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What's the name of that song...
at 14:18 30 Oct 2019

...that the crowd were singing on Sunday?

It's that 'lyricless,' salsa type song, that I've heard many times before, but don't know it's name.

Sorry if this has been asked before.
September 11th… 1989, (not 2001) 30 years ago this week!
at 13:56 10 Sep 2019

I’d be genuinely interested in knowing how many of us, that are still alive and still post on this forum, travelled over to Glyfada, in Greece, on September 11th 1989?

Monday, September 11th – Starting the tour off in the ‘Queens’ – Buses from the Library - Flight over.

Tuesday, September 12th – Spent most of it ‘lubricating our larynxes,’ ready to out sing 45,000 Greeks the next day.

Wednesday, September 13th – Cup Winners Cup match – Panathinaikos 3 v Swansea City 2 (Olympic Stadium, Athens).

Thursday, September 14th – The infamous incident in ‘The Ship Tavern.’ With about 35 of us, attacked by about 1,000 Greeks (not bearing gifts). (…unless you call hurling ‘chunks of concrete’ as gifts?).

Friday, September 15th – The arrested lads were paraded in front of the TV cameras, even in the court itself. Diplomatic attempts made, to get the remaining 10 out of prison. While the rest of us were then escorted back to the plane, by machine gun carrying police.

Saturday, September 16th – Received a ‘hero’s welcome’ back, from the Swans fans at Craven Cottage, Fulham (lost 2-0).

Has anyone got any stories/memories they’d like to relate about that notorious away trip?

Yep, 30 bloody years ago, this week!?
Is Oli McBurnie now eligible to play for us tonight?
at 13:56 8 May 2018

I haven't seen this question/discussion mentioned recently, I apologise if it has, but with Barnsley's season over, has Oli been returned to us yet?

Or does the 'half season' loan, mean he's still contracted to Barnsley, in case they had been involved in Play-Off matches? Yes I realise Barnsley have ben relegated and so, will not appear in any Play-Off matches, but does his loan contract disqualify him from appearing for us tonight...or Sunday against Stoke?
[Post edited 8 May 2018 13:57]
A thread written this morning has been deleted why is this Phil/Mods?
at 14:05 9 Apr 2018

I spent time this morning writing out a thread which I hoped would be of interest to fellow Swans fans, detailing the fixture run-in for ourselves and our rivals.

Titled "Swans and Rival's 'Relegation Run-in' Fixtures."

Yet it appears to be yet another thread that's...just disappeared? Why is this Phil/Mods? Don't you want informative threads?

Mine is taken down, yet so many petty, aggressive, name calling, petulant threads that invite a negative reaction, get to remain?

Swans and Rivals', Relegation Run-in Fixtures
at 09:55 9 Apr 2018

I apologise if these 'bottom half' fixtures have been posted previously, I did try to find a thread outlining these remaining matches, but couldn't, so...for your perusal chaps...

12th - Watford.
April 14th Huddersfield (A), 21st Crystal Palace (H), 30th Tottenham (A), May 5th Newcastle (H), 13th Man. Utd (A).

13th - Brighton Hove Albion.
April 14th Crystal Palace (A), 17th Tottenham (H), 28th Burnley (A), May 4th Man. Utd (H), 9th Man. City (A), 13th Liverpool (A)

14th - West Ham United.
April 16th Stoke City (H), 22nd Arsenal (A), 29th Man. City (H), May 5th Leicester (A), 10th Man. Utd (H), 13th Everton (H)

15th - Super Swansea City.
April 14th Everton (H), 22nd Man. City (A), 28th Chelsea (H), May 5th Bournemouth (A), 8th Southampton (H), 13th Stoke City (H).

16th - Huddersfield Town.
April 14th Watford (H), 28th Everton (H), May 6th Man. City (A), 9th Chelsea (A), 13th Arsenal (H).

17th - Crystal Palace.
April 14th Brighton (H), 21st Watford (A), 28th Leicester (H), May 5th Stoke (A), 13th West Bromwich Albion. (H).

18th - Southampton.
April 14th Chelsea (H), 19th Leicester (A), 28th Bournemouth (H), May 5th Everton (A), 8th SWANSEA CITY (A), 13th Man. City (H).

