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at 19:34 25 Feb 2016

As some of you may know and some may not we lost a very special friend Denise Webb on the 3rd December last year. Denise and her husband (mike) and kids have been and still are very true,staunchly loyal and hardened Rochdale a.f.c supporters with 42 years service to the club her loss was felt by many of her friends at the dale as we discovered on the day of her funeral. In last week's of her life our club paid tribute to Denise by the manager, the club CEO and her favourite player Calvin Andrew going to spend time with her which to say the least made her and her husbands Mikes and families day.But on Saturday her husband mike and his family will be returning to the dale for the first time since Denise passed away I PERSONALLY AS A DALE FAN ARE ASKING YOU AND ALL THE SHEFFIELD UTD FANS TO JOIN ME AND HOPEFULLY MANY MORE DALE FANS IN CELEBRATING DENISE'S LIFE AND THE FACT SHE WAS A TRUE ROCHDALE SUPPORTER WITH A MINUTES APPLAUSE ON THE 63RD MINUTE WHICH IS DENISE'S AGE PLEASE LET'S DO THIS FOR THIS WONDERFUL LADY WHO IS GREATLY MISSED BY MANY BUT WHO CAN BE FONDLY REMEMBERED BY US AS SUPPORTERS ON SATURDAY I'LL FINNISH THIS BY SAYING THANK YOU ALL IN ADVANCE AND UP THE DALE
I'm tired of all this...
at 16:09 12 Dec 2015

I understand that Keith Hill has brought us success, but in all honesty I'm getting sick and tired of his bizarre/stupid decisions.

The constant omission of Allessandra is bordering on tedious now, he's probably our only out and out striker, when he plays (which is as regular as a blue moon) he looks to make something happen, but never plays, and today isn't even in the squad, we've got BBM on the bench, I understand this is due to an injury, but do we not plan for these things?

Last week against Bury, were 0-1 down and he puts Rose on instead of Allessandra (even Bunney) it was like waving a white flag, and effectively giving up, and letting Bury through.

His constant selection of Lancashire is beyond baffling, surely he can see what we all see, he's at best poor, the most mystifying part is that Eastham is a better defender, and a better footballer, but constantly sits on the bench, while Lancashire seems to be allowed to drop clanger after clanger.

Our defending from any form of set-piece is pathetic, it's a stretch to call it defending, last week we played a side with a proper set-piece specialist, did we not plan for that. The first goal was scored by a player who must be around 5" 9", he outjumped every one of our players, he wanted it, the same player outjumped Bennett who must be at least 6 or 7 inches taller than him, once again he wanted it.

The signing of O'Sullivan is quite simply a disaster - he has offered nothing apart from a temper that he cant control, he has got today what he deserved on his debut, if this is the best player Hill can get in on loan, I would rather he didn't bother.

His treatment of Andy Cannon earlier in the season was disgusting, I don't know the in's and out's, but if Cannon has said he isn't fit and doesn't want to let his team mates down, in my opinion he should be applauded for his honesty, he always gives 100% and Hill coming out saying he should play through the pain, he could get a serious injury or cost his team mates the game.

Hill's general manner is of arrogance and "i'm better than you" - it's no secret to people who know me that I don't like the man (I don't think many people do) but this has been overlooked by a lot of people due to good results.

Today, McDermott has gone off, and he's put BBM on, I would rather put Mendez-Laing on and lose 4-0 and try, which we don't seem to be doing. I like BBM but he's hardly going to pull us back from 2-0 down.

I remember once chatting to Col about my fundraising, he said something along the lines of "I hope the day never comes when you don't want to raise money for the club" - that day has come unfortunately. I love my football club passionately, I hold it very, very dear, but the general feeling around the club at the moment is poor in my opinion.

