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The Chimp Paradox
at 11:07 12 Feb 2020

Have you read it?

What do you think?

A few on here need to box and manage their chimps, you probably know who?

Happy Brexit day
at 08:08 31 Jan 2020

Arise, Sir Farage, your work is done
500 Million Development in Cardiff bay
at 16:32 28 Jan 2020

Jesus, they get some money, how about the rest of Wales?

Best time to book flights for Florida in advance?
at 12:43 22 Jan 2020

Anyone know how long in advance is best to book flights for Florida, or anywhere come to that?

I haven't been for a while but seem to remember trying to do it about ten months before, but that could be wrong?
Swansea - Cardiff combined team, would any Cardiff players get in?
at 13:09 9 Jan 2020

4 points between us, I'm not sure how they look terrible?

It would be our team mostly I would have thought but what Cardiff players would make it in?

From what little I've seen on TV maybe Hoillet, Mendez Lang, Bennett, Ralls and the keeper, who looks a good shot-stopper but can't kick to his own team, look in contention?

I suppose we will find out Sunday how good they are?
How easy is it for the investors to take money out of the club?
at 08:42 6 Jan 2020

We've had mixed views on this, but if we sell two players in the window for say £10Million, can the investors simply take £8Million to recoup some of their money, and just say here's £2Million to spend?

Or are their rules in place to protect clubs from this?

Harry and Megan alleged mental health issues
at 09:16 22 Oct 2019

Whats changed, seems way more problems than years ago?
[Post edited 22 Oct 2019 9:27]
Lose to Cardiff three nil twice and guaranteed promotion or
at 15:24 21 Oct 2019

Would you prefer to beat the scum three nil both games, with no promotion

Or guaranteed promotion and lose three nil to them twice?
[Post edited 21 Oct 2019 15:25]
Parliament to be suspended in September
at 15:10 28 Aug 2019

Go get them, Boris!


Let the fun and games begin!
[Post edited 28 Aug 2019 15:10]
The windows closed we've got what we've got time to get behind them!
at 09:21 9 Aug 2019

Lets gt behind them and see where we end up!
look on the bright side
at 18:51 8 Aug 2019

Scum fans are gutted Bobby Reid sold to Fulham???

Replaced with Vassell (injury prone) and Marlon Pack Wurzel reject

They are not so cocky now

Who we f&cking signing
at 20:32 6 Aug 2019

Been busy who are we signing we're running out of f&cking time FFS
Top six predictions and who will go up automatically?
at 09:34 31 Jul 2019

According to the bookies Odschecker we are going to finish bottom half 13th
Leeds Auto
Fulham Auto
West Brom

Bookies are often right but this is the Championship, so unpredictable, I would go
Brentford (depending on not losing too many)

I assume Burnie will go depends on the replacements, but as it stands we will finish top half say about 9th?

I could be way wrong, and we don't even know what players will arrive or leave yet but that would my guess right now. I am not sure about Leeds will they kick on or not?

Your thoughts?
Where are the new players, the seasons only a few days away?
at 15:07 30 Jul 2019

FFS why can't we buy some players instead of selling them all?

Thoughts, who will go and how many will come in?

Where will we Finish?

[Post edited 30 Jul 2019 15:07]
Food bank Growth
at 11:41 16 Jul 2019

I know some poor buggers are desperate and really need them to survive, but apparently, anyone can go and get free food?

I was watching the BBC this morning and a woman said about a family took all their kids out and spent all the money on a day out, knowing they were due to get some money on Monday but it didn't come in, so they went to the food bank, as they had spent all the cash?

Now surely if you know you can go out and spend your money and get your food for free will result in some spongers using them and surely the usage is bound to increase?

So you've got Waitrose, Tesco, Aldi, Farm Foods, Foodbank, don't you think there should be some sorts of checks?

I know political parties are using it as a tool to bash the Tories, but if you can get perfectly good food for free and use your cash for what you want why wouldn't you, so to say food bank usage has increased is like saying Aldi customers are increasing, surely it means nothing?

I would predict it will continue to increase as more and more people feel less stigmatised in using them, and for the numbers to go through the roof over the coming years.
[Post edited 16 Jul 2019 11:48]
Cardiff sign three players
at 17:29 27 Jun 2019


Vaulks has potential?

Not sure on the other two?

How do you think Potter will do at Brighton?
at 11:05 13 Jun 2019

I hope he fecks it up, and they go down!
Fake Rolex - Tag - Omega
at 10:04 13 Jun 2019

Just watched a youtube showing how good they are getting, the best ones only professionals would be able to spot.

Anyone admit to getting one, seems a lot cheaper but kind of defeats the object, and probably most of them are holiday resort type cheap efforts that only last six months?

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Best way to buy a car???
at 11:18 28 May 2019

It seems like the youngsters just decide £300 per month or whatever and hire or lease a car that they never actually own.

The old method was to buy a quality car say 3 to 4 years old, then keep it for 3 to 7 years.

What do you do and what is the best method these days?

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Dan James, whats he worth now???
at 13:23 28 Mar 2019

Dan James, unbelievable player whats he worth now do you reckon???

And when will we sell ???
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