19th - Stoke City.
April 16th West Ham (A), 22nd Burnley (H), 28th Liverpool (A), May 5th Crystal Palace (H), 13th SWANSEA CITY (A).

20th - West Bromwich Albion.
April 15th Man. Utd (A), 22nd Liverpool (H), 28th Newcastle (A), May 5th Tottenham (H), 13th Crystal Palace (A).

Will we have enough points to save ourselves? Well, with some tepid performances of late, it's a worry! However, with our four home matches to come, we should get enough points to survive?

I see us beating 'nothing to play for - poor away record,' Everton. Losing to both Citeh and Chelsea, getting a 'backs against the wall' point at Bournemouth, a point against Southampton and beating already relegated Stoke. Equals 40 points.

Huddersfield, apart from against Watford, have a really difficult run in - especially as they can't score goals.

Brighton fans too must be worried. A massive 'hated derby' against Palace, followed by 5 of the top seven clubs.

West Ham also have a set of sticky fixtures. As do Southampton.

Whatcha reckon lads?
Question(s) for the Stattoes among us
at 12:07 6 Mar 2018

With the 'Mighty Jacks' having won our last 7 successive matches at home, does any one know, or can find out, when was the last time we achieved this most impressive feat?

Secondly, any suggestions as to which are the best websites providing accurate statistics or answers of this kind?
John Toshack - Walked into the Vetch 40 years ago today!
at 14:08 1 Mar 2018

For us oldsters that remember the Tosh era...doesn't time fly boys 'n girls eh?

Tosh became our manager 40 years ago today and began our amazing rise through the leagues, often producing outstanding football and brought us to the attention of the nation.

Along with Laudrup's first season with us, our first season under Toshack, (in the old 1st Division) were among my favourite seasons supporting the Super Swans!

What's the lyric in the Swansea City song? "The skill, the flair, the fluency, will lead us to where we're bound, and once again all Europe will hear the Swansea City sound!"
Fabulous lyrics for a fabulous era!

March 1st under Tosh also has another sweet memory, during that first season in the old First Division 1981-1982. As we beat Wolves 0-1 away at Molineux on St David's Day, (with BBC commentator Ian Walsh getting the winner, to send us back top of the Division! We all dreamed of a Welsh club looking likely to win the League that year...sadly, we fell away after that, ending up 6th!

Fantastic memories indeed! Thank you for those incredible days Tosh.
What were you doing 5 years ago this morning?
at 09:46 24 Feb 2018

Are there any funny stories about our glorious trip to Wembley and our second fabulous win at 'new Wembley' in less than 21 months, as the Swans collected our 'first major trophy!'

Although for me, being an 'old bugger,' Welsh Cup and Autoglass etc. were just as massive cup wins, waaayyy before that! So it's all relative I suppose?

While today's 'goals' are all about 'survival' to keep the Sky money rolling in...for me watching the Swans is still, yearning for 'glory!' And while I'd give my left testicle for 3 points at Brighton today, having that Wembley win in the memory banks (until dementia sets in anyway) is what inspires us to continue 'punching above our weight!'

Come on you Swans!
Can the Swans still finish 14th?
at 10:41 14 May 2017

Morning all!

And all's well with the world again, well...until the Palace v Hull match later at least? LOL

I just want to echo everything said about our brilliant support by the travelling Jack Army yesterday...Wonderful noise levels, well done every single one of you.

After studying the Premier League tables last night, like some student preparing for his dissertation. I got to thinking, is fourteenth place achievable?

If all the results go our way it's possible. Now some of you will call me a greedy bug*er, saying 17th is sufficient. And you'd not face an argument from me on that scenario...but with £1.5 Million earned per final place in the Premier League this season (Although I'm prepared to be corrected on the specific amount) us finishing 14th instead of 17th could represent another 'Alfie Mawson' in our Summer signings?

If Burnley lose at home to West Ham.

Watford lose to by 3 goals Chelsea tomorrow and Citeh by 1 goal on the final day (reducing their goal difference by 4 goals, making it worse than ours)

Then Palace draw with Hull at lunchtime, then both lose their last games v Manchester United and Tottenham respectively...