People will of course say that his job isn't under threat, it probably isn't, but questions need to asked.
Am I the only one worried?
at 17:00 14 Feb 2015

I don't wish to be negative, however some things that have happened in the last couple of weeks are really baffling me.
I can understand the sale of Done, if he would like to leave and get a huge pay rise in doing so, there is no way we should stand in his way. He's already paying back the alleged huge transfer fee.
Going 3-0 down at Walsall, Bunney going to left back, after having not played for ages - going 3-0 down before we even started to look interested.
Today at Peterborough, the line-up is slightly strange to say the least, compounded by the fact we had to play the remaining minutes with 10 men after Andrew went off injured - thoroughly avoidable if we played the correct team from the start.
Ian Henderson, don't get me wrong, he's a good player - but I can't remember the last time he played well, or looked remotely interested. I think he needs to be taken out for a couple of weeks, regain something that has gone awry.
I believe in this side, but in one week, we've gone from talking about making the play-offs (which was always a step too far in my opinion) to looking over our shoulder at the teams below us.
The fixtures we have coming up are tough, so tough I except no points in February - due to the league being incredibly close, we could quickly end up being involved in a relegation fight.
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I don't understand...
at 20:01 28 Dec 2014

I'm not a regular contributor on here, but read on a regular basis (as I'm sure many others do)

Over the last few weeks, there seems to be some supporters except us to just turn up and we will win, and when we don't can't understand why we aren't beating teams comfortably.

I don't understand O'Connell at left back, or why Rose is playing, but debate it after the game - today's performance summed up the apathy of some people watching.

When Allen got MOTM, someone not far from where I stand, shouted "he's sh*t" I shook my head with disbelief (along with others round me) I love watching Allen play football, I honestly think he is the best footballer I've ever seen in a Dale shirt - the way he uses the ball, his touches to open up space, the way he never loses the ball, I love watching him play - I describe him as lower league Paul Scholes.

Some of these people should remember where we were when Hill came back, a lot of people (myself included) were questioning their support.

Another thread asks for crumbs of comfort - I direct you people to the League 1 table, which reads:
8. Rochdale.

2 points outside of the play-offs - if you asked anyone before we played Peterborough in August if they would have taken 8th at New Year, at Nottingham Forest in the 3rd of the FA Cup - everyone would have taken that.

We've hit a bad patch, luck is going against us, we all knew we would hit a poor patch at some stage, stick together and we come out of the other side stronger.

Another "crumb" of comfort was the introduction of Camps, who did more with the ball, and had more impact on the game than Hery did in the whole game. There is an interview with KH on YouTube about the academy, he says that in years to come we could quite easily have half a team that comes through the academy. These aren't crumbs, these are reasons our club is making massive steps in the right direction.

I understand we all want to win, but the long term path our football club is on, looks superb - we have a stable board, with a stable management team contracted until 2018, I doubt many other clubs of our size have so much going for them.

I can take the odd defeat, because we're a good side and (in the main) were a very understanding set of fans, with the best interests of our club at heart, which is why the moaners get shouted down, rightly so.

Roll on Saturday against Nottingham Forest.
The FA Cup
at 21:44 25 Feb 2014

Many pundits, many football fans believe the FA Cup is gradually losing it's glamour.
Continuing my clear out!
at 19:56 9 Jul 2013

I'm continuing to clear out of all my old Dale stuff.

Being sold is:
Worn & Signed Dave Flitcroft Red Nike Jacket - Size XL.
Worn & Signed Louis Dodds Blue Nike Shirt - Size L.
Signed Sam Russell Yellow Goalkeepers Shirt - Size Childs M.
Worn Joe Thompson Grey Warm-Up T-Shirt from Wembley Play-Off Final, signed by Joe Thompson & James Spencer. Size XL.
Worn Rory Prendergast Centenary Home Shirt (Spelt Prenderast) Signed by both David Flitcroft & Keith Hill.
Worn & Signed Keith Hill Home Shirt (Framed) Old Blue shirt.
Signed Kieth Hill Picture from the "we will be legends" advert. Framed, and there was only one of these ever made.
I'm willing to post the shirts anywhere in the world, the framed items, I would prefer if they were collected.

