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Contractual Obligation Friday Forest Match Thread
by MrSheen at 14:17 28 Oct 2021

A visit from Forest is the perfect time to put a clueless novice in charge. Expecting a 1-3 sickener, won't get a chance to do this again
Friday's referee
by Northernr at 13:51 28 Oct 2021

Davies gets Forest match - Referee 28th Oct 2021 13:51
Andy Davies is the man in the middle for Friday's televised match with Nottingham Forest. 1

Keith Stroud Wikipedia Page
by B_Wad at 23:18 27 Oct 2021

Anyone going to fess up to this?


" Keith enjoys being on stage each Christmas during panto season. He is highly is demand as a dwarf in many local productions of Snow White and the seven dwarfs. Once his career screwing west london clubs comes to an end he hopes to take part in more stage work and models himself on Joe pesci when taking to the stage. His dream is to appear in a stage production of liar liar."

The Liliput detail is pretty good too.
who was there.....my top ten.
by qpr_1968 at 21:44 27 Oct 2021

qpr 3-2 wba 1967 league cup final
qpr 2-0 liverpool 1976 league
derby 1-5 qpr 1976 league
qpr 1-1 tottenham fa cup final 1982
qpr 6-0 chelsea 1986 league
man utd 1-4 qpr 1992 league
sheff wed 1-3 qpr 2003 league
qpr 1-0 oldham play off semi final
chelsea 0-1 qpr league .......swp
qpr 1-0 derby pay off final 2014......wembley.

plenty more......7 out of ten for me.

Preston knob end.
by Paddyhoops at 20:28 27 Oct 2021

Preston make nine changes for Liverpool tie tonight.
They're six points clear of the drop zone. I'm astonished.
24,000 turn up to see their side and they produce a team like this.
Paint by numbers - Report
by Northernr at 20:25 27 Oct 2021

Paint by numbers - Report 27th Oct 2021 20:06
A combination of poor finishing, woeful penalties, and one of the worst refereeing errors you'll ever see, saw QPR crash out of the League Cup against Sunderland at Loftus Road on Tuesday. 17

Pics from last night
by Northernr at 17:09 27 Oct 2021

Back 5
by Petros at 15:42 27 Oct 2021

I don't think it's working.
The full backs pushed up so far forward is exposing the weaknesses of our centre backs. Dickie, a really good footballer and intelligent, composed player, is having a slowly-unravelling nervous breakdown in real time. All opposition managers are targetting him, putting their paciest player against him. Yesterday, the number 7 pulled out wide into the space left by Kakay, and Dickie became de facto right back to mark him. He was beaten for pace every time, as he always will be. His confidence is draining by the game. The 7 also marked him when we had the ball at the back, correctly assessing he was an important distributor for us.
I thought our team selection was poor yesterday. (Usual Clive Caveat that I acknowledge Warbs knows quite a lot more than me about football). Very strange not playing a defensive midfielder, in such an important game, when we are so porous in the middle of our back line. Ball, like him or not, is the only midfielder we have who thinks primarily about defending, and takes up good positions to protect the defence. Amos worked really hard yesterday, but that is not his game. Nor, obviously, that of Chair and Willock. We sacrificed so much in trying to squeeze Gray into the team yesterday, and it didn't work. I remain hugely unimpressed by him. True, we kept a clean sheet - but the side didn't look right to me, and Sunderland finished poorly. I am coming to dread our attacks because of the impending counter-attack.
I believe our natural formation to be the so-called Christmas tree: Dykes, Chair, Willock absolved of defensive duties, moving all over the place, able to beat players in attacking positions, also able to score, backed by a tight midfield three - eg Ball, Amos, SJ? - in front of an orthodox back four. Dickie can get back to organising and winning headers, our full backs - probably our quickest players? - can be there to take care of wingers and cover.

Sunderland and us last night.
by OakR at 15:06 27 Oct 2021

I thought they were very good, both individually and as a team.

Their press was one of the best we've seen, we often had every player marked which affected our passing out from the back, and they were good on the ball also, nice quick, sharp passing with some very good individuals, their number 7 looked very good.

I felt from about 30 mins in we needed to take a striker off (Gray last night) and get another midfielder on, we needed the spare / extra man in midfield to pass out but also to stop them.

The other thing another midfielder eg Dom Ball would have done, would have been to allow Chair to play much further upfield and closer to Willock. So much of our good play this year has come from Chair and Willock overloading one side, normally the left, and using the whoever is left back at the time - I can't believe we decided to change this.

The goal we 'didn't score' appear completely out of order, but I've not seen it back yet, but the lino did not put his flag up and I checked before celebrating, but that apart I still feel we got it wrong tactically, not to take anything away from Sunderland who I thought played very well. We'll never know if a change of tactics would have helped, I'm just gutted we didn't try.

by NW5Hoop at 11:51 27 Oct 2021

Genuine question: what did people think of Amos last night?

I don't know, because there was a bloke a couple of rows behind me – I was in the Upper Loft last night – who just had it in for him. He got worked up into an apoplectic rage. Everything that went wrong was Amos's fault – for not having tracked back, for forcing Chair to drop deep, for not getting into the box, for not making a tackle, for committing to a tackle. It was so, so, so boring. It was like listening to someone who's not been given their meds. And, naturally, it made me root for Amos.

