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Who should be our next manager? Please name them.
at 14:21 19 May 2019

Who should be our next manager? Please name them.

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Just watch and smile
at 04:04 14 May 2019

This has now been posted on the Brighton fans forum by their supporters doing their research, one of the comments is "I don't understand. All those players running towards the other team's goal. What sort of insane idea of football is this? Why isn't everyone behind the ball where they belong?" Hughton sounds like a very defensive manager.
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Who most deserve to go up? Who actually will go up?
at 15:47 11 May 2019

(1) Leeds most deserve to be promoted. They've been on the naughty step in the Championship for long enough, and are the team that most other teams were afraid of.

(2) However I'm expecting West Brom to make an immediate return to the Premier League simply because they have the best players.

Your prediction?
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Us Watching Them Watching Us
at 14:59 21 Apr 2019–0-at-presto

Congratulations to the Ipswich fan who has compiled these comments, he must have spent hours lurking on Planet Swans. I just hope that counselling services are available.

But if he truly wants to know what we think of his side, here are our thoughts on the last match - please god they don't do the double over us.
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Ipswich thoughts
at 07:14 20 Apr 2019

They just got beat 4 - 0.

They have won only 6 of their last 56 matches.

What could possibly go wrong?
Alzheimers / Dementia and other conditions - How to claim a council tax discount
at 17:44 10 Apr 2019

"Like students and under-18s, in Eng, Scot and Wales, those who have a severe mental impairment are 'disregarded' for council tax purposes. This means if they live alone they shouldn't pay any council tax, or more commonly, if they live with one other adult, often their carer, there should be a 25% discount (typically worth about £400/yr).

To qualify, someone must be medically certified as having a severe mental impairment (ie, one that severely and permanently affects their intellectual and social functioning), and be eligible for certain benefits. Eg, dementia, strokes and Parkinson's are all conditions that could result in someone having a severe mental impairment. Our How to claim SMI guide has full info.

Some councils will backdate the payout. This can be huge - Tom tweeted: "I've claimed back £9,649.65 for my dad who suffered a stroke in 1999 and has lived alone since 2005. Thank you so much. This will make a big difference."
Did we really wear this shirt?
at 20:57 25 Mar 2019

Scroll down to the photo.

It's terrible. If we had a poll of the worst ones we've ever had it's got to be a contender.

UPDATE. Although the link (from 2017) they provided is funny and true. Does any family here have Swans oven gloves?
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Islam v Gays
at 22:11 19 Mar 2019

Getting interesting in Brum.

A spokeman said that "The programme discriminates against the beliefs of Muslim children, parents, family values."

No gay Muslims? 
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at 21:10 18 Mar 2019

Just out of interest. Will Swansea council be raising the England flag on St George's Day (April 23)?
SKY Sport highlights
at 18:26 2 Mar 2019
Is Shelvey on his way out from Newcastle?
at 09:25 2 Mar 2019

Benitez plays a 2-player midfield and Shelvey is now his 5th choice, with Ki Sung-Yeung being preferred ahead of him. Wasn't it only last year that Shelvey was being considered for the England squad?
Schalke - 😆
at 20:56 22 Feb 2019

We should do the same for Cellina.
What actually happened in the Tonypandy Riots
at 02:14 22 Feb 2019

The original thread has now veered into Salisbury and Novichuk, so I thought that I'd post here a brief account of the Riots written by Welsh writer Phil Carradice on the centenary in 1910. It's in three parts and it's worth clicking on the link for the photo of Tonypandy men in 1910.

And one thing all of us can agree on is that the mine owners were greedy, callous b*st*rds.
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Wales Week In London events - they have now started
at 17:52 19 Feb 2019

It's an annual event that actually lasts a fortnight and has now started. Here's the link if you want to see what's on offer.

And here's the calendar and events map:

Keep an eye out for if they're showing the FA Cup match. They have a very large screen but can only show it if it's on BBC or ITV - they don't have Sky or BT.
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Our Premier League home results against Man City
at 22:16 18 Feb 2019

2011 - 2012 1-0
2012 - 2013 0-0
2013 - 2014 2-3
2014 - 2015 2-4
2015 - 2016 1-1
2016 - 2017 1-3
2017 - 2018 0-4

Goals for 7 Goals against 15

So we're obviously overdue for another win.
Tough run of fixtures in Feb and March
at 18:24 11 Feb 2019

We've a tough run of fixtures coming up at a point where we might be distracted by the Cup - five of our next seven are Away matches, and five of the seven are against teams who are higher up the league. The last of them against Forest (30 March) is a week before the FA Cup semi-finals.

With all that in mind how many points do you expect us to get? My own prediction is 10 by winning both home games and picking up points in a couple of away games.

Leeds - Away - 0 points
Sheff Wed - Away - 3 points
Bolton - Home - 3 points
Norwich - Away - 1 point
West Brom - Away - 0 points
Derby - Home - 3 points
Notts Forest - Away - 0 points
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A-Z of Swansea on a Millwall fans forum
at 14:20 6 Feb 2019

Interesting. Presumably the Millwall fan who posted this, named Moody, is also a Swans fan? Does he post on this site as well?

I've been lurking on their forums and they are surprisingly pessimistic about the result, presumably because of the way they lost to us at Millwall. Personally, I'm worried that our midfield will be overrun, and they've had a decent series of results in the last few weeks.

Our team in September was Mulder, Roberts, van der Hoorn, Rodon, Olsson (Montero, 66), James (Carroll, 60), Fer (Naughton, 35), Grimes, Celina, Baker-Richardson, and McBurnie.
Where did this money go?
at 03:54 6 Feb 2019

OK, to prove competence to discuss high finance, first answer this maths question.

I and 2 pals went to the local Wetherspoons at the start of a pub crawl and each of us stuck £10 behind the bar to run a tab. So that's £30 in total.

When we were leaving, the barman (a real dodgy geezer, probably from London) realised that we had spent only £25. He quietly took £2 for himself and gave £1 back to each of us.

So, there was £30 in the pot to start with. £10 minus £1 = £9, times the three of us equals £27. The barman had kept £2 for himself. £27 + £2 = £29. I Demand To Know What's Happened To The Missing £1!

The first one to answer correctly becomes the new Swansea Director of Finance.

And only then can we talk about this mythical missing £61 million.
[Post edited 6 Feb 3:55]
Bristol City manager article
at 17:58 30 Jan 2019

I'm hoping this is the equivalent of someone getting awarded Manager of the Month and then losing the next match.
At War with France, who would win? - Russian analysis
at 03:33 29 Jan 2019

Not that we would ever take up arms against our French friends, but here's one viewpoint.

He also did one about us versus the USA (Spoiler: we don't win).

And as a bonus, here's why Argentina won't be re-invading the Falklands any time soon.

CORRECTION: Croatia, not Russia.
[Post edited 29 Jan 4:12]
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