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Clubs Streaming away matches
at 17:14 30 Oct 2018

Has anyone heard of local Clubs streaming away matches via the system that allows those outside the UK to view?
Possibly arranged with the club itself.
Don't name any clubs if replying. PM if you wish.
Its just I have heard a rumour. Sorry if this is old hat and Ferdies are involved.
Sheffield Wed v mids
at 20:39 19 Oct 2018

Pretty poor first half. Full backs keeping tabs on the wingers. 4 or 5 passes being put together before the ball is launched forward. Tony Pullis going apesh!t on the touchline.
Lots of huff and puff with very little quality and no shots on target from either side. Though Wednesday grazed the bar with one header.
The standards have definitely dropped dramatically since the last time we were in this league.
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Heathrow's 3rd runway
at 17:54 19 Oct 2018

Heard on the news that there is an extra runway in place that could serve the London area.
Its at Gatwick. it is only used when there are problems on the main runway.
it would appear billions could be saved by just using this facility on a regular basis. Apparently there are plans to open it up fully anyway in the future.
Bloody madness it seems.
Collective Responsibility
at 17:46 19 Oct 2018

A couple of days ago I heard on BBC Cardiff that a Flintshire AM had removed her name off a letter complaining of the lack of Local Government funding, and Education in particular, as a result of the financial problems the local schools were experiencing.. She has even officially apologised for signing up to the letter.
The reason? Carwyn Jones had reminded her of her responsibilities under Collective Responsibility.
So there you have it folks. If you feel your Welsh Labour AM is not fighting the corner for their area the answer is Complacent Carwyn's CR factor being waved in their faces.
England in Croatia tonight
at 20:00 12 Oct 2018

Are they playing behind closed doors? Or does this new International competition thingy not capture the imagination of the Croats?
It's spot the crowd from what I can see.
'South Wales Metro'
at 09:12 4 Jun 2018

For that is what they are calling the Cardiff Metro now. I wonder why that is ;-)
Can't do links on my IPad but check out the latest WOL blurb. BBC Cardiff having a w@nkfest as well.
Slavishly following the Party line with no query or investigation.
Check out the sums of money that we all are going to be shelling out for an area that already has the best transport infastructure in Wales.
There are very good arguments around promoting an Independant Wales. This argument is severely damaged by the performance of these clowns in Cardiff Bay.
Dineen on Swansea Sound
at 10:00 24 May 2018

Just caught a snippet on the news.
Says cash flow is a problem. They don't want any redundancies in staff but will have to cut back on the playing side.
Relegation clauses are in place but these don't come into effect until July hence cash issues.
I guess this might have come from an interview on STID last night.
I might have got this wrong but it sounded like jobs for the boys are safe. We cut the playing staff and don't expect any action until July.
Also what is he doing as club spokesman? Seems like anyone will do provided it is not Jenkins.
Did anyone hear the full interview?
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Local Elections results
at 08:56 4 May 2018

I am surprise we haven't had some Tory Boys on here crowing this morning. ;-)
It's neck and neck isn't it?
The Torys have not had the kicking they were expecting.
I think this down to the collapse of the UKIP vote with their votes going to Conservative. After all you can't put a tissue between Rhys-Mogg and Farage.
In addition I think Labour has not done so well as a result of its stance on Brexit. As a current Leftie I have to say I am a tad disappointed.
I have always said though that antcscemitsm and Brexit are the main obsticles for a Labour sucess.
It is a wake up call for JC and it could be going the way I have said it might do in the past.
Labour could be forced to change its stance as a result of internal pressures and call for a Referenedum once the final Brexit deal isn't done. After all it really is looking like a dogs dinner. Defeat for the Cons would mean a General Election.
If that resulted in a Labour / Lib Dem / Green coalition with the end of Brexit then I for one would be very happy.
[Post edited 4 May 8:58]
Swansea Bay City Deal.
at 14:08 30 Apr 2018

Is it in trouble?
NPTC have pulled out of the deal and the new man to take it over is Mark James. A Cardiff property tycoon who was voted 'Sh!t Of The Year' by Private Eye.
Jac O the North is asking whether this guy is suitable for the post. What are the views on here?
I don't know the geezer but his cv does not look promising.....
Carwyn going, going, gone.
at 17:13 21 Apr 2018

What are the views?
He must have changed his mind overnight or he lied to the BBC Cardiff reporter.
It is good news for me. Perhaps we may get a First Minister that will get his Party to govern for the whole of Wales and not just a Cardiff City State. I ain't holding my breath though.
Flares and football matches.
at 18:25 18 Mar 2018

No not the trousers. It seems Johnny Foriegner is not good at stopping these from being carried into football grounds.
Sweden this time. AIK are at home playing in a stadium with a closed roof. So many of these things were let off no one could see their hands in front of them so the match was delayed by about an hour I would say.
As an aside this appears on the face of it to be a Swedish Cip match. It looks massively supported in a stadium that rivals the Principality.
The passion of the crowds makes me think I am watching Turkish football, or something of that ilk, so intimidating is the atmosphere.
Also makes me wonder whether the FACup truly is the biggest cup competition in the world.
I am open to correction on this as maybe it isnt Sweden and it is more than a local cup competition.
Driverless Pod Metro in Swansea Bay
at 12:03 18 Mar 2018

