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Food you now like 14:34 - Sep 15 with 247 viewsGlossolalia

Yup it's that kind of week.

What food do you now eat that you used to really dislike?

For me it's olives, sprouts and sushi. There are others that I'll have to think about.

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Food you now like on 15:00 - Sep 15 with 230 viewsKeithHaynes

Definitely all manner of fish, really excellent to cook in various ways. On the bbq is favourite. Here red tuna can be bought for around €9 a kilo. Red snapper too. Never thought I would enjoy the local ‘pulpo’ ( octopus)

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Food you now like on 15:59 - Sep 15 with 193 viewsWingstandwood

A bit off topic maybe? There seems to be one 'legendary' food that if you dislike it you always will? Most dislikers I assume will never come around to find it mouth watering delicious. That food is lavabread.

It seems to have either a retching quality effect or the total opposite where someone just cannot get enough of the stuff. One crazy foodstuff that! There seems to be no inbetween either total dislike or total love for ther stuff.



Food you now like on 16:03 - Sep 15 with 186 viewsWalterBoyd

Now enjoy Calamari - the thought of it was enough to put off when younger.

Really enjoy a Madras curry , taste buds changing with age I think.

Food you now like on 16:39 - Sep 15 with 161 viewsbritferry

Parsnips, never really had them as a child, can't get enough of them with a Sunday lunch now, god help you if you're behind me at a carvery

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Food you now like on 16:51 - Sep 15 with 146 views1983

We have Quorn chilli's now with all the nonsense in there and the sauce you can't tell in difference plus its cheaper and better for you

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Food you now like on 17:11 - Sep 15 with 133 viewsCatullus

I'm deffo in the hate lavabread camp!

There isn't really anything I eat now I didn't used to. I used to think I didn't like Greek food, until I went to Greece!

Hang on, Tiramisu, never liked the thought of a coffee desert when I was young, I'd eat it all the tine now.

Just my opinion, but WTF do I know anyway?
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