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BBC Streaming scaremongering?
at 19:25 14 Aug 2017

The One Show were on the case tonight. Telling us we face 10 years in jail if we stream certain stuff via a set top box.
It turns out one geezer SELLING the boxes has had a four year stretch.
The boxes are dangerous as well and could set fire to your house.
As many will know I am a techno idiot. What do the experts think?
Before anyone picks me up I purposely shoved this on the Footy Board because of the obvious Swans relatied interest.
Port Talbot Prison
at 19:34 7 Aug 2017

An interesting one on BBC Cardiff tonight. They reported that, when the UK government came aknocking looking for a prison site, WAG offered up 20!
Is this the normal procedure for public sector investment I wonder and Cardiff normally gets the lot because of its beauty and vital location in Wales?
I suspect it isn't and they only offer up Cardiff sites unless it is something unattractive like a prison. Wrexham and Port Talbot can have them...
Marseille v Dijon
at 20:05 6 Aug 2017

Not well, weather sh!te and stuck in house. Streams are working well ( thanks batman) so I am on the case with this one now if anyone watching with me.
First comment is the home ground looks very sexy.
Bolton v Leeds
at 17:29 6 Aug 2017

Bolton really are Hoof Central.
Leeds sitting back and using their passing game to hit them on the break. Pablo H pulling all the strings when creating the chances.
Bolton 1-3 down and looking very poor. Leeds fans still chanting Gary Monk's name in recognition of what he has done for the club.
The contrasting styles make the game interesting but unless Bolton up their game the will get twonked.
Trauma Unit
at 07:33 28 Jun 2017

BBC Cardiff have been softening us up this morning concerning the location of the Trauma Unit. A panel of experts have recommended Cardiff. This despite there being another unit 20 miles away in Bristol and twice the root of eff all in the rest of Wales.
It seems that the health of the Pricipality comes second to all things Cardiff City State.
Cardiff's Growing Pains
at 20:17 25 Jun 2017

BBC Cardiff's 'Week In Week Out' is being aired on Tuesday night.
Cardiff is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe with thousands of houses being built. Concerns are that it is growing too fast for the transport infrastructure to keep up. Jason Mohammed is going to lead the fretting.
I won't preempt the outcome of this programme but I bet it won't be redistributing wealth and improving infrastructure across all of Wales to eliviate the problem.
It will probably be 30 minutes of promoting the billion pound bypass and the Cardiff Metro instead.
I don't even want to watch it but will probably be drawn to the effing thing like a moth to a flame.
Chris Leslie MP
at 10:18 10 Jun 2017

Just seen an interview with this treacherous Blairite. Refusing to recognise Labour''s achievements. Saying they should have done better
Well Mr Leslie. One of the main reasons Labour did not win was that you and your ilk have sat on the side sniping at JC since he became leader.
I hope this git gets deselected asap. The tw@t is sorry Labour have become an effective opposition after being branded as no hopers.
I detest this lot more than the Tories. At least they do what is said on the tin.
M4 around Swansea
at 12:44 18 May 2017

I see our esteemed transport adviser to WAG is spouting off in SWEP again.
Stuart Cole, whilst supporting and advising on a billion pound motorway around Cardiff, does not see the same need for us to have a 6 lane motorway. His answer? More buses because our congestion is due to local traffic. The exact same problem that causes rush hour delays at Brynglas. No surprise that the now Cardiff run paper''s editorial agrees with this.
This guy is a sham and has money for old rope. He should get off is ass and advise on a transport policy for the whole of Wales for that is what he is paid to do in his advisory role.