And we beat Pulis' West Brom....

The Swans would end up 14th!!! Happy Days.

I just knew all along, we were only lulling all those other teams into a false sense of security!
Ain't going down this time - Tony Joe White.
at 10:29 12 May 2017

Hello lads 'n lasses,

The Swansea City 'rollercoaster' continues to be an entertaining ride eh?

What a great day it was for us last Saturday...let's hope to have a repeat tomorrow...pretty, pretty please!

One of my recent musical 'discoveries' has a song, that when you listen/read it,...and put a 'Swans slant' to the lyrics it kind of sums up the love we all have (most of us anyway...?) for the team/club and of our collective determination to get through this, oh so difficult season.

Have a listen. Not only is it appropriate to our current situation, it's also a bloody great song too!
(Parents be advised some of the imagery may be considered too risqué for younger readers)

I wondered, have any of you got any songs in mind, that 'sum up' our collective feelings at this time?
Advice required renewing 2017 Season Tickets online.
at 19:09 30 Dec 2016

Yeah I know...I must look like a total 'technosaurus,' but I'm wondering how other season ticket holders have renewed 'multiple purchases' on their online renewal service?

When I log into my renewal account, MY season ticket is available to renew. However, I also buy a season for my student son, and, one for my foster lad too, but these don't seem to be renewable, (as they used to be) through my account any longer?

Unless someone can advise me as to how I can renew them via the online 'service?'

Do I need to open new Season Ticket online accounts, for my son and foster boy?

Will I be allowed to renew them at the Ticket Orifice tomorrow, seeing as it's 'Match Day?'

With tomorrow being the last day, before the additional £10 for each ticket is applied, I'd appreciate some constructive advice please.
Advice regarding renewing 2017 Season Tickets online. (n/t)
at 18:55 30 Dec 2016

I couldn't pass up the chance to snap Roger 'n Jimmy chatting
at 10:51 11 Apr 2016

This is for those of us, who remember these two fine servants of our club.

Taken before Saturday's 1-0 win v Chelsea.

(As I write this I'm not sure if I've managed to place this pic correctly on the site, I just hope I haven't sent any bondage photos of the missus at the same time, as this is my first effort at this? Another virginity gone eh? LOL )

Edit: - Aahhhh, I've cocked it up somehow? I thought the picture would be viewed not the link. Can anyone help teach an 'old dog' the 'trick' to accomplish it? Dar, you post pics what have I done wrong mate? LOL
[Post edited 11 Apr 2016 11:16]
Three years ago today...
at 09:29 24 Feb 2016

Hello all,

Where were you? And what were you doing three years ago today?

Any interesting or funny stories relating to one of the 'Top Ten' most important (footballing)days in the club's history?
Landore Parking - Premier League matches 2014-2015 Season
at 08:12 7 Jul 2015

Do you have problems parking before Swans matches?

I know I do! I have to arrive two hours before kick-off to find available street parking usually.

If you have the same problem and you are quick off the mark, I may have a possible solution for you?

I saw this online today...I've just bought mine for the whole of next season...I'm chuffed! (Only Premier League matches though, cup games not included)

No more 'wide eyed frantic' parking searches and, more more bloody £35 bookings by the parking gestapo!!!

Not sure how many spaces are if you are interested...get on it now!!!
[Post edited 7 Jul 2015 8:15]
Is the aggression between us and Cardiff fans reducing?
at 12:18 14 Jun 2015

Friday's excellent performance and result for Wales has rightly received much praise.

Was I there to witness this impressively important win at the CCS? No I wasn't!

Why not? Because even though I attend every Swans home match and as many away games as my work commitments will allow, I never even considered buying a ticket.

Why not? Because of how I feel for 'everything Cardiff,' particularly their football club and it's, so called 'fans.'

I'll be the first to admit, at my age, knocking on the door of 60 years of age, I should be taking a more mature stance towards our 'cousins.' Should I be embarrassed to admit to all this, particularly when using my real name on a public forum?

In all honesty, when it comes to other areas of life, I'm generally considered rational, reasonable and fair about all other areas of life. So why do I have this 'contempt' for this other football club and, because of it, that city as a whole? There's a standing joke in our house, that no-one is allowed to use the 'c word.' No, I don't mean the swear word...I mean "Cardiff."