Any interested PM me.
Standard of referring...
at 14:32 17 Mar 2013

Does anybody else think the standard of referring in this country is getting worse?

It seems to be every week there is a shocking decision (either at Dale, or in the premiership) After watching the first half of Sunderland and Norwich, how the officials can send off the Norwich goalkeeper for the ball hitting his armpit is just beyond me.

This doesn't seem to be an isolated incident, like yesterday with Felliani with his hand ball which was given as a free-kick, even though it was a good 2 yards inside the box.

There are probably many more decisions from this weekend, these decisions aren't based on opinions, there just wrong.
Selling off a load of Dale stuff.
at 10:41 30 Oct 2012

David Perkins worn and signed warm up shirt from Play-off Final.
Worn and signed Louis Dodds home shirt.
Signed Sam Russell Goalkeepers shirt.
David Perkins signed Centenary Shirt.
Worn and signed Joe Thompson Shirt.
Worn and signed Morike Sako shirt.
Worn and signed Dave Flitcroft jacket.
Worn Rory Prendergast shirt (spelt Prenderast) - signed by Keith Hill and Dave Flitcroft.

Am willing to post anywhere in the world, no serious offer turned down.

If interested PM me.
George Donnelly
at 13:16 15 May 2012

at 17:23 3 Sep 2011

I understand that people are frustrated and annoyed at our poor start, but that's all it is a start. A start of a long season. I don’t understand people constantly having a go at Eyre, he will get it right, you cant except him to come in (at the time we had only lost Dawson) then we lost Wiseman, Done and O'Grady. So we lost the best defender the club has ever seen, who is and always will be irreplaceable, look at Thursday night.

Eyre couldn’t help losing these players, it just made a very hard job, even harder. You can’t just replace players of this calibre at the drop of a hat, it takes time, patience. Something we as fans should give Eyre, as your not in a job for 21 years if your rubbish at that job.

You don’t work under Eriksson, Mancini, Hughes, Royle, Keegan, Pearce, City have had a lot of upheaval in the last 21 years but the one constant has been Eyre, that speaks volumes, every single one of these must have been impressed by him.

So he has signed some players that haven’t impressed so far, but didn’t Hilly do that in the early days? Reuben Reid, Guy Branston, James Spencer, Rory Prendergast, Charlie Comyn-Platt, Stephen Turnbull.

Eyre has a long term project, it won’t happen over night, it will take time. Although we can bring Parkin back, along with Sako, Barker, Simpkins, Sharp and the rest of the crap that he signed. Or we can put our faith in someone that is learning at this level, and will eventually get it right.

I've had the pleasure of meeting Steve a couple of times, and let me tell you, you couldn’t wish to meet a nicer man, the total opposite to Hilly, a man with dignity and a genuine care for RAFC. When I spoke to Steve about football, my lord, to say he loves the game is a huge understatement, he is a real student of the game, and someone who I could spend all day with.

Listen to how the players talk about him "I signed because of Eyre" "As soon as I knew of Rochdale’s interest and after meeting Eyre I had to sign" "I worked with Eyre at City, so I rejected all the other offers to come to Rochdale"

I would rather have someone with energy and enthusiasm, planning for the future than an older manager with no energy.
A thought...
at 11:42 17 Dec 2010

Due to tommorows game being called off, my ticket sales will obviously not be as big as first anticapated. So I've come up with an idea that because the game is off tommorow, perhaps you could donate some of your money that would originally get you into the game, and put it towards my quest to break last year's record.

I've approached the club, and they are fully behind this venture, and something they want to push with just 1 day left till the draw takes place.

You can buy your tickets in the club shop till 5 tonight (Friday) and then the shop is open from 9am-4pm tommorow.

