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The Pilot, Mumbles.
at 19:05 6 Nov 2020

Spoke to Jo, one of the owners today. The pub is reopening after nearly 9 months on Monday 9th.
IMHO a decent boozer run by nice people and a local business that deserves support of those wanting a decent socially distanced pint of real ale :-)
Insult to injury?
at 10:28 5 Mar 2020

Another 400 banking jobs going Cardiff's way.
Starling Bank moving in. It was founded by a woman from...... Swansea!
Hundreds of families moving to Cardiff to add to their already overheated traffic problems.
When will we ever effing learn...
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Preston Away. Tickets. General Sale
at 16:12 13 Jan 2020

Anybody know when these go on sale to non JA members?
Wont allow me to purchase on line and I am sure there is a download doc from the club saying they wont go on sale until the 27th. Four days before the match! I thought they would have been returned by then.
Tried ringing the club but as usual there is noone there to answer my call.
Cardiff Centricism and Swansea Loyalists
at 19:15 4 Nov 2019

Here is a link to a blog from fellow Swans fan Jac O the North. This could almost fit on the Football Board but I suspect it is more suited here.

I don't agree with his Independence views (although I may be persuaded at a later date), particularly as he would like a Welsh Country without the umbrella of EU membership.

I also have had no experience of rubbing shoulders with 'Swansea Loyalists' at the Liberty, or the The Station Inn for that matter, which I find a lovely welcoming pub for a pre match tipple.

I entirely agree with him however on the Cardiff centric policies that have led to so much disquiet in the area and can believe that some may react negatively as a result.

I would be interested to see what other Jacks think after reading the article.

[Post edited 4 Nov 2019 19:20]
Hoyt Axton. C&W haters need not apply.
at 15:52 26 Oct 2019

Anyone ever heard of him? Not a bit surprised if you haven't.
Hoyt was a vastly underrated Country and Western singer, writer, actor and record label owner. As well as performing his songs were covered by a myriad of artists including Ringo, Joan Baez, Steppenwolf and Linda Ronstadt.
He passed away 20 years ago today. Far too early at 61 years old. I think a misspent early youth of fighting, wine, women and drugs eventually took its toll. Even so he was always regarded as a general good guy.
Anyone who likes C &W music could do far worse than check out his extensive back catalogue.
Here are a couple of links of the great man performing in the late 70s. RIP Hoyt.

[Post edited 26 Oct 2019 15:56]
Proclaimers Brangwyn Hall tonight
at 12:25 1 Sep 2019

Supported by Pete Williams, formerly of Dexys Midnight runners.

Also Hugh Cornwell ex of The Stranglers in Sin City, end of November. Here is Hugh 'just mosin'.

Seems we are getting a few decent gigs in Swansea lately....

at 19:59 8 Aug 2019

Being stuffed 4 nil in Bulgaria. Shame, but the side they are playing are the top Bulgar side.

Edit: 5 now. Goalie saves a pen but palms it straight back to the taker who slots it in.
One of those nights...
[Post edited 8 Aug 2019 20:06]
Liverpool v Napoli friendly.
at 17:35 28 Jul 2019

Wonder why is this played in Murrayfield?
Pre match the Reds were bulled up to holy high even but in the meantime Napoli are 2 nil up and pulling them all over the park ;-)
Radioactive waste burial
at 20:56 6 Feb 2019

Cardiff has had some non dangerous waste dumped off its coastline.
Now for the really dangerous stuff that needs to be dumped.....
Two places in Wales are hosting the discussions. Llandudno and Swansea!!
WAG have said they are not against it provided the areas concerned do not object.
Is someone taking the p!ss??
I am really considering starting an Independance For Swansea Party.
[Post edited 6 Feb 2019 21:06]
New Parkway Station
at 20:24 6 Feb 2019

Cairns and a few 'transport experts' from Cardiff are pushing for a new Super Parkway station to be built at Felindre.
On the face of it some transport infastructure development in this area is rare, fine and dandy.
Unfortunately this will be situated on the branch line that bypasses Swansea and would effectively turn Neath and Swansea High Street stations into branch line halts.
Bristol Parkway links to the City Centre. The spanking new Cardiff Parkway version will do the same.
Not so with this Parkway as you would have to change at Neath (if the train stopped there) to get to Swansea HS.
This is reflected in the potential naming of the station which WOL call 'West Wales Parkway'.
Looks to me like a plan to marginalise Swansea further and turn the City and West Wales into commuter suburbs of Cardiff.
The Swansea Council Leader appears to be aware of this but it something James, Hedges and the rest of us should keep an eye on.
Any developments such as this should link into proposed Swansea Metro, if it ever gets off the ground
[Post edited 6 Feb 2019 20:26]
Holly Dog aka Girlie
at 16:48 14 Jan 2019

About 15 years ago my daughter and her bf adopted a rescue dog. She was a cross Yorkshire Terrier, about 2 years old and had 3 pups who had also been rehomed.
The adoption was a roaring success as she was an affectionate lap dog or would run up Snowdon with you if needed.
She loved going out in their camper van and would sit in there for a couple of days waiting if they were preparing to go away. She loved the trips.
When they got married she had pride of place in the wedding.
When children arrived she recognised her place in the pecking order was challenged but accepted this and loved them just as she did her owners.
Over the last couple of years it has been sad to see her hearing and sight go and her mobility deteriorate. To such a degree that today we had to have her put down. We are all devastated.

