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Israel / Gaza
at 13:23 3 Jun 2018

Right then, can someone explain to me (in simple terms) what the craic is out there?

I'm not interested on views on who is right/wrong etc.

Who are Fatah/Hamas/PLO and whoever else is there.

Who's fighting for what?

Just that i'm reading a book at the moment and a chap is out there and he's naming all these different groups and i don't know what's what.

No opinions, just facts please.
Setting Front Doors On Fire
at 10:54 2 Jun 2018

Whats that all about then?

Another one last night, in Trallwn where their little boy had to have a stay in hospital due to smoke inhalation.

I believe last nights was the 3rd in the last month, all Swansea areas too.

Absolute scumbags who need to be caught before they kill someone.
Boarding Kennels
at 20:45 1 Jun 2018

Can any of you lovely people recommend any boarding kennels in the Neath/Port Talbot area please?
Migrant Hero
at 18:08 28 May 2018

A genuine hero right there.

Not sure why the neighbour didn't do it mind, he could easily have grabbed the child.
Price of Fuel
at 11:23 26 May 2018

How has this jumped up so much again ffs.

Diesel now £1.30.9 in my local Esso garage.

It wasn't that long ago that the country was up in arms when it hit a quid.
Angel Rangel Names His Ultimate 11
at 21:13 23 May 2018

GK - Dorus
LB - Tate
RB - Rangel
CB - Ash
CB - Monk
Mid - LEON
Mid - Ki
Mid - Gylfi
LW - Sinclair
RW - Dyer
Up Top - Michu
at 13:04 29 Apr 2018

This will upset some...
at 22:12 24 Apr 2018

Not only do we not get one of those new fandangled high speed electric trains, they're now going to lower our speed limits as well.
Any HR experts or managers on here?
at 19:12 18 Apr 2018

Looking for a bit of help with something.
17yr Old guitarist
at 15:38 15 Apr 2018

I know we have some serious musos on here...

Came across this young gentleman last night whilst browsing.

What do said musos make of him?

Would you support military action against Syria on what we know so far?
at 20:34 13 Apr 2018

Would you support military action against Syria on what we know so far?

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Safe Standing
at 18:16 9 Apr 2018

Has been rejected at West Brom...
SAS Soldier Killed
at 10:12 31 Mar 2018

These are the types of people that deserve RIP threads.

Absolute heroes, one and all.

Stand easy soldier. RIP
Trust Email
at 09:43 31 Mar 2018

Dear Number 1 Planet Swans Poster,

Before we close the curtain on yet another international break, we'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate both Connor Roberts and Oli McBurnie on their senior international debuts. Now we turn our attention to Old Trafford and the first of eight huge Premier League games which we all hope will lead to the Great Escape mark 2 ! It's going to be another rollercoaster ride for Swans fans and our best wishes go to Carlos Carvalhal and the playing squad.

Best wishes

The Swans Trust Team


We have recently set up a sub-group of the Trust Board which is reviewing the way we communicate with members. The sub-group is currently looking at various aspects of communication, including how we can make better use of social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. There is a separate item below on our new, members only Facebook group and we will be providing more details of other ideas the communications sub group is currently working on over the next few weeks.

However we can assure you that our regular emails to members will continue to be a key method of communication. We realise that not everyone uses Facebook and other, similar platforms so any increase in the use of social media in Trust related issues will also need to be integrated within both our regular email updates and our website which is also being reviewed by our sub-group.

If there are specific ideas, features or topics that you would like to see included or have any other views on communication please get in touch with us via

Swans Trust - Members Only Facebook Group

A reminder to join our new, members only, Facebook group. The original Trust Facebook group has a large membership from all over the world, the vast majority of whom are not Trust members. While we do not want to lose the opportunity to engage with such large numbers we are conscious that the group has become difficult to manage. We very much appreciate the efforts of the current moderators but feel that an additional, members only group might allow a more focused discussion around topics of particular interest to Trust members.

The original group will continue but if you wish to join the new members only Facebook group you can do so at

Ownership Consortium

You will be aware of various media reports in recent weeks about the make up of the consortium which owns the majority share of Swansea City through the American based private company, Swansea Football LLC. As a significant shareholder in Swansea City FC, the Trust has asked the club to confirm who the members of the consortium are.

The Trust is of course aware that Steve Kaplan and Jason Levien are significant shareholders along with Romie Chaudhari and Robert Hernreich, both of whom are directors on the board of Swansea City. The club has however refused to confirm who the other members of the owning consortium are, stating that the minority investor members have not provided approval to make public their private investment.The club describes them as private and passive investors with no operational control or influence in the affairs of the Football Club.

While it appears that Steve Kaplan and Jason Levien have the day to day authority to make operational decisions regarding the club on behalf of the consortium, the Trust has no knowledge of any parameters they may have been set or the limit of their authority. The Trust cannot independently verify the details of the consortium or the decision making structure. However, given the other important matters we are progressing relating to the Trust’s shareholding, we do not intend to pursue this further at this stage.

New on-demand coach travel to the Liberty

Have you used the new on-demand coach service to home Swans games ? We are only a couple of matches into the new initiative but we are keen to get initial feedback from any members who have used it. If you could spare just a couple of minutes to complete our survey this would be appreciated - Click here to access the survey.

If you have any other comments/suggestions on matchday travel please forward them to us at

Don't Forget

As well as the Facebook group mentioned above you can also follow the Swans Trust on Twitter @swanstrust

You can have a chat to members of the Trust Board on match days at the Trust pod at the Liberty Stadium – there is someone from the Trust at the pod for at least an hour up to 30 minutes before kick-off.

You can also contact the Trust by clicking the contact link at the top of this email.
Season Ticket Renewals
at 10:26 30 Mar 2018

Has anyone managed to renew online?

What a pathetic system, will it f*ck process my renewal.

Welcome to the year 2000, enjoy your stay.
at 18:41 28 Mar 2018

Right then, i know we have many pussies on here, who approve of giving out bans to people they don't agree with, or say nasty things...

What do readers think of Mr Tommy Robinson being banned from Twitter today?

Now read the question again, it doesn't ask whether you like him, or his views, just whether he should be banned for his views.
Rolling Stones 2018 Tour
at 18:50 26 Feb 2018

Is it worth going to see them, or are they a busted flush these days?
Parent Parking Spaces debate
at 21:07 5 Feb 2018

There was quite a bit discussion on this t'other week.

What do you reckon to this, if they do start fining motorists?
at 14:06 4 Feb 2018

Stock up on bread and milk chaps, 3 days of snow on its way.

Alan, what are your acorns saying mush?
Bony on £100k
at 17:47 23 Jan 2018

Apparently Wilf is on £100k per week and is the biggest earner at the club. The Times today published the top earners at every club, i haven't read it, but they are discussing it on Talksport now.

Not a bad little pick up eh.
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