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Lemina Received UK's Highest Ever Speeding Fine
Tuesday, 4th Sep 2018 09:37

Mario Lemina is reported as having been hit with the biggest speeding fine ever issued in the UK a whopping £96,000.

The Mail Online along with other media outlets are reporting that Mario Lemina is now £96,000 lighter in his pocket after a number of offences connected with his car being clocked for speeding.

The £96,000 fine which apparently beats the previous holder Ant out of Ant & Dec who was fined £86,000 for Drink Driving back in April and is apparently 3 X his basic weekly salary at St mary's.

He also received 18 penalty points and was banned from driving for a year.

It all sounds very harsh, but it was a catalogue of offences for Lemina, he was clocked for the offence and then on three separate occasions he failed to notify the police who was behind the wheel, later claiming that he wasn't sure whether it was his brother or his cousin behind the wheel.

On top of the speeding offence he admitted three accounts of failing to notify the police of whom was driving the vehicle.

Lemina did not appear in person at Aldershot magistrates court and The Sun claims he is set to discuss the matter with Southampton FC.

Whether Lemina's offence and the fact his income seems to be higher than Ant out of Ant & Dec will be celebrated in song by the Northam End at the next home game is yet to be discovered .

"Mario Lemina He's Richer Than Ant Out Of Ant & Dec"

" Mario Lemina He's A Rich Midfielder, Mario Lemina He Blows Ant Out Of Ant & Dec Away"

Photo: Action Images

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Svengelska added 10:27 - Sep 4
Ok Nick, it's got to be said...

**Clears throats**

Ohhh, Mario Lemina
Ohhh, a driving misdemeanour
Ohhh, he got away with £96K...


Got to get that one sung in the Northam end!!!

A1079 added 10:42 - Sep 4
It doesn't sound harsh at all. This guy has potentially put lives at risk, he has lied and tried to deceive the law and in my view he has got off lightly and other people like him who think it is ok to do what they want. I think he should also be disciplined by the club and suspended for a while, but I know that won't happen.

Other players get grief by supporters for not coming upto the grade but all they try to do, is their best, accepting their best may not be good enough. But this guy's attitude off field probably matches it on it - he doesn't care.

TimSaint added 11:39 - Sep 4
I know exactly what you mean, but very much doubt that the club will discipline him by dropping him. He is currently playing well, so perhaps a fine would be in order ? We still played James Beattie when he was done for drink driving, as he was in the in form star striker at the time.
Anyway, perhaps he has already been disciplined, but were keeping it quiet ? If it is in court now, I'm guessing this all happened a little while ago - but not sure. Could explain his absences at the end of last season - if Pell was not the reason !!

bstokesaint added 12:20 - Sep 4
What a great role model..

SaintNick added 12:31 - Sep 4
I think A1079 has been a bit harsh, we dont know what speed he was travelling for a start, he could have been doing 78 mph on a completely empty M3 at 2 am at night and therefore risking only his own life.

He didnt lie, he failed to send back the paperwork, thats a lot different.

Speeding isnt an offence that for the average person has anything to do with work, he has been clobbered took his sentence and it is nothing to do with work

SanMarco added 12:33 - Sep 4
It's not that steep - a week/week and a half's wages? Us mere mortals would expect at least that for such behaviour. If it has impoverished him then maybe we should arrange a collection at the next home match??

SonicBoom added 13:14 - Sep 4
He's certainly no Marcus Alonso.....

saintmark1976 added 14:36 - Sep 4
Good job it was Lemina and not Yoshida, Nick. I dread to think what your reaction would of been. I suspect that you would have wanted him fined five years wages,made to wear a permanent ball and chain and put in the stocks so you could throw rotten fruit at him every match day.

On a serious note. Lemina may not have lied but you surely can't defend someone who ignores three separate requests for details of the driver of his car. I suspect the court simply thought he was taking the mick and punished him accordingly. I suggest the club quickly introduce him to the expression "a fool and his money are soon parted ".

ChristchurchSaint added 14:46 - Sep 4
Nick, he may have failed to send back his paperwork, but he also “wasn’t sure if it was his cousin or brother behind the wheel”. If you lent your car to somebody, would you not know as to who had it on a particular date? If so, then surely the person who was driving should have been fined. Sorry, but was it a case of, “Sorry, but I am somebody famous, and I think that I can get away with it by being vague”? I think A1079’s point is, that Lemina (or any other footballer) is in the limelight and should be seen to set a decent example. I accept we all make mistakes, but most of us hold our hands up and accept the consequences without any fuss.