Hearing about yet another 'comedy situation' arising from CCFC, is guaranteed to receive a very positive response from me. The further the Swans' success and Cardiff's 'serious issues' continue to 'distance ourselves' from them, the better I like it.

And then came Friday.

While watching the match, and seeing the euphoria demonstrated by the 'Welsh fans' in celebrating this vital win...there didn't seem to be the usual antagonism towards each other because of club rivalry. Several Swans fans I've spoken to since, who attended the match, have all expressed how there was no aggression shown towards them, either in the ground or in the pubs beforehand, even when they identified themselves as 'Jacks.'

Many people have commented over the years about how the Scots, with all their club (and religious) rivalries, when following Scotland, simply support Scotland. They don't use the occasions to physically intimidate, or attack smaller groups of rival clubs fans. That has rarely been the case in following Wales. How could a responsible Swans supporting father, take his young children into such a potentially violent atmosphere? Usually in football matches, the rival fans are segregated from you...not when following Wales they're not!

So I wondered...whether, the 'hatred' that many of my generation, who grew up in the violent football atmosphere of the 'Seventies/Eighties,' would be the last generation holding these contemptuous feelings for each other?

Will the success that's being experienced by the Swans and the possible financial implosion of CCFC and the likely and subsequent distancing of the clubs on the field of play, actually help to diffuse the aggression between the two clubs? Will the (hopefully) success of the Wales football team, in qualifying for a major tournament also be an important catalyst to heal 'old enmities' between us?

Will our success and their 'troubles,' lead to them to having a new respect for us, leading indirectly to a reduction in old tensions? They've always had a completely delusional/misguided opinion about their inherent superiority...largely because politicians decided to create Cardiff as a capital city back in the fifties.

It was interesting to read the CCMB forum thread last evening, that was overwhelmingly praiseworthy of the Swans' playing contingent after Friday's win. Do they understand our increasing player quality looks to be an on-going reality for the foreseeable future? Do they recognise that they cannot currently compete and are going to adopt a more conciliatory attitude towards us in future?

Was Friday evening the first tangible evidence of a lessening of tensions between us? Will this mean fewer Wales games where you are not so much looking at the pitch, but continually looking over your shoulder at what may be aimed towards you? My son is 19, he has been an 'ever-present' since being introduced to the love of supporting the Swans since 2003.

He fortunately, unlike many of us, has never experienced the need to defend himself before or during a match, witnessed fighting in the streets with Cardiff fans. He therefore doesn't feel the same negative intensity about them. Will this open antagonism be gradually reduced as our aging 70's/80's generation fades away?

Through work, I know several CCFC fans and although the banter is ever-present (long may that non-violent loyalty to our clubs continue) I never feel the need to 'cave their skulls in.' Hopefully, if the non aggressive intermingling of Swans and Cardiff fans continues, particularly if we qualify for France, (because that'll surely be the litmus test...?) hopefully the stupid, short-sighted and unnecessary violence that is a regular feature of these meet ups can be a thing of the past?

There have been several occasions in the (albeit distant) past, when I've stood on the Bob Bank at Ninian Park and openly, vocally supported the Swans, without the fear of being physically attacked. Obviously, that changed! Can it ever revert back to those days though I wonder?

Even after all what I said earlier about my feelings towards Cardiff City and it's 'fans,' I genuinely hope that will eventually be the case. It would be interesting what Cardiff fans would think about encouraging this atmosphere of détente? Could this be something the clubs, via their 'Trust' members actively promote/encourage?

I'm sorry about the length of this posting, blame boring Sunday mornings eh? But I'd be interested in your thoughts.
How many league grounds are we yet to win at?
at 12:22 8 Jan 2014

Trivia for the bored, or statto minded readers only...

With our truly splendid win over United on Sunday being our first ever win at Old Trafford, I got to thinking...

I wonder how many grounds are left (in the main leagues) where we are yet to win?

Goodison Park springs to mind...but it would be interesting if we could collate this info, to complete a '92 grounds' of victories.

You could ask of course, if this should be limited to League victories only...that way Old Trafford will be included this weekend.
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