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Hull tickets
by Hayesender at 09:45 2 Aug 2021

Any idea when these are going on sale?
Season Preview 21/22 – Contenders
by Northernr at 07:50 2 Aug 2021

Here we go then...

Season Preview 21/22 – Contenders 2nd Aug 2021 07:47
LFW’s annual semi-serious look ahead to the Championship season in waiting starts, as always, with the eight teams the bookies think stand the best chance of winning the thing. 2

Saturday streaming
by BlackCrowe at 02:46 2 Aug 2021

Overseas at the moment...am i right in thinking that overseas folk can pay £10 for streaming on the offish?
Luke Freeman & Forest
by enfieldargh at 13:59 1 Aug 2021

Article of Luke in the Athletic saying that Jokanovic might be the manager to make him shine for Sheff U

Loads of comments from Forest fans saying how cr&p he was so this response from a QPR fan is nice to read

'A lot of Forest fans on here panning him, some respectfully, others less so. With all due respect, Forest is a shambles. It is no surprise to see players falter there when the whole ethos of the club is just to rack and stack players, with no idea of how to actually use their cast of one million footballers. Forest is no club for a footballer to flourish in - if Hefele is anything to go by, it's where players turn up, collect a wage, get ostracised from training, and furnish their pensions.

Richard W states he has a total of 17 goals and 8 assists at Championship Level across his career, which is clearly nonsense and shows a disregard for the facts. A cursory glance at Whoscored.com evidences that, with Freeman posting 16 goals and 22 assists over his three years at QPR, which doesn't even include his time in the Championship with Bristol City.

QPR season ticket holder here, and I can say when he left us his legs hadn't gone. He made 43 appearances in the season before he moved to Sheff Utd and his pressing in midfield was as industrious as ever. Was a whirlwind of energy, pressing, and driving forwards from midfield.

One thing missed by the author of the article is Freeman's position as a LCM in a 4-3-3, with Scowen and Luongo making up the midfield trio. Played this role as a pressing and aggressive CM, who would drive forward and create. It all points to Freeman's tactical versatility, who can play as a wide player on either side, a 10, or an 8.'
Not the Top 20 podcast.
by Snipper at 13:06 1 Aug 2021

This is a very good podcast with an in depth analysis of each Championship club for the upcoming season.

They go from 24th to 1st. Some surprises in there.

Pics from yesterday
by Northernr at 11:41 1 Aug 2021

Queens Park Rangers 3 - 3 Leicester City - Photo Gallery 1st Aug 2021 11:41
Pictures from Action Images at Loftus Road where QPR rounded out their pre-season campaign with an entertaining 3-3 draw against FA Cup holders Leicester City. 0

Clive’s Loft for words season preview is sought after.
by Snipper at 11:26 1 Aug 2021

I just started browsing Championship clubs message boards to see what they’re thinking about the upcoming season. I just started with Cardiff, and there’s a few posters on there eagerly awaiting Clive’s write up. They’ve called it excellent for previous seasons.

They’re always very fair minded on the Cardiff message board.
League Cup and subs
by francisbowles at 10:35 1 Aug 2021

Surprised to see Bournemouth beat MK Dons 5-0 yesterday and that Sheffield Wednesday are at home to Huddersfield today. Is this down to Sky or have these teams obtained special status not to have a midweek game in the first week of the season.

I also noticed that both teams had seven substitutes on the bench and used three and two respectively. Seems that we are going back to the 2019/20 rules, which I think is a bit of a shame for us, now that we have a bigger squad and Charlie who doesn't play 90 minutes very often.

Pay Sports Channels here in UK
by TGRRRSSS at 09:14 1 Aug 2021

Just thinking from what I can see we have Sky Sports, BT Sport, Premier Sport.

Eurosport and Free Sports.

Only free sports seems to be free, the others are in some way behind a Pay wall.

I was thinking about for instance the Eurospots League 3 - and Serie A for that matter don't have a big handle or sales in UK anymore - and was wondering really why, and does anyone have all of them, and whats the price for some?

I have Sky Sports only, decided against the others despite Sky Sports seemingly dropping a lot of sports - especially Rugby Union they seem to barely bother with anymore, ok they have the Lions currently but not notice advertising anything else rugby wise - including the Rugby Championship which has been on for years.

Cricket they are more into but wonder if the fees are less, and even then I've seen different things going elsewhere.
Liechester city why?
by charmr at 00:34 1 Aug 2021

Won the league, regular top half team yet here in the US no Leicester shirts to be seen. Compare the (big 6) in name only and not league position that’s all you see. Brainwashing sports outlets, media and retail. Glass ceiling?

Brought a twirl the other day. Only available from Indian or middle eastern grocery stores therefore an import and not made in the UK. Hershey’s have banned the import of Cadbury’s to make their own version equally as shite as any other Hershey product. The twirl packet had the big 6,s club badges sprawled across it with a win tickets promotion. Glass ceiling?

by francisbowles at 20:27 31 Jul 2021

Anyone know why he wasn't involved today? He was sitting in the front of the Directors box.

Do we have any B/U23 fixtures he can get an hour in before Millwall?
Expat Friendly v (and) Leicester
by Boston at 20:04 31 Jul 2021

New Player Songs
by DWQPR at 18:43 31 Jul 2021

Best song of the day from the few in R Block after our third goal......

“We’ve got a Big Fûcking Dickie!”
Two top 6 PL teams played
by loftboy at 17:59 31 Jul 2021

Scored 7 conceded 5 , there’s going to be some teams getting a hammering off us next season.
Lets us have a season to be proud of !!!
by numptydumpty at 17:01 31 Jul 2021

Think if this Leicester game was in the league, obviously a lot of our subs would not have been made and we would have won this game comfortably and to be fair were playing a top six outfit today and it seemed for large parts of that game we were top six prenier league and not Leicester.

Leicesters team stronger than the team Man Utd put out definitely. And their team was by no means weak either.

We still should have won the game really but at least thats happened in a pre season friendly and we can work on that. And it gives us a reality check that football is still football.

We will experience that throughout the season but the football from all players has been outstanding in these pre season friendlies

Normally I never confidently predict much as been disappointed so many times in past

Lets have a season to be proud of !!!

I seriously actually believe this group of players could in years to come be looked back and cherished.

I not said that since the early 90 s team....
Digby Jones
by QPRSteve at 16:00 31 Jul 2021

I'd like to take all those dropped g's and shove them up his fat fücking árse.

Todays game on live
by Pikey at 15:11 31 Jul 2021

Leicester city u tube channel streaming free
Squirrel anybody? Leicester Match thread
by enfieldargh at 12:55 31 Jul 2021

No squirrels today . Remember the first time I saw Jamie Vardy in the flesh for the first time.

Hope for an injury free good performance win loose or draw
skybet badges
by delhoop at 00:48 31 Jul 2021

instead of having one on each arm,should we not have a grenfell green heart on one
Healing tunes
by CliveWilsonSaid at 23:03 30 Jul 2021

I started feeling a bit ill on Wednesday afternoon so I took a PCR test first thing Thursday and been self isolating since. Came back this morning as positive which I wasn't surprised about as I was feeling quite rough by yesterday evening. Now it's sort of coming in waves where you're not too bad for a while then ill again and so on. Nothing too bad yet thankfully and hopefully this is the worst of it. I had my second AZ jab last Tuesday so must of been a bit unlucky and it hadn't taken effect in time.

Some healing tunes please.

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