You will all be pleased to know I am considering not watching Sunday Morning TV any more .... I think at the moment anyway. ;-)
A Llanelli AM is now suggesting the Swansea Bay Region should not have a Metro but become a hotbed of driverless transport pod development. Using the area to experiment.
I shudder to I think how these will fare on our overcrowded farm track roads.
The world has gone mad.
[Post edited 18 Mar 12:08]
Alan Cairns SOS
at 11:54 18 Mar 2018

Wow the beuts are lining up here. This guy has just spent the last 15 to 20 minutes on BBC Cardiff justifying his lack of Government support for Wales. Electrification of the Cardiff / Swansea line being one of many.
He then finishes up by saying he wants to create an economic powerhouse made up of Cardiff Newport and Bristol and the abolition of the Severn Tolls will assist this.
At least he is in line with Carwyn and his Cardiff Centric Red Tories......
Chris Leslie MP
at 10:40 18 Mar 2018

Just been watching Peston On Sunday.
The mad Tory Soubry launches an extraordinary personal attack on John McDonnell albeit waiting until he had left the studio.
Leslie on the other hand spent most of the programme holding hands with her under the table. The caniving sod sat there quietly listening to her rant.
The sooner these treacherous swines are deselected from the Party the better.

Edit: Still watching ... check out Leslie nodding to Soubry for approval every time he opens his gob which is not very often. Most if the time he sits next to her like a lap dog.
[Post edited 18 Mar 10:45]
at 22:55 6 Feb 2018

Whenever we beat a top side they always play poorly.
Now we have twonked a side from a lower division it is boring so the FA should do away with replays. End of story.
They are now feeling sorry for West Ham because they have to play in an unsuitable stadium.
Such a shame thete is not a decent football radio station around.
[Post edited 6 Feb 23:05]
Abuse Reported. FAO Mods
at 18:36 4 Feb 2018

I don't know what it is with this site but it does not live easily with my IPad and my fat fingers.
I have just stumbled upon a list and it appears I have been reporting abuse like buggary.
Could the Mods please note I have never intentionally reported any abuse.
Many thanks.
Major Trauma Center MTC
at 18:34 2 Feb 2018

Apologies for not bumping up one of the old threads. I am having trouble finding them.
Two links below.
Firstly this is a video promoting the case for Morriston as being the site for the new MTC for S Wales briefly states the case supported by all, or most, of the MPs in SW Wales.
It is surprising, or not, that all the relevant AMs are missing although I did see Julie James come up on a Facebook version of this. Where are the rest? What are they doing about it?
It reinforces for me my now held view that we would be better off without WAG with our MPs fighting our case in Westminster.
The second is an online template to send in your views. The consultation ends on the 5th February so not much time to get your views in. It is a template letter that can be sent via email to the Consultation and is available on the Geraint Davies website.

I know a lot of these MPs are not the flavour of the month but I think we need to play ball.
God knows why though. The argument is so strong that they should be banging heads together in Cardiff Bay until the arrive at the correct decision.

Edit: Here is a third link


This online consultation form goes straight to the NHS. I did this one quite a while ago...

[Post edited 2 Feb 18:52]
Today's games
at 17:20 31 Dec 2017

I know I shouldn't, and I get some flack for doing it, but I can't help watching the teams around us for results going our way.
Palace have done a job on Man City and picked up a point and WBA seem to be doing similar with the Arse.
If things stay as they are we are bottom again and 3 points from safety.

Edit 4 points as our GD has been shot to sh!trags.
[Post edited 31 Dec 2017 17:22]
Old Firm Derby
at 13:31 30 Dec 2017

I know the Jocks get some bad press on here but you have to hand it to them.
It may be a pub League but the passion and support shown in this match is incredible.
Nil nil but very entertaining. Rangers giving Brenda a right flight with the Celtic keeper making two worldies in the second half to keep them out.
The role of the Trust when the smoke has cleared.
at 20:53 19 Dec 2017

One poster has already said that the Trust is finished but I disagree. It has to exist in some form in the future. Maybe an amalgamation of the various groups that are out there at the moment.
I also think it is unfair on the likes of Lisa and Clasey who have stood up to be counted and are in there to make things happen and put wrongs to right.
We tend to forget one piece of good work the Trust did in scuppering the first takeover deal before being disgracefully marginalised by Jenkins and Co. to allow the second buyout to go through.
I was thinking of the role of the Trust in the future. Who knows there may be a working relationship with the Yanks, or whoever they sold on to. A successful club would be the goal of both parties, albeit for very different reasons.
In such circumstances instead of just vetting potential buyers could the Trust also be actively involved in sourcing future buyers for the club?
I assume the owners would either be the Yanks or another set of investors trying to make a quick buck so I doubt there would be many objections from the speculators.
This way we might actually get an owner that gives an eff about the club. I guess it would also mean we need to retain a strong shareholding in the club.
Any views would be appreciated. I am happy to be shot down in flames as this is an area for which I have very little knowledge :-)
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