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Going past a man
at 15:27 18 Jan 2020

There is nothing better than seeing a player beat a player with skill /trickery/pace. In my supporting lifetime I cannot remember us having so many players who can do this in one team and it is lovely to watch. Chair, Eze, BOS and Kane with pace. Can anyone recall a team that had so many players able to do this? I started supporting iin the 80's so would like to hear from some older R's who may recall similar.
Wage bill
at 14:36 11 Jan 2020

Very, very dissapointing but I would be interested to see their wage bill in comparison to ours. Pontus Jansen signed from the mighty Leeds. How much would he be on. Does anyone know if it is a big difference?
On a positive note
at 18:07 7 Jan 2017

Mackie and Pavel played well. Mackie wins so much ball that he shouldn't with effort dtermination. Pavel beat his man on a number of occasions and so did Shodipo when he came on. Thats it really.
at 21:58 27 Dec 2016

Takes a lot of stick. He is actually a progressive player. He looks to go forward and today kept driving right to the end. Took the ball in tight situations and didn't hide. I suppose it is easy to be seen as rubbish in our current context but he is a good player and could possible shine in a team that had ability and confidence.
at 15:35 1 Oct 2016

On the teain on the way home. We were pretty poor first
half and after the break but unbeliavably dominated the last 15. Key factors
1: Scott Parker went off.
2. Shodipo and an injection of youth into the team. The fanbase love a rangers youngster and it got the crowd going again.
3: Karl Henry began to dictate play. Seriously.

Great afternoon out after painful humiliations.
The club shop
at 21:30 17 Jul 2016

Hello all. Thought I would just post an E-mail sent by a very good friend to the club. Sounds like there is work to be done.

Hi Andy (and Tony if you ever read any of your retail feedback)
I was really shocked last week when I went to visit the club shop (after living away from the Bush for 6 years) to purchase some bits for my young children.
If you don't mind some feedback from someone who genuinely cares about the Rangers and have been going to Lotus Road since the age of 6. my late Dad (who incidentally represented Hammersmith penguin and GB in water polo at 3 Olympic games) was from Nottingham Dale and was watching our team before WW2 started. Me and my friends spent any money we had (which weren't much!) Following the team home and away from our schooldays long before Shepherds Bush was a refuge for yuppies and soulless people who couldn't give a toss about the area and the history of our club.
    Anyway I'll cut to the chase....
1) on my visit to the club shop I was surprised to find .... mannequins naked despite the club revealing it's new season kit two weeks prior.
2) all the merchandise featuring the old (god awful, ill concieved Ecclestone Briatore era) badge was packed in boxes but still on the shop floor apparently to go to local charities (why aren't we shouting about this?)
3)a pitiful amount of saleable goods with the new improved club badge
4)one staff member wearing nothing to indicate she was anything to do with QPR who had 'Neighbours' on the in-store TV (why not the 1967 league cup final or Stan lighting up the football league with his magic?)
5) Cars and vans Parked outside so it was really hard to even access the main entrance which for some reason you need to ring a bell to be allowed into (you ain't Prada guys). If you believe that being so close to White City Estate means you need to take such ridiculous precautions then your community programs need some serious attention.
6) Just a suggestion but if the staff you employed loved QPR and had the sense of humour/irony/sarcasm that comes with it you'd sell loads more gear!

I've worked in Retail as a Regional manager, consultant and coach/trainer and what I witnessed down South Africa Road was nothing short of disgraceful. If we expect our players to sweat blood for the hoops like many of their predecessors; your Waddocks, Gerry Francis, Holloways, Alan Macdonalds Mark Birchams, Tony Inghams and Arthur Jeffersons (Arthur was my Dad's hero as a boy and his son is a good friend of our family) then why not have a backroom (from tealady up) who will do the same?
    After visiting the club shop my friend and I went to enquire about membership. My friend is a very polite guy and waited for what seemed like ages before being acknowledged. I encouraged one of the 'team members' to come forward and my polite friend asked how much a membership was. Your team member just said...."33 pounds" and was going to leave it there. I asked "so mate, what do we get for 33 quid?" A reasonable question I thought. Your boy never had a clue and just stumbled through something that wasn't even close to a sales pitch. I actually said to my friend "come on let's try Craven Cottage" and there was no reaction! If the players on the pitch showed such lack of passion they would lose every game and rightly be booed off the park.

For what it's worth I think Tony Fernandes is the best chairman we've ever had but I can't imagine visiting Arsenal, Spurs or Chelsea and having such a poor experience. If we are setting up our season on the field as unprofessionally as we are our retail arm then get ready for league 1 football next season.

    Apologies for the harsh tone but I really feel we are missing a trick here. When JFK set a goal of reaching the moon, every one at NASA from the astronauts to the geezer that cleaned the Khazi had that same goal. When Queens Park Rangers do the same I'll have some hope that my kids and their kids will have a team to follow and be proud of.