White Hart Lane
at 23:23 14 May 2017

All this fuss about playing the last game there.
Surely if the pitch is only moving half a length then it is a ground development not a movement? For me it is still WHL with four new stands. Similar to Deepdale.
Much ado about nothing, albeit zillions are being spent.
NHS cyber attack in England
at 17:01 12 May 2017

The Tory's lack of investment in Public Service chickens are coming home to roost. Old systems can't cope with such attacks.
Not in Wales at the moment but I fear for systems here as well. Anyone tried using My Health Online? I find it a right bloody mess.
More such attacks in the Public Sector are likely imho.
Channel 4
at 11:14 11 May 2017

It would seem that as part of moving media around the UK from London that Cardiff is now being considered for housing Channel 4.
A Cardiff AM raised this point in FMQ today and it was met with full support from Carwyn and he trumpeted the virtues of such a move.
I find it amazing that if such considerations as this are being made then why don't WAG offer up other alternatives?
We have studios in Swansea, Llanelli, Caernarfon and Bangor so why aren't other areas even being considered.
Seems like the Cardiff media giant, already the third largest in the U.K. Is about to get bigger.....
at 15:31 30 Apr 2017

What has happened to our flying winger who can beat the best if em on his day?
Personally I think Jeff is Donald Ducked along the lines of poor Ferrie.
Feel very sorry or him. I know many will call him up in holes but his injury is one of many things that did not go for us today and thereby preventing us getting 3 points.
National Kitchens.
at 09:13 30 Mar 2017

Just seen on BBC One that these are being reinacted all across the U.K. They were used in the First World War when people were so poor the could not feed themselves.
The answer is to use recovered food that was going to be dumped and feed people in
large groups. Initially it is just for historical significance but could be looked at for use in this day and age.
This sounds like something right up Brexit Street. I recall the Man Utd supporter who voted Leave because he 'wanted to get back to Dads Army days'. Looks like his wishes may be coming true. ;-)
[Post edited 30 Mar 9:14]
SWEP website
at 18:54 14 Mar 2017

The Editor has just said on BBC Cardiff that the SWEP website is being shut down. We now have to use Wales ON Line for are local on line news.
The Cardiff media control continues to gain momentum......
at 21:40 7 Mar 2017

Stuffed again. I suspect Wenger is on his way. Thankfully too early for them to go sniffing after Clem
[Post edited 7 Mar 21:41]
City Deal. Swansea Bay Region.
at 18:53 7 Mar 2017

BBC Cardiff preparing us for some bad news it seems. Despite initial optimism it appears it might be placed on the back burner again.
It would have been easy to miss. It was way down the pecking order. They were far more interested in dissing Plaid for an alleged bullying AM.
The Brynglas tunnel billion pound bypass.
at 18:53 1 Mar 2017

Apparently the Enquiry has heard that 'traffic can slow to as much as 20mph at times'.
20mph?? Huge swathes of our motorways come to a complete stop at rush hour.
This backs up what I have always believed and that is it is no worse than any other rush hour pinch point. Better in fact.
The twinning of the Heads is the Valley will take a lot of traffic off this section of the M4 once completed.
This is a shocking waste of funds and now they are even discussing the biggest road tunnel in Europe to alleviate the environmental issues.
You really can't make it up. Spunking zillions on a stretch of road in an area that already has the best infrastructure whilst the rest of Wales is transport wasteland.
City of Culture Bid
at 11:31 19 Feb 2017

St Davids are in for it as the smallest city ever to bid. Guess who else is going for it? Effing Cardiff!! As if they have not got more than enough cultural infrastructure investment already.
Anyone know if we are resurrecting our bid of are we going to sit on our hands and let them up the road win the prize?
I hope whoever decides this year kicks them into touch. Surely under invested Cities, like Hull and Swansea, are far more deserving causes.
at 18:58 12 Feb 2017

Talking rubbish from the 'Statue of Liberty Stadium'.
Little credit to us. Leicester were poor ....
Labour's transport announcement.
at 09:00 4 Feb 2017

They intend to rectify the imbalance in transport investment between the North and the South of England. They intend to get rid of the idea that what is good for London is good for the whole country. Sound familiar?
It is another example of how the Party is completely at odds with it's version in Wales. It is one reason why the former gets my vote yet I would not touch the latter with a barge pole.
Maybe our next step should be to let JC know how completely out of touch Complacent Carwyn and Co are with his policies.
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