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More AMs anyone?
at 13:44 12 Dec 2017

Who is the ' expert' Laura Mcallister who thinks we should have 50 % more AMs in. Cardiff Bay at a cost of £10m per annum?
This is a scandal when we also have 22 Local Authorities sitting below them. All this for a population of just 3m.
Less LAs and an Assembley that actually gave a toss about the rest of Wales and I might say the have an argument. Apparently some AMs have to sit on 3 committees at the moment .....awwwww.
Davis ducking and diving
at 11:47 28 Nov 2017

Not prepared to release the full findings on how Brexit could affect this country.
In danger of being held in contempt of Parliament.
Apparently there are 58 to 60 areas to be reported on, or so Davis said on the Andrew Marr show some months ago. Now he says there are not that many and information is being held back on those that have been put before Westminster.
Imho the Tories are warming to a WTO low tax and wage economy and are actually aiming for a so called 'hard Brexit,.
Hardly surprising as Europe have us by the balls and we have a devious, lazy, complacent politician in charge of the whole shooting match.
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at 15:22 26 Nov 2017

Torn a new one by Southampton The corpse is kicking slightly with Siggy but Ash in one Hell of a mess.
I know they have started from a higher bar but their fall from grace has been more dramatic than ours.
Dithering over replacing their manager as well.
I wonder if they are have been reading the same book as Jenkins 'DOF for Dummies' ;-)
TNS v Queen of the South.
at 13:13 12 Nov 2017

On S4C soon. I wonder if the Dobstar will be playing?
Capital w@nkfest
at 19:07 1 Nov 2017

On BBC Cardiff now. Mervelling at their fastest growing metropolis and looking at its 'fantastic history'. A population of 2000 pre industrial revolution......
Meanwhile they promise 'Wales Live' later on. They are going to 'dig deep' to unearth the issues affecting us. Guess who is going to be one of the diggers? Jason Mohammed...... you can't make it up.
Bed blocking solved!
at 07:43 26 Oct 2017

Bed blocking. One of the many reasons the NHS has problems .
Some beut has suggested all those living near a hospital, with a spare bedroom and an en suite, can look after these poor souls whilst they recuperate.
The patient will have 3 meals a day and the home owner will be trained. Payment for said owner will be in excess of £1k a month.
I can see them queuing up for this in Derwen Fawr and Rhydypandy.
This would provide the perfect environment for sharks and the unscrupulous to ply their trade.
Only in the land of Dope and Tory.........
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Dundee Dock Development.
at 19:32 17 Oct 2017

Just watched this on the One Show. They are having a one billion pound Dock redevelopment. The centrepiece is a fantastic museum built like a ships hull jutting out into the water.
Scotland has two major cities that attract major investment yet even a centre like Dundee can benefit from a massive development like this.
How can Wales with only 2 million less population only put its eggs in one Cardiff basket?
The rest of Wales is truly missing out massively. We cannot expect the equivalent of Scotland due to only having a 3 million population. However, even taking this into account, there seems a massive desparity between the two.
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Mental Health - Mother and Baby Unit
at 18:25 16 Oct 2017

Anyone heard anything about this before? These are units for mothers with Mental Health issues and best serve communities by being close to them. Not centralised.
There are many scattered around the Country, including Bristol.
There are none in Wales though and a 'panel of experts' have been sitting and will issue their recommendations as to where the first Unit in Wales will be sited tomorrow.
I won't preempt where I think this will be placed but it is one to keep an eye on....
City Deal - Another 'artist impression'?
at 07:19 4 Oct 2017

BBC Cardiff gleefully reporting this morn that a NPT Councillor had raised concerns about the lack of progress. Has anyone seen anything happening to date?
Ominously those involved in developing the CD have said it is good local councillors raise concerns.
Who is this unnamed Councillor? I would like to shake his hand.
Could this be going the same way as the MTC, rail electrification, city centre development and the Lagoon?
Meanwhile our local councillors fret about bins and financial cut backs whilst messers James and Hedges rack up their charity coffee morning attendances.
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French div 2
at 20:15 2 Oct 2017

