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Caption competition #926 06:31 - Oct 12 with 964 viewsFDC


Caption competition #926 on 06:39 - Oct 12 with 893 viewsPlanetHonneywood

Where's Matty Rose?

Went straight to the physio to save time!

'Always In Motion' by John Honney available on We Are Rangoon Rs!


Caption competition #926 on 08:39 - Oct 12 with 831 viewsCliveWilsonSaid

QPR youth teamers line up for weekly inspection by Chris Gieler (allegedly!)

Caption competition #926 on 08:42 - Oct 12 with 829 viewsBilly_Kershaw

Rangers' goalie's warm-up session fuels claims of largest squad in the Championship.

Never use one or two words when a couple of thousand will easily do
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Caption competition #926 on 08:58 - Oct 12 with 809 viewsMonahoop

QPR has for a long while now been regarded a 'green' club, but has never been able to afford the gear to generate green energy to their ground. So they have come up with a novel idea. Why not let the players pretend they are wind turbines to generate the green energy required!

There aint half been some clever bastards.


Caption competition #926 on 08:59 - Oct 12 with 808 viewsBazzaInTheLoft


Caption competition #926 on 09:33 - Oct 12 with 757 viewsstevec

Forerunners to the Crystals fail to impress as half time entertainment

Caption competition #926 on 09:38 - Oct 12 with 753 viewsTW_R

So, how long really is Les' cock?

Caption competition #926 on 11:38 - Oct 12 with 698 viewsEsox_Lucius

Honestly, every fish we caught on our bonding trip was this long.

The grass is always greener.


Caption competition #926 on 11:55 - Oct 12 with 681 viewsisawqpratwcity

"Ok, hands up who wants a rimming?"

Have some wine, ffs. Preferably Australian.
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Caption competition #926 on 12:19 - Oct 12 with 662 viewsSharpy36

Photo of the FLA nazi saluting finally uncovered.

Caption competition #926 on 13:45 - Oct 12 with 611 viewsDorse

Everyone enjoyed the pre-training club lunch of a vegetarian sprout, bean and spinach vindaloo washed down with 6 pints of Guiness. Apart from the kit man.

'What do we want? We don't know! When do we want it? Now!'


Caption competition #926 on 13:49 - Oct 12 with 607 viewstoboboly

The new Boris Bike parking wasn't going down too well with the playing staff.



Caption competition #926 on 14:33 - Oct 12 with 579 viewsEastR

The QPR Aerial Display Team continues formation training while awaiting the return of their aircraft from Battle of Britain duties.

Caption competition #926 on 15:05 - Oct 12 with 562 viewsdontknowitall

Indignant fan storms over to accuse fellow supporter of standing in 'his' spot

Caption competition #926 on 15:12 - Oct 12 with 555 viewsAntti_Heinola

Bloke on the terrace is saying:

'This lot are bang average. Get rid.'

Bare bones.


Caption competition #926 on 15:49 - Oct 12 with 525 viewsFredManRave

Questions raised over Tony Fernandes' tenure in this pre season training session photo from Loftus Road before the start of QPR's 2027 campaign.

I've got the Power.
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Caption competition #926 on 01:06 - Oct 13 with 414 viewsFDC

Controversy as QPR field not one but two pairs of siamese twins at right-back.

Caption competition #926 on 01:26 - Oct 13 with 412 viewsBoston

All this changed by 1947 when the club had finally gotten around to buying forks for the ground staff.

Caption competition #926 on 01:44 - Oct 13 with 401 viewskarl

6 knee jerks? F*ck you Antii

Caption competition #926 on 06:48 - Oct 13 with 356 viewsToast_R

When you find your soap, put your hands up

Caption competition #926 on 06:51 - Oct 13 with 351 viewsFDC

The men's synchronised cartwheel team fell for the superglue-on-the-palm trick yet again

Caption competition #926 on 07:07 - Oct 13 with 341 viewsdistortR

it's 2017 and penalties are quite the thing! Here Queen's Park Rangers players are seen practicing the Dele Ali technique.

Caption competition #926 on 10:04 - Oct 13 with 274 viewsMetallica_Hoop

Der, der, der,-- der, der, der,-- der der-- der,der.....

Beer and Beef has made us what we are - The Prince Regent


Caption competition #926 on 10:09 - Oct 13 with 272 viewshopphoops

Training for the team-spirit-building Pigbag version of the Pokemon march.

A magnificent football club, the love of our lives, finding a way to finally have its day in the sun.
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Caption competition #926 on 12:52 - Oct 13 with 207 viewsA40Bosh

"Raise your hand now, if you are yet to score more than one goal this season"
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