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Shamima Begum the ISIS Bride New High Court Ruling
at 12:47 16 Jul 2020

Looks like the ISIS Bride will be given a reprieve.

Latest ruling today is that she should be given a chance to bring the appeal in person to the UK.

It should be so easy... Look we know your young but this is serious. We cant stop you going and if its what you want to do be our guest! BUT you will be giving up your British citizenship and you will NEVER set foot in this country ever again whatever your circumstances.

We are so multi cultural and that is to be applauded and welcome as we have plenty of non white British people & immigrant asylum seekers who do wonderful things for this counrty. Any person though travelling to an area that is ISIS controlled needs to know there will be grave consequence for these actions.
Boris update - Sunday 10th May at 7pm
at 14:21 11 May 2020

How well do you think Boris came across on Sunday night?.

Bit bizarre that instead of making things crystal clear and asking for another push together the whole charade was shrouded in ambiguity.

5/10 from me.
Blackpool v Tranmere watch
at 19:40 10 Mar 2020

Come on you bloody Seasiders!
Cheltenham 2020
at 12:38 10 Mar 2020

There are some bloody well informed tipsters on here.

It’s very wet!.

Anybody here’s about a good thing or wants to post there tips / fancies for the day then post here.

What a good 4 days racing in prospect.
3 home games on the spin - Season defined in March.
at 10:04 8 Mar 2020

Dale now have a 10 day break before we have 3 home games in 8 days.




The next 3 games look season defining as our run in especially the last 2 games looks tricky.

The supporters can make a difference especially the two Tuesday night 6 pointers.

Should the club look at doing a 3 x game in 8 day ticket initiative that’s head turning priced or would it make no difference?

5 points or more would be useful in these 8 days I would like the club to step up again and at least try to make some noise in the town to maximise crowd attendance in what normally are difficult Tuesday nights!
League wins away v the big boys?
at 08:37 11 Feb 2020

Southampton 0-2 Dale

Charlton 0-1 Dale

Can this seasons double v Bolton count as big?

Is that it?

I have been to Sheffield United and Wednesday for league games and never seen us win.

Other big clubs have dropped to our level for a season or two but away wins seem to be like hens teeth.

Hope we carry on the improvement of late and we can add another away win to the list come 21.35.

Tomorrow v Slump
at 11:40 9 Feb 2020

What thread did you enjoy the most?

Tomorrow still has the final chapter / obituary to be written I know but both delivered to us by our bucket shaking friends.

Slump was tremendous.... the run we went on after the post was incredible and some of the best football I have seen at Dale.

I do hope Rob is ok and enjoying other things on a Saturday!.
Milton Keynes Tuesday
at 13:27 27 Jan 2020

Huge game tomorrow and a chance to make it 6 wins in 6 v Accy - Bolton and MK.

A win just keeps us nicely ahead of the dreaded 21st spot.

Come on the Dale!
Trump v Thunberg
at 08:26 23 Jan 2020

Fascinating stuff in Davos this week.

Capitalism v School girl eco warrior.

To be honest she has a point. All these trillions of dollars will be no use with no planet.

Global Population rising and fossil fuels running out. Massive push in the media now ref sustainability etc I just wonder if it’s too little to late. Not for our generation but any children born now there grandchildren will see a very different adult life. I am all for cutting back on meat eating and recycling and will go hybrid or electric with my next car.

Who do you think is closest to the truth Donald or Greta?

25 Points
at 11:22 2 Jan 2020

Bolton and bury’s incompetences make league one survival points total a tricky one to guess.

Dale have 25 points how many more do you think we need to survive.

I would go for another 22 (47) with only 3 teams relegated and Bolton / Southend looking cut adrift.
[Post edited 2 Jan 11:50]
Macclesfields Punishment for refusing to play
at 11:35 9 Dec 2019

So another club has decided not to play a game.

The EFL's weak handling of Bolton making there own rules up sets a precedent so it has to be a suspended 6 points?.

Football gets lost in all the politics and unless the EFL start clamping down on these clubs this will not be the last.

Its the Doncaster's and the Crewe's that I feel sorry for putting there own plans and schedules out of kilter.
Callum Camps
at 11:14 1 Sep 2019

I have always said Callum Camps was full of talent but never consistently delivered!.

Well Callum has certainly started this season on fire and looks to have found the missing piece of the jigsaw.

Superb start to the season and now looks like the finished article we all hoped he would be.

More of the same every week please because when he is on song he is a joy to watch.

Carlisle league Cup 2nd round
at 17:46 27 Aug 2019

Thank god we have a stable club and football to watch.

Good luck Dale tonight win lose or draw I will savour every kick every lung busting run and every comedy mistake!

Up the Dale!!

Edit - a win would be good!!
Smoke Bomb idiot
at 16:03 3 Aug 2019

We are better than this.

What a tosspot.

His mate gets thrown out whilst the culprit hides and will not admit responsibility.

Tosser - thanks for smoking out my asthmatic mother you idiot.
Chelsea getting around the transfer embargo
at 08:58 28 Jun 2019

Football has gone mad.

Talk about bending the rules. Chelsea under embargo have signed a player for £45 million quid this week and can do this as he is still registered as a loan player until today.

The whole governance of football stinks of corruption and weakness rolled into one.
Dale Pre Season 2019
at 08:20 11 Jun 2019

All football league out of contract players are free agents come June 30th.

Does anybody know the date the squad reports back for pre-season training?

Have Dale got a pre season trip booked to anywhere this year or are we pre season training in the North West?.

It seems a long time since we played Charlton away on May 4th.

D Day - 75 years today 06/06/1944
at 18:46 6 Jun 2019

Just watching the news what a fitting tribute.

75 years ago Great Britain played a major part in liberating Europe with the D day beach landings in Northern France.

These lads were mostly aged 16 to 22. 4500 + lost there lives on Normandy Beaches during the fighting as they landed.

Brave does not even start to cover it. I will raise a glass to those lads tonight.

AJ loses to Ruiz Jnr
at 11:02 2 Jun 2019


that's has to be right up there in the boxing "shocks" hall of fame.

No way did I see that one coming!

Anybody watch the fight?.
Could SD1 ever be a Football Club chairman ever again?
at 17:31 30 May 2019

So now SD1 has set up yet another limited company!

The system stinks BTW how failed business men can keep doing this is beyond belief!

Could SD1 ever be a Football Club chairman ever again?

I hope the Serious fraud squad investigate his shenanigans to at least give the decent bury fans some sense of relief he will be at least investigated.
Dales Audited accounts
at 10:23 25 May 2019

With the massive wake up call at the Circus t'other side of Heywood just when are the next set of financial results due for the Dale?.

Will these be from season 17/18?.

with 56 of 72 league clubs in the red and a black hole of £400+ million we know the system is broken.

The problem is that SKY and The football league could quadruple payments and it would make NO difference clubs would still overspend in the desire to reach a promised land.

Harsh penalties to be introduced ASAP I think is the best solution to stop this reckless money spending throughout the football league.
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