seen in the PL. In a way that would make Neymar cover his eyes with shame.

Not to forget if the FA make a sizeable donation to the FIFA to instruct certain officials to favour the "Three Donkeys" in their decision making. Wouldn't be the first time that's for sure.

Although, A naughty part of me would like to see The Anglos advance to the final only to be crushed in the end in a way they will never recover. It'd be far more painful that way.

I hope the Anglophiles aren't triggered. lol

¡ Vamos Colombia !

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Fede Fernandez is staying?
at 09:43 2 Jul 2018

He posted this on his Instagram yesterday.

Ki is a Newcastle player.
at 18:28 29 Jun 2018

lol..Good luck Benitez with that one.
Andre Ayew wanted by Besiktas.
at 12:52 28 Jun 2018

Fikret Omran, The Turkish club's president will meet with Swansea officials soon. (his agent claimed Andre's future will be decided soon so now we're starting to hear some noise) discuss a potential transfer,as they want him on loan..on loan..

..on loan..

FFS let's not do a Sunderland and let most of our players on loan without a fee and get broke and f*cked in the end.

What's with Turkish clubs..willing to pay premium wages but very reluctant to pay any decent fees..The same club reportedly also wants Bony for the same method. Loan with an option to buy.

Fenerbahce want Narsingh on loan with option to buy for 4.5 m

F*ck the Turks circling our players like vultures..If they want them they should pay cash so we can invest in modest players who want to be here.
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Sporting Lisbon imploding.
at 10:56 28 Jun 2018

Their fans attack the players for missing out on champions league football, Their top players terminated their contracts because of what happened,costing the club more than 100 m worth of talent. Their owner De Carvalho was voted out of his own club..Their new manager Mihajlovic sacked 9 days after his appointment.

This really puts the word shambles in a different perspective.
[Post edited 28 Jun 10:58]
Projected Swansea City FC income & expenses.
at 10:25 25 Jun 2018

I'm feeling economical today..I thought I might share few thoughts for those who give a toss (not many I'm sure)

INCOME: (without considering profit from players sales)

From the official figures for 2016/2017 we can see the following breakdown of income:

TV money:109.3 £
Matchday:7.4 £
Commercial:7 £
Merchandise:2.6 £
Other:1.4 £

TOTAL:127.7 £

Estimate of Swansea City FC income for the 1st year in the Championship:

TV money:50 £ (1st year of parachute payments)
Matchday:4 £ (decrease of more than 40%)
Commercial:2 £ (UK bet sponsor deal expected to be on the low side)
Merchandise:1 £ (significant decrease)
Other:1 £

TOTAL:58 £

EXPENSES: (without considering player registrations)

In the official accounts for the year 2016/2017:

Wages:98.6 £ (Salaries at 87.4 £...Social security costs at 11.2 £)
Other expenses add up to around:28 £

TOTAL:126.6 £

Estimate of Swansea City FC expenses for the 1st year in the Championship:

Wages:It's almost impossible to tell,But with relegation clauses that vary from 50-66% for most of the squad,With most of the big earners to go and to be replaced with small earners. I think it's safe to say the wage bill will be trimmed by about 35 £..Therefore:

Wages:around 65 £ ?
Other expenses:around 20 £ (many luxuries and developments will halt for sure which will reduce costs)

TOTAL:85 £

Income - Expenses = 58 - 85 = - 27 £ (The amount of money the club needs to save in theory in sales in order to break even)

Clearly there are many details that are omitted,like debt and other factors that I'm not an expert on. These are obviously aren't facts. But I thought it's worth some sort of an amateurish analysis.
[Post edited 25 Jun 10:34]
Parachute Payments
at 09:16 25 Jun 2018

A very trivial question I know. But..

In the official accounts of Aston Villa,Norwich and Newcastle it shows the following:

Aston Villa made 66 m in PL broadcasting in year 2016. They made 48 m in Parachute Payments in their first championship season.

Norwich made 70 m in PL broadcast,The year after they've made 50 m in parachutes.

Newcastle made 72 in PL broadcasting,the year after in the championship they've made 47 m only.

It's reported that in the first year in the championship,the parachute payments will be 55% of the relegation's PL income.


Norwich's parachutes were 71% of the PL broadcasting income in the relegation season.
Aston Villa's were 72%
Newcastle's were 65%

The numbers don't add up with the 55% reported PP clubs receive..Not to forget Newcastle made a bit less in percentage than the other 2 clubs..

How is that?

Swansea pocketed 97 m in their relegation season..How much money will they pocket in PP for the 1st year after relegation?

Clearly none of us have facts here. But this could be discussed.

Bony to Besiktas?
at 22:51 22 Jun 2018

Swansea are willing to let him go on a season long loan for 3 m (plus all his wages I assume)

The Turks are unwilling to pay that. Instead (I assume as well) they'd only cover most of his wages. Huw you c*nt. Who sends a player on loan for a whole season with only one year left on his contract? (although there is an option for a 3rd year but clearly we won't activate it)..

So we're basically willing to SELL him for good in a way to Besiktas or whoever is interested for 3 m year after purchasing him for around 12 m.

And due to his huge current salary, clubs aren't even willing to pay that 3 m for him.

So..what the f*ck to do with him? if I was confident that he'd be fit I would have said his wages would be worth the risk. Because he could be immense in the Championship (if his heart is in it)..But he won't be fit let's face it.

We're probably going to lose him for absolutely free..Same goes for Borja and Montero by the way..Maybe terminate their contracts or something of the sort..What a shambles..

[Post edited 22 Jun 22:52]
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