Kind Regards and good luck for the season to come.
DON'T listen to radio 5 live right now.
at 20:47 6 May 2016

He has amazing self belief. That is all.
Worst ground/field you have ever played at.
at 13:48 19 Feb 2016

In my less than illustrious career i've had a few. Close to home Gunnersbery park is bad with changing rooms like a cattle shed and hundreds of poor pitches. Also anywhere in Walthamstow. But for me it has to be Salendine Nook. It was Huddersfield Polytechnics home ground situated on the side of a moor with sloping angles and ferocious wind prevalent. I once scored from the half way line due to metereological conditions rather than skill. Tough up north. Can you beat that?
at 20:03 1 Jan 2016

1: It was an improvement on Monday. By some distance and against a better team.
2: Better team selection. Henry in the only position he can play. Chery and a Polter from the start.
3: Chery showed glimpses. He is a technical player and needs a run in theteam to be more effective.
4: Phillips crossing: Excellent
5: Mackie getting on the pitch after a long lay off.
6: Polters goal: 2 in 2 for the big fella.
7: The legend that is Diakite sighted on the bench.
8. Toscser didnt get a touch. A bit like Monday.
9. Nobody injured.
10. I'm running out of steam here. Anyone help me out?
Novice away travel
at 14:13 22 Dec 2015

Hello all. Not been to many away games recently but thinking of taking my seven year old son, my brother and my dad to Ipswich. Two things. On the website it says tickets are unassigned. Does that mean its a free for all when you get there or are will they have numbers. Also fellow drivers what is parking like? Ta for any info and happy christmas to all.
Two decent attacking fullbacks
at 21:59 15 Dec 2015

We'd be some team.
matty phillips
at 21:56 20 Nov 2015

That chance at the beginning of the first half. Maybe not his preferred position and he was in the right place but I can name a few strikers who would have scored it with much less ability but possible a bit more desire. Rob Steiner for example.
Just back: 5 pint analysis
at 23:39 25 Sep 2015

A really poor performance. What is going on? I like to single players out so what the f has happened to Phillips. Not at one stage did he take any responsibility. It was lethargic and depressing all round. Ned, I really like Ned but today it looked like someone had stolen his spirit. I did however enjoy the support. I don't get to as many games as I would like but really enjoyed the singing especially near the end when 4 out of the five people I had come with had already left. I didn't however enjoy walking through Bishops Park listening to the Fulham massif singing anti QPR songs a full 20 minutes after most QPR fans had left.

apologies for the lack of analysis.
at 22:18 16 Sep 2015

This is horrid. On the district line from Stamford Brook to Richmond. 80% of the never ending carriage is Chelsea. Cycled through torrential rain to get to the game. Will cycle home next time. All sorts here. Young old overseas professional relatively thick. All misguided.
Rubbish Rumours
at 21:02 31 Jul 2015

I'm as far from ITK as you can get. Ramsey says we need five. Any rubbish rumours. I'm happy to cling on to anything.
A weakened team
at 22:49 14 May 2015

What are the rules on this. Ramsey is saying that it will be a full strength team but surely he could equally say that there will be wholesale changes on the back of a 6-0 defeat. In that context it must be plausible to avoid a fine by saying the team weren't good enough (as blatantly evidenced) do we are making major changes.
Don't you think?
at 00:30 10 Apr 2015

We have to nullify this man. Without him they are half a team. Any ideas?
Looking on the bright side.
at 20:11 14 Mar 2015

It cannot get any worse from this point. In fact this may be a new dawn. Next year a young raw team that may often get battered but that will play with pride be on sensible money and begin the long road to recovery. The last few years have been Shite wembley and Chelsea away apart and we have all been clinging into the faint hope that we may establish ourselves in the premiership. We have proved that we have neither the infrastructure organisation or players to do so. Go down be realistic. 4-5 years of rebuilding an identity a playing style and the beginnings of an infrastructure and enjoy the journey. Today the first half was possibly the worst I have ever seen on so many levels that I am actually optimistic that a line has been drawn in the sand and we will move forward from this point. So keep the faith the good times will return.
Full backs
at 15:58 14 Mar 2015

On the train on the way home. Unfortunately in the palace end for the game. Ramsey seems like a nice bloke but the game was won and lost in the full back positions today. It's great to have young players around the first tea. But Yet again Darnell was exposed. Their attacking strength is bolasie and Saha and furlong was extremely poor in the first half. Yun was also poor. One on one again and again they get roasted. Problem is who else can play there? Ned is more solid but offers nothing coming forward. I have no answers.
Moving swiftly on: Team for wednesday
at 18:32 1 Mar 2015

Milk cup/simod cup who cares? what I'm interested in is who is actually available for Wednesday night. Is Sandrow experiencing a window of fitness or suspended? Is Adel in the right time zone. is Ned fit etc. Can anyone enlighten me. I am taking my six year old to his first night game and he is so excited he is already trying to format the team with his Match attax cards. what do we think the eleven will be?
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