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FAO Will
at 21:18 19 Nov 2017

As your role as associate director, did you used to attend the directors box at home games? I'm not talking about your role as Trust observer now, as i believe these are two completely different roles?
GGG v Canelo
at 08:31 17 Sep 2017

What a f*cking decision there....

Canelo won rounds 1,2 possibly 3, and 10.

The rest were completely controlled by G.

Got to be honest, before the fight i thought G's age would be the telling factor, but he was still practically running to try and get to Canelo at the end of the fight.
POTY 2017
at 19:06 7 Sep 2017

Well, as summer moves off in to the distance, it'll soon be time for Poster Of The Year. This year is going to be the hottest contested in the history IMO.

On the football side of the forum, then there's not a poster that will come close to Res this year, rattled many cages again, with his football knowledge coming only second to me on here.

On the everything else side of the forum, you've got the two red hot favs in Humpty and Lisa, they have wiped the floor with all comers this year. I'm looking forward to a subject coming up were they have differing views, so they can go at it.

A few honourable mentions to those that contribute well to the above catagories, but don't quite make the super league, Jack247, Landore, Dyfnant, Senhin, Max, MrSwerve & whiterock.

Then you have your specialist posters, Loyal, Warwick, whoflungdung & magicdaps10.

I obviously haven't included heavyweights like Daz, Fath, ECB.

Posters that could gatecrash if they posted more, Rancid, Swanjack, Loh and SoberBaker.

We're on the final run in now.....
Mods / E20Jack
at 13:46 27 Aug 2017

Why has his username been banned please?
at 20:37 26 Aug 2017

What are we saying then? Does he need more time to jelly and get up to speed? Or is he going to be this seasons Baston? I'm surprised he didn't get on in the second half this afternoon.

The only area we do look strong in is midfield, as in strength in depth, when you consider we've still got Ki and Leon to come back into the squad.
Harry Arter
at 19:00 21 Aug 2017

Should he be retrospectively punished for what he done on Saturday?

Search Tab
at 21:20 17 Aug 2017

Has the search tab been removed to prevent people from bringing up old threads to use against individuals in the Trust?

I find it strange that it's suddenly disappeared at a time when people would like to refer to past threads on the subject......
Trust Vote - Result is in
at 09:02 17 Aug 2017

The closing date for the receipt of votes in the Member consultation on a potential sale of Trust shares in Swansea City was on Tuesday and a majority of Trust members who took part have voted in favour of Option One - To accept the offer for a part sale of shares.

The Independent Scrutineer has advised that the total number of votes cast was as follows:

Question One: Are you in favour of accepting the offer for a part sale of shares – Option One

Yes 684

No 231

Void 12

Percentage of Yes Votes (684). Based on Valid Vote (915) 74.75%

Percentage of No Votes (231). Based on Valid Vote (915) 25.24%

Percentage Turnout. Based on Votes Cast (927). (Eligible Members 1814) 51.10%

As, the majority (74.75%) voted Yes to Question One, the remaining Options automatically fall.

Thank you to all those who took part in the vote and we will now take the matter forward with the Club's majority shareholders. We will keep members advised of developments. The result will be posted on the Trust website shortly.

A members' mailing will be posted out next week which will include a membership form for the new membership year for those who have not yet already renewed. In the meantime see details below of other ways to renew.

Best wishes

The Swans Trust Team
[Post edited 17 Aug 9:09]
Car Tyres
at 18:03 16 Aug 2017

Back last year, someone posted a link to an online tyre supplier. Anyone got that link please and recommendations for tyres, shedfulls of them out there now, with all different ratings.
at 21:15 5 Aug 2017

Get rid of them ffs, no need for all those.

This post has been edited by an administrator
Interesting Trust Email
at 20:09 29 Jun 2017

Regarding the options open to us.

It's going to cause some massive debate on here i reckon
Meridian Tower Thread
at 16:05 29 Jun 2017

Where did it go?

Spookily enough, there was a fire on the 22nd floor there today.
at 19:55 27 May 2017

Da iawn Turks.
at 11:02 20 May 2017

Is getting interviewed on Football Focus today.

For those that are interested.
Another London Stabbing
at 20:14 28 Apr 2017

How anyone would chose to bring their families up in that place i'll never know.

Used to love spending my summer holidays up there as a kid, but these days it just seems like a seething cesspit of hate.

6th stabbing in 6 days ffs.
[Post edited 28 Apr 20:17]
at 14:34 30 Jan 2017

I know there are quite a few on here with a hard on for the bloke, seems like Big Sammuel is going to grab him.

Who Has Been Our Best (upto you to define) Signing The Past 25 Years
at 19:06 3 Jan 2016

Who Has Been Our Best (upto you to define) Signing The Past 25 Years

Your Vote:

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Xmas Holidays
at 12:38 21 Dec 2015

Have we all finished now for Xmas? If not, when do you finish?

I'm bored already. Roll on Friday and dinner down mams with all the family.

What's your plans?
Jimmy Hill
at 17:27 19 Dec 2015

Has shuffled off this mortal coil.

[Post edited 19 Dec 2015 17:31]
Help Required
at 16:34 15 Dec 2015

Any qualified Health & Safety professionals amongst you fine body of men?
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