The lessons I have learned from this is that it is well worth looking at a rescue dog if you are looking for a pet. Personally I still would find it difficult as the pain is so great when you lose them.

Apologies for sharing this with fellow Jacks as it is complete self indulgence. There is no funeral or speech to follow so I though why not use the forum I have posted on for years? I appreciate there is so much suffering in the world and the death of a loved pet must rank lowly compared to this.
Nevertheless I will just close by saying Rest In Peace lovely Girlie.
No new players needed in the window
at 15:01 6 Dec 2018

Says Fer as there is enough talent in the squad. Potter agrees but it will not stop him having a decko.
Has the charm offensive begun to justify another window of inactivity?
Clubs Streaming away matches
at 17:14 30 Oct 2018

Has anyone heard of local Clubs streaming away matches via the system that allows those outside the UK to view?
Possibly arranged with the club itself.
Don't name any clubs if replying. PM if you wish.
Its just I have heard a rumour. Sorry if this is old hat and Ferdies are involved.
Sheffield Wed v mids
at 20:39 19 Oct 2018

Pretty poor first half. Full backs keeping tabs on the wingers. 4 or 5 passes being put together before the ball is launched forward. Tony Pullis going apesh!t on the touchline.
Lots of huff and puff with very little quality and no shots on target from either side. Though Wednesday grazed the bar with one header.
The standards have definitely dropped dramatically since the last time we were in this league.
[Post edited 19 Oct 2018 20:41]
Heathrow's 3rd runway
at 17:54 19 Oct 2018

Heard on the news that there is an extra runway in place that could serve the London area.
Its at Gatwick. it is only used when there are problems on the main runway.
it would appear billions could be saved by just using this facility on a regular basis. Apparently there are plans to open it up fully anyway in the future.
Bloody madness it seems.
Collective Responsibility
at 17:46 19 Oct 2018

A couple of days ago I heard on BBC Cardiff that a Flintshire AM had removed her name off a letter complaining of the lack of Local Government funding, and Education in particular, as a result of the financial problems the local schools were experiencing.. She has even officially apologised for signing up to the letter.
The reason? Carwyn Jones had reminded her of her responsibilities under Collective Responsibility.
So there you have it folks. If you feel your Welsh Labour AM is not fighting the corner for their area the answer is Complacent Carwyn's CR factor being waved in their faces.
England in Croatia tonight
at 20:00 12 Oct 2018

Are they playing behind closed doors? Or does this new International competition thingy not capture the imagination of the Croats?
It's spot the crowd from what I can see.
'South Wales Metro'
at 09:12 4 Jun 2018

For that is what they are calling the Cardiff Metro now. I wonder why that is ;-)
Can't do links on my IPad but check out the latest WOL blurb. BBC Cardiff having a w@nkfest as well.
Slavishly following the Party line with no query or investigation.
Check out the sums of money that we all are going to be shelling out for an area that already has the best transport infastructure in Wales.
There are very good arguments around promoting an Independant Wales. This argument is severely damaged by the performance of these clowns in Cardiff Bay.
Dineen on Swansea Sound
at 10:00 24 May 2018

Just caught a snippet on the news.
Says cash flow is a problem. They don't want any redundancies in staff but will have to cut back on the playing side.
Relegation clauses are in place but these don't come into effect until July hence cash issues.
I guess this might have come from an interview on STID last night.
I might have got this wrong but it sounded like jobs for the boys are safe. We cut the playing staff and don't expect any action until July.
Also what is he doing as club spokesman? Seems like anyone will do provided it is not Jenkins.
Did anyone hear the full interview?
[Post edited 24 May 2018 10:48]
Local Elections results
at 08:56 4 May 2018

I am surprise we haven't had some Tory Boys on here crowing this morning. ;-)
It's neck and neck isn't it?
The Torys have not had the kicking they were expecting.
I think this down to the collapse of the UKIP vote with their votes going to Conservative. After all you can't put a tissue between Rhys-Mogg and Farage.
In addition I think Labour has not done so well as a result of its stance on Brexit. As a current Leftie I have to say I am a tad disappointed.
I have always said though that antcscemitsm and Brexit are the main obsticles for a Labour sucess.
It is a wake up call for JC and it could be going the way I have said it might do in the past.
Labour could be forced to change its stance as a result of internal pressures and call for a Referenedum once the final Brexit deal isn't done. After all it really is looking like a dogs dinner. Defeat for the Cons would mean a General Election.
If that resulted in a Labour / Lib Dem / Green coalition with the end of Brexit then I for one would be very happy.
[Post edited 4 May 2018 8:58]
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