Not much footy on tonight. I am currently watching Mr Blobby's old club Harvre AC v L'Orient. The standard seems ok.
The surprising thing though is the stadium. Superb with screens either side and a 25,000 plus capacity.
It seems Bob moved to a poorer stadium when he came to us. Albeit our crowds are much bigger.
Away side one up the moment with 30 mins gone.
Freeview Sports Channel 95
at 16:35 1 Oct 2017

Can anyone get this? I have tried retuning but to no avail.
Our good friend with his tele football guide reckons they have a few live matches on today.
Any advice appreciated.
Relegation watch
at 14:48 1 Oct 2017

Burnley doing us a favour at the mo. One up at Everton. Corky making a last ditch tackle before their goal.
Ash terrible and Siggy anonymous.
Probably put the mockers on this now by mentioning it....
The Bullingdon Bullsh!tter.
at 09:27 30 Sep 2017

I see Boris is still hard at work at his project of becoming PM.
He wants to pay for Public Sector pay rises by cutting staffing levels even further.
We need not fret for those losing their jobs though. The Private Sector is in such fine fettle they can take up the slack of those losing their employment .
I am sure there are still plenty of fruit picking, Uber driving and hairdressing jobs around.
Corbyn must be rubbing his hands in glee with this buffoon spouting his nonsense.
Traffic Warning
at 20:44 21 Sep 2017

For those travelling into the City Centre from Gowerton and Three Crosses and westwards.
They are setting up 3 way temporary traffic lights in Dunvant. They are located outside Dunvant Workies on the hill, Dunvant Square and on Dunvant hill near the Hungry Horse / junction with Broadmead.
It is carnage out there now. God knows what it will be like at rush hour tomorrow morning.
It maybe something minor like road lining and they will have packed up by the morning but it is covering a large section of road. Avoid at all costs would be my advice if this lot is still in operation tomorrow.
Two penalties
at 08:56 17 Sep 2017

MOTD and both pundits adamant Spurs should have had two.
Does it not have to be intentional for a penalty to be given? Olsson was trying to get his hand out of the way and the trip incident had no intention in it whatsoever as our defender was trying to make up ground and not even looking at their players feet.
Both accidental and not intentional for me.
[Post edited 17 Sep 8:57]
Ecotricity hippy
at 18:54 13 Sep 2017

Sticking the boot into the Swansea Lagoon. They support wind farms apparently.
BBC Cardiff love this of course and gave the geezer air time before solemnly pronouncing 'this could not have come at a worse time for Swansea'.....
It ain't looking good for us. I expect the bigger Cardiff project will get the go ahead though.
Ashley Barnes Burnley
at 11:04 31 Aug 2017

8m bid apparently. The scatter gun is alive and well.
BBC Streaming scaremongering?
at 19:25 14 Aug 2017

The One Show were on the case tonight. Telling us we face 10 years in jail if we stream certain stuff via a set top box.
It turns out one geezer SELLING the boxes has had a four year stretch.
The boxes are dangerous as well and could set fire to your house.
As many will know I am a techno idiot. What do the experts think?
Before anyone picks me up I purposely shoved this on the Footy Board because of the obvious Swans relatied interest.
Port Talbot Prison
at 19:34 7 Aug 2017

An interesting one on BBC Cardiff tonight. They reported that, when the UK government came aknocking looking for a prison site, WAG offered up 20!
Is this the normal procedure for public sector investment I wonder and Cardiff normally gets the lot because of its beauty and vital location in Wales?
I suspect it isn't and they only offer up Cardiff sites unless it is something unattractive like a prison. Wrexham and Port Talbot can have them...
Marseille v Dijon
at 20:05 6 Aug 2017

Not well, weather sh!te and stuck in house. Streams are working well ( thanks batman) so I am on the case with this one now if anyone watching with me.
First comment is the home ground looks very sexy.
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