SaintNick added 15:25 - Sep 4
I agree footballers should set an example, but there are limits to those standards, most people have sped at the time, if you have several of you in a house who use a car, when you receive a penalty notice around 3-4 weeks after the offence it is not beyond the realms of possibility you were not sure who was driving.

I agree not replying to the letter is a bit out of order, but how many of us have failed to pay credit card payments on time or not replied to letters, im not making excuses but its hardly a major offence, we wont see Lemina or any other footballer fronting a major tv advertising campaign urging people to return their speeding notice letters on time lol

If it had been Yoshida I would have been screaming obscenities about remembering Pearly Harbour, the treatment handed out to David Bowie in Merry Xmas Mr Lawrence and the general fact that Yoko Ono broke up the Beatles, three events that can all be linked to Yoshida, or perhaps I would be taking it as it actually is, an overpaid footballer finding it easier to pay out money than actually worry about real life.

If Lemina had beat up his girlfriend then I would be berating him, but ultimately this is a story of breaking the speed limit and poor administration something we have all been guilty of at some time

Sanguin added 15:54 - Sep 4
I like Svengelska' chant, but propose changing the last line:

Ohhh, Mario Lemina
Ohhh, a driving misdemeanour
Ohhh, he'll never drive a car agaaaaain

It would be great to include something about how hard he works to earn points. The Independent made the joke that he has more points on his license than Saints have earned this season.

BoondockSaint added 17:29 - Sep 4
"Poor administration"??????
Is that the new term for ignoring a court order three times?
Can we all use it? Or is it just for entitled athletes?

But then, that leaves us with the problem of what would be the new term for actual "Poor Administration".........

Oh, yeah, it's now: "The Les and Ralph 5 Year Plan"!

SaintNick added 18:26 - Sep 4
He didnt actually ignore a court order, he failed to reply to the paperwork sent to the registered owner of a vehicle caught speeding asking them to confirm who was driving the vehicle at the time of the offence, that is not a court order.

Once again a fairly minor misdeameanor which even after taking into account failing to reply to 3 requests resulted in a fine totalling 1 1/2 weeks wages so the equivalent of about £600 for the average person, results in some using it to highlight how badly the club is being run.

PMSL Have we got so low that we think that a player speeding is evidence that "The Les and Ralph 5 Year Plan"! is failing

SaintBrock added 18:30 - Sep 4
Most people speed all the time and No Nick you don't get booked for doing 78mph on the M3 at 2am.

I have driven down the M3 at night in cruise at this sort of speed and not a single car has stayed behind me and all I have caught up with are a couple of lorries. Most young guys and gals out that late at night seem to bomb down there at 100mph+

Whatever Mario Lemina was doing, I'll bet it wasn't 78mph.

Of course, it has been reported widely recently that future fines for speeding will be linked to salary. Personally I cannot see why, just the twisted logic of some minor back office Civil Servants who have nothing better to do than think up ways of making life as miserable as sin for anybody and everyone whom they regard as a "rich bugger who needs to be taught a lesson" which in most cases is likely to be most of the rest of the population.

Chesham_Saint added 08:51 - Sep 5
I agree with Nick and others on this. There's breaking the limit outside say a school which is plain wrong but at say, at 2 am on a clear night on an empty motorway? Ok its an offence (I think I've done 130mph and know I'd have paid a heavy penalty if caught) - but on a clear straight road it is hard to resist.
Not responding to the old bill when caught isn't a great idea though.

ChristchurchSaint added 11:43 - Sep 5
It wasn’t on a motorway. According to BBC news last night it was “on the A31 near Ringwood.” Presumably that was somewhere around Burley services, where there is often a camera. He reportedly lives in Ashley Heath, so would assume he was heading home.

GeordieSaint added 12:05 - Sep 5
Mario lemina let's give him a cheer
He does 90 miles an hour in second gear
He used to play for juve but now he's here
Mario lemina let's give him a cheer

Jesus_02 added 12:33 - Sep 5
Wow really suprised at some of Nicks comments TBH... must have had a few sherries.

Fines should be related to salary as they are suposed to be punative.

Football players are not role models. As Shaun Ryder says. "bring up your own ****ing kids"

On that Kinky Afro note.

"He drove oooover 30
He hard in the tackle but not dirty
If you get to close he’ll just beat ya
Mario Lamina "


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