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Asset strip away, strip away....Left with a SWAN CARCASS
at 18:36 2 Aug 2018

13 players out, 3 players signed

Just heard Mawson deal now confirmed, and club seem content with £8m for Clueless.

This is so depressing,

Having worked in the City for many years, I knew these bustard yanks would asset strip us for years which started even before their first season as owners had started....

But this is bordering on ridiculous. The rate of pillage is speeding up and the vultures have now successfully left us with a SWAN CARCASS.

The parachute payments are only ever one click away as they disappear electronically across the Atlantic.
In the words of Gordon Gekko in Wall Street, when asked Why have you wrecked our company/club....
Next Swans manager
at 20:51 21 May 2018

Next Swans manager

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What’s wrong with this record?? Are there no decent managers available?
at 19:34 21 May 2018

Why do we continuously approach such ridiculous candidates as a prospective manager of our club.

It took Roy Hodgson all season to catch up after zero points from the first seven games, with no goals scored ... why on earth do we want Frank De Bore?

Our back up plan.....Stam.
Another peach of a candidate.

Next we’ll be begging Bad Bradley back (although he did have a better record over Carvahals pitiful last month or so, so anything’s possible)

If we appoint any of these clowns we’ll have a worse season than last with the same fate as Sunderland

I’m not sure who we should appoint, but I also know it shouldn’t be Chris Coleman.

Any decent suggestions?
Hue Jenkins needs his face re arranging
at 17:32 13 May 2018

So effing angry with all those fcking owners
Fock off out of Swansea the whole bustard lot of u
Chants for Sunday - Can we buy for fcking shares
at 09:05 10 May 2018

“Can we buy for fcking shares” .... Repeat, Repeat

Followed by the usual... get out of our club chants
Season ticket discount for switch from Prem to Championship
at 22:50 9 May 2018

Huw, Are you planning discounts to all fans for your incompetence!!??

I’m sure under the consumer protection laws fans should be compensated for buying a ticket to watch Chelski or Arsene and you end up watching Wigan

I felt short changed all year when I thought I would be watching Gylfi and ended up with Clueless

Huw, When are the new fixtures out?
at 22:35 9 May 2018

I can’t effing wait,
The EFL full of star studded teams, not to mention a choice of either Shrewsbury, Scunthorpe, Charlton Pathetic or Rotherham battling through the league one play offs to reach the promised land
Might even get to play Stork twice in a row if I’m really lucky

Black Swan Hedge Fund FC
at 22:13 9 May 2018

The yanks have taken our club.....wrecked it, raped and pillaged it....

If allowed by the EFL I’m sure they’d come up with a wacky fcuking American name and take that too.

OMG Huddersfield hav3 scored
at 20:52 9 May 2018

First Man City, now Chelsea...this must be some English conspiracy t9 send u# down

Fck fck fck
Yanks, What have you done to our club!!??
at 22:39 8 May 2018

Pitiful to watch all our fans tonite, knowing the greed of the sell outs and the incompetence and even more greed of the effing yanks has brought us to our knees.

Where are you taking us from here?

Let me guess, sell all the saleable players for @ quick buck, pocket the fcuking parachute payments, and leave all the fans without parachutes hurtling through the lower leagues.

Thanks again for the horrible experience of being asset stripped, when all we were ever after was to stand a fighting chance of premier league survival without being stabbed in the back.

I rue the day you came to our club, and the day you all fcuk off out of our club will be the springboard to a better future.

What’s the difference between Huw Jenkins and a vibrator?
at 21:40 26 Dec 2017

Huw is a real dick
What will Huw do when we beat Spurs next week?
at 21:36 26 Dec 2017

Get up and turn off his 0,a6 station
Name three clubs with swear words in the name
at 21:30 26 Dec 2017

Arsenal, Scunthorpe and f***king Swansea City, yes this team are really getting me down.

Hijo de puta
at 21:21 26 Dec 2017

Yes Huw you are a son of a whore
Huw Jenkins OBE
at 21:07 26 Dec 2017

Huw Jenkins Obnoxious Bastrd Effigying

The grinch has well and truly stolen boxing day
at 20:01 26 Dec 2017

Had a great Christmas yesterday, fcuking back to reality tonight with a 5-0 embarrassment.

Huw you fcking Grinch, Fock off you have wrecked our club, and you have the cheek to defend your actions with your pathetic programme notes....REALLY
Pulis was @ Liberty today to watch WBA game
at 18:24 9 Dec 2017

He’s obviously showing an interest in the swans job.

Question is, are we interested in him?
Dad, do I have to go to the game tomorrow ?
at 17:50 8 Dec 2017

Yes Paul, you're the manager.

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Stand up if you want him sacked
at 17:47 8 Dec 2017

Another crap performance tomorrow against brum, and the fans MUST make it absolutely clear to our owners Beavis and Butthead that Clement has got to go
Clement post match says “We are a toothless team”
at 18:59 2 Dec 2017

Clement post match says “we are a toothless team”.

What a thing to say about the team you have personally managed, and who you are supposed to be motivating.

There is no manager more toothless than you....
You are Toothless, Spineless, Clueless, Incompetent, Dreary, Pathetic.

Do you think us fans still want you at our club?

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