There was no doubt that I would of broken my record tommorow, and raised over £1,114 for the club, now it's all in the balance. So if you want some more Christmas Draw tickets, pop into the shop either today or tommorow, and say that your putting it towards my target.
at 19:42 18 Nov 2010

On Saturday I shall be (again) on my trail of selling tickets! After FC United and Sheffield Wednesday, I'm well on my way to 1,114. My figure as it stands is 816. If your decent at maths you will work out that I'm 298 off my target.

Sales at the games so far have been slow, but with starting so early, I excepted this, now I want/need sales to get better if I'm to pass my target.

On Saturday I shall be on the turnstile in the Main Stand by Sandy Lane, and circulating round at half time. Every week I'm getting closer, but now I need your help, again!

As it stands I've got 4 home games left (I won't be able to make Carlisle or Peterborough) that sounds like plenty of time, but I've still got to average about 75 a week, which is a tall order!

You won't miss me in my rather unique "Going for 1114" shirt, and if your still wondering if it's me, it has "Reedy" at the bottom!

If you have a spare couple of quid on Saturday, and you can see me, give us a shout, and I will happily sell you some tickets!
at 18:14 12 Nov 2010

A week has passed since I started my latest fundraising quest, and I’m now considerably closer to my target of 1,114. I’m now well past halfway on my way to that mammoth target.

This week has been another good week of collecting and selling, with me getting past the halfway stage, which is a great feeling because the end is now in sight! The current figure of tickets sold is 732 which is brilliant for mid-November, however there are always more to be sold!

I started his tickets sales at Spotland last week against FC United, and my next stop is Hillsborough.

I’ve contacted Sheffield Wednesday and they are more than happy for me to sell my tickets at their ground, so obviously my thanks go to them, because they could have easily turned round and said no! With me only selling tickets in Sandy Lane last Friday, I didn’t get everyone but will be going round over the next few games.

I’m only 382 tickets away from my goal, I know every ticket you buy, gets me closer to my target.

When people are buying tickets off me left, right and centre, that’s a great feeling, because when I set these targets, I always rely on the brilliant fans, and they always come out with their money, time after time, which is something I appreciate a hell of a lot, because without the fans, it wouldn’t be possible!

I’m aiming to take my sales past the 800 mark come 5:45 on Saturday afternoon, yet another little target I’ve has set, which all goes towards one huge target.

Saturday is probably one of the biggest away followings we will have all season, so I’m looking to take advantage of that, and sell as many as I possibly can. With 5 weeks to go until the draw is made, I feel like I’m making pretty good progress, but once I’m into four figures, then the end will be in sight.

So if you see me at Hillsborough tomorrow, please spare me a couple of quid!
I'm at it again!
at 09:54 5 Nov 2010

Col check your PM's
at 17:29 4 Nov 2010

As above
Last nights 'game'
at 18:10 3 Nov 2010

With many threads already on here about last nights rather farcical proceedings at Spotland, I want to shed some light on what happened.

When the rain started falling at about midday the pitch was taking water brilliantly, as it did to up until between 5 and 5:30, when it started holding in certain areas of the pitch. Work then began to try and remove as much water as possible off the pitch and to the sides of the pitch, but the water was falling faster than we could get it off.

The referee gave it every chance, and at one stage the rain completely stopped, and the turnstiles were subsequently opened, in the hope that the rain would hold off and we would get a game on.

When the fans starting coming through the turnstiles, the rain again started to pour, and pour, and pour. I can honestly say I’ve never, ever been as wet as what I was last night, it was unreal.

Once the stands were filling up, the referee pretty much had to start the game, because there would have been even more uproar if there was no football what so ever.

The referee gave it every chance, but the rain was torrential and wouldn’t stop. I haven’t yet read a post blaming the ground staff, but if any of you even think about doing that, you need to take a look at yourself (Oldham or Dale fan) because we did all we could and more!
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