So I am not capable of seeing this rationally. Hence my question: was he any good?
One for the Ginger Clique
by Metallica_Hoop at 10:25 27 Oct 2021

I'm thinking more “Groom of the King’s Close Stool” or "Lady of the Bedchamber" rather than Princess.

by gazza1 at 09:48 27 Oct 2021

After last nights debacle.......has anyone changed their minds???
Friday night is massive!
by wortonranger at 09:04 27 Oct 2021

Having suffered last night like us all... in my case via a dodgy stream which was not ideal for a penalty shoot out, it seems to me that all of us...club, team, fans need to step up to the plate. Suddenly this one is massive and could define the season.
Realistically we were never seriously going to win the league cup, but the play offs are well on. We can be brilliant at our best. Come on you R’s.
Post-Sunderland: complaining to the club and EFL.
by stainrods_elbow at 02:46 27 Oct 2021

I would urge all of us not to take this lying down. The following mail has gone in from me tonight to the Club/Lee Hoos, and the EFL. I feel there needs to be an official protest from the top of the Club, and fans like me need to see it.


Dear Mr Hoos and the EFL,

As an aggrieved QPR supporter and active contributor to the QPR messageboard Loft for Words, which has been unified in its livid disgust this evening, I am writing to you now in conjunction with the above incident this evening. This is the first time I have felt driven to do so in 45 years of following the club re a footballing matter, but it cannot be allowed to pass.

As the QPR manager Mark Warburton made clear in his post-match interview, the decision not to award a legitimate goal to QPR, scored by Charlie Austin, was scandalously wrong in a scenario that was not even remotely close, contributing directly to the club's exit from the competition this evening and ultimately making a mockery of the spectacle. It is likely this goal would have won the game, as it was scored a few minutes before the end of the 90 minutes. Given the magnitude of the error and attached photographic evidence that clearly shows Austin very comfortably onside when the ball was played, the decision to disallow the goal can therefore only be explained by a conspiracy of craven incompetence or else corruption.

It has also been pointed out that, to add insult to injury, a flagrant handball by a Sunderland defender in the build-up to the goal occurred, which could and should also have led to a penalty and a red card, so the laws of the game were also not applied twice over for reasons best known to the incompetent officials.

Please review the attached evidence carefully. I wish to know (i) what action will be taken against the referee Keith Stroud and his offending linesmen Paul Hodskinson and Mark Dwyer, as well as the 4th official John Busby, who, despite having a monitor, apparently also enforced this miscarriage of justice, for effectively bringing the game into disrepute; (ii) what reparation will be made to QPR FC for the loss of gate receipts, sponsorship and associated benefits attached to their failure to progress, and (iii) where and when an official apology will be issued for this injustice that is visible to fans.

Finally, I think it would be very wise that Mr Stroud and his officials are not allocated any game at QPR FC for the foreseeable future, as I think it would be difficult for the Club to guarantee their safety were this to happen.

I look forward to your replies.

Yours sincerely,
Major Crime Scene @ Lotus Road
by FredManRave at 01:08 27 Oct 2021

Lost for Words on Loft for Words so....
by FredManRave at 00:25 27 Oct 2021

QPR fans
by Superhoop83 at 00:00 27 Oct 2021

I have heard some criticism of our team at Loftus Road over the past 40 years and a lot of it has come from me - you need to vent at them at times.

However, tonight I sat in a part of the Upper Loft where I've never sat before and I found myself in the company of two extremely loud and unhappy football "experts".

The bloke directly behind me started bellowing into the back of my head just 5 minutes into the match at every perceived failing of the players and the formation. Having seen him later, when I dared to turn around, I doubt he has ever played the game in his life - and if he has he wouldn't have kept in play the ball he berated Kakay for not keeping in, calling him a lazy bastard in the process.

The other bloke, who must have been on something unless he really is like that, provided a deafening commentary throughout the evening, standing up and berating everyone and, during the penalty shoot out, obsessing loudly about the Sunderland keeper's water bottle.

Maybe fans are just more critical and vocal these days, but I won't be sitting in that block ever again.
by daveB at 23:47 26 Oct 2021

I try to stay off this board after we lose, emotions are always high and tend to think in the cold light of day I can take a step back and try to give a reasonable response to a performance both good and bad but tonight honestly I don't know how I am going to sleep after seeing that Austin goal. That was a scandalous robbery by Stroud, not even close I can't get my head around what he thinks he's seen.

I don't care about how bad the penalties were, what we did well and badly in the other 95 minutes of that game, that one decision has killed me
Chertsey Town
by MrSheen at 22:38 26 Oct 2021

Match abandoned as their player manager attacked a Bracknell fan at 0-3 down with five to go, all in brawl, according to my friend’s brother at the game.
Officially in a rut
by Antti_Heinola at 22:28 26 Oct 2021

Fulham - hard to take but benefit of the doubt
Blackburn - hard fought though uninspiring against a team with no ambition
Posh - awful really however you paint it after leading
Sunderland - robbed by lino, but overall our attacking verve is lacking. This ‘nil’ has been coming and the boys look like they are losing belief. Willock looks absolutely knackered, Gray can’t find a way into any game, odubajo looks poor.

Bright spots were Dykes and Amos, but we look no more than an average side capable of beating anyone or losing to anyone from week to week. Loss to a buoyant Forest on a Friday, (what’s or record? Won 1 lost 20 on fridays?) is nailed on. Season hangs really on how quickly we can get out of this funk.
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